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The Latina Suspicious of Her Gringo’s Female Colleagues

Published April 10, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

Some odd weeks ago, I met another foreigner in Mexico City: a Canadian guy.

Since this new year started, I have stepped up my efforts just to meet other foreigners primarily because they are easier to meet (they want to meet new people also) and also it helps get me out of the house more.

At any rate, we met at one of those “expat events” where we all hang out, have a few beers at whatever random bar and get to know each other.

Truth be told, these have been my way to meet new expats over the last few odd months.

Seem to be the easiest to meet new foreigners in my experience for casual conversation versus the other events that might have some theme to them like yoga or whatever else that I’m not too interested in.

At any rate, we both met at this random event held in Napoles of Mexico City.

And, similar to me, we both had seemingly spent quite a bit of time in Latin America but with some key differences.

Almost all of my time in Latin America has been in the Spanish speaking world of this region.

While almost all of his time in Latin America has been in the Portuguese speaking world of this region (Brazil).

But now he chose to relocate to Mexico City after finishing a divorce with his last wife and chose to relocate elsewhere.

To the surprise of nobody, his choice was Mexico City.

I say “to the surprise of nobody” because, as I have said before in other articles, Mexico City has gotten quite the attention from foreigners looking to live abroad in Latin America over the last few years since the whole Covid thing started.

And, truth be told, his story is largely standard and not too exciting but there is a certain detail to his life story that you might find interesting.

The story being?

Basically, the dude near the collapse of 08 wanted to travel, somehow found a job in Brazil that would take him on during the shit economy of the time and made it work.

In doing so, he also found love with some local Brazilian woman who he ended up marrying.

And who, according to him, also let him stay in the country longer as work wasn’t actually always stable (though he did have savings to help him stay afloat while trying to make work happen).

During the course of the marriage anyhow after he married her, he ended up having jealously concerns from the wife.

Though this is the point in the conversation – both of us outside the bar just chatting alone – where I wondered “why is he telling me his life story?”

But, given I can sometimes be lonely, I nodded away and thought “alright, a story. Let’s hear how it ends.”

Not like I had anything else to do that night.

And the guy – at this point—basically began going off on a tirade about “Latina women” and how jealous they can be.

It’s a stereotype about Latina women that I wrote more about in this article here.

Is it true?

Well, truth be told, every Latin American country is different and you got jealously in women of any nationality in and beyond Latin America.

However, you do got some nationalities, like Colombia for example, where you could argue that the typical woman is more jealous.

Though, even in Colombia, I also kinda feel like it depends on where she comes from.

A woman from Cali or Medellin acting more jealous on average versus a chick from Bogota.

Regardless, those aren’t little details you care for and so I’ll just say that the stereotype does have some truth depending on the nationality and also, in my opinion, the socioeconomic class or higher IQ of the woman in question (poorer chicks or lower IQ ones, in my opinion, come across as more likely to be jealous than richer ones but not always obviously).

Anyway, the Brazilian chick he ended up marrying supposedly was quite the jealous type.

Where she really didn’t like him working a job that had other female colleagues.

And the issue became more common when he tried bringing her back home to live in Canada where, perhaps for obvious reasons, you simply got more female colleagues (more women working in the workforce) than what you might see in a typical Latin American country.

Now, to be fair, maybe the chick was finding reasons to bitch about to escape the marriage after being brought home.

It’s a topic mentioned in this video here about the Latina wife (or Asian or whatever type of foreigner) wanting to ditch the husband after getting the green card.

Regardless of if that was in play or not, I do see where he was coming from.

It’s a small detail to the dating life here in Latin America that it should be addressed but only so briefly.

The Latina Who Hates Your Female Colleagues

Over the years here, I have noticed this issue come up before in other gringo-Latina relationships.

Regardless, you will notice anyhow certain cultural differences.

Obviously, these differences can vary by the country she comes from (or where he comes from actually) and, among Latin women anyway, you do have various similarities between them across the region.

As we mentioned before, jealously is a stereotype about Latina women that sometimes is proven true (and even more true among certain nationalities like Colombian or, perhaps in this case, Brazilian though I have little experience dating Brazilian chicks as of 2022).

Still, when speaking of jealously, it’s a question: do Latina women hate it when you as the gringo man have female colleagues?

While there are plenty of women in the workforce down here in Latin America and many Latino men have female colleagues (assuming they are formally employed and not informally), then you would think that Latina women are used to this by now among their own men.

However, there’s a few issues here.

First, I think it’s generational.

You do see generational differences among women who are millennials around my age and those who are older where the latter have more conservative views than the former.

Similarly, you see these differences play out when it comes to conservative views, jealously and so on between women of various Latin countries and even between women from different regions in those countries as hinted at before.

In short, if you choose to date a Latin American woman, you might find yourself with a chick who has to get used to you having female colleagues (especially if you bring her back home to the US).

 In the same way that, from what I have been told, some Latin American women might find it weird if you are willing to do the laundry, cook or whatever else.

And I emphasize the word some because, as I said, not every chick is like that.

I’d like to say that it’s largely an “older woman” attitude but sometimes even millennial Latin American women hold these views.

But we already beat that horse to death regarding regional and generational differences.

Above all, be it you doing the laundry or having female colleagues, expect there to be cultural differences for the Latina to accept and for there to be cultural differences for YOU to accept as you date women from Latin America.

That’s all I got to say for now.

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