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How Faithful are Latina Women when Dating in Latin America?

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Over time, you hear about more and more guys looking for love in Latin America.

Perhaps they have had bad luck in the US – divorce raped and all.

Maybe they got cheated on up there.

Or perhaps they saw too many people get screwed over in relationships up there.

But they still want love and a happy life with a loving wife and children.

Though how can they do that if they come to the conclusion that all American women are evil and unfaithful?!?

But then….they find the answer that they are looking for!

Some online guru tells them that true love can be found in a magical land far far away...

Be it Colombia, Mexico, Brazil or maybe somewhere outside Latin America also.

You know, Russia or Thailand or something.

It’s almost always in Latin America, Eastern Europe or Asia.

No love for Africa, huh?

Nor for those traditional Muslim women in Saudi Arabia, I suppose…

But regardless of where you are looking for your faithful wife...

Be it Colombia, Brazil or…

Hell, maybe even Guatemala!

The question needs better examination – are Latina women actually as faithful as men say online?

Do they respect the institution of marriage more?

Are they really “more traditional?”

And less physically ugly overall?

Well, those are a lot of questions so this article will take a stab at the first one – fidelity.

And the other questions will be examined with data at a later point in time in separate articles.

So let’s answer this question with all the public information that is out there by first looking at infidelity in the US and Canada…

Then look at infidelity in Latin America as a whole before breaking it down by country.

That way we can compare what the numbers show between various countries (with a heavy emphasis on the US since most of my readers are probably from the US) and each Latin country so we can actually examine if there is any meat behind this assumption that Latina women are actually more faithful or not.

Because it probably does depend a bit on which country you are looking at since not all Latina women and not all Latin countries are the same.

Also, just one important note: Keep in mind that not every country has any studies done on the infidelity that happens there. So for areas where I couldn’t find any info online, just look at the list below:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Cuba
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Peru
  • Bolivia

Finally, keep in mind that I didn’t look too deeply into any of the news articles or studies I found on infidelity in Latin America or the in other countries outside of Latin America. I simply just took whatever reporting I could find on the issue and presented it here.

So just keep that in mind – this article is only meant to just put the numbers that are out there together in place with my sources cited. Just to give some “food for thought” and opening the discussion on if Latinas are really any more faithful than chicks in the US, Canada or the world in general.

And finally, make sure to use the Table of Contents below here if you don’t want to read the whole article.

I get some of you might be more interested in learning about infidelity in specific Latin countries than all of them. 

Or maybe you just want to know the “final verdict” to the question posed in the title of this article.

If so, then click on “Final Verdict” in the Table of Contents.

Where I will go into my thoughts on the likelihood of finding a faithful woman in Latin America vs elsewhere in the world and the likelihood of having a happy marriage down here.

Or click on anything else in it to help you navigate to the specific information you want.

O read all of this – that’d be cool too.

So let’s dive right in!

Infidelity Around the World

First and foremost, when we are talking about infidelity, keep in mind that we get the statistics below obviously from people answering questions to researchers looking into this topic.

But when you ask someone, even as just an academic, if that person has been unfaithful –obviously plenty of people are not going to be honest.

Because who would want to admit to that even to an academic?

For example, it was reported here by a study in the Journal of Family Psychology that only 1% of women admitted to being unfaithful to their husbands in interviews while 6% admitted to the same thing when answering over a computer instead.

So just keep in mind that, in my opinion, many of the numbers we will be looking at are probably underreporting the issue by a little bit.

Also, keep in mind that there are different statistics on infidelity –

  • People who admitted to being unfaithful at any one point in any past relationship
  •  People who admitted to being unfaithful to their current partner.
  • Statistics for which age groups tend to be more unfaithful as of now…
  • Numbers showing which areas of the world have more users signed up to websites like Ashley Madison…

So on and so on….

For example, according to the General Social Survey, which has been around since 1972, it has shown that “in any given year, about 10 percent of married people – 12 percent of men and 7 percent of women – say they have had sex outside their marriage.”

Source for that is here.

That same article above, which looks at different studies on infidelity, also shows that "lifetime rate of infidelity for men over 60 increased to 28 percent in 2006, up from 20 percent in 1991. For women over 60, the increase is more striking: to 15 percent, up from 5 percent in 1991.”

This is all based on infidelity in the US, from what I understand by the way.

It seems clear anyway that infidelity has been on the rise to a degree and is more common among younger people these days when people who were young going back a few decades.

At least that is what that article says.

Of course, to be fair, the same articles explains how it is not clear if certain groups of people, like women in general, were just more likely to lie about being unfaithful in the past than now.

And, of course, if we were to look at infidelity in the past, there are other numbers to go by.

Such as this 2010 research paper here titled “Infidelity: When, Where, Why” by Helen E. Fisher from the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University.

Here’s an interesting quote from it that you might like:

“Infidelity was also widespread in former decades, and in historical and tribal societies. Reports in the 1920s indicated that 28% of American men and 24% of women were adulterous at some point after wedding (Lawrence, 1989). In the late 1940s and early 1950s, approximately 33% of men and 26% of women in an American sample were adulterous (Kinsey et al., 1948; Kinsey et al., 1953). Data in the 1970s indicated that some 41% of men and 25% of women reported infidelity (Hunt, 1974), and data collected in the 1980s suggest that 72% of men and 54% of women were unfaithful at some point during marriage.”

So it seems infidelity has always been a pretty significant issue even dating back to a time when the US was a bit more sexually conservative.

But it also does stand to question how many more people would have felt comfortable admitting to infidelity in the 1920s to the 1950s than to those who were interviewed after the Sexual Revolution.

But the numbers, by themselves, do suggest significantly higher rates of infidelity by the 1970s and 1980s at least.

An interesting quote anyway in the first article above that I cited is something I agree with having spent time in different cultures and having visited 30 countries: “The fidelity gap may be explained more by cultural pressures than any real difference in sex drives between men and women.”

Now according to a study done here of users from Ashley Madison, there is apparently 1 male active user on that site for every 1.05 female active user.

Anyway, on to some other studies…

Other studies, such as this one here, also indicate relatively high rates of infidelity with 75% of the male participants and 68% of the female participants having admitted to having cheated on a partner in their life.

Of course, as I said before – numbers can vary quite heavily – as it was reported that one study found 14% of participants admitting to cheating as you can read about here.

But other studies show similarly high numbers…

This one here indicates that 70% of all Americans will cheat at some point during their marriage.

Then this study here explains that unmarried couples have an infidelity rate of 40% while 25% of all marriages will have at least one episode of infidelity.

So you get the idea – infidelity seems quite high in the US regardless of which study is your favorite.

But let’s take a quick look at Canada now…

In this article here, apparently 10% of Canadians confessed to cheating on their current partner with 13% of men having done that and 8% of women who were interviewed.

But then the same article also says that about “23% of men and 20% of women have seriously considered committing the act.”

Well, I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice!

I guess not that nice, eh….

On top of that, there is a book called “State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity” by  Esther Perel that claims that “the rate of married women who have cheated has increased by 40 per cent” since the 1990s.

Of course, if you had a dream of moving to Canada to get yourself a nice Canadian wife who could be faithful…

Where would you go?

Probably not Ottawa – which apparently could be the “infidelity capital” of Canada where there were 189,810 Ashley Madison accounts from that city alone – which is about 1 out of every five residents.

According to this article here.

I suppose Whitehorse might be a better option than Ottawa if you want to find a special Canadian lady.

Might be a bit cold though going that far up north…

Finally, according to a study done here of users from Ashley Madison, there is apparently 1 male active user on that site for every 0.90 female active user.

Anyway, that was all the information I could find briefly about infidelity rates in Canada.

But I also know that not everyone reading this is from the US or Canada.

So I will just briefly throw this out there…

According to this article here that looks at a study done about infidelity in Europe….

In the UK, 32% of women and 45% of men have admitted to cheating.

In Demark, about 46% of men have cheated apparently.

Similar numbers for France….

For Germany, those numbers are 40% of men and 43% of women.

In Thailand, about 56% of relationships have had some infidelity.

For Italy, that number is 44% of women and 55% of men.

For Spain, 39% of the general population apparently admitted to cheating on their partner…

And, according to this article here, about 44% of people have cheated on their partner in 2012 in Australia.

I could go all day and look at various different countries

But I think we can see a general trend in all of them…

First, for the most part, it seems it’s more common for men to cheat than women from a lot of these studies.

But a majority of these numbers, when taking into account all of the countries, seem to show rates that are pretty high.

Now let’s look at Latin America – since based on the title – I am sure most of you care about that more.

After all, are Latinas really these faithful and traditional women that so many desperate men looking for love hope they might be?

To one day fly into some random village in Bolivia…

Where upon arriving such a village, you see a fine Catholic Latina lady…

And you yell at her in Quechua…..

“My amor, my amor, I have come to wife you up because the women of my homeland are no good!”

That obviously doesn’t look like Quechua in that sentence above but I promise you that it is..

Well, let’s get into it – just how faithful are these Catholic Latinas are?

Infidelity in Latin America 

Before we dive into each country specifically….

Let’s look at this study done that got a bit of headlines some years ago from what I remember.

The image below here is from Expat Chronicles, which is a great website on life in Latin America.

Some of the highlights of the study regarding infidelity in Latin America at large are:

  • 63% of people from Latin America cheated at least once.
  • 9.2% of people from Latin America are cheating as of now.
  • 45.2% of women from Latin America have supposedly never cheated before.

Anyway, the article that was sited from Expat Chronicles originally got its information from this article in Spanish from El Tiempo. Title of the original source was “Colombianos son los más infieles de América Latina según encuesta.”

We will be referring to that article at later points when we need statistics on specific Latin American countries.

So let’s get right into it!

Infidelity in Mexico

According to the article by El Tiempo here, about 6.1% of Mexican women and 14.6% of Mexican men are cheating on their partner RIGHT NOW!

Emphasis on the “RIGHT NOW!”

Of course, the fun of being unfaithful and destroying your marriage doesn’t end right there.

According to this article here, about 90% of Mexican men and 70% of Mexican women have been unfaithful at least once in their marriage.

And according to this article here, Mexican women are the most unfaithful women of the whole world!


Ok, ok, just joking – don’t get offended Mexican women of the world – I’m just throwing out some numbers and having fun with it.

But the article I cited makes the claim based on the reporting on the amount of Mexican women who are users of the website Ashley Madison.

Which, in all fairness, doesn’t mean they are necessarily the most unfaithful in the world – you can cheat without using Ashley Madison.

But it’s an interesting thing to consider, I suppose.

And, going along with the same article, apparently Mexico City has the most unfaithful women in this country.

Where the majority of the infidelity happens after the birth of the first child apparently.

So, if you don’t want to have an unfaithful Catholic Mexican wife, I suppose you shouldn’t knock her up?

Might help…

Now moving along…

This article here claims that 50% of people in Mexico are unfaithful to their partner.

Then you have this article here that claims 48% of Mexicans feel they have been cheated on by a partner in life…

Ay, pobrecitos…

This article here claims that Mexicans become unfaithful, on average, by around 4 years into a marriage.

Now according to a study done and reported here of Mexican users from Ashley Madison, there are apparently 1.59 female Mexican active users per every 1 male Mexican active user.

And those are some of the initial numbers found for Mexico…

Infidelity in the Dominican Republic

-Moving onto the Dominican Republic…

It was reported in this article here that 73% of Dominican men and 26.6% of Dominican women have been unfaithful to their partner.

And in the year 2012, the cases of infidelity have risen by 40% in the DR according to this article.

Infidelity in Guatemala

I really couldn’t find much info about infidelity in Guatemala.

First, there is this article here that claims there was a study done about male infidelity in Central America where 79% of Guatemalan men have been unfaithful before.

Which doesn’t say anything about the women obviously for those interested….

The only other thing I could find was this small news article that looked into which areas of Guatemala have the most Ashley Madison users. I simply copied and pasted the cities they listed down below here.

The list is the following:

  • Villa Nueva
  • San Benito Petén
  • Ayutla
  • Jalapa
  • Agua Blanca
  • Escuintla

Keep in mind also that this doesn’t mean that there is more infidelity in total in these areas. Just that they have more Ashley Madison users.

After all, given the size of a city like Guatemala City, I’m sure there’s more infidelity in total in a place like that than some of the places above.

On a per capita basis though regarding which areas have more infidelity? Not sure.

But given the small size of these places, I guess it does show that even less urban areas (and probably more conservative) are not immune to infidelity either as some might foolishly think. 

Like Agua Blanca which only has 16,684 people living there apparently but still managed to get on the list.

Now, now, I thought women in rural conservative areas were fine faithful women!


Well, being from a small town myself, I already had doubts about that…

Infidelity in Nicaragua 

There isn’t much to say here either about Nicaragua.

Using one of the sources I used for Guatemala, apparently about 77% of Nicaraguan men have been unfaithful at one point in the past from what I understand.

Then there is this article here titled “El Nica es Demasiado Infiel” that claims about 70% of men in Nicaragua are unfaithful.

Again, doesn’t say anything about Nicaraguan women but that was the best I could find for this country.

And it is in line also with the infidelity rates for those who have been unfaithful at any point in time before when compared to other countries.

And given women don’t seem to fall far behind men in regards to infidelity in most other countries like Mexico or the US, then I’d assume that we would see similar results in Nicaragua.

But that’s an assumption so take it lightly.

Infidelity in Costa Rica

According to the original El Tiempo article that I mentioned before, from what I understand, about 22.3% of Costa Rican men have been unfaithful more than 3 times.

When it comes to the women, it was also hard again to find any reported statistics on infidelity by Costa Rican women.

But according to this article here, 7 out of 10 Costa Rican women cheat because they do not feel desired, loved or respected.

While 12% of them cheat due to issues regarding sex from what I understand and 6% do it because of revenge.

Infidelity in Panama

According to that previous article used in the Nicaraguan section here, about 79% of men from Panama have apparently been unfaithful at least once before in the past.

However, according to this article here, apparently almost 50% of men and women who are married or live with a partner have had 2 or more sex partners in the last year.

And that’s all I could find for Panama.

Infidelity in Colombia

Years ago I was talking with a Venezuelan friend named Zahira.

Who is from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Anyway, we got talking about dating in Colombia since I was there in the time before taking a small trip to Venezuela to see her.

And she joked how “Colombia is the whorehouse of Latin America.”

Is she right?

Are Colombian women a little bit too easy and sleep around with anything with a pulse?

Unfaithful maybe?

Well, let’s look at what numbers exist on infidelity in Colombia.

According to the El Tiempo article cited before, Colombians are apparently the most unfaithful group of people in all of Latin America!

Granted, there are a few articles I have seen that claim that “their country” is the most unfaithful in Latin America…

Be it Mexico as you saw before…


Argentina and Chile down this article…

But apparently Colombia also!

Seems like everyone is trying to outcompete each other on being more unfaithful!

Well, according to that El Tiempo article here, 66% of all Colombians have been unfaithful to their partner at least once.

And apparently Colombian women were cited as being the most unfaithful women of Latin America with 59.2% of them admitting to having cheated on their partner once or twice.

And 40.8% of Colombian women claim to have never cheated according to the article cited by Expat Chronicles.

Now according to a study done and reported here of Colombian users from Ashley Madison, there are apparently 2.39 female Colombian active users per every 1 male Colombian active user.

So apparently “Colombia is the whorehouse of Latin America” as Zahira once told me.

But what about Venezuela?

As they say, do not throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Or something like that…

Infidelity in Venezuela

Thankfully for Zahira…

I can’t find much information on infidelity in Venezuela.

Perhaps because the country has been under an extreme crisis for a while and nobody has been looking into it too much…

And I did find this video here of people “exposing unfaithful people in Venezuela.”

The only article I could find on this topic is this one here that claims that Venezuela has high levels of infidelity.

Maybe…but I haven’t seen any real information on this one.

But it wouldn’t surprise me – as I will get to in the final verdict much below in this article.

Some might find it interesting to watch if you speak Spanish.

Infidelity in Ecuador

There isn’t much information about infidelity in Ecuador.

But according to this article here, about 10.5% of Ecuadorians (men and women) between the ages of 18 and 55 have been unfaithful to their partner.

For those curious, here is a video anyway in Spanish called “exposing unfaithful people Ecuador” on Youtube if you want to watch it here below.

Infidelity in Chile

According to that El Tiempo article cited before here, apparently Chilean women are on top of the list for having cheated on their partner more than 3 times at 15.1%.

Now according to a survey a website where you can cheat on your partner called Second Love…

It was reported here that Chile leads the ranking in all of Latin America for infidelity with women making up 61% of all the users from Chile from what I understand reading the article.

So, in that sense, there are more unfaithful Chilean women on that website than Chilean men.

Now according to a study done and reported here of Chilean users from Ashley Madison, there are apparently 1.40 female Chilean active users per every 1 male Chilean active user.

There is also this article here that has two psychologists, Alejandra and Antonio Godoy, from a Chilean psychology clinic called Centro Ceppas, give their input on infidelity.

And from what I understand, claims that more than 70% of people will be unfaithful at some point in their life at least once.

However, I believe the article is talking about people in general around the world and not necessarily people in Chile. It’s an interesting article anyway from a Chilean professional on the topic of infidelity.

Then you have this article here that looks at the cities that have the most unfaithful people by looking at which places have the most registered users in Chile. The list is the following in order:

  • Concepción
  • Valparaíso
  • Santiago
  • Viña del Mar
  • Antofagasta

Infidelity in Argentina

According to the El Tiempo article before here, apparently Argentine women are among the most faithful in Latin America with 54.8% of them having not cheated before.

On top of that, the same article cited a few times here before about that Second Love survey shows that there are only 0.79 active female user accounts for every 1 active male user account on that website for people wanting to cheat.

And that is actually lower than other any other Latin country listed in that article, such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

And, outside of Latin America, it is even a better statistic than the US or Canada!

So if you want your faithful Latina wife, I think I am starting now to know where it might be best to find one…

Just get used to calling calle by a different pronunciation – cashe.

Haha haha haha haha….

Which is a bit funny since a lot of the men looking for a faithful Latina woman typically don’t go to Argentina from what I have noticed as they claim they are too “westernized.”

Which, in the real world, translates to going to some poorer country of Latin America that has less development.

Though some of those same men will instead pick a place like Colombia to find their Latina wife....

Not because they are concerned about infidelity but because they want to wife up a sexier looking Latina -- even if infidelity rates are high there.

But to be fair…

It’s not all good news for Argentina – there are some more negative statistics out there that we will get to now…

Though the website Second Love had good results for Argentina before….

They did come out with another survey that showed Argentine women being the most active on the website when compared to women from the rest of Latin America.

As you can read here

Now keep in mind that report was done around 2015 from what I understand the Second Love survey that I mentioned prior to this one was written about in 2018 from what I understand.

So, hey, maybe Argentine women had a change of heart and decided to stop cheating on their men in those 3 years.

Stuff happens, you know.

Anyway, there does seem to be more positive results for Argentina than negative from what I have seen…

At least when it comes to the women.

But, like with any country, infidelity is down there too.

Maybe when Eva Perón said “don’t cry for me,” she was somehow referring to her man Juan Perón crying over her cheating on him.

Ok, ok, bad joke…

But I had to get a “don’t cry for me” Eva Perón joke in there somehow…

Getting serious again…

Infidelity in Uruguay

For the ladies out there looking for a faithful Latino man…

According to that El Tiempo article here, apparently Uruguayan men are among the most faithful standing at 47% of them being so.

Whereas apparently, according to this article here, 54.4% of Uruguayan women claim to have never been unfaithful either.

But going back to that survey Second Love…

Well, from what I read, Second Love seems to be quite popular in Argentina and Uruguay which might explain why I keep having to bring it up.

Either way, according to a survey by them, about 70% of their Uruguayan users are men and 30% are women.

And that among South Americans in general, Second Love is apparently much more popular in Argentina and Uruguay.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that infidelity is higher in Uruguay or Argentina – to be more nuanced about this, it could mean that Second Love simply had more success in making a market for itself in those two particular countries.

Nonetheless, since we are on the topic still regarding Second Love, the five most active countries on that website among South American countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay.

According to this source here..

Infidelity in Paraguay

There isn’t that much information about infidelity in Paraguay.

However, I did find this one study here….

From reading the abstract of the study, apparently they interviewed 639 people with a questionnaire…

And 237 people claimed they were unfaithful at one point and 429 claim that they had an unfaithful partner.

If we were to do the math on those numbers, that means 37.08% claimed they were unfaithful before and 67.1% claim that they had an unfaithful partner before.

For those interested, here’s an interesting video of a Paraguayan woman catching her husband being unfaithful in Encarnación, Paraguay here below.

Infidelity in Brazil

According to that Second Love report before here, there are about 1.92 active female users on that site for every 1 active male user.

Now according to that same article from El Tiempo here, Brazilian women are in second place among Latina women for having cheated on their partner more than 3 times as apparently 14.1% of them have done so.

Now according to a study of 7,000 people called Vida Sexual del Brasileño as reported on here, about 52% of Brazilian men and 29% of Brazilian women have been unfaithful before.

And according to that same article listed in the last sentence, there was another study with 26,000 participants in 29 different countries that found that Brazil was 9th in the world for male infidelity and 13th in the world for female infidelity.

Final Verdict

Well, after taking into account all of the statistics we saw above and also my personal experiences in Latin America when it comes to fidelity..

Let me break down my own thoughts here on fidelity in Latin America and if one really has a better chance or not at finding true love till death do us part down here.

First, obviously keep in mind that, again, not every country had available statistics on infidelity from what I could find and also not every study is equal in terms of its methodology.

Second, it seems clear that a lot of countries have news agencies that like to claim that they have the most unfaithful people in the world.

Probably for the clicks and all.

Third, it appears clear to me that the numbers on infidelity obviously vary quite a bit and it is hard to really say how many people are unfaithful in the world.

But, based on all of the numbers I have seen, if I had to guess, maybe around 10% to 20% of people are unfaithful as of now and around 70% ish will be unfaithful at least one point in time to one of their partners in life.

That’s my impression anyway.

And it doesn’t seem to me like the country in question really matters.

Be it the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, etc…

As you would have seen had you read the article in full…

There’s plenty of infidelity to go around in most countries in the Western Hemisphere and most of the numbers looked pretty similar to me..

From the US and Canada to most of Latin America.

Going through the statistics, it felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again…

“This study here says around 15% of people are unfaithful right now…”

“This study here says over time 50% to 90% have been unfaithful at one point to somebody.”

Now, I hear you…

“But Matt, aren’t these Latina women so Catholic and traditional and all that shit?”

Who gives a shit.

I can speak from my own personal experience living down here that the whole Catholic thing doesn’t fucking matter one bit.

First off, most Latina women I have met down here were not really religious in any serious way.

In fact, I could probably count on one hand the amount of very religious chicks that I have gone on dates with down here…

Second, simply believing in religion doesn’t seem to stop a chick from fucking a bunch of random dudes – regardless of if she is in a relationship or not.

Third, I have met plenty of Latina women down here for sex (who, statistically speaking, probably believed in a religion) and to find out later that they had boyfriends or husbands…

And they came from all walks of life – big city girls to small town folks.

So their faith and where they came from exactly doesn’t seem to fucking matter in my personal experience.

Also, from the guys I know who have been hooking up down here, it doesn’t seem to matter in their experiences either from what I know when it comes to everything I just said above.

And if you were to pay attention in this article, you would see there’s plenty of infidelity in more “conservative countries” of Latin America.

Fact is, I don’t think faith or “conservative” values really seem to stop a chick from acting on her natural desires to want to get fucked by some dude that turns her on.

So you can be in denial all you want and think that somehow Latina women are oh so special and traditional…

Keep living that fucking delusion.

Because it ain’t true from what I have seen speaking now from personal experience and also from the statistics I brought up above.

Truth is this…

There’s a lot of men out there who are desperate..

Maybe they got divorce raped…

Maybe they saw plenty of people back home get divorce raped…

Or perhaps they got cheated on back home…

Or perhaps no woman who was decent enough looking wanted to fuck them…

Either way, they have become disillusioned with women back home..

But they still want a family and all that…

So they believe in some bullshit sold by some dude online telling them that they have the answer to their sexual and romantic problems!

All by buying my e-book here or my e-course here or whatever it might be!

And soon all the foreign women will want to marry them in this country that they would, in all honesty, consider a shithole!

So when it comes to fidelity, women don’t really seem to be that much different (if at all) anywhere in the world.

Based on the numbers I have seen and also from personal experience.

As I said, we are all human everywhere in the world with our desire to go fuck new people – regardless if you are Uruguayan, Chilean, Colombian, Mexican, Costa Rican or American.

Shit, even in this small Ecuadorian town called Guangaje of around 8,000 people, there were apparently issues with infidelity.

As you can see here in this video of some unfaithful folks being punished

Finally, my last thought on this matter is this…

In regards to marriage in general regardless of the nationality of the woman…

You have to think logically about it for a second…

Be married to someone for 30 to 60 years, never divorce, always be happy and never be unfaithful…

Regardless of any external issues that come into the marriage that could fuck it up…

Or you two growing apart…

Maybe one of you is feeling the desire to go fuck someone else on a hookup with or without the other knowing…

Or whatever it might be…

For two people to be married that long until death do us apart, still happy and never having cheated…

If you look at the statistics, over half of people and more in most of the world are probably not going to achieve that.

Regardless of what country your wife is from.

Not saying it can’t happen…

Because I can hear it now -- but Matt, my grandparents have been together for over 9,000 years!

Let me ask you this…

Are you sure they are actually happy in the marriage where the marriage is not a negative influence on their lives?

And are you sure that neither one of them has, at no point in time, ever cheated on the other with or without the other knowing?

Because all it takes is for your grandpa to go to the corner and get himself a prostitute behind her back one time…

Or for her to get dicked down by his best friend or brother without him knowing….

Or shit, maybe the Catholic pastor since we are talking about Latin America you know.

 And even if none of that happened, your individual experience doesn’t outweigh the growing trends and also the statistical facts as of now.

Those 3 things to be in your marriage is not likely if you look at the facts…

  • How many people get divorced or separated
  • How many people are unfaithful (and also how many people don’t know their partner is unfaithful)
  • And also how many people stay married until death do us part but grow apart from their partner and are not happy anymore (but yet stay in the marriage due to any factor).

And while that’s speaking of marriage in general, I’d say it applies equally so to Latin America.

Even though divorce rates are lower down here on average compared to the US, Canada or Europe (though they are rising)…

That doesn’t take into account all the couples who separate without filing for divorce due to religious reasons or whatever it might be…

To also the couples where there was infidelity but the partner may or may not have known about that…

To also all the folks who straight up don’t want to be in their marriage any longer because they are unhappy from it but choose to stay in anyway and suffer as a result.

And yeah, it sounds like suffering to me to be stuck in a marriage I hate – fuck your traditionalism.

Either way, my only advice to men looking for love in Latin America is this so we can end on a productive note…

First and foremost, ask yourself why you want to get married in Latin America to a Latina woman. Personally, if the marriage isn’t going to involve having a family, I don’t see a reason to go down that route.

And be skeptical of men selling you a false dream of love abroad for their financial benefit.

Second, ask yourself if you could see yourself actually enjoying your time in that country. If no, I wouldn’t move there just because some guy online told me that women there are faithful despite the statistics saying otherwise.

Third, do your best to protect yourself financially if you do marry some Latina chick or any chick anywhere in the world.

Which also means not taking her back to the US or Canada (and other countries) due to the greater cost of alimony, divorce and other higher financial disincentives up there.

Fourth, enjoy the ride and do your best to make it work. If it doesn’t work, sucks. But don’t be naïve either in thinking it will. If it does, cool. But many don’t and life will go on.

As long as you have a life separate where you get happiness elsewhere, then you will get through any divorce or infidelity better than those who don’t have happiness elsewhere in life.

Anyway, if you are interested in reading more about infidelity in Latin America…

Then check out this article I wrote here detailing my own experiences hooking up with women who had boyfriends or husbands down here.

In case you are still naïve in thinking all Latina women are so much more faithful and how you could never be cheated on down here…

And if you have any of your own thoughts or your own statistics you found not included in this article, leave it below in the comment section.

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Best regards.


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