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Latinas Exploiting the Gringo Desperation in Latin America

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A few odd years ago, I remember going to a little gathering with a girlfriend of mine in Mexico City.

We get to this building in the south of the city near Metro Xela if I remember right right.

Somewhere south along the blue line anyhow.

Once we get there, she texts her friend that we arrived and someone goes downstairs to open the door for us.

We get upstairs then to the rooftop area and there was typical new reggaeton music playing.

Bad Bunny probably and whatever else.

Some of her roommates – a chick named Alma and some fatter roommate chick – were there too.

Among other folks who I didn’t know.

One of them being, to my surprise, a young Canadian man.

To this day, I don’t remember what his name was as it’s been a few years and I’ve had a bit of rum tonight.

So let’s call him Alex.

Upon meeting him, we shook hands and he seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me.

“Not many Americans in this part of Mexico City” he said.

And, truth be told, it was cool on my end to meet another foreigner like myself.

I genuinely don’t meet too many as most don’t live in the neighborhoods that I live in.

Anyway, the dude seemed nice overall and was there because his girlfriend happened to live in Xola area of the city while he was actually living by Parque Mexico.

His girlfriend, to be honest, wasn’t the most attractive woman on the planet but seemed nice.

As the party went on, it was all mostly normal as you would expect.

Pizza was delivered. Beer games were played. Decent music.

But eventually it took a turn for some drama that left a sour mood for a few minutes.

At some point, we were all sitting down around some tables with plenty of liquor and beer to go around.

The music changed to cumbia at this point if I remember right.

And Alex’s girlfriend had gotten a tiny bit drunk.

Some other guy in the group – who I didn’t know personally – offered to dance with her without asking Alex if it was OK.

I say “asking Alex” because some Latino dudes, if they want to dance with your girl, might ask you first out of respect.

Even though, to my gringo self, I find that behavior odd and wouldn’t be down for it either.

It’s more common though among Colombians and Venezuelans from what I’ve noticed.

Anyway, the dude took her by the hand and she accepted.

They began dancing to the music.

And, right away, I could notice Alex’s face change.

He didn’t say anything right away but the dude’s face looked a little more noticeably confused and/or uncomfortable.

But he didn’t say anything.

Over the course of the night, she danced with a few other dudes also.

The last one – and this was later into the night at maybe midnight or 1 AM or something – was what set Alex off.

While she wasn’t grinding her ass against his cock, it did look like a little more inappropriate.

Soon after, Alex took her outside for a talk and you could actually kinda hear them arguing despite how loud the music was.

Long story short, it sounded like one of those cases where she is saying how “it’s normal to dance with other men” and Alex wasn’t buying it.

Though maybe he did?

Later on, I remember seeing him at a similar little gathering with the chick as I guess his girl was friends with similar people that my girlfriend at the time knew.

And, while his chick was arguing about “how it’s normal here,” I remember talking with my girlfriend about it a day later as it was kinda interesting.

Personally, despite whatever cultural differences someone argues exists here, I wouldn’t care. You still have standards for what YOU would tolerate in a relationship and the other person – the Latina in this case – has to respect you also.

Still, my girlfriend didn’t see it as much about “cultural differences” but said something like how “slutty” the other chick seemed.

So maybe it wasn’t so much about cultural differences and more that his girl was a hoe.

But anyone with eyes could’ve seen that at that party.

Even one of the other dudes took a jab at Alex by asking him in Spanish “hey man, aren’t you going to dance with your girl?”

A few people laughed.

I don’t think Alex understood though because he seemingly didn’t speak Spanish.

At any rate, Alex is just one example.

His situation could be best described as one where he is, perhaps you could argue, a young skinny man who seemed nice but probably didn’t have the most luck with women back home.

Gets down to Mexico and the first chick that touches his dick – no matter how ugly she was physically – is the woman for him to date!

And said chick – at least in this case – might not have respected him much but maybe she found him to be a better dating option than other local men.

Who knows?

But you see much worse examples than just Alex.

The Old Man Sending Money

On the other side of the coin, you got the old man gringo.

Someone who might’ve been divorced and is looking to meet women again.

Though he is 60 himself, he doesn’t prefer 60 year old women.

He wants someone to “help him feel younger.”

Perhaps a woman who is half as young as his daughter.

Someone 20 years old perhaps?

Or, if the 60 year old is “more humble,” he might opt for the 40 year old woman.

At least then his new love will have much in common with his daughter.

They both share the same age!

How nice is that?

At any rate, it’s not too uncommon to see a man like this get taken for a joyride.

You have those who are smart about it and don’t get taken advantage of.

They’re the types just looking for sex with hotter women and I can’t judge that.

But you got those who get taken to the cleaners.

Before you know it, the dude is paying her rent, buying her a fridge and whatever else.

When I was in Colombia years ago (it’s always Colombia…), I met an oddball like that.

To keep it short, I was in a city called Pereira and stumbled across some random “hippy” type that was all into birds, tree and nature.

Truth be told, I’m not sure if Pereira gets much of those types.

I get the “loving nature” bit as it has beautiful scenery but I always thought places like San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico were better for hippy types.

Regardless, there was this older man that happened to be living in the hotel that I was in.

We crossed paths by the front door as he was outside smoking.

Noticed I was a foreigner just like him.

To this day, I don’t remember what nationality he was.

I don’t think I even asked but he didn’t have a North American accent.

He was white and old. With a funny accent. That’s it.

For all I know, he could’ve been Israeli, white South African, some dude from some country in Europe, etc.

And, just like the description above, there was fire behind the smoke!

Not just a stereotype in this case.

We introduce yourselves, discuss what we’re doing in Colombia and he begins talking about this “girl” that he met on Colombian Cupid.

He showed me a picture of her on his phone and she looked completely average with a little bit of extra weight but seemingly nice tits.

Though, for her age of 23 supposedly, she did look “a little bit aged.”

Though, I guess if you have 2 kids at that age as a single mother (like he told me), then aging comes a little bit quicker from the stress.

And, for these old men finding chicks like this in Colombia, they always seem to go for 1) marriage agencies, 2) Colombian Cupid or 3) cam model websites like Chaturbate.

For those who wish to meet Colombian cam models and even send them thousands of dollars, I guess that’s like the millennial version of this song here, isn’t it?

I'm in Love with a Stripper - T-Pain

Anyway, the dude admitted by himself that he “is helping her out a little” as she has “a few kids.”

“A great mother to her kids. She seems like a great woman. I was supposed to meet her today but her mom wasn’t able to watch them today so she has to. We’ll meet tomorrow” he said.

I nodded my head “right, right…”

Regardless of if this woman was real or just another dude pretending to be a woman to get men like him to send money, I didn’t know.

Hopefully he actually met the chick at the very least.

After all, if he’s helping pay her rent and actually traveled to see her, you’d hope the dude would at least get a handjob, you know?

Anyway, I didn’t stick around for much longer during this conversation after he said that as I was in Pereira on VERY limited time and wanted to see the usual touristy things to do.

So I left him be.

A Mismatch of Looks

The only other time I can recall a gringo being taken for a ride potentially is the typical case where looks don’t match well.

A dude who is a little bit “normal” or even ugly looking with a very hot woman.

I don’t see these as always being taken advantage of though.

Similar to the old man with hot young chick scenario, we can only hope the dude at least is honest with himself about the score.

More often than not, it seems from my experience that most men seem to know the deal.

No illusions about what is happening.

“I’ll buy you a nice dinner, perhaps a necklace, now spend time with me, call me amor and suck my dick.”

If both parties know the arrangement and are cool with it, then nothing wrong here.

But not all do!

You do have the occasional one that is just a little bit unrealistic about what is going on.

Perhaps, deep down, he does know what is going on but refuses to think about it and somehow convinces himself that she loves him somehow.

At any rate, this type is often an old man with a hot young chick but sometimes the dude can also be young himself with plenty of money.

Over a year ago, I remember coming across a young man like that whose name was Adam in Mexico.

Met him through another American named Alex that lived in the same apartment building of me in Roma Norte. (not the same Alex from the beginning of this article).

I never understood what the dude did for work beyond something computer related.

Anyway, he made good money for a life in Mexico.

Left the US to live here because “western women suck man. They’re unfaithful.”

He got divorce raped back in the US.

We went out anyway for drinks.

Sitting down with Alex and Adam at some bar closer to Angel of Independence, we get talking about normal stuff.

Life in Mexico and all.

And Adam was somewhat new to Mexico (so was Alex actually) and Adam was asking me questions about life here.

Then the conversation turns to him.

He has a hot chick that was noticeably better looking than him.

Some chick from Sinaloa actually that happened to be in the city for however long.

And Adam himself wasn’t a very looking dude.

A bit fat, slightly shorter than me and with an average face.

Now, to be fair, maybe the chick legit does like him.

Though, over the course of the conversation that night, I had my doubts.

For one, she never responded quickly to his texts. Always gave him some odd hours of silence before ever responding and her responses short.

Or at least that’s what it looked like when he showed me some stuff about her.

And, similar to the old man above in Pereira, the dude just seemed being taken advantage of.

It legit felt like the dude thought that they were in a relationship already and that she loved him.

Yet she doesn’t respond to his texts too much but has sent her money.

At the very least, he has gone on dates with her going to nicer restaurants.

Had they even fucked yet?

I have no idea.

It just seemed like the dude was a bit of a dork who was all over this woman but yet she didn’t seem into him but was taking his cash and sometimes seeing him.

So not very convincing of a love story.

At any rate, I didn’t say anything.

Just nodded away “like yeah alright.”

And life went on.

Final Thoughts

There are probably other examples of naïve gringos getting taken for a ride.

You got those who meet a nice chick in Colombia and get scopolamine to the face.

Perhaps those who talk to a chick online that wants to meet him in a rough neighborhood to maybe rob him as I wrote here.

Or whatever the situation might be!

Either way, it’s a fact of life anywhere in the world.

Not just Latin America.

The naïve man being taken for a joyride from some cute pair of tits.

There are a few reasons why this happens in my opinion.

For one, it’s cheaper for a foreigner from the US, Canada, Europe or wherever to entertain a young woman down here.

A sugar baby who wants 2,500 a month in the US versus a sugar baby in Mexico who only wants 200.

It’s one of the same reasons for why men go for prostitutes down here than in the US.

For one, it’s legal.

Second, it’s much cheaper where you got some chicks even offering “services” for as low as 5 to 10 bucks.

Versus the overweight, 225 pound woman in Las Vegas who wants 225 USD for blowjob and “anything else is extra.”

The problem though is some gringos seem to “forget the score” and think more is at work here than just money for sex. They might somehow convince themselves that love or marriage is worthy of considering!

Second, some of these men are just dorks who couldn’t get their dick touched back home by anything but a single mother, an obese low-self esteem chick or go gay.

Granted, if they put in the work, maybe they could’ve gotten a good option back home.

But, at the end of the day, said dude comes down here and finds better luck with normal chicks.

And perhaps not even paying for it necessarily.

Maybe just an average woman or a slightly below average one who has a sweeter personality than what he found back home.

While plenty of those men are happy with what they got and the chick in question is a good woman who is faithful, some other men aren’t as lucky.

Like Alex at the beginning of the article.

Perhaps someone like Alex who can’t see a hoe for a hoe or maybe is scared of losing her.

She, perhaps not being the highest quality woman in terms of personality, notices how much of a dork he is and exploits that.

Third, you do have cultural differences.

As I said, I have noticed some Latino men (Colombian and Venezuelan especially) who seem more open to having other dudes they know dance with their chick.

Personally, it’s such a weird cuck thing to do and I don’t get it.

Regardless of how true that is regarding that being a cultural difference or not (and it depends on the country I think), I don’t care.

The other person you are dating has to accept how you were raised culturally also and just what you are comfortable with.

If not, there’s no respect and why be with the person? Move on.

But Alex seemingly didn’t even though several men were dancing with his chick, got made fun of and was annoyed at the sight of it.

But did nothing about it.

Some dudes are just limp dick like that.

And they hear their Latina girlfriend try to explain why situations or text messages that he might notice in her phone or whatever else as “being cultural differences” or “baby, you don’t understand. You no speak Spanish.”

Then the dude in question, who is a bit naïve, doesn’t want to lose his girl and wants to convince himself that it’s just a misunderstanding, looks the other way when a red flag is being waved in his face with the words “YOU ARE A CUCK.”

You want to know what the funniest story is that I remember?

When I lived in Argentina, I was part of this group of Americans who lived in Buenos Aires.

There was one Canadian dude named John in the group.

Seemed like a normal and nice dude overall.

Anyway, we were sitting in a hotel in some other South American city.

I forgot which one it was because it’s been years but it would’ve been either Asuncion, Paraguay or São Paulo, Brazil.

Anyway, John and I are making small talk while I’m texting some folks on my phone in Whatsapp.

He asks me if I’m still seeing this Colombian chick named Cindy that the group saw me with at a bar on my birthday.

I said no because she was a bit crazy (literally crazy. Would go from ANGRY to HAPPY to ANGRY to HAPPY in a blink of a second for no reason).

And I ask anyway if he is still seeing this Argentine chick that he brought along when our little American group went to a bar one night.

Some light brown Argentine chick who seemed cool also.

But John said no.

“Why not?” I asked.

And John said that he thinks that “she is cheating on me.”

He wasn’t sure though and had a date set up with her later in the week for next Sunday at some café in Palermo.

Anyway, to keep it short, John had suspicions about her and checked her phone while she was in the shower.

There were quick videos of her that were taken a few weeks before where she was nude and assumingly doing sexy stuff.

She had an excuse though in the moment when asked about it.

“They were …. for …. your birthday!!” she promised.

His birthday was only a week before but she “must’ve forgot to send them.”

John wasn’t entirely convinced.

“I’m uhhh … I’m not sure”

“Maybe she did forget to send them” he said.

Anyway, I never heard about her again until the day our group took a trip to Montevideo, Uruguay where he casually mentioned seeing her.

And life goes on.

At any rate, some of these dudes will convince themselves however they can that their TradWife Catholic Latina Girlfriend isn’t taking advantage of them and that’s how it is.

Be it with money, fidelity issues or whatever else.

Outside of casual encounters with this topic that I’ve seen over the years, why don’t we end this article with some entertaining videos.

If you ever need video footage of this, just watch “90 Day Fiance” where literally ANY of the above examples can be seen over and over again with various desperate men and desperate women.

I included some examples below for you to enjoy here.

Anyway, drop any comments below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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