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How to Purchase TRT in Mexico City

Published July 10, 2020 in Health , Mexico - 1 Comment

Planning on traveling to or living in Mexico City?

And you are interested in how to purchase TRT down here?

Do you need a doctor's receipt?

What pharmacies are recommended for you to go to?

How much will it cost?

How do you go about getting a medical consultation for your use of TRT?

Does that cost anything?

Even if you don’t have health insurance?

What Spanish vocabulary will you need to tell someone that you would like to purchase TRT (in case your Spanish is nonexistent)?

All of those questions will be answered below to the best my ability and based on what I have found out.

And let me say that, as of this writing on July 10, 2020, I have a little over three years now living in Mexico City.

However, up until this point, I never considered purchasing TRT.

Now I am still not confident if I will purchase it or not down the road but I have been curious enough to research what impact it could have on my body.

While also talking with a guy I know down here who also uses it and recommends it.

Either way, on a typical sunny day in Mexico walking through a new park I wanted to see...

I decided that I might as well walk into some of the pharmacies down here to do some of my own research on purchasing TRT.

To give me more food for thought as to if I want to go with it or not.

Either way, as I was walking to the closest metro station from the park, I decided to stop at every single pharmacy that I saw.

And including one medical clinic like place.

To get as much information as I can and share it here to answer the questions above.

And if you have any of your own experience using or purchasing TRT in Mexico, let me know in the comment section!

Would love to hear.

So let’s begin!

Where to Purchase TRT in Mexico?

A Farmacia Generico y Similar that I Saw Closed. Not The One I Visited

Well, you have a variety of pharmacies in Mexico City where you can buy it.

So the specific pharmacies that I came across were the following:

  • Farmacias Similares
  • Farmacias de Ahorro
  • Farmacia Yza
  • Farmacia Unión
  • Farmacia Azteca

Now, all of these pharmacies except Farmacia Azteca had two types of TRT at the very least (I only checked the two that the guy I know recommended me):

  • Primoteston (250 mg)
  • Sostenon (250 mg)

And as I said, Farmacia Azteca didn’t have any type of testosterone in general.

They said that TRT is only sold in the bigger pharmacies.

So keep that in mind as there are plenty of other pharmacies not covered in this article that I simply didn’t come across through my walk.

You might find another one as well that sells TRT though these are the ones that I did find.

Also, as a last note, keep in mind that pharmacies seem to be everywhere in Mexico City.

Especially on streets that have a lot of traffic…

But even then, it was easy enough to find plenty of them on smaller streets also with no traffic really.

So it won’t be hard to find one at the very least for you.

If you do show up to Mexico, just Google search whatever of the pharmacies I talk about on this article to find the nearest one to you.

Now to the next point…

Do You Need a Doctor’s Prescription for TRT in Mexico City?

This is a slightly weird question to answer from my experience…

About a month ago, I went into the Farmacia de Ahorro near me and asked about TRT.

The lady behind the counter said, at the time, that I need a doctor’s prescription.

OK, fair enough.

So I wrote to the guy I know and he said that he never has had to get a doctor’s prescription for TRT in Mexico City.

And he has lived here about as long as I have.

So today, I went to that same pharmacy today and this new lady behind the counter said that I do not need a doctor’s prescription.

Now, I went to these other 3 pharmacies as said before today:

  • Farmacias Similares
  • Farmacia Yza
  • Farmacia Unión

And the person behind the counter at every single one of these pharmacies said that I do not need a doctor’s prescription.


The lady behind the counter at Farmacia Azteca told me that other pharmacies that do sell TRT will require a doctor’s prescription.

In her words, TRT is a “controlled substance” where you can only buy it at the big pharmacies and that a doctor’s prescription is always necessary.

So what gives?

Why did my first experience at Farmacia de Ahorro tell me that I needed a doctor’s prescription and why did this lady at Farmacia Azteca say that also?

Though I don’t have a clear reason why….

My best guess is that there is probably some law on the books in Mexico that says that TRT is a “controlled substance” and that a doctor’s prescription is needed.

But, in practice, either most of the pharmacists are incompetent at their jobs and don’t know that fact…


The Farmacia Azteca I Went To

They don’t give a shit and ignore whatever law that might exist because enforcement of such a law might be nonexistent or near nonexistent.

And they might want my money.

So, based on the fact that the guy I know has never had problems buying TRT and never has had to get a doctor’s prescription..

And given that 5 out of 7 people have told me that it is not necessary to get a doctor’s prescription..

I’m going to assume then that you can get TRT without a doctor’s prescription in Mexico City without problem most of the time.

How Much Does TRT Cost in Mexico City?

Well, keep in mind that the dosages that I looked into are 250mg.

Of course, not everyone takes 250mg per week or not even necessarily every two weeks.

So you can buy a dosage of 250mg and use how much you think will be necessary in Mexico City.

And maybe use 125mg per week or 250mg per week.

Which can all around change how much your monthly expenses will be obviously when it comes to TRT.

But when it comes to the small boxes of 250mg TRT that they sell at the pharmacies down here..

How much does each of those boxes cost?

Well, like I said, I looked into two different brands:

  • Primoteston (250 mg)
  • Sostenon (250 mg)

And generally speaking, it appeared to me that Sostenon is more expensive than Primoteston.

At least it was in every pharmacy I that I asked about it.

But also keep in mind that each pharmacy that sold TRT that I went to had their own prices.

So I will include those here.

The Prices at Farmacias Similares

1. Primoteston of 250mg: 189 Mexican Pesos ($8.41 USD).

2. A package of 4 syringes: 10 Mexican Pesos ($0.44 USD).

3. A Medical Consultation for Your TRT: 45 Mexican Pesos ($2.00 USD).

Note: Medical consultations at the specific Farmacia Similar were currently not available when I checked on July 10, 2020 due to the Covid-19 situation. Will be available at a point later than that in the future.

Also keep in mind that I forgot to check the price for Sostenon because the guy I know recommended against it but I remembered to check at the other pharmacies!

The Prices at Farmacia Yza

The Farmacia Yza I Went To

1. Primoteston of 250mg: 344 Mexican Pesos ($15.30 USD).

2. Sostenon of 250mg: 468 Mexican Pesos ($20.82 USD).

3. A package of 1 syringe: 6 Mexican Pesos ($0.27 USD).

4. A Medical Consultation: 50 Mexican Pesos or $2.22 USD.

Also, keep in mind that I asked them about how long it would take to get a medical consultation with a medical expert.

And they said (and Farmacias Similares as well) said that such medical consultations can be done at their specific building.

I asked if it was possible to get a doctor’s recommendation at their specific pharmacy with their medical expert and they yes and that such a medical consultation would take about 30 minutes.

The Prices at Farmacia Unión

The Farmacia Union I Went To

1. Primoteston of 250mg: 349 Mexican Pesos ($15.52 USD).

2. Sostenon of 250mg: 465 Mexican Pesos ($20.68 USD).

3. A package of 1 syringe: 6 Mexican Pesos ($0.27 USD).

4. A Medical Consultation: Currently not available

Note: I forgot to ask if they don’t have medical consultations due to Covid-19 but they said that they simply didn’t do them.

It could be similar to Farmacias Similares though in that medical consultations can be available later.

The guy at Farmacias Similares said that most pharmacies he knows of have them available but now might be tricky due to Covid-19.

So keep that in mind.

The Prices at Farmacias de Ahorro

The Farmacia de Ahorro I Went To

1. Primoteston of 250mg: 344 Mexican Pesos ($15.30 USD).

2. Sostenon of 250mg: 440 Mexican Pesos ($19.57 USD).

3. A package of 1 syringe: 3 Mexican Pesos ($0.13 USD).

4. A Medical Consultation: The lady didn’t give a clear answer on this. She simply said whatever I feel like donating. Based on the prices of the other pharmacies then, I’m going to say about 50 Mexican Pesos ($2.22 USD) more or less.

Summary of the Prices

Based on comparing these specific pharmacies, it seems Farmacias Similares has the best prices for you.

Also, though I have not checked every single pharmacy in Mexico City (as that would take forever), I am going to assume Farmacias Similares is probably one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) pharmacy in Mexico City.

Mostly because that’s what I have been told by talking with the guy I mentioned and also with some Mexican neighbors who live close to me.

Plus, compared to the other pharmacies in this article (most of them being big pharmacies), it definitely seems like Farmacias Similares has some of the more competitive prices you can find here.

Prices of Medical Consultations

As you can already see, they will be around 40 to 50 Mexican Pesos ($1.78 USD to $2.22 USD).

However, what if you want more advanced work or medical testing done?

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a clear answer on this but obviously the prices will vary a lot by what specific testing or work you are looking to get done.

And the people I was talking to I felt were not necessarily the most informed on top of their head about different pricing for something more complicated.

But here is basically what I found on this..

First, as said before, most normal medical consultations will cost about 40 to 50 Mexican Pesos ($1.78 USD to $2.22 USD)....

And those medical consultations can cover a lot of basic stuff from what I was told.

And anything more complicated can be referred to a medical clinic of some sorts or where there would be more specific experts.

A little bit vague there obviously but that was how the guy at Farmacias Similares put it and never elaborated too much beyond that.

So I also went to a medical clinic as well and asked about prices for testing related to TRT and they said also that it obviously depends on what you are wanting to get done.

But her pricing for a usual medical consultation regarding TRT would be around 300 Mexican Pesos ($13.34 USD).

And that pricing shouldn’t be anything more than 3,000 Mexican Pesos ($133.44 USD).

But keep in mind these were just "off the top of her head" numbers. Nothing too specific. 

At least that was what I was told at this medical clinic here.

So I then looked up online the website of the medical clinic I saw in the picture below.

The Medical Clinic I Went To

And the name of this place is Jenner and the website for this clinic is here.

You can search yourself also for pricing on any different testing. Just click here and type in Spanish specific terms to see if they have something related to offer.

Some of the testing that I found related to testosterone was..

Testing for total testosterone: 423 Mexican Pesos ($18.83 USD).

Testing for free testosterone: 529 Mexican Pesos ($23.54 USD).

Testing for bioavailable testosterone: 898 Mexican Pesos ($39.97 USD).

And also keep in mind that I don’t have health insurance in Mexico and I said that.

So, overall, it doesn’t seem like purchasing TRT or getting medical consultations of any kind are expensive here.

At least compared to the US from what I have heard.

TRT in the Rest of Mexico?

This article only focused on purchasing TRT in Mexico City because this is the only place where I have looked into purchasing it.

And the laws can possibly vary by what state of Mexico you are in.

However, if I had to guess, I would assume that it would not be too difficult either to purchase TRT in other areas of Mexico.

And that pricing would be similar if not possibly lower as Mexico City does tend to be more expensive than other parts of Mexico!

But I will leave that to the people who have experience in that department.

For example, if you have experience purchasing TRT in other areas of Mexico outside of Mexico City, then let us know in the comment section below and share your knowledge!

It would be very helpful in case there are differences between Mexico City and some other part of Mexico.

Now to the Spanish…

Spanish for Purchasing TRT

Here I will cover just some of the basic Spanish vocabulary you might need for purchasing TRT in Mexico.

Given I have not gotten a medical consultation about it here, I probably haven’t covered all the vocabulary you would need.

But this is just a handful of vocabulary to get you going and hopefully make it easier for you to purchase it here in case your Spanish is a bit rusty…

Do You Speak English?: Hablas Ingles? (in case they do, this would help more than anything else in this list).

Testosterone: Testosterona

Doctor: Doctor, Médico

TRT: Terapia de Reemplazo de Testosterona (TRT)

Medical Consultation: Consulta Médica

Primoteston: Primoteston

Sostenon: Sostenon

Prescription: Receta Médica (receta works just fine by itself)

Personal Thoughts

Mexico City

At the end of the day, taking TRT is obviously a big decision for any man to take.

And obviously I am not a doctor and am not recommending you take TRT or any specific brand of TRT.

Do your research on this matter.

And especially regarding which type of TRT best fits you.

The guy I know who takes it down here told me that he once did Sostenon and it didn’t work well for him.

But that Primosteston works better for his body.

And, as you might have already seen, his budget as it is cheaper.

For me, I believe I will probably take TRT eventually.


I am not sure yet.

It could be in the near future or sometime in a decade later perhaps.

Because as we age, our testosterone does go down and taking TRT can have its benefits.

And its negatives too but that is why I recommend you get medical consultations done in Mexico if you happen to do it here.

After all, it’s very cheap compared to the US – so no reason to not do it and it’s for your own personal health!

And as said before, if you have any thoughts of your own regarding taking TRT in general or in Mexico, then just shoot me an email here, reach out to my Twitter here or write a comment below.


Best regards,


PS: All of the prices listed in this article were in Mexican Pesos. The exchange rate varies but I used the exchange rate of July 10, 2020. That would be an exchange rate of 22.48 MXN to 1 USD. For updated information on the exchange rate, just check here.

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