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The Unfaithful Latinas of Latin America

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As I wrote more about in this article here….

Infidelity is quite the issue in Latin America…

As, well, I imagine it would be anywhere else in the world.

Because, after all, despite culture, people are people everywhere in the world and have basic sexual desires to want to fuck new people.

For infidelity to be an issue in Latin America is not really a surprise.

Especially after some years now living down here..

Where I have come across a handful of women that I have hooked up with…

But finding out after hooking up that they had boyfriends or husbands.

From what I have seen, it’s not an unusual experience.

The first time I ever found out a chick I hooked up with was this Bolivian chick named Lizeth that you can read more about here

Thinking about all of the chicks that I have hooked up with…

I have this list in my laptop of all the chicks and I looked at it.

In short, about 19.04% of them apparently had a boyfriend or husband from what I learned and what my list says.

And this isn’t me looking specifically for chicks who had boyfriends or husbands – it just happens to be the case that I usually didn’t knew about it ahead of time.

Plus, keep in mind that this only includes the chicks that I managed to find out had boyfriends or husbands.

Of all the chicks that I have had sex with, most I didn’t look into in regards to if they had a partner or not.

So, if I had to guess, that 19% number is probably higher than what it actually is.

Either way, I know some folks out there are desperate to find someone to marry…

Some woman who can be faithful and traditional…

And more often than not, they are convinced that women abroad are better than women back home – in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, etc…

Maybe Africa too, I don’t know…

Well, as I said here, that is not really always the case.

As infidelity can be quite the issue down here also.

Anyway, the data on infidelity for each Latin American country is cited in that article I just linked to two sentences ago..

But in case you still don’t believe that women in Latin America can be just as unfaithful – let me give you some personal examples that I have seen…

If the data and the personal stories won’t convince you, then nothing will.

And the stories below are just a few of the examples I have seen….

So let’s begin!

Alejandra The Dentist

Some years ago, I flew back into Mexico City…

This would have been the first January of my time in Mexico City after flying in after New Years…

Well, on the first day back, I had a hookup friend of mine named Angie waiting for me at the airport.

We spent the night together.

The night after, I had a date set up with a chick that I matched up with on Tinder while  I was back in the US.

A white Mexican chick with curly black-red ish looking hair named Alejandra.

About 5’5 or 5’6 – great tits.

She was about 33 if I remember right – a little bit older than I was at the time.

And she was a dentist from what I know.

Anyway, she came from some area of the State of Mexico close to Mexico City.

Well, we met up at Metro Juanacatlán and went for a drink at a bar nearby.

From there, back to my place for sex.

Well, we woke up the next morning and got into the shower together.

And she got to her knees once again…

Looking up ready to swallow the sword…

She had great tits.

Well, I got out of the shower first as women usually take forever to finish in the shower…

And I go to the bedroom to dry up and put some clothes on..

When her phone goes off from someone calling her.

I didn’t pick the phone up but it was on my bed and the screen on the phone went off…

With someone calling her called “Amor.”

Now “amor” is a typical word that Latinos sometimes call their partner.

Just means “love” in Spanish.

Well, she comes out of the shower maybe 5 to 10 minutes later or whenever…

And after she is all dry and dressed up, she picks up the phone.

Then tells me “shhh, I need to call someone. Don’t say a word.”

And she was pretty insistent on me not making any noise.

She makes the call.

“Hola, mi amor, como estas?”

She begins the conversation – “hello my love, how are you?”

And she goes from there…

Explaining how she is at the house of her aunt in Mexico City…

That she will be back later today..

Apparently her dude’s name was Rodrigo because she called him that at some point in the conversation.

And a “te amo mi amor” in the end.

I saw her face when she said it – no change in her face.

She said it straight like she wasn’t lying.

Maybe she did lie to him – even though only 20 minutes ago more or less she was on her knees for another man…

Butt ass naked…

With another man’s dick in her mouth…

And cum on her face…

And, if you go back to our time at night…

Another man balls deep in her pussy….

But yet she was still able to say “te amo” (I love you) with a straight face.

To be honest, it was interesting to watch someone lie so easily.

And unfortunately for Rodrigo, he will never know.

Outside of myself, the question stands – who else has she fucked and will fuck behind his back?

I didn’t make a sound anyway – not my issue.

But it’s examples like this that have made me much more skeptical of women in general.

Not all women are like Alejandra but Latinas are not special.

Infidelity is just as much of an issue down here like anywhere else in the world…

And so don’t be naïve about the women down here. They aren’t much different.

As we will find out again in other examples….

Maria is Waiting for Her Love to Return

In my first year living in Mexico City, I came across a Mexican woman named Maria.

A white looking Latina who had more of a petite look.

She was very cute and was very relatable.

It was quite fun hanging out with her before we had sex.

I walked on over to Metro Insurgentes to find her.

She also came from the State of Mexico – some small town.

She had life difficulties also – her father just recently passed away unfortunately and she was out on her own trying to cover her own bills with her sister.

Mother died long ago also…

Anyway, we met up at Metro Insurgentes in Mexico City..

We head on over to a rock bar that was between Metro Insurgentes and my apartment..

A small little place to have a some beer…

Before heading out, buying some beer at some local tienda or whatever and taking it back to my place.

Once we got back, well…

We forgot about the beer we bought and just got to it already.

Once we finished having sex, we had some fun watching a movie since that was the excuse I threw out there for why we should go back to my place.

“Beer and a movie…”

And ended up in the shared bathroom of the building where we had some more fun – her sucking my dick.

Before finally she left back to her place since it was a little bit of a distance away…

Anyway, we stayed in touch over about half a year until I entered into a relationship..

But before that relationship with someone else, I found out on Facebook…

Actually about a day or two after we hooked up initially…

That she has a husband.

Because when you add someone’s phone number into your phone to communicate with them on Whatsapp (a messaging app popular down here)…

Facebook sometimes recommends friends you should add.

So I saw her by surprise and checked her profile out before adding her.

And some guy posted on her Facebook “oh, my amor, I am in Spain now.”

He posted it anyway like maybe a week before we hooked up more or less.

Basically, from what I found out, it was her husband who was on some trip going through Europe.

And was now in Spain updating his wife, Maria, on where he is.

She replies, as Alejandra did, “te amo” in a comment below what he posted on her wall.

“Te amo…..”

Well, what can I say…

Shit happens.

Sad but it is what it is…


Leaving Mexico City for the time being…

I was in Barranquilla, Colombia some years ago…

And I met a Venezuelan woman named Rosa.

She was about my age at the time – fairly young.

And she came from a relatively better family than other Venezuelans.

Anyway, she was working at some NGO for social work in Colombia…

And had plans to leave Colombia to eventually pursue a graduate degree in Spain.

In Psychology, if I remember right.

Or Sociology…

One of the two…

Anyway, we met up near this popular nightclub in Barranquilla called La Troja.

But La Troja wasn’t open that night but a nearby bar called 4B was.

It’s a rock bar basically.

Small little place.

And we go in, have some drinks…

Before eventually going back to my place to spend the night.

Well, over the time of us hooking up from time to time over the next month or two…

I, at times, offered to go visit her place.

In a way, I was really liking her quite a bit – we connected very well and I liked her beyond just having sex.

She was like me in so many ways…

It was great fucking her as the sex was great…

And it was great hanging out with her also over some beers..

Anyway, she always strongly denied any offer of mine visiting her place.

She absolutely did not want that in anyway.

Well, about a month or two later, I found out on her Facebook..

As, similar to Maria, Facebook recommended her to be added as a friend.

And I found out by checking it out that she has a husband.

Some Venezuelan guy that came along with her maybe or maybe she found him here, I don’t know.

Either way, I learned that moment why she didn’t want me to visit her place obviously.

I was cool with it either way – it was disappointing to be fair as I liked her personality.

But, by this point, I wasn’t surprised – as I had seen other chicks I had fucked having boyfriends or husbands..

Or know other guys who have fucked chicks who had a partner as well.

Once you spend enough time down here, it doesn’t really surprise you as much over time.

At any rate, we had planned to go to a bar called Bourbon St.

We went there, had some drinks, sex back at my place.

Then after she wanted to take a trip with me to Cartagena.

But that was the last time I saw her.

I felt it would be better if we didn’t fuck around anymore since you never know what could happen with her husband finding out and coming after my ass.

Hielen – Que Tetas Tan Grandes

Hielen was another Venezuelan chick from what I remember…

But she was more like Venezuelan-Colombian if I remember right.

Like she had duel citizenship I think..

But she was from Venezuela anyway...

Met her in Barranquilla.

I often thought of her as “blowjob girl” in those days because her dick sucking abilities were on point every god damn time.

Well, she was blowjob girl anyway for about 2 months more or less from my memory…

As some girls start to feel like a piece of meat and want to pursue something more with you after you two fucking around for so long…

Then you don’t want to pursue something and they go away…

Or sometimes they stay if they don’t want a relationship – but who knows.

Anyway, she wanted to pursue something with me and I wasn’t down for that.

But before that happened…

I remember our first night together…

We went to some bar along a street called Calle 84 or Carrera 84…

One of the two.

You see, in Barranquilla, all of the streets are named Calle # or Carrera #.

And in Barranquilla, there’s some street with a higher number, that if I remember right, is called Calle 84 or Carrera 84 where so many bars are located.

So we go there..

And there’s a ton of people in the street.

Anyway, we leave the bar and take a taxi back to my place.

On my bed, we’re making out and her shirt is off now…

And I got her left or right tit hanging out…

Big as fuck.

I was a happy camper with the tits she brought home…

But then she goes “oh wait, I got a boyfriend…”

Now, as you know, some women pull that line but it’s bullshit.

And I assume it’s bullshit..

My dick is hard and I don’t really care.

So I say something anyway and she accepts my answer.

She goes into the bathroom for a minute and then comes out and we fuck.

 Anyway, her story about having a boyfriend might have not been bullshit.

I remember asking her, out of curiosity, if she actually does have one.

She ended up showing me the text conversation of some guy called “amor” in her Whatsapp.

And the conversation looked legit – going back months – seemed like she was telling the truth.

That night I went to bed wondering to myself “is some Pablo Escobar type motherfucker going to bust in my door and kill me for fucking his girl?”

Thankfully, the answer was no


As readers of this blog might know, I have been in contact with a chick named Angie over the years.

She’s a Mexican chick who is smart, pretty friendly, etc…

And also, during my first year in Mexico, was a great drinking hookup chick and someone who was great to have some drinks.

Well, over the years of me living in Mexico City…

She has had two boyfriends at the very least that I know of.

Actually, I think a few more than that but at least two.

One guy named Eduardo who was in school studying mathematics.

Another named Diego I think – or something like that.

Well, she had issues with both men.

When it came to Eduardo, she didn’t consider him to be very serious.

Serious meaning not likely to be a good provider basically that could make more money than her.

As she is a computer programmer or something like that.

Something that makes like 30,000 pesos a month and involves computers from what I know.

Which is good money in Mexico City.

Then you have Diego – who is very insecure, she says.

Someone who was constantly insecure about her fucking other dudes apparently from what she told me one time.

And who also hated me apparently – I never met the guy but she told him about me that we used to hookup often and apparently he ain’t no fan of me.

Either way, they had issues – lots of skeletons in the closet – such as her getting pregnant and then getting an abortion in Mexico City.

Well, he didn’t take that too lightly from what she told me…

Either way…

She ended up cheating on both guys with me.

Not something I say proudly but is the truth.

Though, in her defense, she did tell me that she didn’t cheat on Diego because they were “complicated” when she sucked my dick in a hotel room.

Despite her being with him…

Well, regardless, uncomfortable truths require comfortable lies.

I remember anyway…

As an interesting point…

I asked her when we were in that hotel room…

“Why are you with this guy if you don’t respect him?”

She ended up explaining how she is looking for a guy in her moment of life as of now that can be serious for a marriage and not cheat on her.

Someone who ideally hasn’t fucked around with too many women…

Someone who would basically be dependent on her for sex and who isn’t going to just fuck her and leave.

Take that for that you will.


Marcela is a chick from Colombia who used to be my girlfriend.

From Barranquilla, Colombia.

Well, we ended the relationship as I moved back to the US and a long distance relationship didn’t seem like it would work out.

Anyway, roll the clock a year and a half later…

And my friend Angie told me in a Applebees that “Marcela is married!”

Now why did Angie know that?

She was curious about my ex girlfriends back when we were hooking up quite a bit in my first year in Mexico City.

And was basically looking into their Facebook accounts.

Anyway, I wasn’t too surprised as I know she wanted to get married back when we were together but I wasn’t interested in taking things too far…

Well, roll the clock about a year…

And I got Marcella trying to add me on Instagram but I was trying to keep my distance as I was in a relationship by then…

And that went on for some time as she continually tried to add me a few times on social media…

Well, when I ended my last relationship….

I was cool with her reaching out and responded back online.

Over the course of the conversation, we caught up on things on how life has been over the previous years…

And, oddly enough, the conversation turned flirtatious.

Now, keep in mind that she lives in Mexico as well as she married a Mexican dude.

Lives up near Culiacan or Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

But last I checked, she doesn’t work and her husband takes care of her.

Basically her husband travels around Mexico 80% of the year is literally never home because of work.

So, I suppose you can say, La Señora is home alone and bored and curious about new cock while the hubby is away…

We never met up obviously – I’m not going to travel that far up north but the conversation we had was definitely not something her wedding vows would approve of..

Either way, it is what it is.

It wouldn’t surprise me if, during the 80% of the year that her husband is gone, that she is getting fucked by someone else in the neighborhood.

But, as said before, life is how it is.


Finally, there is a chick named Nidia that I met in Pachuca, Mexico.

Back when I lived there for almost a year…

We hooked up once after matching on Bumble.

She showed up to my place…

We went inside..

Had a drink and then had sex.

Anyway, after the fact, I found out she had a boyfriend.

Through the ol’ Facebook method mentioned before.

It is what it is…

Maria The Landlord

Finally, there is a landlord I had in Mexico…

Named Maria also.

Her husband was into renting apartments as well and basically traveled around Mexico from time to time for business reasons.

They were one of those no children, work hard couples.

Probably in their late 30s or early 40s from what I remember.

Anyway, I never fucked Maria the landlord.

Though it would have been a fun opportunity had the occasion been possible.

But this story doesn’t have my involvement in it this time.

I lived in her apartment building for about 9 months roughly…

9 or 10 months..

She lived right next door to me.

And her husband was also away for work from time to time from what I noticed anyway.

Well, on a few occasions..

When he was gone for work..

I noticed her with other men.

Most often foreign guys.

There was one guy who was German that she brought into her place from what I remember.

And she didn’t keep it quiet.

Suffice to say, she was fucking other dudes behind his back.

Always when he was taking a business trip somewhere.

Again, a sad case to be fair – but shit happens.

The Point

In this article, we went over a handful of just some of the cases of infidelity I have seen in Latin America.

And I mean just a handful – there’s more women I have caught having boyfriends or husbands…

And there are other dudes I know who have either been cheated on or they also fucked a chick – intentionally or not – that had a guy.

The truth is this…

Infidelity is quite a big issue down here in Latin America.

Some men think that the Catholic faith and more conservative values of the people down here make it where shit like this doesn’t happen..

They are full of shit.

It happens all the time.

Not to say that you can’t find a woman down here or elsewhere outside of Latin America that can be faithful to you..

Just don’t be naïve and think the women down here are special.

They ain’t.

Shit happens like anywhere else and that’s just the way it is.

Humans are humans everywhere and most of us feel that need to want to fuck new people over time.

Latinas are no different.

Also, if you want another example of infidelity in Latin America..

The first one I ever saw..

Than check out this article here.

Anyway, if you found this article interesting, leave a comment below.

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