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Brown Latinas vs. White Latinas of Latin America

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There’s a certain oddity in my brain when it comes to sex & relationships as a gringo in Latin America.

It can be summarized as the following.

For one, I have a VERY strong desire to fuck non-white women of any race because of some internal idea of “breeding out their race” and “making them white.”

Some real Christopher Columbus & Melinche type shit.

And, truth be told, I always initially had a stronger interest in non-white women growing up in Iowa where they aren’t as common.

On the other hand, I’ve now spent about a fourth of my life in Latin America where brown women are the majority and white women are not as common.

Coincidently enough, I’ve been having a stronger eye for white women these days now.

Perhaps the white women are exotic now?

But while my interest in “breeding out” the race of non-white chicks is still there, I also find myself thinking that a white or “whiter” looking chick would be nicer to settle down with as I get older.

A bit like “I want to fuck brown chicks to, in theory, colonize their wombs” but I find myself preferring the white Latina to settle down with.

And that’s the summary!

It’s odd, isn’t it?

But, over the last few months, I have given thought to it and here is what has come to mind.

Analyzing My Own Thinking

Truth be told, this isn’t actually how I go about things.

My last girlfriend was a brown Mexican gal.

Not at all some “castiza” type woman.

And, had things gone well with her, it’s possible we could’ve married and had kids.

Honestly, while I do have some internal growing desire to start a family and especially with a “whiter” looking chick, I’d be cool doing so with a brown chick also.

But, if I’m being honest, I do think MAYBE I’d be less interested in doing that with a black chick.

Fuck a black chick?


Start and raise a family married together? Not as likely.

Nothing against black chicks but the point I’m trying to convey here is I think there is a relationship between “how non-white” a chick is and how much I’d want to marry her.

And, over the years living here, I’ve heard the same thing among other expats.

Not just white ones.

Just people in general who have an interest in marrying someone who looks like them.

But, like I said, I’d be cool with a brown chick and, if the chick was cool enough, a black one too.

Personality and how we connect chemistry wise is very important and I’ve met some cool black chicks also.

If I love the chick, then her skin color isn’t going to be some factor that makes me not want to marry her.

It would literally have no importance.

I’ve met chicks like that in which I fell in love with them and would’ve, at least during the moments when I was still in love with them, see myself marrying them.

And they weren’t white.

Of course, when it comes to non-white chicks, there are things to consider as to maybe why I have the preferences that I do.

For one, I think people in general – both men and women – have desires to procreate or “breed” with someone who is very different from them.

Maybe there’s some evolutionary reason behind it but, truth be told, I’m not reading Darwinian shit when I get turned on by it.

It’s really nothing more than “you’re different. I want to fuck your holes and conquer your bloodline.”

And the words can’t really describe the feelings.

The feelings, the hormones and the drive is more animalistic than anything else.

“Deseos carnales” as they say in Spanish.

On the flip side, you maybe got issues with procreating but I think they fall more on socioeconomic lines than racial.

Of course, when it comes to racial, I think most people have a preference for marrying someone like them.

Perhaps they want the kids to look like them.

I’ve heard stories of non-white Latino men getting pissed and leaving the wife when the kid came out “a little bit whiter” than what he hoped for.

Even if the kid was his, the sight of a kid who doesn’t look like you might piss someone off or cause suspicion.

And you got other things like coming from the same culture, having the same native language, etc.

Still, if you live in Latin America long enough, some of those few points above aren’t as important.

My Spanish works and, while we do have a different culture from Mexico, I do find cultural similarities between Latin countries and the US.

It’s not like we’re comparing the US to Saudi Arabia.

And, perhaps after so many years here, the culture here seems “similar enough” to my anyhow.

Anyway, when it comes to the preference for a white chick to marry and not just breeding, I wonder to myself about that also.

For one, after 7 years here, does the white chick become exotic?

Sounds weird to say. I’m not entirely sure. Maybe.

Still, as most of the chicks I fuck these days are brown and not white, I guess maybe there’s some truth to it.

Or, at the very least, you start desiring that “difference” so to speak.

Like being a buffet of pussy.

You had plenty of the brown pussy.

Now you want white!

Who doesn’t like a little bit of change every so often?

But I think it’s more than that.

As we get older, we think more about starting our own family someday.

And, as I said before, most of us men do like the idea of the kid that comes out looking like us.

Perhaps, even for those who don’t think about it, relives some sub-conscious fear?

I don’t know. I’m just shooting from the hip here.

But, perhaps more importantly, it really is just a “settle with who looks like you” type of scenario.


And, on top of that, at least in my situation, I do know that sometimes, when drunk enough, I have wished I could have a normal life in some ways.

Maybe not entirely normal like it was before but some normalcy as how I remember it when I was 6,7 or 8 perhaps.

You know, back in Iowa, where most folks were white.

When I think about settling down, does that influence my thinking on who to settle with?

To find a white Latina to settle with that could pass as Iowan and have a happy family with?


Perhaps someone who is as cute as what Astrud Gilberto was like decades ago here.

Astrud Gilberto -- Agua de Beber

Finally, one other point of consideration is the family of her.

If you married into a family of a white Latina, would they be more accepting of you than a non-white Latina family?

You know, I’m not entirely sure.

I do think that the more different the family is – racially, socioeconomically and if they come from a more rural background especially – the more xenophobia you’d find in her family against you.

Directly and/or indirectly.

With my last girlfriend – who was brown – that was the case with her brother but he hated me for many other reasons (like when he learned that we had sex but that’s a long story).

Her mother also had “suspicious” attitudes towards me but what mother-in-law doesn’t?

When it comes to a Colombian ex named Marclea – who was white but her family not so much – I never felt any xenophobia from them for being different.

Her sister was black as fuck and no hate whatsoever.

Still, I do think that bad behavior from the family-in-law is more likely if there are racial differences but I would place MUCH more emphasis on how much of a difference exists socioeconomically and if they come from a rural family or not.

You know – if you married a LITERAL indigenous chick from a rural village of 10 people, I could ABSOLUTELY see it being MUCH more likely that there is a “drunk” uncle somewhere demanding money along the way.

As a side point, when it comes to the family and how you get along with them, I’d just like to say nationality matters too.

I feel the “drunk begging uncle” would be a more likely issue if they are Colombian, Dominican or Venezuelan versus if they were Mexican or Chilean.

So, when I think about this matter, I could see racial differences increasing the likelihood of bad vibes from the family but I’ve had good experiences being “the new white gringo” to a mostly non-white family before (among formal girlfriends and random chicks who I wasn’t dating but wanted to introduce me to their family).

Final Thoughts

 To be fair, I didn’t know how to format this article.

Granted, I’ve had a little bit of rum tonight.

I’ll format it better later.

But the point here – as shown in the summary way above – has truly been something I’ve realized about myself.

It’s not even a point.

I’m not making an argument here.

Nor am I saying that any race of woman is better to fuck or date than others.

I am literally nothing more than expressing some internal feelings I’ve noticed in myself and trying to better understand them by putting words on paper that might only suggest why I feel how I do but without the most solid understanding of the why.

Simply put, I fetishize the living fuck out of brown chicks to breed but entertain more the idea of marrying a white Latina for settling down.

But, truth be told, I already said that It’d be cool if I did settle down with a brown chick because, after thinking about it now, I do think socioeconomic differences play a role also in which families I’d vibe with better in theory.

But it’s all a theory – every family is different.

And if someday a future wife of mine reads this and she isn’t white – uhhh, chill out. I love you and I love the family we have. All good stuff.

You just as cool as the castizas.

After all, I’ve loved plenty of non-white women also as I said.

So it’d be cool too.

Anyway, nothing to say here except the apparent contradiction I notice in myself.

Drop any comments below.

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And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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