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The Lack of Personal Space Dating Latinas in Latin America

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Could you imagine dating a woman who follows you around forever making sure that you are not cheating on her?

Even going out for a "beer with the boys" could mean that she is sitting by the side just casually watching.

Making sure the waitress doesn't secretly pass you her number.

Or that you and the boys don't go to a stripclub.

It's a scene that makes you think "damn, Latinas can be super jealous and possessive."

As I wrote here, I do think that, based on my own personal dating experience, that the idea that most Latinas are jealous is often overplayed.

However, that article was based on my experience alone.

Truth be told, I'm not really the type to attract that type of woman who is overly jealous or possessive as what I see other men date because it would just be too annoying.

Ultimately, we probably wouldn't even end up dating at all if I get a strong wind of that or we would break up quickly anyhow very soon afterwards.

Which isn't to say that I haven't encountered odd games by Latinas or that I haven't had them request to see my phone.

But what I have experienced and what I could tolerate is much difference than some guys I have seen out there dating chicks down here.

Let me introduce you to one example I remember years ago.

El Gordo's Girlfriend

When I lived in the Colombian city of Barranquilla, I had a girlfriend named Marcela.

There were times when Marcela and I would meet up with her friends to watch a soccer game.

In typical Quilla fashion, we'd all sit on those cheap 5 dollar plastic chairs outside some random corner store that sold beer to watch the game on some TV.

And, as a side point, I ALWAYS wanted to fuck Marcela's friends (and her cousin and her sister and her mom wasn't bad looking either).

But god damn though -- she had some really attractive friends.

....Maybe she should've been watching me more closely?

Granted, I never did anything.

Regardless, there was one person in her group of friends that had a jealous girlfriend who WOULD watch very closely.

Though, in hindsight, I don't know if Marcela actually knew the guy well. Looking back at it now, I don't think she did. So he must've been a friend of someone else or something. 

His girlfriend was also morbidly obese and it came to my attention that she was always watching him.


She would never leave his side.

From what I learned from casual chat between us all over the months of being in Quilla, he would go hang out with his friends and she'd demand to just casually tag along.

And, if her behavior that I had seen was typical of her, I'd guess she wasn't even interacting with the friends supposedly but just sit on the side, drink a beer and watch.

Just to make sure that the waitress doesn't, you know, pull her shirt up to expose her double D tits or something.

There was another moment like that where it became obvious to me what this was about between them.

It was later on at some bar in Barranquilla called Bourbons Street (which, as a side point, was one of the nicer bars I liked in the city).

The chick in question wasn't interacting with the group at all.

Just sitting on the side casually watching us, occasionally checking her phone and that was it.

Anytime the waitress would show up for whatever reason, a semi-threatening look could be seen in the eyes of El Gordo's girlfriend.

But nothing came of it.

Oddly enough, the waitress never felt like bending over, dropping her pants and exposing her pussy to the guy for some reason.

So nothing to worry about, right?

And, to be fair, I don't know the full story.

Maybe this guy genuinely did cheat on her once and she has a "never again" mentality to make sure he never gets a second opportunity to cheat on her.

Always following him now from then on.

Personally, that makes the most sense to me as to why she'd follow him forever but I have no idea if cheating was involved or not.

It also could be the case that she was cheated on past men and now has trust issues.

Truth be told, it's a common complaint you hear among Latina women in Latin America.

So many of them complain about male infidelity in their country and, just in my opinion, I feel that is what drives certain behaviors among the women down here.

It's also one of the reasons, which I wrote here, for why some of these women prefer foreign men because they've had enough bad experiences with local men and decide to only fuck with foreigners.

The idea gets in their head that "gringos don't cheat but my men do."

Which, to be fair, plenty of gringos do cheat.

And, when said gringo begins dating women down here, he also might encounter these possessive behaviors depending on how stereotypical the Latina is.

Let's jump into that.

John's Mexican-Bolivian Girlfriend

As I wrote here, there was an American guy in his young 20s named John that I met years ago in Bolivia.

Long story short, he met a Mexican-Bolivian girl at a party.

They hit it off well. 

A week or so later, John is calling his parents at the NGO's office where I hear the words "mom, dad .... I got a girlfriend."

Since that moment, you couldn't see John alone without her.

Always by his side.

It was like she became an extension of him.

If there was any gathering whatsoever, she was there.

When John would tag along on the few occasions with other men in the group to grab a beer, she came along.

Not even interacting with the group that much to be honest.

She might chime in a few words to John like how she needs to go to the bathroom.

And, funny enough, she seemingly expected John to escort her to the bathroom.

That was what I saw anyway at one moment where she told John at some Mexican style bar/restaurant and John just said "ok."

And she didn't move from her table.

She waited.

John casually talking with the group for a few more seconds until it became obvious that something is off.

She said something along the lines in Spanish asking if "he's going to come along with her?"

And John, in the moment, seemed confused and said something that seemed to imply that he thought she wanted to talk about something in private.

Though it didn't seem like it.

He got up, came with her, asked her if everything was "todo bien?" and she said "si."

The bathroom just being down the room, she immediately goes in. No words are said between them. Seemingly no conversation needed to be had.

She walks out a few minutes later.

And they're back at the table with her only saying anything when she wanted to tell John something.

Not even a beer in hand to enjoy the moment with us.

On a few other occasions, it was like this also.

While I highly doubt John cheated on her in that month or two while I was there, she also seemingly had this desire to just follow him around.

And, closer to the end of my time there, I saw John less and less at any group events.

One could wonder if such an arrangement would make someone less likely to hang with their friends or just replace them with her.

And does it go both ways?

If she's spending so much time with John, does she stop seeing her friends?

I ask those questions because I have seen this scenario play out on a very few other occasions and it does seem like both parties seemingly give up their friends when the chick behaves this way.

Being very possessive, always needing to be where her man is, just being a casual observer to the moment so the boys don't do anything crazy with a stripper or some shit, etc.

A woman so possessive you'd wonder if she has his dick in  her purse too?

Sam Kinison Joke Wife Taking Your Dick

But let's get to the point.

When the Latina Has Your Dick in Her Purse

Now, to be fair, I'm sure I've probably scared 99% of you from ever wanting to date a Latina.

You probably think to yourself "what kind of horse shit is this?"

Back in the US, such behavior would never be tolerated because it's too possessive and also many would likely call it toxic if the friends are naturally being cut off or replaced by the new partner.

Let me just say that, over the years of dating down here, I've never once had a woman behave to this extreme towards me.

The only woman who was even close to this behavior was my last ex from Colombia, Marcela, but she never followed me around nor did she insist ever on being with me when I would go out to be with friends.

Having said that, she was suspicious of a friend of a Colombian friend of mine named Andres (who she never even met).

In fact, when I ended the relationship with her, I got word from Andres that she contacted him to ask if "I ever did anything odd like cheat on her."

Which, to be fair to Marcela, I can't blame her for feeling that way.

As I wrote here, Andres one time tried convincing me to go to a whore house to fuck "PAISA" prostitutes.

In that article cited, it's also observed how cheating seems to be more accepted in some parts of Latin America than back home.

Maybe accepted isn't the right word but it's the best word that comes to mind because there does seem to be a more casual dance with it in some parts down here.

Where even your friends are trying to get you to cheat with prostitutes down here.

While I never did go with Andres, she definitely was suspicious of not just him but actually any friend I would go out with.

Be it him or a few American types I knew from studying at Universidad del Norte.

Having said that, she never went to the extent though of following me around to make sure I wasn't fucking whores behind her back.

Though, as I said before, if there had been a moment where all her best friends, her cousin, her sister and her mom surprised me with a giant orgy at the same time in my apartment, I will be honest in saying that it would've required the maximum power of Jesus Christ himself to resist.

Our boy Jesus would've had to hold me back yelling out "NO NO! IT'S NOT WORTH IT BRO! THEY'RE JUST THOTS!

....But I still would've resisted because I'm not possessed by Satan!

So, at least in my experience dating Latinas, I never had anyone be as extreme as the girl of El Gordo or John.

And most of the girlfriends of dudes I've met down here were not that extreme either.

But, compared to back home, it does seem a tiny bit more common for this type of possessiveness to exist down here.

Though, as I always say, I think it depends too on the socioeconomic background of the Latina and her nationality.

While I'm not sure how socioeconomics plays into this, but if I had to guess, maybe a poorer barrio girl type is more likely to behave like this than one from a more comfortable background?

I could be wrong there but that kinda feels right shooting from the hip here.

On top of that, I'd say places like Buenos Aires perhaps or Mexico City have more "modern" or "liberal" mindsets among the women and so perhaps are less possessive than what you'd see in a place like Barranquilla or Cochabamba.

That's just how I see it anyhow.

Anyway, it's not likely to be an issue for you if you date down here because, as I said, most women (even in those cities mentioned above), are not this possessive in my opinion.

So it's not impossible to set standards here for a woman you are dating in my opinion.

Just be aware though that some women down here in Latin America -- much more than back home in the US -- have absolutely no idea what personal space means and could perhaps try to behave like this with you.

That's all anyhow.

Got anything to add? Drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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