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Stories of Scopolamine: The Devil’s Breath

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On a rainy night in Barcelona, Spain you go out solo looking to have a good time.

Check out some of the bars nearby.

While taking a taxi through the city on a recent day, you saw some Colombian themed bar that looked promising.

So after going out for drinks with some friends that you went to Barcelona with…

You decide to check out the bar.

Especially as it reminds you of your previous days running around Colombia to cities like Barranquilla.

Inside, there’s nobody.

It’s basically dead.

But the bartender is friendly.

He gets talking with you about his days born and raised in a Colombian city known as Cali…

And you nod along and engage in the conversation.

One beer after another.

Then a Colombian chick walks into the bar.

Someone who looks like she has plastic everywhere.

Fake tits, fake ass, fake nose, fake everything.

“Probably from Medellin,” you think.

At any rate, she walks in with a few friends that leave her behind as they go down the bar into some other room.

And there is something off about this woman…

But she is friendly anyhow and she sits next to you.

So now you got a conversation going on between three people – yourself, her and the bartender.

But then, out of the blue, she takes your hand and places it on her huge ass fake tits.

With no build up to it or nothing.

“Cool tits” you say.

But there’s something off about her that makes you not interested.

Maybe because a Colombian woman this easy is probably a prostitute or a scammer?

Then she gives you her “business card.”

On it, you see an image of her nearly naked offering her services with a phone number.

Then you blackout.

Hours later…

You wake up in your apartment with all your shit stolen.

“What the hell happened?!?” you think.

The devil’s breath.

Cutting the Bullshit

So, to be fair, most of that story aside from the blacking out is legit.

About 4 years ago before I went to Mexico, I traveled around Europe for a month or two.

One of my destinations was Barcelona.

And that story actually happened minus the getting drugged bit.

To end the story, I simply finished my beers and left her alone back to the hotel room where some friends of mine were waiting.

And never met up with her.

In large part because she was a he!

Her card mentioned that she was a trans prostitute.

Fooled me before I saw the card – it was one of those trans folks who had so much surgery that the person actually looked like a real chick.

And I’m not interested in paying for sex with anyone either.

Reminds me of this song here though funny enough.

The Kinks -- Lola

Either way, I guess you could, in theory, argue there was risk with accepting her card.


Because, as this article here by The Guardian points out, there is this type of drug out there named scopolamine that is well-associated with being a risk in Colombia.

Though people have reported its use outside of Colombia to be fair.

What is scopolamine?

First, it’s a chemical substance that comes from scopolia plant that you can more commonly find in Colombia.

Essentially, it is some type of drug that, as people say online, can supposedly “make you a zombie.”

In which any simple contact with the drug – even as simple as touching a business card that has traces of the drug – can “make you a zombie.”

In which you blackout essentially and do whatever the fuck the criminal wants you to do.

Like take you to an ATM machine and pull out all your money.

To stealing everything in your apartment.

So on and so on.

However, many argue that is an exaggeration of the drug and that it doesn’t literally make you like a zombie.

But the idea is the same in that it makes it a lot easier to steal from you.

Some of the consequences of having the drug in your system include disorientation, paranoia, hallucinations, amnesia, headaches and much more.

And it’s not really going to make you a zombie according to most experts online.

However, in worst case scenarios, it could technically kill you.

And, to be fair, it’s not likely that you’ll get drugged by simply taking the card that some random stranger offers you in a bar in Barcelona.

Instead, it’s more often than not mixed in your drink to drug you.

At any rate, let’s look into some stories of how this drug has been used to harm people.

Losing 15,000 USD

So first we have this guy who claimed to be robbed 60 million Colombian pesos or 15,000 USD in Cartagena, Colombia.

In which he was in the historic center with his friend having a drink after 9 PM.

Then they get approached by some chicks and talked with them for a few minutes and one of the chicks exchanges numbers with him.

Some days later, the chick talks with him on Whatsapp for a few hours and then they met up again.

They originally planned to meet at his hotel and then go out for food.

She arrives after 6 PM.

The chick forgot her main ID (cedula) and she wasn’t allowed into the hotel.

They walk over to the historic center at around 6:30 PM.

Order some drink from a street vendor.

The chick recognizes one of her friends nearby and invites the friend over.

The friend sat with them for about 5 minutes and then the dude blackouts.

Hours later, he found himself sick in the back of a taxi.

Got to his hotel.

Then the dude paid the taxi and fell asleep in his hotel room.

Later, he saw about 17 transactions within 2 hours on his card that he had with a major Colombian bank.

With a lot of the transactions done in the restaurant.

And he was left with just 41,000 Colombian pesos left in the bank account with the bank not really helping him out.

At any rate, he reports the crime to the police with plenty of information but ultimately the police tell him to kick rocks.

And the Colombian bank didn’t offer him any compensation either.

In the end, it seems to be his belief it seems that many of the actors involved (the girls, the bank, the street vendor, restaurant) were all working together.

And that’s the story.

Drugged in the Club

Next up, we have a story that isn’t necessarily related to scopolamine but seems likely to be based on the story.

As the guy begins, he goes to a nightclub in Medellin where salsa music is playing on a Saturday night with another American friend.

In El Poblado area.

With a live Venezuelan artist playing.

Mojitos included.

They go upstairs to a rooftop area with reggaeton music playing.

Then they meet a British guy and 2 Colombian chicks upstairs.

All around having a great time.

Then the British guy offers everyone in the group back to his apartment at around 2 AM.

At their apartment, they start playing typical Latin music like bachata, salsa, etc

Then one of the girls offers whiskey with coca cola.

Then he blackouts.

Wakes up at 10 AM.

Cell phone stolen.

Credit card stolen.

Cash stolen.

The British dude woke up and also got robbed of his computer and cell phones.

What else was missing?

The pussy.

Girls gone.

They drugged both of them with the whiskey and coca cola.

Then they reported the crime to the police and they checked the video camera at the building where they got drugged.

As a funny little detail, he was able to locate where his cellphones are by tracking them down and they happened to be in this town where Pablo Escobar grew up supposedly.

Anyway, the police wouldn’t go there to handle it right away.

So the two guys go to the neighborhood where the iPad is taking them with an exact address.

Asking all the locals where the two girls are or where the address is.

They didn’t help them.

And that’s the story.

One of the things I’m asking myself is…

What would’ve these two guys have really done if they found the two chicks or where the address was?

I can see them now going to fight some criminal with a gun.

Experience Being on Scopolamine

Finally, we have this video here that has two stories about scopolamine.

I’m only going to write up on the first story I hear so you can watch the whole video if you want for the second story.

The narrator begins describing his experience doing a bunch of random drugs with his friends.

To which he discovered scopolamine.

He consumed it.

Then he blacked out and started doing crazy things.

Like having huge hallucinations.

Eating random stuff.

Talking to himself.

And he had to be taken to the ER.

His mouth was very dry.

His heart rate was crazy.

As I said, his hallucinations were crazy.

The dude recalls having the cops show up, putting him in a choke hold and kicking his ass.

Taking him to jail.

Then he had other hallucinations like seeing his grandmother get raped supposedly.

And also having hallucinations about getting into fights with others.

He described his leg being stiff.

Then dude was seeing more clearly and he was actually in a cell.

So the incident with the police was real to a degree supposedly.

At any rate, that’s his story supposedly of basically losing his shit on scopolamine.

Skip to 4:11 of the video for the second story of what it was like being on scopolamine for another individual.

A Businessman Robbed in Medellin

Finally, we have this video here where a businessman describes getting drugged by it.

Skip to 1:18 of the video for the beginning of the story.

I’ll summarize a bit of it here obviously.

So it was a normal day for the guy.

He was originally from California and does business in Colombia.

In which his business involves selling online new and used clothes from the US.

Then he gets a message from a random guy who wants to buy some of his items and meet in person to become business partners bringing more stuff from the US.

The guy buys about 50 dollars in items.

Later on, they meet up at a bar and start talking business.

While having some drinks and all.

The guy was dressed quite nicely and so the American guy felt he could trust him more.

Then the other guy invited the American back to his apartment and they went to different apartments throughout the night for more drinking.

With some cocaine involved.

Plenty of aguardiente also.

But things went bad when he took a little more cocaine and it smelled very weird.

After that, he noticed he felt like he could trust the people at the party even more.

Then they go to the ATM machine to get more cash to buy more liquor and all.

But he was having problems getting money out.

The other guy somehow got his password while he was trying to get cash out.

They go to another apartment afterwards.

Afterwards, the American guy started hallucinating and thinking he is seeing an old friend.

But it wasn’t an old friend – some random person.

He falls asleep afterwards.

And then he saw that all of his money was stolen from his bank account and his lip was very swollen.

Anyway, he reached out to his bank but they wouldn’t give back his money.

That’s the story.

Final Thoughts

So those are the stories!

Here’s a little documentary I found also on scopolamine.

I checked it out.

Looks alright.

Given I’m not an expert on scopolamine, I can’t say how legit it is.

It is done by VICE.

Which I find suspect because I don’t like much of their stuff but they do have some good pieces that are interesting.

And the documentary you see there was pretty interesting to me.

So enjoy it!

And leave any comments below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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