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Signs Your Latina Girlfriend is Cheating in Latin America

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What are the signs that your Latina girlfriend is cheating on you in Latin America?

Let’s get straight to the point.

I’ll be honest first in saying that many of the signs that I’ve noticed among unfaithful women in Latin America are typical of what you’d see in most of the world.

After all, it isn’t like Latin America is full of aliens from another planet and you took a one-way trip to Mars or some shit.

While there are a few cultural differences that I’ll bring up in this list, I just want you to know right away that many of the signs are going to be typical of women from back home also.

And, on top of that, let me explain that I have seen Latina women cheat on their men down here as I wrote with some examples here but I’ve thankfully never had anyone cheat on me.

Perhaps that limits what signs I would’ve noticed otherwise but I have seen infidelity down here and many of the signs really are typical of what you would’ve seen among women in the US for example.

As I said, we’ll still cover some culturally different points and I’m sure an actual Latin American could come up with even a few extra points beyond what will be brought up here.

At any rate, let’s get to it.

Sign 1: The Phone

The phone is the best source you have for infidelity as we all know.

There are some usual signs that you’d see anywhere in the world:

  • She continually keeps the phone on silent while around you.
  • She has turned notifications off her phone so they don’t pop up and/or she puts the phone down in a way so you don’t see any notifications while together.
  • The second you walk into a room is the second she stops texting people.
  • She doesn’t like answering phone calls while around you.

Now, to be fair, the last point isn’t always true.

As we know, you always have spam callers.

And, as I wrote here, you got folks calling random people with threatening messages about how they kidnapped their loved ones and will kill them if they don’t pay anything (usually bullshit).

Still, a woman who is usually hesitant to take any calls whatsoever in front of you could be someone who just doesn’t want to be talking to the side guy she is fucking or thinking of replacing you with.

How do you deal with the phone then?

I know plenty of dudes (and women) love to get access to their partner’s phone.

Personally, every relationship I have ever had in Latin America involved “free access” to each other’s phones.

Back when I lived in the US before I even knew Latin America well, this wasn’t the case.

No relationship I had back then was set up where each of us could just pick up the other person’s phone and check shit out.

But after being in Latin America long enough, I’ve always had that as a rule in any relationship I’ve been in.


Well, after a while, I noticed Latinas tend to be more suspicious than American women back home.

As I wrote here, I don’t think all Latinas are like that but there are some nationalities (Colombian for example) where women are, on average, more suspicious.

In short, most Latina girlfriends I've had were more insistent on seeing my phone and I ultimately decided "sure but only if I can see your phone or social media whenever."

And they always agree to it.

For example, a Colombian ex-girlfriend of mine really wanted to see my phone and I told her “you can see it anytime you like if I can see your phone anytime I like.”

Without hesitation, she agreed.

And that was how I got comfortable with the idea.

Had the same setup with my last girlfriend who was Mexican.

Though, to be fair, my last girlfriend was absolutely not jealous whatsoever and only slightly suspicious of me in the beginning of the relationship due to the fact that I was open in telling her about my past and how many women I’ve been with.

She didn’t insist on checking my phone often though after the first month or two when she began to trust me more. 

Personally, I don’t see any issue with this policy of how either one of us can just pick up the other person’s phone and randomly play it with whenever.

I take a George Bush style approach to it: “if you got nothing to fear, you got nothing to hide.”

And, truth be told, anytime I would play with her phone or she would play with mine almost always involved never checking for infidelity and just fucking around with Facebook.

Moments of complete boredom where we’d be in bed and just scroll through the Facebook feed of each other seeing if anything interesting is shared online.

Having said that, if you do have a “open policy” to the phone like this, what should you know as it relates to infidelity?

First, know that it has to go both ways. You aren’t getting no “open policy” if it’s just you checking her phone and she isn’t checking yours.

Maybe you could pull it off if you don’t frame it as such and just casually get her used to you playing with her phone and looking at what people post on her Facebook timeline.

Then, when she goes to the kitchen or whatever, maybe then check for infidelity (but never in front of her).

That’s the only way I can see you getting away with being able to see her phone and not have her see yours.

And, if you do see signs of infidelity, be damn sure it is before confronting her because you ain’t seeing it again unless you let her see your phone whenever she wants.

Which wouldn’t matter then if you were sure because it’s over, right?

Second, if you do have an “open policy” where she can check your phone or you can see hers, be damn sure that neither one of you is overly jealous.

If she is your stereotypical overly jealous Latina girlfriend, then this isn’t going to work as well as you think.

For example, I once got a message from a Bolivian chick named Mariana who I fucked around with a lot. We never had anything too formal but definitely had lots of fun together.

When I got the message, an ex-girlfriend of mine from Colombia saw it.

In short, she didn’t appreciate Mariana writing me asking “how am I doing?” and called her “puta.”

Nothing else came from that.

I wasn’t crucified.

But it did rub her the wrong way.

On the other hand, another Latina girlfriend of mine – the Mexican one from before – knew I had fucked around a lot before meeting her.

And when you fuck around a lot, you end up giving your number to a lot of people from Tinder and sometimes you have those “coming back from the grave” writing you.

Like I wrote here, one chick invited me to her birthday party and sent me a picture of herself in panties.

Suffice to say, she also got called “puta” by my Mexican girlfriend at the time when she saw the message.

….What is it with Latinas calling each other putas?

Outside of that incident, we also came back to her place one time and she saw some random chick was messaging me on Whatsapp saying how I’m a bad dude, I shouldn’t be trusted, I break hearts, etc.

To this day, neither one of us knew who this chick was.

We both suspected it was a Mexican chick I had fucked plenty of times named Angie who I’m on good terms with now.

But we didn’t know for sure.

And between those two chicks, you had plenty of other Tinder chicks writing me even though I had never met them and maybe we exchanged contact info over Tinder 6 months prior.

One time I had a random chick write me 2 fucking years after we last spoke but never met in person.

Most of the time, they are either looking for attention (and get pissed if you truly don’t remember them) or they are just trying to figure out who the hell is this random number in their phone.

With that girlfriend at the time, she never got jealous or suspicious when they would write me except in the beginning of the relationship.

Third, one of the reasons why they never did get suspicious was because I establish trust pretty well. Personally, I think the “open policy” of the phones does a lot to establish trust more than you think as long as she isn’t the type to always be suspicious or overly jealous.

Fourth, when you are checking her phone for signs of infidelity, make sure to not do certain things in front of her even if she can check your phone also:

  • Check her trash where deleted photos go.
  • Check who she is calling on Whatsapp or in the phone itself outside of Whatsapp.

The reason why is because most chicks are dumb and don’t think to delete those things because they wouldn’t think that you would check it anyhow.

If they realize that those are areas you are checking, evidence would get deleted.

Fifth, so what should you check?

It’s been a few years since I’ve been in a formal relationship again so my memory might be rusty but here are some things:

  • Her photos
  • The trash area of her photos
  • Her whatsapp messages, Telegram messages (if she has that), messenger messages and general text messages (though most Latinas don’t use general text messaging outside of those apps).
  • Call history on Whatsapp, Telegram or general phone outside of app.
  • If you want, I guess you could check to see if any dudes are giving her “hearts” on the photos she posts on social media. Doesn’t mean she is fucking any of them but anyone giving too much attention is an obvious sign.

And I think that’s it?

There might’ve been a few other things but I can’t remember right now as it’s been a while.

Anyway, her photos and trash area of the photos could reveal maybe images she’s taken with others or, more importantly, nudes she’s taken for others or nudes she has received.

We all know why you’d check her messages.

When it comes to call history, just check to see if there is anyone she is calling very frequently where they are a very regular contact.

Though millennial Latina women, like women anywhere in the world, do tend to call less and text more.

However, one difference between Latina women of Latin America and chicks in the US is that Latinas are more down for video calls (especially if they were going to get naked for the calls with someone she is cheating on you with).

Anyway, if she is regularly calling (and especially video calling) someone who isn’t her mom, dad or another obvious person, then I’d take that as a sign that it could be some dude she is into.

And, like I said, some random dude commenting or liking all her shit on social media isn’t a sign she is necessarily fucking or seeing the dude but could also be a dude she tolerates getting attention from on social media.

Anyway, if you are going to have an “open policy” on the phone, just know to establish that right away before you agree to a relationship.

Obviously, you want her insisting on having a relationship before it begins and use that leverage to set standards for what you expect (including the phone).

But that’s all I got to say anyhow on the phone.

Sign 2: Showing Up Late to Dates?

This is more specific to Latinas because, as we all know, they tend to show up late to dates.

Is this a sign that she is cheating on you?

On the surface, no.

When you date Latina women or if you are going to meet anybody from Latin America for a meeting or whatever, you have to realize that “being responsible” in terms of showing up on time to something is a foreign concept to most people down here.

Fuck showing up on time.

Yes to drinking more Tonayan & leaving the house 5 minutes late to show up 15 minutes late.

Anyway, be it you are a man or even a woman dating down here as I wrote in this article here, you do have to get used to people showing up late.

However, I’m talking people showing up 5 to 15 minutes late.

In some circumstances, maybe a tiny bit later if she is using the metro in Mexico City to get to you and the train just completely stops for whatever reason and she is stuck waiting an extra 10 to 20 minutes because “third world infrastructure.”

In Latin America, shit just happens.

Having said that, I do put my foot down when it comes to formally dating someone down here and they show up late beyond what is reasonable (reasonable for a Latin American being 5 to 10 minutes).

Because even if she wasn’t cheating on you, it’s still disrespectful to show up noticeably late to something beyond what is typical even for Latin Americans.

Like if she is late by an hour.

For example, while I never noticed any signs of my last Mexican girlfriend cheating on me and she usually always showed up “on time” by Latin American standards (read: 5 to 10 minutes late), there was one moment specifically where she was 30 minutes late (or whatever it was as it's been a while since it happened).

When she showed up, I remember giving her some minor shit about it (nothing too big) but she insisted it wasn’t her fault because she was busy getting some chores done (whatever it was, I forgot the exact excuse).

In short, I left her there in the Cuatro Caminos metro of Mexico City and went home to do something else.

We saw each other another day and I don't remember her being that late with me again.

Which is a side point – when dating a woman from Latin America, it really does feel like you have to “teach them” to not do third world things like show up 30 minutes late.

It’s one benefit I find to dating American women – they seem to more easily understand not to waste your time (even by 5 minutes) and actually show up on time (or at least text you ahead of time if they are going to be running late).

Still, going back to the topic, while I never suspected this Mexican chick of cheating, I would argue that someone who is regularly late of over 30 minutes to an hour is a sign of infidelity.

Now, to be fair, I’m not saying that your Latin American girlfriend is going to be late by an hour every single time you see her for it to be a sign of infidelity.

Because, if it was infidelity, she’s probably not fucking that dude before meeting you literally every single day of the week.

If this does happen to be infidelity for you, I’m going to assume that the times where she is late by an hour (more or less) happen maybe once a week?

I have no idea because I never had a chick I was dating show up THAT late by an hour consistently and cheating.

But I can’t imagine she is seeing the side dude every day of the week so, if this is a sign of infidelity, it probably is something like once or twice a week where she is this late.

And finally, as I said in the beginning, don’t assume that the moments where she is 5 minutes late to be the same as her being an hour.

That is a cultural difference for Latin American women that you should understand.

Plus, even if she isn’t unfaithful and is late by an hour or whatever that is extreme, just know that is still something you should address.

No local dude would accept that behavior consistently.

Even if she isn’t unfaithful, she clearly doesn’t respect you or your time because her being that late consistently is out of norm for most Latina women who would date you formally.

Sign 3: Cultural Misunderstandings as a Cover?

If you are suspicious of your Latin American girlfriend of cheating on you and she tries to assure you that nothing bad happened by saying that whatever happened is “just cultural” or “how we do things in x Latin American country,” then you might want to see that as a sign of infidelity.

As I wrote here, there was once a foreign dude I met in the south part of Mexico City who was at a party with his girlfriend.

She ended up dancing with some other dudes and he ended up becoming a joke to a few (without his realization as he didn’t speak Spanish).

But the dude had eyes and could see his girl dancing with other men.

She later explained to him how “it’s just normal in Latin America.”

Now, to be fair, I have seen local men – especially Colombian or Venezuelan – let their girls dance non-provocatively with other men as I have written about before in this blog. 

The fact is though that I could never tolerate that and I genuinely don't get why some Latin American men are cool with that. 

Like bro get your own girl to dance with.

It always seemed so weird to me how Colombian & Venezuelan dudes can be so cucked to letting their girl dance with other men at some house party or whatever.

Yell at me “insecurity” all you want, I ain’t letting no other dude dance with her.

We done then and I’ll date someone else.

Regardless, going back to the house party I was at in Mexico City, I think it was obvious that the chick in question was cheating on him.

She definitely had eyes for other men.

And so sometimes you have foreigners finding themselves in this situation where the Latin American chick will do something that is obviously on the edge of cheating or straight up cheating and she will say “this is just cultural! This is what we do here!”

Here's another example that you can find here of a gringo being confused at seeing a pic of another man in his Venezuelan girlfriend's phone and her giving him the "baby!! just cultural!!" excuse.

"I have a serious question for you all. I am an American who recently met and started dating a girl from Venezuela. She has only been here in America for one year."

"But when I opened her photos to find one I liked, there was a photo of a boy with his shirt off taking a selfie in the mirror. He was extremely handsome. When we both saw the photo, she immediately tried to rip the phone out of my hand. I resisted and finally got a good look at the photo. She was extremely nervous and said that’s her brother.

I obviously didn’t believe her and walked out of the house. She then texts me and explains that he is a family member. She changed her story twice. First, the boy was her brother. Second she said he was her cousin. She said it’s normal in Venezuela to have photos of your family members taking shirtless selfies."

On top of that, we have this video here where a dude named Gino gets told that his girlfriend from Panama saw a stripper.

Gino Learns Jasmine Partied With a Stripper! | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

“Baby!!! This just cultural!!! Nothing more!!!”

Truth be told, you got some real dork like motherfuckers who come to Latin America and just straight up ignore the obvious signs of infidelity and eat the “just cultural!!!” shit.

I legit believe some of these dudes – at least 5% of them – could look at a picture of his girl butt ass naked with another dude’s dick in her mouth and a dick in each of her hands that she is jerking off and somehow do mental gymnastics to convince himself that “it’s OK” after being told by her that “BABY!!! IT’S JUST CULTURAL!!!”

I swear to all of you that some of these dudes are fucking dense.

Their desperation for the pussy, a lack of self-respect and the intensity of the mental gymnastics all wrapped into “CULTURAL!!!!” is stunningly impressive as a tool to convince themselves that nothing is happening behind their backs.

But, to be fair, there might be some incidents where a cultural misunderstanding is at play and nothing like infidelity is happening.

For example, what if the tables were turned and SHE suspects him of infidelity because of different CULTURAL practices?

Specifically, I know that some Latina women – especially older ones from a even more conservative perspective – might hate it when their gringo boyfriends or husbands have female co-workers at their job.

It’s something I wrote about here.

In short, they are suspicious that their gringo boyfriend or husband is secretly fucking the female co-workers behind their back.

Another day at her husband’s workplace….

“Hey Jessica! Did you finish the report that I need for tomorrow’s meeting?” the gringo asks.

“Yes, Mark” she responds.

“NOW HOW ABOUT THIS DICK IN YOUR MOUTH?!?!” the gringo yells out while whipping out the sword.

“OH DADDY!!!” she cries.

Either way, there definitely are some cultural adjustments to male-female interactions that both foreigners to Latin America & Latin Americans need to make when dating each other.

And it goes both ways.

But, at the same time, neither side should be oblivious to obvious signs of infidelity like if your girlfriend from Panama is seeing strippers or has obvious physical chemistry while dancing with other men.

You can’t be that stupid, can you?

Sign 4: Projected Jealously

As I said before, Latinas have this stereotype of always being jealous or suspicious of infidelity due to all of the unfaithful men in their own Latin American country.

And I agree that, especially for some Latin American nationalities, jealously can be more evident than what you are used to back home.

I’ve experienced it myself.

However, I would caution you against just writing it all off as “just a stereotypical jealous Latina” whenever she does shit that is over the top in accusing you of jealously.

The reason why?

For one, I believe some women who cheat on you or want to end the relationship at the very least will do things to make you end it instead.

They don’t always want to be the bad guy that ends the relationship and so they’ll just give you shit to get you to end it instead.

If you don’t, they get tired of your ass, realize you don’t have the balls to end it and will just end it themselves.

In other incidents, they don’t necessarily want to end the relationship.

They want that side dick and they want the stability of having you.

However, they might then project their own infidelity onto you by accusing you of infidelity every second they get.

As a result, maybe said gringo just writes it off as his Latina being “stereotypically jealous for a Latina” and rolls with it.

When the reality is she is fucking other dudes but this stereotype is making it where you just ignore shit behavior and red flags.

While I do agree that Latin Americans of very specific pockets of Latin America can come across as more jealous than chicks elsewhere, I just tell you to not be blind to obvious shit by assuming she’s just filling a stereotype when it’s actually just her filling her holes with side dick but you are too blind to see it.

Sign 5: Gringo Hunters?

I’ve fucked plenty of gringo hunters over the years to be honest.

And I don’t think they are the type obviously to be as faithful to you.

If you don’t know what a gringo hunter is, check out this article here I wrote.

But basically it’s just a chick who primarily dates and/or fucks gringos for various reasons.

Some of them don’t want relationships but just want gringo dick.

Others primarily just want money and you got a few who want that green card (even though I think it’s overplayed this stereotype about Latinas because most don’t want to live in the US but still).

Either way, after enough time fucking these chicks, I genuinely don’t think that they are the type to be faithful to you when compared to most women out there.

Obviously, if she is only with you for superficial reasons, that’s not necessarily a chick who will be with you for you and not cheat someday.

And also I just have doubts about the women out there who fetishize you for your skin color or nationality because they somehow think you’ll be better than the local men that fucked them over.

Not saying all of those who fetishize that of the above will be unfaithful but it rubs me the wrong way when it comes to real relationships and makes me doubt them.

Anyway, the only thing I can say about these chicks that is positive for a real relationship is that some of them can cling onto you more heavily than normal chicks.

If true feelings are present, maybe then a chick like that would be less likely to cheat somehow.

The type who is hard to shake off perhaps because she is young and somehow catched feelings for you and always had a thing for gringos.

Still, the only other thing that comes to mind is what is the likelihood that a gringo hunter doesn’t replace you with another gringo?

For some of them, I feel they aren’t just a girl for you but a girl for every gringo out there.

I generally wouldn’t trust one to be more faithful for you when compared to most women out there if the only thing a man needs is a white foreign dick to fuck her. 

If that is what you got, I'd imagine the only way you can keep her from being unfaithful with other gringos is to make sure she doesn't have Instagram and then hide her away to raise a family in some obscure town no other gringo would other think of going to like the Paraguayan town of Nanawa. 

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

Sign 6: Signs Within Yourself

You have your stereotypical gringo sexpat.

Perhaps the older man in retirement years who wants to marry the hot 20 year old.

Or, if he’s more humble, perhaps a chick only 20 years younger than him.

Maybe a dork gringo who never got pussy back home and is happy at the first moment he can get a handjob in Latin America.

So on and so on.

A warning sign that you might get on cheated on down here – not just with any specific woman – might be seen from looking at a mirror and being honest with yourself.

If you’re a dude who is dating someone or married to someone down here who is 20 or 30 years younger, she is more likely to cheat on you than otherwise.

Even if you say the relationship is going well.

The fact is you are old and ugly as shit (at least compared to when you were 20 yourself) and she is more likely to be with you for more superficial reasons like mentioned above.

Or if you are a young dork gringo who is just happy to get ANY woman to touch your dick.

In the last scenario, I wouldn’t say that your chances of being cheated on are just as bad as the retired dude dating a 20 year old.

In fact, it’s without question much better.

You likely found yourself a hot “4.5” who is happy with you and won’t cheat.

But the dude in this scenario who is just happy to get anyone to fuck him is, in my opinion, just more likely to have a way of being that could get “lower quality” women to cheat on him.

Some chick who maybe just finds it “a bit” unattractive his way of being.

He seems like a dork to her!

Perhaps a bit desperate he seems to be.

Easy to manipulate.

When she describes how they met 20 years later into their marriage, she describes him as “a lost puppy” with no memory of the first time she got on her knees to suck his dick (if she ever did).

Either way, I’m just telling you that, even though you’ll likely have more dating success down here and find it easier to have sex with more women, you should still be realistic with yourself when it comes to what you have.

Especially if you are the retired guy who is dating someone so much younger.

Nothing against that personally.

After all, we all know that 20 year old chicks are obviously hotter than 60 year old grandmas.

But just be realistic about what you have and who you are if you plan on dating formally or getting married with someone down here if you fall into something like the above.

At least in the first example, I think that’s a more obvious thing to notice than the second example.

Let’s move on.

Sign 7: Checked Out

This is a sign you’ll see in women around the world when it comes to infidelity so I won’t go too much into it.

But basically she’s just checked out of the relationship.

She doesn’t feel like fucking you anymore.

Fucking you feels like an obligation or a chore to her.

She’s often “tired.”

And, beyond the fucking, she just doesn’t give a shit about you anymore or feels like doing nice things for you anymore.

This usually means that she is either cheating on you and/or she is ready to end the relationship.

Not necessarily cheating on you but it could be part of what is going on.

At the very least, she’s done with you but hasn’t ended it for whatever reason.

Sign 8: Clothing

When you two first started seeing each other, she dressed nicely and put on more makeup.

When she first sucked your dick, it was like her last supper.

Over time, she perhaps got “more relaxed” as many people do in relationships.

Doesn’t feel the need to dress as nicely or seductively unless on special occasions like an anniversary or a trip to the motel with you or whatever.

Then, all of a sudden, she’s dressing up a bit more that looks like she wants attention from other men after a few years of not dressing like that while she was dating you.

In short, she is wanting attention and/or wants to fuck other dudes.

Find a replacement for you perhaps.

Go out on nights with her friends quite frequently when she isn’t necessarily going out with them but with whatever dudes she is seeing.

So on and so on.

Sign 9: If She Cheated on Another Man With You

Doesn’t need to be said, does it?

But I guess somebody needs to hear it because you do got people out there who formally date someone that was cheating with them on their last partner.

And they somehow think it won’t end up with them being cheated on.

Latinas and women from anywhere else in the world can do this so I’ll leave it at that.

Not really worth expanding on.

Sign 10: Changing Schedule

Finally, this is another sign that isn’t just for Latin America but for elsewhere in the world also.

Most of us have “typical” schedules that don’t change too much on a day to day basis.

We all have jobs that we work exact hours at.

Perhaps what we eat changes each day (unless you are on a strict diet) but minor things like that can change for sure.

Still, the point is that sometimes a chick might tell you consistently that she is “extra busy” than normal.

Staying away from home for several odd more hours after work a few times a week when she wasn’t doing that before.

And so she gets home where you two live together at that later hour beyond what is normal more on the regular.

Not saying that she is 100% cheating on you in this case.

It’s just a sign in my opinion.

Nothing more to add though on that.

Anything to Add?

So, as I said, there were some things that I consider to be more common among women around the world who cheat and various details I sprinkled in that are more specific for Latin American women.

I believe many of the signs of infidelity are common around the world but obviously every region has certain differences.

But, as I said, I am not Latin American even if I have spent about 7 years almost now here in Latin America.

So there obviously are perhaps other cultural examples of infidelity or other details specific to Latin America or at least not specific to the US that I failed to catch here.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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