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Gringo Competition for Dating Latinas in Latin America Doesn’t Matter

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You are the new gringo in town to some part of Latin America.

Compared to life back home, you are getting more attention from women down here.

More dates & more fucking.

While not all of the dates are supermodels necessarily (aside from the prostitutes you fuck perhaps on the side), you are still very happy with the dating results you are getting down here.

Then, for whatever reason, you have an abundance of gringos coming into your area.

Maybe various "dating Latinas" blogs write about how hot the local women are.

Perhaps there's an online forum of men who dedicate themselves to fucking pussy abroad and write about your town.

All of a sudden, your area is flooded with new gringos competing for the same women you want to fuck.

Ultimately, you begin complaining about this.

Truth be told, you might not frame it as this way though when bitching about the new gringos.

You might just say simply that "you don't like it when an area has too many of them" and might even give some BS reasons for why you hate it.

But, despite how legitimate those reasons are, your real reason for bitching is because you perceive these gringos as stealing the chicks you were fucking, raising the competition, making you less exotic and, for a few gringos out there, I believe the simple sight of American women also leaves a nasty taste because they remind you of the women you couldn't fuck back home.

In the end, these new gringos are not welcome in your eyes!

....But are your concerns bullshit?

Is it true that these new gringos are going to fuck up your sex life?

Well, let's cover the various points that come to mind when it comes to this topic.

Who Cares if You Go for Prostitutes

Let's be real -- plenty of gringos go for prostitutes just like the locals.

If a good deal of the women that you are fucking are prostitutes who charge 30 to 40 bucks, why do you care?

You probably don't actually if most of them are prostitutes.

After all, if all you need is cash, then get the cash and get the ass!

That's it.

Not encouraging it myself but it's not complicated and extra gringos won't complicate it either.

Sure, they might raise the price if you have a FLOOD of gringos coming in.

I could see it raising the price in smaller areas especially like Jaco in Costa Rica.

But if you are going to a bigger city like Rio de Janeiro, the prices are still very affordable for you I would bet.

Though, to be fair, I've never had a prostitute and so I'm not an expert on how "extra gringos" raises the prices.

Still, I can't imagine that these extra gringos in a city of millions is going to make the price of a local girl skyrocket to 500 USD an hour or something.

You'll always have poor as fuck women who live in the barrio that'll sell their ass for basically nothing.

If you are bitching about a woman raising her prices from 40 bucks to 60 bucks (or whatever), you should focus on other things like trying to earn more bucks.

Still, there is one negative that I can see when it comes to this topic about prostitutes.

The Gringo Chasing Prostitute Stereotype

There's a very select few areas in Latin America that get bad reputation among locals regarding gringos.

Where the locals see enough of us and think that we are all degenerate as fuck (meaning degenerate gringo men AND women).

Places that come to mind include Cancun, Medellin, Rio de Janeiro, maybe Tijuana to some degree, etc.

Basically, they are areas where you have too many "almost nude" gringos (both men & women) running around on the beach in places like Cancun (and doing drugs in private) with the more conservative locals who are jealous of our SEXY gringo bodies OR they are areas with WAY too many gringos (mostly men) pursuing prostitutes and/or fucking normal local women from Tinder, Colombian Cupid, etc.

In short, because of the actions of those people, we ALL get labeled as prostitute fucking & drug using people.

Now, to be fair, it isn't like EVERY single local thinks of us this way.

But the stereotype does become more common in these areas.

Truth be told, I have no idea how badly this stereotype hurts our gringo men chances of fucking normal local women.

I imagine it doesn't help and maybe turns SOME of them away as how many local women just want to fuck a dude that she thinks will only be here for a week to fuck prostitutes?

For these gringos in these areas, you might have an occasional woman not show interest in you for these reasons and it'll likely benefit you to show that you are "more serious" about living in the city you are visiting (like Medellin) so you don't seem like one of those who shows up for just a week to fuck prostitutes.

We'll get to the above point again next in this article. 

Showing You Are Serious

What I mean by this is should you show you are in her city for a long term or a short term?

Honestly, I have little experience with this topic because I usually frame myself as being here "long term" because I do live here long term.

Still, in cities like Medellin where you have this negative stereotype from what I've heard, I've had others tell me that it's better to frame yourself as being committed to the city.

Even if you aren't.

That way the local chick doesn't think or suspects you less of being another stereotypical gringo who is only there for a week to fuck prostitutes and do drugs.

On the flip side, I can understand the argument of trying to frame yourself as just being there for a few days.

For some chicks who are more down to fuck right away, that can be appealing too in its own sense.

Still, I find most women are easy enough to fuck (even more conservative ones).

And, truth be told, I'm not sure if "framing yourself as long term" really hurts you too badly.

It might expose you to more questions by her that maybe make you seem more boring or critical of you somehow.

Anyway, at least when it comes to certain cities flooded with gringos, I can see the benefit of the "long term" way of describing yourself.

Still, let's stick to the topic of gringos making a bad reputation for us.

PUA Cold Approach Types

A few days ago ironically enough as I write this (and it's what prompted me to write this article actually), I saw a particular sight in the Centro Historico of Mexico City.

While I don't live up there, I had to stop by the area because I was basically running around pharmacy to pharmacy in Mexico City looking to buy something and not having the most luck.

To my unfortunate luck, I couldn't find what I was looking for there either.

But I figured to stick around the area just because I knew I could break a few 500 peso bills buying some other stuff I needed.

For those who don't know, the 500 peso bill is a bitch sometimes to break as I wrote here.

Anyway, I broke what I needed and I found myself at the park next to Bellas Artes metro by myself having some black tea I bought at Starbucks where I managed to break two 500 bills to my surprise and fortunate luck.

While sitting down, I noticed something odd.

Some many odd feet away from me was a skinny light brown dude with a North American accent just like me (could be American or Canadian -- who knows).

Anyway, he was close enough where I could kinda hear him a little bit.

He was seemingly stopping random women who were walking alone, striking up a conversation and trying to get their numbers.

I was sitting there for maybe an hour and a half to two hours so I got a little "front seat" to his "conquistador" activities.

Did he manage to get any numbers?


A few chicks played with their phones and seemingly gave him theirs and wrote in his number anyhow.

Our boy, our boooooy, he out there smashing PUSSY!

While no hate against this guy particularly, I can't help but wonder if guys like this hurt the chances of other men?

While Mexico City is a huge place of millions of people and he surely can't be fucking ALL of the women here, it does make you wonder if PUA cold approach types give us gringos a bad reputation?

It's an argument I've heard before that they approach WAY too many women, break way too many hearts and give a similar stereotype to us that we are only here to fuck the holes of the local women and ditch soon after.


Eh, I doubt it.

For some cities like Medellin given how extreme it has been over there, I could see the issue come up.

In Mexico City given how big this place is, I just have my doubts that it hurts my individual chances of fucking anyone new.

Not once have I had the impression that some local chick wouldn't fuck with me because she somehow thought that I was like the PUA types running around the city.

And, believe me, Mexico City has gotten a few extra dozen of them over the last few years.

There was even a well-known PUA/dating coach type (or whatever you'd call him) running a bootcamp in Mexico not too long ago as you can see here.

Not to mention videos of dudes giving PUA advice for Mexico City that are also new like you can see here.

Sometimes, as you can see here, these bootcamps that dudes run in Latin America on how to get pussy sometimes makes the local news and pisses off the locals.

So I'm not going to completely discredit the idea that it hurts our chances by giving a bad reputation. 

After all, it's not like I can read the minds of any chicks who don't meet up with me to know if the reason being was because they saw a gringo PUA type running around asking for numbers.

The only thing I can say is that, over the years, I have found it easier and easier each year to get more chicks to fuck me and, even if the PUA stereotype is the reason for why some don't fuck me, it doesn't matter practically speaking.

I'm still happy with my dating life and the impact these PUA types have isn't noticeable in my real life.

And, to be fair, I wonder if I'd feel the same even in a city like Medellin?

After all, surely most of the gringos there mostly hang around Parque Lleras and other touristy areas.

Surely there are areas of Medellin where gringos haven't flooded as it is one of Colombia's biggest cities.

We will cover that point in the next section.

White God Factor

There's a certain argument out there that white guys like myself have a certain "white god factor" that benefits us in some parts of Latin America.

Granted, most who have been here long enough will say this factor is kinda dead or not like it was over a decade and a half ago when we were less common to Latin America.

And that's true.

This is one point in favor of the idea that extra gringos hurts our chances of local pussy.

Too many foreign white guys makes us less exotic to the local women.

They also might even give a bad impression about foreign men like we covered already.

Creating negative stereotypes. 

Among other issues they might bring to the table that we will cover soon.

Regardless, I agree ultimately with this point.

If you are in a city where a foreign white dude wasn't as common, you could offer local women something that most local men can't without many of the negative stereotypes that extra gringos bring while still being somewhat exotic.

The only thing I will say though is that there are vast amounts of areas in Latin America where you can basically be "the only gringo in town."

Just pay attention to areas that are getting more attention and avoid them.

Shit, even in Mexico City where you have a shit ton of foreigners, it's not hard to find areas where we don't exist and can be exotic.

Where I live, I'm "a little more exotic."

Not why I live here but I feel that effect more here than if I lived in Roma Norte.

There's this cute lady across the street who makes street food that always seems very receptive to me and there's some chemistry.

And it's  easier to get the attention of a local chick here than in Roma where we gringos are abundant.

So, even in a place like Mexico City, it's not hard to find areas where no gringos exist.

The truth is, as I wrote before in other articles, most gringos get absorbed into very specific pockets of Latin America and leave behind a vast majority of the region.

Of course, there's some points against this argument too.

For one, you got more slowly leaking into areas not as commonly visited.

For example, the city of Pereira in Colombia used to not be THAT popular but now has had an entire website dedicated to it for gringos that you can find here with more coming in every year.

On top of that, there's a reason why more gringos choose to live in Pereira instead of Yopal or Pasto in Colombia and there's a reason why more gringos live in Roma Norte instead of Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

Those areas are objectively nicer to live in than those other areas!

And, from a sex perspective if that happens to be the only thing you care about, you are still going to find easier women more abundantly who will fuck easily in places like Medellin than Yopal in Colombia.

One in one of Colombia's biggest cities with more easy women that are considered hot as fuck and the other is a bumfuck middle of nowhere place that nobody has heard of outside of Colombia.

Though, if you want your Trad Latina wife as I wrote about here, maybe Yopal has more women to offer who haven't been fucked by lots of men but who knows.

You'd still have to live there though and can you see yourself living in bumfuck middle of nowhere Colombia?

Anyway, let's leave it at that. 

Sugar Daddy Types Ruin it

While I have never tried dating in Miami, I have heard from others that Miami has a strong sugar baby/sugar daddy scene and a lot more women expect payment for their time there.

While I'm sure you could find normal chicks to fuck who don't expect money, I guess this type of interaction is more normal up there?

Anyway, one could ask then if you see the same situation play out in other cities like those in Latin America.

Do foreign sugar daddies ruin it for dudes wanting a normal chick to fuck or date down here?

I'd say no.

For the vast majority of Latin America, this isn't the issue.

Even one chick I used to fuck a lot whose name was Jovi that you can read about here, she actually used to have a sugar daddy at one point.

Despite having a dude who would "spoil" her though, she never expected me to give her money or buy her nice gifts.

No fancy meals at restaurants.

Just a normal hookup between us anytime we met.

So, to be honest, I just don't see this as an issue.

I don't think obviously that the arrival of more sugar daddies is going to make every chick want to be a sugar baby.

That's an extreme that some dudes might say about these types "ruining" their pocket of Latin America or whatever city.

The fact is that you can at least offer these chicks what the 50 or 60 year old men with money can't offer: time with a dude her age that she is actually physically attracted to.

A dude who is 5'7, old as fuck with a huge belly isn't someone she is excited to fuck and sometimes she wants to fuck someone she is turned on by.

Not to mention the many normal women out there who don't want and/or not desperate enough to take cash for sex.

And, in the end, as I said before, the extra sugar daddy types in the city haven't hurt my chances of getting pussy and that's really what matters most. If it hasn't hurt your chances, then who gives a fuck?

So that's all really.

Rising Cost of Living

There's a certain irony about PUA types that I've noticed: a lot of them are broke as fuck.

Not all obviously but it's way more common for me to see a dude who is broke as fuck when he's dedicated to chasing as much pussy as humanly possible.

Almost like it's a full time job for him.

The truth is a lot of them tend to be younger, haven't hit 30 yet usually, don't have decades of work experience where they saved up money and spent most of their time and focus on getting the next chick to fuck them (no matter how ugly or attractive they are at times).

For some of these gringos, I could actually see "more gringos" in their town fucking it up for them.

But not in the way you think.

If you are a gringo who is broke as fuck and in the party phase where working isn't a big priority of yours, you probably won't appreciate a flood of gringos rising the cost of your rent.

Especially if you fit the description of the paragraph a bit above being young and all.

In Mexico City, the cost of living in certain neighborhoods like Roma has increased a little bit.

Rent hasn't doubled necessarily but it's going to cost you probably an extra 100 to 200 dollars than what it would have before.

Granted, I don't live in that area so I'm just guessing on the price increases based on what I see advertised in local Facebook rental groups.

Anyway, price of rent has gone up.

Now, to be fair, said gringo could always move to a less popular neighborhood and still get pussy just fine.

Obviously, being in certain neighborhoods with a bad reputation will hurt your chances with some women. That's just how it is.

But said gringo could keep his rent normal and still get plenty of pussy even in normal neighborhoods.

So I don't think this extra flood of gringos hurts his chances this much when it comes to this factor but, as I thought about this topic today, I suppose this is a factor that can affect said gringo somehow.

For those who are REALLY broke, it's basically "gentrifying" him out of the nice neighborhoods if he's still more focused on pussy and not money.

The Locals Resenting the Rising Prices?

Over the last few years, you've had more locals themselves also bitch about rising rent in Mexico City.

Though I'm of the opinion that those most likely to bitch about it are upper middle class types who are comfortable but not as rich as other Mexicans and got forced out of areas like Roma due to the gringos as most of the talk is about Roma or Condesa anyway (areas that most Mexicans were not able to afford before the recent flood).

Anyway, it's an argument I came up with: could a flood of gringos rising rent costs bring more resentment against them by the locals (and the local women)?

Perhaps with upper middle class women who got pushed out of those areas but, like I said before, most Mexican women were not living in those areas anyway so they won't give a fuck usually.

And also, from what I've seen, it seems to be more men than women who bitch about the above (as men tend to be more sensitive anyway to extra competition and extra gringos with more money than them will take some women away from them anyhow if said locals were only making 1,000 a month or whatever).

Anyway, I wanted to bring up the point because I could see it somehow making SOME very FEW women resentful against gringos but I doubt most give a shit.

Let's move on.

The New Gringos with a Girlfriend

In the same way that plenty of gringos are old as fuck and no real competition to you, you also have faithful gringos coming in with girlfriends already.

Especially as remote work becomes more common, you have more couples showing up together.

Just keep that in mind because obviously not every gringo -- especially those old or already taken -- are not going to compete with you too much.

They might make you "slightly less exotic" by being white like you in your area but they aren't competing with you.

The Gringo Competition is Shit

Finally, let's get to the reality of what a lot of the "gringo competition" that is young like you looks like.

I'm going to paint you a stereotypical image that isn't true of all gringos but represents many of the single ones out there who are young like you:

1. Not as used to local women giving them as much attention as they are new to Latin America and so they might still act a bit like over attached dorks when presented with this.

2. Limited to weak Spanish.

3. No ability to dance to local music.

4. No understanding of cultural differences if they are new.

5. Those going for prostitutes aren't competing with you.

6. Have no knowledge of areas outside of touristy zones and wouldn't show up there where more women are.

7. Have absolutely no social circle if new here.

8. A certain amount are also very cringe with women (the leftist types who might use the word Latinx or whatever else that would be a turn off).

9. For those not used to the extra attention they might get here, many end up dating long term or even marrying the first "below average" woman who gives him a handjob (taking him off the dating market).

10. Not uncommon for many to be fat as fuck after having stepped off the plane from the US.

In short, this is your stereotypical competition.

Of course, you got gringos who do have social circles, who do have their shit together, who do know Latin America well, etc.

Many do, however, have characteristics as described above and just aren't competition for you.

It's not hard for a gringo who has been here a while to compete with the above.

Even if you are an average dude in looks.

Final Verdict: Is the Gringo Competition Bad for Dating & Fucking Latinas?


Some do come down, like I said, that have their shit together and can get pussy but that's not the majority.

Most are nothing to worry about and get exaggerated by gringos who have been here for a while.

And, if you have been here a while and are bitching about this beyond what is reasonable, I'd question if the women you were fucking were ugly already.

Enough said.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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