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Are Latinas Crazy Jealous When Dating Latin America?

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I once knew a guy…

Let’s call him Patrick.

Patrick was a stud.

A chad.

An alpha male.

Could fuck any woman he wanted.

Just walk up to them and grab them by the pussy.

“When you’re a chad, they let you do it.”

Then one day he came to Latin America…

Never been here before.

Shows up.

And meets a Latina woman…

As, you know, Latin America has plenty of Latinas for some odd reason….

Her name?

Alejandra Martinez Rodriguez Sanchez de Las Flores.

Fun at parties!

She’d do all the coke and drink until morning.

Would do anal.

Any sex act you wanted her to do.

Patrick was in love.

Nobody fucked him like her.

She was his personal porn star.

Always with the tamales and mole cooked ready for him whenever he visited her apartment.

They started dating officially…

Then something bad happened.

She cut his dick off.

And threw it out the window into a moving car….

Something you’d only see like in Fight Club here.

Her reasoning?

Well, she saw his phone go off in the middle of the night while he was sleeping with her…

And someone named “La Reina” texted him.

So she assumed the worst.

However, after he woke up violently screaming due to his missing dick….

He explained that “La Reina” is simply the name of a laundromat and they texted him letting him know his laundry has been waiting for the last 3 weeks!

“Pick it up already ASSHOLE!”

And Alejandra giggles….

“Sorry, hehe, lo siento amoooooor. Esta bien. You can buy yourself another dick.”

Suffice to say, they broke up.

Patrick’s reasoning?

She seems a little bit jealous.

But not just her!

All Latinas!

They’re all these exotic, feisty sex-machines that are SUPER JEALOUS and CRAZY!

Now now…

That’s a lot of topics to cover right there.

Are they really all sex-machines like Alejandra was?

Always exotic?



Now, to be honest, the story about Patrick was bullshit.

Never happened.

But that sentence above about all Latinas being “exotic, feisty, sex machines that are jealous and crazy” is a statement you hear often enough.

Those are stereotypes that enough folks believe.

In the same way that, as I wrote here, you got plenty of folks who think all Latinas are super religious even though that hasn’t been my experience…

And so, in this article, we’ll take another stereotype to dissect.

To keep it simple, we’ll focus for now on just the “jealous and crazy” part.

Granted, I’ll throw whatever polling I can find on “jealous” in the end of this article.

Pretty sure there isn’t any statistical data for how “crazy they are.”

And finding anything for “jealous” might prove to be difficult also.

But I’ll try.

Though let’s start first by talking about my own experiences with women down here after about 6 years now of dating Latinas.

Tinder Gals

First, let me say that rarely do I ever actually date someone down here formally.

Almost all of the women that I have gone on dates with have been to hookup.

So having said that…

You obviously are not going to find that much jealously in chicks who just want dick and nothing serious.

Either because she herself doesn’t want anything formal and just wants to fuck…

Or she recognizes what you are looking for based on how quick you moved on her…

You two might have fucked or not…

And if you did, in my experience, it’s most likely that she isn’t dumb and knows you aren’t looking for anything serious.

I had one chick like that named Karla some odd months ago…

And another one named Alma.

With those two chicks, it became obvious to them that we weren’t going anywhere.

With Karla, she asked me the next day “what am I really looking for?” after we fucked the night before.

I was honest.

And she knew what I was going to say and told me “well, I want something more serious.”

Same with Alma.

Having said all that…

Some chicks do grow feelings for you after you have fucked them.

It’s not common because, as I said, most chicks are not looking for anything serious or realize what you are about…

But I can think of some examples here.

First, there was some Peruvian chick I met in Mexico City named Marianne.

We fucked on the third date if I remember right.

And, even before we fucked, she was growing feelings for me.

Brought me a bag of candy gifts randomly out of the blue and dropped them at my apartment.

Bought my beer and a gift on my birthday.

The gift was a bag of more candy and also a very tiny cactus thing.

Plus a note telling me how she likes me which I had to hide in my room in case any other chick saw it…

Did we have anything formal?

No but she was eyeballing a relationship with me the second we met in person on the first date.

Now, in my defence, I never promised her a relationship or told her I loved her.

She simply fell for me hard.

Was she jealous?

Arguable but I’m not entirely sure the word “jealous” is right here.

On the last night we talked…

This was already after we fucked on my birthday and she saw me on Tinder afterwards!

Back then, you could see if a Tinder profile was currently online because it’d have some green dot next to your profile.

And she saw it and accused me of not taking her seriously and all that.

Which, again, I didn’t promise her a relationship or nothing and we only knew each other for like a month…

Plus, what was she doing on Tinder then?

Which is why I argue that maybe this isn’t a jealously thing…

And more of a “she was talking to other men” and realized her main option for a relationship is talking to other chicks.

Then found that annoying and messaged me.

I don’t know if I’d call that as an example of too much jealously?

But you be the judge.

Second, there was some other chick in Colombia that I was hooking up with every so often.

 A few times a week she’d stop by my place and suck my dick.

And that was literally the entiriety of our time together.


We never did anything else.

She’d stop by my apartment in a taxi, enter my bedroom, we’d talked for a few minutes and then she’d suck my dick.

Then I’d talk with her briefly afterwards – some talk – and she’d leave.

We never did anything else.

No formal relationships stuff.


Anyway, I ended up entering into a formal relationship with a Colombian chick afterwards named Marcela.

One day, when Marcela and I were traveling with her family back to the Colombian city known as Barranquilla….

We had left some village area where other family members lived as you can read about here

And Marcela got a friend request on Facebook from that very same chick.

From “Blowjob Girl.”’

Blowjob Girl wanted to be her friend!

Maybe go down on Marcela also?

I doubt it but anything is possible!

Anyway, when I saw over her shoulder that this chick friend requested her…

I thought “the fuck does she want?”

And Marcela got suspicious.

Anyway, it didn’t turn out to be a big thing.

I explained who this chick was and Marcela was cool with it.

Third, we have Angie.

Angie is a Mexican chick from Veracruz.

Met her in Mexico City.

On the night that I first met Angie…

I brought a Mexican chick named Daniela to my apartment.

Daniela was a chick I hooked up with before.

But when I brought Daniela back to my apartment the second time…

She decided to lay down and not say a single word to me.

Which I thought was weird.

I was saying shit to her like “sup? You good?”

And she just continued laying down without saying shit for like 5 or 10 minutes or something.

So I told her that she can leave if she is going to be super autistic or some shit…

Like I didn’t know what she was doing but it was weird?

So she left and told me “I ain’t as easy as the other girls!” on whatsapp.

So I guess she felt insecure about fucking on the first date and wanted to show me how “no, actually, I’m not easy because THIS TIME I’m not fucking!”

Uhhhhh…..ok then.

Anyway, I saw that I matched with Angie right then when Daniela left.

Got Angie to show up that day a few hours later…

And we hit it off.

Hooked up a lot in the 5 or 6 months afterwards.

Did other things outside of hooking up.

But, over time, Angie wanted more with me.

A relationship.

Now, with Angie, I actually liked her more than just for fucking around.

She was actually pretty cool to hang out with.

And I was semi-honest with her about if we could be in a relationship or not…

In the sense that, any time we had this conversation, I told her that “I just don’t see it working out.”

Which implied that maybe it could work out.

Though, deep down, I think I knew that we wouldn’t have anything formal.

But I never said outright “no” until the very end of the 5 or 6 months.

Either way, it was my impression that she was a bit insecure about if “she is good enough.”

Mostly my fault on that one for never saying outright “no” and always saying “well, there are things that make me doubt a relationship would work.”

But in her quest to “be good enough,” she turned out to be very jealous.

Always starting arguments and what not.

And comparing herself to my previous girlfriends like Marcela.

For example, she noted how I once travelled to Colombia to see Marcela again but would find it difficult to sometimes travel across Mexico City to meet her at her apartment.

Which, to be fair, that doesn’t sound like overly jealous but more of a accurate observation that puts things in perspective.

Still, I would say that she was very jealous in those days.


Well, we stopped talking for a year after she realized we wouldn’t have anything.

By then, I was in a relationship already and wouldn’t talk to her because of that.

But we are friends now and hang out.

And she isn’t at all “jealous” anymore because I feel she knows I’m not looking for anything serious.

Sometimes we still hookup once in a blue moon but mostly we just hang out.

But now let’s cover some of the chicks I knew more formally…


I wrote about Mariana here.

She was a Bolivian chick that I liked a lot.

We were never in a formal relationship but what we had was similar to Angie minus the jealously.

Lots of hooking up and hanging out.

Was she jealous?

Not at all.

Nothing about her was jealous.

She never had a desire to be in a formal relationship I feel.

We enjoyed fucking around and hanging out.

And that was it.


Next, we have Marcela.

As I said, she was from Colombia.


A tiny bit.

Well, more than your average chick to be fair.

First, she’d sometimes do weird shit to “test me” in seeing how faithful I am.

For example, after we finished fucking one day…

I go to the bathroom to take a piss.

When walking out, we both finish getting ready to go outside to get some food.

And, as I am opening the door, she has some random mini towel in her hand that is pink and she tells me that “it smells like a girl!”

I shrug my shoulders and go “OK.”

I didn’t know in the exact moment where she was going with this…

My first thought was that she pulled out a mini towel from her purse and was just interested in telling me what it smelled like…

Then she takes it further and asks “you haven’t had anyone in your apartment, have you?!”

Then I realized she must’ve pulled out the mini towel and is now accusing me of potentially fucking other chicks.

Which I wasn’t and I never saw this mini towel before in my apartment.

Definitely wasn’t mine.

And she was the only other person who had been in my apartment for months by that point.

So it was obvious what she was doing.

I didn’t say shit though.

Just shrug my shoulders and go “nope.”

She carried with her that look of suspicion on her face but dropped it there basically.

That’s all around a good example of how she’d sometimes pull tests out like that to basically see if I’d get nervous.

Don’t get nervous? Then she drops the issue.

Get nervous? I have no idea what happens because I never had reason to be nervous.

Otherwise, there were a few other moments in which her jealously came to light…

Second, she’d want access to my phone like chicks sometimes do.

Which I didn’t give a fuck about because there was never shit on my phone to begin with.

But I threw it around onto her and said “ok, you can check my phone whenever as long as I can check your phone whenever.”

“Deal!” she said.

So she checked it when she wanted to.

But she ended up dropping the phone checks like maybe a week into it because she probably realized that I ain’t fucking around.

But I did enjoy checking her phone for the entirety of our relationship.

Though I never checked it to see if she was fucking around…

It was only to see what funny shit her friends would post on Facebook or to fuck with her by posting dumb shit on her Facebook or Instagram.

Funny memes or whatever that she’d find funny but then her friends would give her shit about.

Third, there was one moment though of jealously that came from the limitless phone checks.

Like I said, she dropped the issue basically of checking my phone since she never got drama from it ever basically.

Though she did at one point get something to be jealous about…

Closer to the end of our relationship, Mariana from before messaged me.

“What’s up? How have you been?” she asked.

We talked.

That was it.

No flirting.


But Marcela found that irritating that Mariana wanted to talk with me and catch up.

But the issue dropped.

Fourth, Marcela once accused me of fucking prostitutes.

Which I didn’t.

But she knew about a friend of mine named Andres who was Colombian also.

And how we’d go hang out at random corner stores late into the night at around midnight or so just shooting the shit and having beer.

And that’s all we ever did – hang out and drink beer.

Anyway, Marcela once tried pulling on me a “I talked to Andres and he TOLD ME EVERYTHING! I know you fucked prostitutes! JAJAJAJAJAJA I GOT YOU NOW FUCKER!”

And I was like “No.”

Then she was like “damn, he good.”

And that was it.

I asked Andres about it and he said she never reached out to him.

I believe that because Marcela never knew his phone number nor did he use Facebook ever from what I know.

In the moment and in hindsight, I think it was just another test of Marcela to see if I’d get nervous.

Anyway, that’s all that was.


You know, now that I write this all out about her, I change my mind.

At first, I was like “now too jealous.”

But now that I think about it…

Yeah, she sounded pretty jealous.

Guess she fits the stereotype!

We found it! A jealous and feisty Latina!



It’s hard for me to say that Daniela and I ever had a formal relationship because we were only together for like a month literally and nothing more.

Daniela was an upper class white Mexican chick.

Very formal.

Very serious in personality.

You could tell the funniest joke and she’d have the most stone cold face you could imagine.

Having said that, she was very nice and had good manners.

She wasn’t bitchy or anything.

Just very formal and serious in personality.

Anyway, Daniela and I were together for a month at most and that was it.

Which doesn’t sound a serious relationship.

But I’ll include her here because we did hang out for a month and she didn’t just hookup with me a few times.

So, in a way, kinda like Mariana.


Not at all.

Not that I saw anyway in the one month.

Never wanted to check the phone.

Never did tests on me to see if I’m really faithful.

Never asked or compared herself to previous girlfriends.

Never had major arguments with her.

Nothing about her seemed like she was jealous.

She ended it anyway because she never liked my drinking at the time.

So that was that.

But we were only together for a month so take this one with a grain of salt.

We simply didn’t know each other that well for me to decide if she was jealous or not.


Finally, we have my last girlfriend.

Sometimes I’ve called her “Alejandra” on this website I think mostly to cover her identity with a fake name.

But then I realized it’s dumb to give a fake name for her because who would recognize her from her first name?

None of you anyway.

So her real name is Brenda.

A light brown chick from Hidalgo, Mexico.

Aspiring doctor and all.

Much more playful in personality.

More tolerant of my drinking but with a warning “cmon Matt! Let’s not drink ourselves to death. Controlate papi!!”

 Plenty of chemistry with her also.


Not really.

I’d say she was very tolerant – more than plenty of women would be.

First, she never tested my fidelity.

Second, she never really checked my phone for signs of infidelity but sometimes we’d fuck with each other’s phones for phone. Like posting shit on Facebook or whatever.

Third, she was suspicious of Angie. She knew about Angie and her trying to contact me a few times while we were together. But never said anything.

Fourth, when you fuck around with a lot of women while single, you end up giving your phone number to a lot of women.

If you get really good at using Tinder, you can collect hundreds of numbers quickly over a few odd months. Especially in a place like Mexico City.

When you do that, you’ll occasionally have a chick every 4 to 6 months text you randomly on Whatsapp to see how you are doing.

Almost always it’s a chick who you never saw in person ever.

Never fucked around with.

Half the time, in my experience, it’s a chick looking for attention.

Ask her “quien es?” and some of them fucking get angry at your ass.

Even though you never met them and never had much of a real conversation!

Brenda learned all of this with me.

She knew I fucked around a lot before her.

And so, once in a blue moon, I’d get a text from some random chick.

She never felt insecure about it or jealous.

For the most part.

One of the few times that she ever got jealous was years ago when this random chick texted me.

I think her name was Karla?

I wrote about her here.

Anyway, she was a Mexican chick that I never met when she texted me.

Never had much of a conversation with.

No chemistry.

But she wanted to invite me to her birthday party!

As I wrote here, that happens once in a blue moon in my experience…

Where a random Latino you don’t know invites you to their birthday party so you can be the “Gringo Trophy” to show to everyone how “EDUCATED I AM” with “MY GRINGO FRIEND who SPEAKS ENGLISH and is FROM AMERICA!!!”


Again, read this story here about a really funny example of that.

It rarely happens in my experience but it can once in a blue moon happen.

Anyway, Karla wanted the same thing.

Reached out to me out of the blue.

Brenda and I were sitting in our bed looking at what pops up on my Facebook…

Then Karla texted me.

I didn’t know who she was.

Asked her for a photo to see if I could recognize her face.

She ends up sending me a photo of her almost naked in a bra and panties in front of a mirror.

Suffice to say, Brenda didn’t like that.

But she didn’t take her anger at me.

She took the phone and texted her something like “FUCK OFF BITCH! HE MY BOYFRIEND! GET YO OWN GOD DAMN MAN, HOE!”

Something like Karen from Goodfellas here minus the gun.

Lucky for Karla, Brenda didn’t have a gun….

She then blocked the chick and told me “don’t ever unblock her from Whatsapp!”

In another example…

The only other memorable moment that came from one of those random texts…

Is when I got back from the bar with Brenda on a particular night to her apartment…

And Brenda saw I got an angry text message.

It was from some Mexican number that I never recognized before…


For those who don’t know, I market affiliate links to porn websites like Chaturbate on the internet.

People click the links, spend money, I get commission.

Or they become models and shove dildos up their asses to make me a commission…

Whatever works for them!

Anyway, Brenda knew what I did.

She found it strange when she first learned I have some connection to porn shit but got over it and doesn’t mind it.

Her brother fucking hated me though for it …

And also because he learned we had sex…

But that’s another story….

Anyway, I had to take a flight the next day back to the US.

And got a few more texts from Mrs. Anon Chica.

At some point, the anon chick thought Brenda was Colombian?


But the number I was getting these messages from was Mexican and Brenda was Mexican…

My theory was always that it might’ve been Angie?

Or Daniela?

Because not many people in real life know about the porn thing.

Anyway, it’s still a mystery.

But Brenda wasn’t jealous about it.

Nor was she jealous when any other chick would message me saying “hola.”

She trusted me not to fuck around with them and knew that they were just going through their contacts in the phone or some shit.

So jealous?

I’d say Brenda was not jealous at all.

Nothing out of the ordinary relative to most chicks.

Anyway, let’s wrap this article up with some final observations about jealousy in Latinas.

Jealously in Latinas

Honestly, I think it depends on so many factors.

First, I believe it depends on nationality.

In my experience, chicks from countries like the DR, Venezuela or Colombia come across as a bit more jealous or paranoid in general?

Whereas, in my experience, chicks from Mexico really don’t come across as overly jealous at all.


I hung out often with a chick named Tami in Argentina as you can read about here.

No formal relationship but we fucked around.

Never saw her be jealous.

Mariana of Bolivia? Not jealous.

Yeah, I think that’s a fair theory – that Latinas of some countries are, on average, more jealous than others.

Like Colombia.

And even then, I’d be willing to bet that it depends on what part of those countries too.

Like I’d bet chicks from places like Barranquilla or Cali are more jealous on average than those from Bogota.

In my experience, chicks from Bogota (rolas) were more cold and less “crazy” so to speak.

Now that I think about it, I think it’s really more of a “Caribbean thing.”

That’s my theory anyway.

That chicks from the coastal Caribbean areas of Latin America – the DR, Cuba, those along the coasts in Colombia or Venezuela…

More jealous and likely to play games than Latinas from other areas.

That’s just my theory anyway but it’s something I’ve noticed.

Second, I believe that education and class have something to do with it also.

Again, this is another theory of mine and I could be completely wrong.

But when I think of chicks like Daniela or Brenda…

They came form comfortable backgrounds.

Not jealous at all.


Her parents lived in a shitty neighborhood of Barranquilla and she never worked a single job.

No money at all really.

Yet much more jealous.

I’m willing to bet there’s something to my theory there anyway…

Chicks with less formal education (maybe not necessarily by class) are more likely to be jealous than those with more formal education.

Does that mean that Mexico has smarter women than Colombia?


Viva Mexico!

Third, would anyone say there is a correlation between how rural or urban a girl is and how jealous she is in Latin America?

I don’t have much of a stand on this theory here but it’s something that comes to mind.

Fourth, suspicion due to ideas of men?

This is something you hear about often.

That Latinas claim to be more jealous because they’ve had all their boyfriends cheat on them…

Therefore, they have trust issues and can’t be with a man without pulling tests on him and checking the phone…

I could see it.

As I wrote here, there’s plenty of infidelity in Latin America.

So maybe that has something to do with it also.

Anyway, let’s wrap this up.

Final Thoughts

So I said that I’ve bring up some statistics on polling of jealously in Latin America.

I couldn’t find anything.

I tried looking stuff up like “how many Latinas check the phones of their boyfriends?” in Spanish.

And “how many women think their boyfriend is cheating on them right now?” in Spanish.

Couldn’t find anything.

So if you can find anything, let me know.

I guess this article will be mostly of experiences then.

But I did find this website here where a bunch of Latinas commented on how many times they check the phones of their boyfriends…

The content is in Spanish but it has a lot of women contributing to it so it gives us some entertainment value relevant to the topic I suppose.

Here are some comments in Spanish from that source (you can check the rest of the comments here as there’s a shit ton):

User 1: “Bueno a mi a veces me da intriga pero él se molesta porque dice que desconfío de él, y enseguida empieza con su discurso de todo lo que hace por mi (el me ayuda mucho en todos los sentidos, me comprende , se preocupa por mi y hasta en lo económico a veces). Nunca le encontré nada pero es una situación que se pone tensa cada vez que le quiero revisar el celular, pero si no lo hago me quedo con la duda.”

User 2:¿tú sabes lo que es la intimidad? ¿Y el respeto dentro de la pareja? Me parece de muy mala educación que mires su móvil.”

User 3:Holii bueno a mi aveces tambien me pica el bichito de la curiosidad y lo hago, se que no deberia por que no desconfio absolutamente en nada, pero ahora q su ex lo esta molestando me da intriga :l aunque el no se mlesta demaciado si me ve hacerlo”

User 4: “Y quien no....o lo ha pensado hacer ?? Pues y quien no lo ha hecho o le han entrado unas ganas locas de hacerlo ?? Yo lo he hecho con todas mis parejas y de verdad que sirve para mucho o no sirve para nada, depende. Sirve para darte cuenta de si te engañan y mandarles a tomar viento o no sirve para nada cuando encuentras algo que no te aclara nada y encima no le puedes decir nada porque se enfadaría si supiera que le has estado mirando el móvil, lógicamente, entonces haberle revisado el móvil no te sirve de nada, solo para romperte la cabeza pensando en si te ha sido infiel o tu interpretación del mensaje o llamada está erronea. Un saludo”

User 5: “???? hola mira yo le solia revisar el cell y el me lo quitaba rapidamente de las manos y ami eso me dava mas desconfiansa o y tambien le revisaba la cartera pero eso era al principio de la relacion, pero con el tiempo uno tiene que aprender a tener confianza aonque uno no quiera. de ves en cuado le reviso el cell y la cartera ya no se la reviso. te recomendaria que lo dejaras de hacer y solo haslo de ves en cuado....suerte amigis”

Check out the rest of the comments here.

My overall experience has been that most Latinas I’ve met haven’t been crazy jealous but I also mostly just look to hookup and not date formally.

Of those I’ve dated formally, some have been jealous and others haven’t.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say on the topic.

Drop any comments below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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