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The Alternative to My Life in Latin America

Published December 3, 2020 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 4 Comments

I remember when I was finishing my undergraduate studies…

My mom thought I’d probably pursue graduate studies up to a doctorate in what I found to be more academically interesting.

And, to a degree, she had good reason to think so.

As it was something I had given great consideration towards for a great deal of my life since middle school actually.

In part because I always had a great appreciation for learning and doing research.

And, truthfully, if I could have had a reasonable belief that I could pursue such a life with enough evidence to show me that it is statistically possible…

Where I could just go to graduate school, get a PhD and enjoy a life of academia doing research and all…

Then I’d have done it.

But I didn't because it is unlikely for most people getting a PhD to actually get a good job doing research.

So why waste 7 years studying for it to not get what I want?

And quite likely you would not be reading this blog as it would not likely exist.

Or perhaps it would but with more content that has a more formal format to it than content about crime, sex, cuckoldry, alcoholism and more….

With non-academic words such as “faggot” and “retard” thrown around from time to time for good measure.

Certainly those are not the words that would appear in an academic journal!

But either way…

I obviously chose not to go down that path of academia since you are reading this blog after all…

Despite the various years of my life giving a lot of consideration to go down that path as a career.

But why didn’t I?

The Issue with Academia

Outside of being janitor for a high school…

Or a worker on an oil rig…

Or some informal crack seller on the street with hoes to pimp out also…

My main career I always thought of pursuing was to be a professor/researcher with a PhD at a university.

Not because I wanted to teach college kids.

Fuck them faggots.

I always just had a passion for learning and researching…

And academia seemed like a solid choice for that.

However, the closer I got to having to decide if I want to go to graduate school or not…

The closer I inched towards deciding not to go to graduate school.

You know, when you are in college…

I think it is easy to not so much worry about paying rent and all and real world issues…

But once you do enter the “real world.”

Or get closer to it..

You do start to think about that.

And also, in the long term, what would be the best career path for you.

For example, prior to graduating from college…

I had a friend named Doug from Canada who pursued a PhD in Spanish.

And to keep a long story short…

It didn’t work out for him.

Despite being very good at what he does…

And earning some prestigious awards in his field…

He has been moved from one college to teach at to another.

And will likely, in his belief anyway, not ever get tenure.

So a life then of shitty ass teaching jobs to teach college kids Spanish and not much research with no job benefits and a salary of probably around 20k to 30k USD.

All for a job that he had to study for 7 fucking years more or less when you count just the PhD studies…

Not counting his studies for a bachelor beforehand…

Or the relatively shitty jobs he got after he finished his PhD…

That’s a long ass time and lots of work just to get a job that pays 20k more or less in the US…

Lots of education and work..

And that, among other people I know who went down a similar path…

A German woman I know named Andrea who also got her PhD…

Who once told me that “if she could do it again, she wouldn’t have gotten down that career path...”

And when you mix those personal stories of people I know with the actual statistics of the likelihood of success if I had gone down that path…

Well, those statistics are not very rosy either…

So, suffice to say, with enough time…

I looked at the facts and the stories I knew from folks I had met personally…

And thought to myself – “it’s not for me.”

Simply because the statistical likelihood of getting a tenure job with good benefits and salary is way too low…

Stacked up against the sacrifice you got to put in of over a decade in academia to hopefully get a tenure job..

So, ultimately, I decided against it.

Thereby changing the course of my life from then.

To Latin America

To be honest, I would like to get my PhD someday.

In a field called “Economic Geography.”

You can look it up but it has always been something that I had a great interest in.

But I can never imagine myself pursuing a career in academia.

I can only see myself eventually pursuing a career in that because of something internal to me – a strong desire to learn and research that is just part of me.

But I’m also not retarded enough to pursue a decade of sacrifice for such a minimal chance at having a stable life of comfort.

To where getting a stable job in academia in the US just doesn’t seem likely.

I’d only do pursue a PhD just for my own interest and pleasure.

Probably, at this point, in some university in Latin America given my time down here so far and willingness to continue living down here.

Be it UNAM n Mexico or la UBA in Buenos Aires or wherever.

Just the other day – funny enough – I went on a date with a Mexican chick named Karla.

A few hours before she ended up sucking my dick..

She was telling me her career plans.

Well, she has a PhD all done in Biology – but will probably have to go to industry instead of academia given the lack of jobs and competitiveness in academia in Mexico.

Fair enough.

Anyway, our date went on…

Back to my place eventually for vodka and getting my dick out the pants…

Then the date ended after and off she went back to her place when it was getting late.

And back to my apartment – pouring another drink of vodka+black tea.

Another night in Latin America.

Of sex.

And heavy drinking.

And coping with, to be fair, mental health issues that bother me to this day all alone with only a few people I am open with about.

But either way…

I have thought about it..

What would have been my life been like had I never gone to Latin America to live down here?

Compare & contrast.

My Life Now

Some days I lay on my bed…

Looking at my laptop screen…

To the wall…

Listening to music like this song here…

And drinking the 9th glass of the night..

More vodka+black tea.

While, just a few hours ago, maybe or maybe not I got my dick sucked by a random Latina chick on a date from Tinder.

It’s always 50/50.

Half of them do.

The other half don’t.

But in the midst of the drinking..

Comes the thinking.

I got issues, for sure.

Talking with a friend of mine named Gino.

Another American from Colorado.

An Italian-American, actually.

Not an Irish one…

How can you trust the Italians, I ask you?

Well, difficult moments require difficult solutions….

And compromises.

We Irish-Americans would never trust them damn Italian-Americans from before but we got to take the help we can.

Better than those damn Paraguayan-Americans, let me tell you…

They once stole from me…

Well, joking aside…

Either way….

A good friend of mine in all seriousness.

Better than most.

And he tells me – Gino does – that he is worried.

That I am coping with the past.

And he knows better than most.

He knows about all of my suicidal thoughts from the past.

And the issues that come with them.

Another night to another night…

Another Latina comes by to suck my dick…

Then off I go again…

All alone de nuevo on my bed drinking vodka+black tea while listening to music to help me cope and think about the past.

Thinking more often these days about stuff when I was a kid.

Nothing at all to do with my career choice.

But more about shit I couldn't control when I was a lot younger.

Is it healthy?


A short term fix for the loneliness and depression I feel.

But with the drinking – a long term problem that kills slowly and slowly.

I have tried to stop – as you can read here.

And it has gotten slightly better in the last month or two for an update to those who care.

But I do wonder…

Do I need therapy?

I don’t know.

I don’t trust them folks.

For reasons I won’t go into.

But I get it – and Gino says it – maybe I do need it.

Someday – we will see.

But that is my life as of now.

It’s not perfect.

And I started with the imperfections so as to not lead you on like a faggot…

To give the bad and good...

Like some folks on the internet – “I live abroad and my life is perfect! I swim with pink dolphins and my cost of living is 200 bucks a month!”

Though they never mention that the 200 gives them a shitty ass place in a bad neighborhood with minimal food to eat…

But hey…


Buy my affiliate products and gumroad course?

Say the faggots, they do…

Well, let them be how they want to be..

And while there are benefits to living down here….

As I started with the negative..

Now to the positive…

Some of them that come to mind…

Yes, cheaper cost of living – which, if it wasn’t for that – I’d bet most foreigners would leave…

Second, because of that cheap cost of living, it is easier to be self-employed.

No boss. No commute. No colleagues.

Back when I was living in the US, there was no way I could be self-employed from the money I make online.

Now I could…

But I’d get less for what I pay.

Which, I guess, is the third point – you get less for what you pay.

On top of that…

Fourth, I like to travel – though I don’t need to travel forever but that has been a benefit in the short term.

Fifth, and importantly, I don’t need to work hard.

Before, when I was learning how to make money online, I did.


Less so.

Like 20 to 30 hours a week.

Versus the 50 to 60 if I had went into academia.

And with that extra time…

I can call chicks over to suck my dick…

To engaging in hobbies…

To laying on my bed and coping with mental health issues from my past while drinking a bottle of Oso Negro…

Though some might say – “but Matt, don’t you like the culture?!”

Well, kinda…

But I wouldn’t live down here because of it.

We got plenty of Latinos in the US – I don’t need to live down here for “culture.”

I can just marry some Mexican hoe in the US and get culture from her family and leave it at that.

Maybe some Oaxacan one who can cook me a good meal…

I mean, they got queso oaxaqueño….

Can’t have good food without good cheese, gringo….

But now let’s talk of the alternative…

The Alternative to Life in Latin America

The mental health issues would likely persist.

As well as the consistent drinking.

Though had I gone down academia…

I guess I would have been temporarily fucked over by covid as so many universities went full online..

Covid hasn’t really impacted my life that much outside of what I wrote here..

But my employment is the same – something I couldn’t have said had I gone down academia or pursued another career in the US.

And would have ended up like many Americans with a thumb up my ass wondering where my income will come from as my job is gone due to covid because of government policy but lack of federal support to help me..

Like so many Americans…

Hindsight is 20/20.

But I’m so fucking glad I chose to live abroad.

Because I’d have been fucked much harder financially had I chosen to stay in the US during the pandemic.

And when it comes to what would I have done career wise…

Most likely – go into academia.

Take my shot and see if it works out.

Though unlikely to.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what I would have done – but most likely try to find a job that pays relatively well obviously.

Supposedly oil fields can work well but I have no idea if that is legit or not.

But I’m not sure what I would have done.

But most likely gone into academia – which would have most likely been a mistake.

And it brings up the question – was it all worth it?

Worth it?

I’m really glad I did not go into academia after college.

Even though I did very well in undergraduate studies…

Looking at the risk of it not working out with a PhD like among some of the folks I know personally…

To the sacrifice you have to put  up…

Plus the more left-leaning politics that some of the academic departments are known for…

And the real possibility that I’d just be an overpaid or underpaid teacher (depending on tenure) with not much opportunity to do research…

Which is all I ever wanted to do anyway….

I am definitely glad I never pursued academia as a career.

And definitely the mental health issues and drinking would still have existed regardless of if I had chosen to continue living in the US or not.

Just that I’d have less time to myself to be alone and think about stuff that bothers me…

And my liquor bottles would probably be twice as expensive…

And any therapy I do ever pursue someday would likely be much more expensive than in the US, I’d imagine…

And while I’d probably have been earning more money in total terms working a job over there….

My cost of living would skyrocket.

So it would even out at the very least if not cause me more financial stress.

And, thinking about it, I’d say more financial stress world have been the likely result.

So overall…

I think I could say this….

Had I continued living in the US and pursued a more stable career like accounting…

In the long run, I’d maybe earn more money even relative to cost of living.

But had I pursued a career in academia, my life would be cool until I got my PhD and then likely had gone to shit real fucking shit afterwards.

And had I pursed any normal fucking job up there that pays average until then?

My life, from a financial or mental health standpoint, would have been worse than living abroad, if I had to guess.

But taking into account that I don’t have a boss either way…

No colleagues….

No commute…

And don’t have to work too hard and don’t have to stress anymore about money….

Plus, I get to travel and get my dick sucked by Latinas every so often…

I’d say as an answer to the question in the subtitle – “yes.”

Yes, it was worth it.

It wasn’t perfect though – and is not.

With the loneliness of living abroad now…

To the stress it took to build my online income up…

To living in a foreign culture that is not your own…

To the increased crime down here…

The xenophobia you deal with…

The homeless people shitting in the street as you see here

And the mental health issues I face continue…

And so much more…

It’s not perfect – by any fucking means.

And I will never tell you that it is.

But when thinking about my life choice to live down here…

And wondering if it was a better choice stacked against my options with continuing to live in the US?

I’d say I have benefited overall from this choice and the overall quality of my life has improved because of t.

Relative to what it would be like otherwise – especially with hindsight.

In large part because of the financial benefit to earning USD and spending in pesos.

Medellin or NYC?

If it was not for that, many of the benefits – though not all – would disappear or lesson quite significantly.

 I suppose it’s the question you could ask any foreigner in LATAM….

“If you were guaranteed 50 million dollars a year without having to pay taxes on it, where would  you live? Medellin, Colombia or NYC?”

Honestly, I’d do NYC.

Because when you remove the financial benefit of living abroad…

Where taxes are not a concern for a second….

And the exchange rate isn’t so important because you make 50 million USD a year and can live a great fucking life anywhere…

And with NYC, it is your country still you grew up with without too much of a foreign culture.

Though some dudes will say chicks are hotter in Medellin than NYC.

I’m not sure I’d buy that as I haven’t spent too much time in either place.

But with 50 million, I think you can buy hot chicks as nice as you want in either place to fuck you.

Though, to be fair, the weather is definitely much nicer in Medellin than NYC.

But the food is guaranteed to be worse.

Regardless, if you were to ask me the NYC or Medellin question…

Assuming I had 50 million dollars a year – which the number isn’t important – it’s just to represent a certain amount of money that makes you think….

“I have all I need. No need to worry about money.”

A tiny bit similar to the – “I earn USD but spend in pesos. Life is easy here” mentality.

Then yes – without any question – I’d live in NYC over Medellin – assuming taxes were not considered in regards to my 50 million a year.

Probably better nightlife.

More diversity of women from all over the world.

With not just Latinas sucking my dick....

But Asians too!

Oh, the Asian gals.....

Don’t have to leave the country and deal with stupid ass visas and all.

Better restaurants and entertainment options.

Closer to home to see family.

Don’t have to speak a foreign language anymore.

So on and so on….

And I guess…

That response, to a degree, reveals the truth on everything.

You know, I’d still have traveled at a younger age like I did regardless of cost of living benefits and what that means for the quality of my life…

As I always wanted to see other parts of the world from a young age…

But if I could live a similar life to how I have it now in Mexico but in the US…

Or have that 50 million a year post-tax money…

Yeah, I’d probably leave and enjoy life in NYC or Miami…

As you don’t have to deal with the bullshit of living in the “third world” and can have many of the benefits that the poor to middle class folks relocating south of the border are looking for.

They won’t fucking admit it.

But I guarantee you, for most people, it’s the fucking truth.

That for average folks who are not making millions a year – the financial appeal of living abroad with the exchange rate and all – can be more appealing justifiably so – down here.

Not only for the financial benefits but what that means for the quality of life in other ways.

Which is the same reason why so many retired folks move down here – their little $1,300 USD a month in social security doesn’t cut it up there like it does down here.

But you make millions a year?

Well, that changes things.

Now you can live a pretty good fucking life beyond what most people can imagine without having to move abroad.

Regardless, that’s my thoughts on the matter.

For my life personally, I feel I made the right decision.

Even though I still have my own little demons I struggle with at times.

But those follow me wherever I go it seems.

And there’s so much more nuance to this that needs to be considered depending on the individual.

Anyway, follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,



Dazza - December 18, 2020 Reply

I don’t know about your situation but I knew forgiveness (of myself and others) and acceptance of the past helped me move on from depression, moving away also helped! I don’t think I would be here now if I had stayed in the place I was from.

It’s important to accept what happened actually happened and no amount of rage or reminiscing is going to change what happened. It is like expecting Tony Montana NOT to fall from the balcony in Scarface if you watch it a million times. I think every human has their ‘bucket of shit’ to carry around… I always wanted to be rid of it and it took me a long long time to figure out how – what happened to and the people responsible – I am not interested in revenge – I wish them well and have moved on and thankfully my days today are lived in peace.

    Matt - December 18, 2020 Reply

    Appreciate the comments.

    I actually wrote a much more personal article that goes into deeper detail about some of the motivations for why I moved down here. I have it on pending and will publish it when I feel like it given the personal nature of it.

    I agree that accepting the past is important. Also agree that traveling has helped in a way to move on but I also feel that you can’t run from baggage either.

    Or else you might run the risk of being in a situation where you are “coping with it” but however you cope might not be healthy.

    So I don’t really see “moving to another country” as a good answer anymore necessarily. It can help but I feel other things are needed like, as you said, finding peace in whatever healthy way (ideally healthy) that one can work with.

      Dazza - December 18, 2020 Reply

      If you accept the past and you can’t change it and you forgive yourself and others then you aren’t running from it because you can’t run from it – that can’t change – like I said about Tony Montana at the end of Scarface will always end up dead in his own pool filled with a shedful of bullets.

      I wouldn’t say expating is ‘running away’ as such as making a new start – it’s forever for me – I am never going back but it was never running away, it was choosing something better and something that suited me, when the bad memories come – as they do sometimes – I accept what happened and tell the inner voices I didn’t have the answer at the time – as a kid you don’t have the answers on how to deal with unpleasant people and situations – how to deal with unpleasant people and situations comes with life experience but sometimes it is about choosing better weather, better food, a culture that you jive with and also – you said it in another article – about boredom as an expat but you have to find things that keep the mental clock ticking, I like running, language learning and going to nice places to eat – it might be boring to some but it keeps my mind in an even keel. Going abroad is not for everyone or even most people – but it is certainly the right choice for some people and it was for me for sure – leaving where I was from was the one big decision that brought me a happier future.

      The truth is not one place can never bring if not happiness then contentment and mental peace – that comes from within and no thing and no person can bring it in its place – some people try finding it in things, achievements, sexual partners but the only thing that brought it home to me was self-improvement and accepting the past and once I realised this, I was on my way to being… happy, obviously I have my down moments like everyone else but they only last a short while, not days or weeks or even months like it did in the past.

      You have things going for you, you are a good writer and this is a good blog! Just keep going (I don’t believe in that seven continents bullshit but never mind!)

        Matt - December 18, 2020 Reply

        Appreciate the response. Well written.

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