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Guest Posts

What's up.

As you know, this website is all about everything in Latin America.

Or Iberian America technically.

But you get the idea.

And while I have spent time in over half the countries in Iberian America if my memory serves right...

I obviously am not an expert on every country down here.

Some countries I know better than others.

So if you would like to contribute a guest post to my website, you are more than free to do so.

I won't charge money for it obviously like some do -- that's a bit dumb in my opinion.

If you want to do a guest post, just send me an email at or follow me on Twitter and send me a message here.

When you do send your message, please provide the following:

Ideally 3 different topics that you would be comfortable writing about for me to pick.

Though it doesn't have to be 3 but it would be nice in case one of the topics doesn't sound like a good idea for this website.

Though it probably will be as long as the topic is focused on something Latin America related. 

You know, an article on 13th century Mongolian crime fiction literature would be cool and all but not as relevant unfortunately. 

Though change Mongolian to Paraguayan and it would probably be cool.

But whatever you prefer -- 1, 2 or 3 topics to throw at me.

We will pick one....

Then the requirements for the guest post are the following:

1. At least 1,500 words.

2. A photo to include of you since every article has an author section to the side (though the photo doesn't have to show your face. It could even be a cat photo or whatever if you don't want to show your face but, similar to the rule below, tell me where you got that photo first).

3. Any photos you include in the article, please make sure to include a link to where you got them. If taken by you, please tell me which ones are from you. If not from you, I will need to know where you got them to know if I can use them or not.

4. Any links to sources you got in the end of the article document.

5. A very brief description of who you are and your ties to Latin America so that I can include it in the author section.

6. Any links to your social media or any personal blogs or websites you may want to share. Not necessary but you are free to provide it so I can share it in your author section.

That's it!

If you have any questions also, please contact me.

I don't have any time requirements either for when the article needs to be provided after we agree on it. Just whenever you can get around to it.

And one last note -- please make sure to break up your paragraphs so that they don't get too long.

Thanks and hope to hear from you!

Best regards,