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Movies to Watch when Dating a Latina in Latin America

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Let's say you want to watch a movie with a Latina in Latin America.

What should you watch?

First, it should be said that Latinas can understand better the cultural differences than you might imagine.

People who don't know many Latin Americans or who have never traveled abroad in general might think that a lot of movies from back home wouldn't resonate with folks south of the border.

In the same way you got those who have never been down here who wonder if Latinos eat fast food like Burger King as I wrote here.

Or if they even have basic things like cars and airplanes as I wrote here.

The fact is that isn't true.

A lot of material from the US gets consumed down here.

Latin Americans have their cultural differences from the US but I find that, over time, they are very similar to folks in the US in many ways.

Of course, one could say that my years down here makes me think that given I am used to the culture here and more assimilated in some respects.

And also most of my time has been in Mexico that has many more cultural similarities (at least in CDMX) than say an indigenous village in rural Bolivia.

Regardless, I'll stand by the statement that I feel that there's a lot of similarities between folks in the US and Latin Americans in general.

And that, when it comes to movies, a lot of Latinas would be able to resonate well with the movies you could show them.

Especially since they already consume a lot of movies and TV from the US anyhow with all the stuff that is dubbed and shown to the masses down south of the border like Pawn Stars here as an example.

The main things I want to say before we get to specific movies then are the following:

1. Make sure to have Spanish subtitles or Spanish dubbed movies if their English isn't good (most of them don't know English well).

2. Netflix is definitely a good resource but it's not for me. I find Youtube/Google Play to be better because a vast majority of the movies that I like have always never been available on Netflix. Having said that, Netflix would likely have more commonly well-known movies that are even more popular and already dubbed for Latin audiences if I had to guess. So more movies that she is more likely to be familiar with. Having said that, I don't mind introducing Latinas to movies they haven't heard of before. Got to show them my culture!

And, when it comes to watching a movie with a Latina, it obviously matters your intentions too, doesn't it?

"Netflix & Chill" ring a bell?

Truth be told, I rarely try watching a movie with a Latina before having sex with her.

For some reason, I just gravitate towards visiting a nearby park and then "drinks, music & chill" instead.

If I was to watch a movie with a Latina with the intention of trying to fuck her for the first time, my best guess is maybe pick a shit movie?

I have no idea because I haven't tried watching a movie before fucking ever since, as I said, I prefer music instead.

So I'm just shooting from the hip here but I have my doubts that picking a good movie to watch before fucking is a good idea.

After all, what if she gets too invested into the movie?

What if it's really good with a solid plot line, great acting and more?

Can't be cockblocked by Jack Nicholson's great acting in The Shining, can we?

She'll likely want to finish watching to see if Jack chops the bitch up or not!

So, if I was to watch a movie with a Latin American chick before fucking, I'd probably pick a movie that'd be so confusing to her that she'd lose interest and wouldn't be so distracted from me trying to stick my dick in her mouth.

Perhaps something like this movie here (The Room).

The Room -- "I Did Not Hit Her"

So, as you can tell, when I have watched movies with women down here, it tends to be with chicks that I have already fucked and am comfortable with.

With that said, what movies, in my experience, do Latinas seem to respond better to than others?

Of course, this is all based on movies I'd naturally watch.

I'm not spending 5 to 15 bucks for a random movie I never heard before on Youtube or Google Play for such an occasion.

We're always going with movies I already bought!

And I have plenty on my Youtube account to choose from.

So let's get to it then regarding which movies seem to go well with Latinas and which ones don't.

Bad Santa

A movie of an alcoholic and a midget who take on jobs as Santa and Elf at random malls in order to rob them on Christmas Eve.

This movie actually is a bit of a hit with Latinas.

Even if we are not near Christmas time or past Christmas, I find Latinas seem to like this a movie a lot.

Some of them die laughing!

Not only that but sometimes you have little moments in the movie like this scene here where Bad Santa explains what a "tostada" is.

Serves for a great opportunity to say to her -- but it only works if she is Mexican -- the following: "asi son las tostadas, si."

Followed by an obligatory and dorky...

JAJA haha JAJA haha JAJA haha JAJA...

Trust me, it goes over well!

In all seriousness anyhow, the movie actually does work well with Latinas.

Never had one who hated it and they all find the movie funnier than you'd imagine.


A movie of a real life story about some gangsters who run a Casino, make lots of cash, kill people and fuck it all up in the end as you can see here.

The main issue with this movie is that it is 3 hours long.

For Latinas with lower intelligence, they'll be less likely to enjoy this movie but those who have an IQ over 100, enjoy drama and who have 3 hours to kill, this movie works for you.

I find a lot of them enjoy this movie and get wrapped up in the drama of it all.

For some odd reason, they all particularly seem to get REALLY invested when it turns to love drama.

Particularly when they know it's based on a real life story and the movie progresses into the infidelity where the wife of the main character, Ace, is cheating on him.

Once you get to this scene here where Ace demands to have his kid back and the mother is doing cocaine in front of their kid, don't be surprised if your Latina gal mumbles to herself "AY QUE PUTA!"

Unfortunately I could only find the scene in "Audio Latino" so here it is for those who speak Spanish.

While the entire movie will get their attention, the family love drama in the end with drugs, child kidnapping, terrible mothers to judge and all the rest of it tends to keep a Latina's attention well on point.

The Shining

A story of a family who moves into a possessed hotel where a previous family was killed and where the alcoholic father is a struggling writer that ends up trying to kill his own family as you can see here.

In contrast to the last two movies, this movie is never a hit among Latinas.

Not because it is scary but they often get bored out of their fucking mind and resort to looking at their phone about 35 minutes into the movie.

Near the end when Jack is chasing his family with an axe is when they suddenly develop some semblance of an interest.

Also, they tend to be confused throughout the whole movie and don't understand it even with subtitles or if it was dubbed.

American Psycho

A story of an American businessman who gets quite irritated when his business associates have better business cards than him.

Truth be told, this movie is a STRONG hit or miss with Latinas.

They either completely do not understand it whatsoever and are 100% confused as to what the fuck is going on or they find the movie funny and begin rooting for any of Patrick's victims to escape and not be killed like in this scene here.

I'll say this: if your Latina is laughing at the movie and understands it, it means she has higher than normal intelligence, has a decent sense of humor and is 100% wife material.

Show this to any Latina you are thinking of marrying.

If she doesn't like the movie and doesn't laugh along with it (like when Patrick makes funny comments such as those here), then dump her immediately.

Pause the movie.

Grab her drink and splash it in her face.

Tell her "ya salte de mi vida, puta."

And get yourself a new girl.

"She's not the one, brooooo."

In all seriousness, what I said is true about the 50/50: Half of them will enjoy the movie and the other half will be completely confused.

The only thing I can recommend here is for you to get the movie with Spanish subtitles and not the Spanish dubbed version because the Spanish dubbed version isn't as good and oddly cuts out certain details for no reason (like how they cut out the laughing from the man over the phone when Patrick asks if they can make a reservation for Dorsia over the phone in his apartment).

Any Batman Movies

As I said before, a lot of mainstream content from the US tends to get exported to Latin America.

Be it Spanish dubbed Pawn Stars to popular movies that everyone knows about.

For this reason, any movie involving commonly known superheros like Batman, Spiderman or whatever else is OK.

Obviously, not every Latina is down for these movies just like not every person from the US cares about these movies.

Personally, I don't care about movies with superheros at all minus a few that I occasionally enjoy: the Dark Knight and Joker.

Either of those above actually -- The Dark Knight or Joker -- seems to go well with Latinas like you can see with this scene here.

Outside of those two, I'm not sure how other "superhero" related movies work with Latinas but I know they'd at least know what the theme is because this shit gets exported so often down here.

But, like I said, some will enjoy a movie like that and others wont just like people anywhere else in the world.

Walk the Line

A movie about Johnny Cash that involves drug use, love scenes and all the rest like you can see here.

To keep it short, if your Latina wants to watch a movie with a little more of a love theme to it but some drama, this movie works.

Scarface: Your Latin Movie to Watch

As you might have noticed, none of the movies above are Latin themed.

You might think that it's important to watch a movie with some Latin themes to it and you probably are right.

Truth be told, I don't watch many of those movies.

I stick to what I've liked growing up and rarely change.

Having said that, Scarface is my go to movie if you need a movie with some Latin theme to it.

Never tried watching it with a Cuban chick though.

That would be interesting...

Anyway, here's a scene for you to enjoy.

They like the movie too usually.

Similar to Casino, just know you need 3 hours to kill. 


Rocky also works because it does have a little bit of a love element to it that women like (especially the first and second movies as you can see here). 

All around good movies regardless of the love element to them.

Definitely worth considering and I find Latinas like these movies.

The only thing I would add is that Latinas -- even if they speak English well -- tend to find Rocky very difficult to understand.

One even told me "he sounds retarded."

So, even if she speaks English well, you might need to add the subtitles for this movie whenever Rocky is speaking.


This movie also works and it also has some of that "family drama" with the main character cheating on his wife.

I find the scene here where Karen confronts the other woman or has a gun to Henry's face to resonate well with Latinas.

A lot seem to pay more attention when that happens.

And, truth be told, when a Latina says "shoot him" at the scene with Karen confronting Henry Hill with a gun over infidelity, it does make me second guess if I should date her or not. 

Regardless, it's a class gangster movie and they seem to like it also.

Anything to Add?

These are the usual movies I tend to watch with Latinas whenever we do watch a movie.

I just ask them "what type of movie you want? Action? Horror? What?"

They respond.

I pick a movie and they tend to be the same ones most of the time.

So I've watched many of the above with several Latinas over the years.

If you got anything to add -- other movies perhaps -- drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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