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Latinas That Are Gold Diggers or Green Card Hunters

Published April 10, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

Want to avoid Latinas who are gold diggers or green card hunters? 

Here's a quick story.

Almost 3 or more years ago closer to my initial moments in Mexico City, I remember having another gringo in my apartment building.

He had moved into the building only for a few weeks because the apartment building both rented out apartments for long term use and also for those visitors who are new to the city for just a few weeks as tourists and all.

So I didn't know the guy very well except on a few occasions that we talked and all as it was kinda cool to see another American in the city when I don't usually hang out with other Americans usually.

At any rate, I remember walking down the apartment near Metro Juanacatlan area and I noticed this random older dude in the building who I had never seen before.

And he looked pretty "obviously foreigner" in that he was black.

In Mexico City over the years, when I see a black person, it's usually a black American tourist or a Haitian/Jamaican.

Back then,  not as many Haitians or Jamaicans though.

So a random Black American who had chosen to visit Mexico City.

When going downstairs anyway to make some black tea and cook some food for lunch, I see this dude downstairs and was obviously a foreigner as I said.

Caught my attention seeing another American like me.

So we made small talk as we both noticed that "hey, this dude isn't Mexican. He's like me!"

We got talking anyway and gave the usual life story of "why are we in Mexico?"

I explained that I live here and left it at that.

He, on the other hand, wasn't intending to live here.

Was new to Mexico City actually and had arrived to the city just the night before.

Somehow found out about the building I lived in (it definitely wasn't in the heart of Condesa or anything) and picked the spot out to stay for his trip.

He came to Mexico City anyway because there was some random chick he met online on a website called Mexican Cupid.

While being an older man himself in what I could only guess in hindsight would've been 40s or 50s as he looked a bit older, the chick in question that he liked was a young 20 something woman near my age, medium brown skin, dyed blonde hair, a few extra pounds and all that.

She ended up actually showing up to the building later in the day and I saw her.

She seemed nice.

We made small talk.

And that was it.

They were supposedly going to some really fancy restaurant in Mexico City.

OK, that was a lie.

For me at the time when I was broke, it would've been fancy but not fancy like it would've costed hundreds of dollars.

Just a normal Italian restaurant called Italiannis as you can see here.

Their pasta is actually pretty good!

And, when she showed up, I walked downstairs to see them sitting on the couch and she had a visible gift in her hand.

What was the gift?

I have no idea.

It was just some bag with a little ribbon and card from the looks of it.

Anyway, despite it being his first time meeting her from what he told me beforehand, he had a bag of gifts for her.

Soon to take a woman that could be the age of his daughter to "nice enough" restaurant that serves decent Italian food.

And, if he's lucky, maybe they'll fuck.

But the dude seemed more the type anyway to hope for more than just fucking.

He did genuinely seem into her. Maybe looking for love and all that.

Which is cool.

And, to be fair, I don't know how the relationship turned out.

Did they continue on dating and get married?

Perhaps he got her pregnant and they had twins together?

Raise a nice family on a ranch in Jalisco?

Your guess is as good as mine!

Still, when you see something like this, you "know the score" so to speak.

Even if the relationship works out (and I hope it does), we all know the type of man most prone to getting zapped by the Latina looking for gold or a green card.

Truth be told, I never liked the stereotype that all women down here just date us for gold or a green card.

It's often said by either jealous women back home who hate it when their men date abroad or jealous local men down here who hate seeing us "steal their women."

And the fact is that both groups above don't have the slightest clue what it is like to live in another country that isn't your own.

It takes a special type of character to want to live outside of the country you were born in or at least it requires special circumstances.

Most people don't want to leave everything behind to live in another country.

You have legal issues, job issues, cultural adjustments, leaving behind friends and family, more likely to deal with racism, xenophobia and discrimination, etc.

Among all the other issues that come with the package. 

Even if you are a "privileged 1st world person" coming from the US to live in Mexico, many of the issues (even racism and xenophobia) will hit you in the face.

I fucking guarantee it from experience.

Still, this type of woman DOES exist.

Though, as I wrote here, I think the Latina who is looking to "exploit" a foreigner is more often doing it for cash than a green card.

You do got those who want the green card but I think cash is more often the prize for more of these women than the green card because, as I said, there are many issues with relocating to another country.

At any rate, what I am going to say here in the end isn't a surprise to nobody with two brain cells to rub together.

The women who want the green card tend to be poor.

And that's your actionable advice for the day if you want to date Latinas but want one that isn't just using you for a green card or money.

First, be real with yourself. If there is a huge age gap of say 20 years between you and your wife, she probably wants gold and/or a green card.

If you think a woman her age wouldn't naturally be attracted to a man your age, probably something is up.

If you just want sex, cool. But think more seriously if she'd be a good woman to marry. Sex and marriage are two different things.

Second, her socioeconomic background.

Get a sense of her situation.

Is she a single mother? As I wrote here, it's  more likely she sees you as a way out of poverty.

Visit her neighborhood where her apartment is. Is it in "the barrio" or "the ghetto" or some shithole area? More likely to see you as the golden ticket (though, having experience LIVING in "the barrio," I do want to defend "the barrio" women in saying not all will see you like that but, for obvious reasons, more of them will see you as such than those living in comfortable means).

Also, if you haven't visited her area where she lives, you can also tell by her skin color and last name.

A chick with whiter skin or a "more European name" is less likely than a chick who isn't "as white" to see you as a Golden Ticket for wealth or a green card.

That isn't to say that all non-white chicks are like that in Latin America.

A vast majority are not.

Nor is that to say that there are no poor white looking chicks down here.

It's just that, historically speaking, whiter looking Latinas with more European background tend to not be as poor as often.

Regardless of how you find out, just make sure to make attention to her socioeconomic background.

She doesn't have to live like a princess of a Spanish conquistador.

She could be normal middle class.

And, as I said, even if she lives in "the barrio," that doesn't mean she is using you.

But, for obvious reasons, anyone who isn't living in "the barrio" and come from a background that isn't basically poverty is less likely to just use you for money or a green card.

That's it.

It's  not rocket science.

Got anything to add? Drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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