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The Mexican Crusade Against English on the Internet Dot Com

Published March 10, 2024 in Mexico - 0 Comments

After enough time in Mexico, you start to realize Mexicans have a love-hate relationship with English.

On one hand, you have those who love learning English for different reasons.

Maybe they really do like the US. They love English language music like Pink Floyd. Maybe they see it as a good way to earn more money. Whatever really.

And then you have those who are the opposite. 

As I wrote here, I have had Mexicans give me the angry look when speaking English in public to other foreigners (even though I do speak Spanish too).

A lot of Mexicans will justify their bullshit by saying ¨well, you white folks give us shit too in your country for speaking Spanish.¨

But I´d just go ¨well, that ain´t me bro. I never gave nobody shit.¨

Literally never once in my life have I gave someone shit for not knowing English in the US.

And I ain´t got nothing to do with it if someone gave you shit for it back in the US. 

And also if you ask them if they personally have lived in the US, half the time they say no.

So what trauma are they speaking of when it comes to being told to speak English? 

Some have been told that. Many other Mexicans just cover for their xenophobia against gringos through the trauma of others though. 

But when I speak of these conversations, I am actually speaking of the Mexicans you find on the internet.

The ones in public giving you bad looks don´t say shit really.

Except for that one Tik Tok as you can see here where some Mexican woman harassed a random issue related to dogs and then bitched at her to speak Spanish and ¨go back to your country.¨

Among the other increasing number of Tik Toks from Mexicans looking for views on social media by harassing random gringos.

But still any gringo in Mexico knows that a vast majority of the hate against us is done online.

Not in person.

Now I don´t discount the hate that is done online like other gringos do.

Most people don´t have the balls to start shit in public anyhow but yet these people still do vote and can be pandered to by populist presidents.

So I do think it is something to consider.

And one element of that online hate is again the hate against those who speak in English.

You don´t see these same Mexicans bitching at people for speaking about Mexico online in other foreign languages like Italian, German, etc.

Or at least I haven´t. 

Only English.

And like I hinted at, there´s a degree to which this online trolling is obviously part of some internal revenge fantasy that some Mexicans have to ¨stick it to the gringos¨ for all the shit Mexicans have gotten in the US for speaking Spanish (even if said Mexican doing the trolling has never lived in the US and is just claiming trauma through the experiences of others as a way to again justify this own xenophobia).

Personally, I have had people bitch at me online for even something as simple as posting a Youtube video with a title that is in English.

For those who have not seen my Youtube videos, they don´t include any commentary.

I´m not describing Mexico in English because I don´t even talk in my videos.

I just post them to have a place online to help me look back at my experiences all over Mexico City.

And sure, I post the titles in English.

Because that´s my native language.

But then you have Mexicans bitch at me by posting comments about how ¨you should post the title in Spanish, we speak Spanish in Mexico!!!¨

Imagine being such a low IQ retard with nothing going on in your life that someone posting a video of a park in your city but with a title in English pisses you off that much.

No girlfriend to fuck huh? No friends? No hobbies? 

This is the greatest moment of your day before you got to go back to work at OXXO for your 7000 peso a month job. 

Going on the internet and finding some random gringo to bitch at because he did the greatest crime of all.

That crime being? 

*checks notes*

Writing a title in English for a video about Mexico.

And I find it a bit ironic too when Mexicans bitch about this because they will justify why they should not be harassed for speaking English in the US because ¨the US does not have an official language.¨

Well, Youtube does not have an official language either. 

Neither does Tik Tok. 

And neither does the internet at large.

In case you rancho boys didn´t realize this in your shithole town full of poverty and drug cartels, the internet is full of people who speak languages all over the world.

Be it Mandarin, English, Russian, Spanish and probably even Quechua for fucks sakes.

Guarantee you I could find a video of someone speaking Quechua on the internet.

Ideally some hot Bolivian bitch with big titties moaning in loud Quechua while an Irish dude pounds her from behind while drinking whiskey.

And that would be a bilingual video!

English and Quechua!

.....Mad, Mexicans? 

All these new languages must scare you! 

Regardless, it should said that obviously most people in Mexico don´t take offense to this or are spending their free time bitching at foreigners for speaking about their country in English online.

But it is something I have noticed only among Mexicans and only Mexicans really over the last few years.

Over the last few years where the anti gringo hate really has blown up online from Mexicans.

Though that´s another topic anyhow.

Anyway, it is what it is.

Not really anything too important but something you might notice once in a blue moon when dealing with English language content about Mexico online.

I find it funny anyhow above all.

Here´s a few examples I have from recently.

Context: a gringa makes a video on Tik Tok responding to xenophobic Mexicans basically bitching at her for being a gringa in Mexico. And some dude tells her to speak Spanish even though it´s Tik Tok.

Context: Some dude is crying about me posting the Twitter description in English with a video that is in Spanish. If all my followers spoke Spanish, I guess I could have. Not 100% sure if the dude is Mexican but I figured so based on looking at his profile.

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