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The Socioeconomic Factor in Dating Latinas in Latin America

Published March 20, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

Many years ago, I remember seeing for mostly sex this Bolivian chick named Lizeth that you can read about here.

The sex with her was some of the best I had.

But she was dumb as a fucking rock.

Years later, I remember meeting another chick named Germania that you can read about here.

Sex with her was also pretty good but she was arguably even dumber than Lizeth.

Shockingly dumb.

Some odd months ago, I remember hooking up a lot with a chick named Jovi as you can read here.

She wasn’t terribly dumb.

Nothing like Lizeth or Germania.

But, when you would speak with her, you’d feel like her IQ might be below 100.

Could use a few extra IQ points but not the dumbest person in the room.

For all 3 women, there was that sense that they weren’t the smartest and, truth be told, you felt like you “didn’t entirely connect.”

There simply was too much of a gap in being able to relate to each other.

Not relate to each other in terms of interests by the way.

I’m not talking about supporting the same soccer team or listening to the same music.

“Connect” in some mind to mind type of way.

Where we just “understood” each other.

Though, to be fair, there were ways in which I felt I could “understand” these women.

They often came from poorer backgrounds.

Living in Iowa, my background wasn’t poor though.

We did have, as a family, less money when I was a kid until they got back together and had typical financial stress during 2008.

But it would be outrageously inaccurate to say that my family had anywhere near the same socioeconomic status as some of the poor people you meet in Latin America.

Especially as the financial situation improved noticeably and also because “Latin American poor” is a bit different than poor in the US in some respects.

Still, as I have said on my blog, I do relate more easily with poor or middle class folks in Latin America than richer ones.

With richer ones, we can more easily relate in some sense as they’re usually more familiar with cultural things back home like certain sports teams, events or whatever else.

But they also tend to bring a certain amount of pretentiousness that comes across as “too gay.”

Very indirect people. Always putting on a show. Superficial. So on and so on.

For whatever odd reason, I just chill better with people from a poorer or middle class background.

Truly the lack of pretentiousness is nice as fuck.

But, when it comes to dating women like discussed before, I have wondered to myself what is “the ideal socioeconomic” background of a woman you date down here.

And, just so you know, all of this is “shooting from the hip.”

This is one of those articles where I’m not going to spend too much time analyzing the living fuck out of what I say.

Just putting down “thoughts on paper.”

Thoughts I’ve had over the years living and dating down here in very short order.


In my experience, chicks from poorer backgrounds tend to be more fun.

The sex is usually better.

They are usually more adventurous and willing to hang in more dangerous neighborhoods.

Where richer Latinas seem to sometimes shit themselves going into even middle class neighborhoods but not always.

Poorer chicks tend to have more street smarts in a way that make them enjoyable to be with.

They tend to be more socially smart I find.

And, for some odd reason, we just seem to connect better above all.

Unless the chick in question is like Lizeth or Germania and is dumb as fuck.

We might still connect for some odd reason but the retardation is a bit of a turn off and not someone you’d want to be the mother of your kids.

To find a not retarded woman who comes from modest or middle class means isn’t difficult to do in Latin America but I do generally find the retardation to correlate with socioeconomic backgrounds.

High Demanding?

I find there to be plenty of “high demanding” women in both poorer and richer socioeconomic backgrounds.

Not sure who is the winner here.

Poorer chicks who you hear about, like you can see in this video here, that are looking for a sponsor for a green card and/or money.

90 Day Fiance Ximena

Who write in their Facebook profiles “soy una princesa y las princesas no trabajamos.”

Versus the richer White Latina who had a spoon in mouth her whole life.

The winner here is the middle class Latina.

But most women I have met in both richer and poorer backgrounds were not high demanding to be fair.

I just think it’s more common in either group than middle class chicks.


As I said, I generally find chicks and people of more modest means in Latin America to be on average dumber.

Definitely more socially intelligent but dumb as a rock for basic conversation.

Again, not every poor chick is dumb as a rock.

Only more common in their group.

When I think of settling down someday, settling down with a literal retard doesn’t seem very appealing to me.

But, like I said, you can find non-retards among poorer folks.

Just more of them in that group.

The Demanding Family

So you married a Latina.

She is fine.

Not looking for a green card or money.

But, if she comes from a poorer background, it’s more likely than if she came from a normal background that you got jealous family members who see you as a naïve ATM machine.

The drunk uncle comes out of nowhere.

Needs money.

Or anywhere else who comes up with a sob story for a monthly 200!

Just be careful.

“Only for the Green Card, Bro”

If you are dating a Latina who is at least middle class, I can guarantee you that she doesn’t want the green card or money most likely (unless what you have was clearly a sugar daddy relationship from the beginning).

If she is poor, her looking for either of the above is more likely obviously.

You might be too dumb to even realize you are being played.

But at least be smart enough to notice her socioeconomic background to help guess as to what her true intentions MIGHT be.

Always Some Difference

Unless you are marrying a richer Latina or unless you are a poor as fuck gringo, I’m going to assume you’ll naturally have more of a socioeconomic difference between you two.

At the end of the day, the standards and characteristics for being poor or middle class tend to have differences from those in the US.

Just keep that in mind.

Rural Urban Poor

Another thing I have noticed is chicks from poorer backgrounds who have roots in more rural areas of the country tend to have less of that “ghetto” attitude versus what you see in urban poor chicks born and raised in a shithole urban neighborhood.

They tend to be a little more humble and nicer personalities.

Final Thoughts

I got nothing else to say here for the moment.

I only write this up now because I’ve had those moments just thinking all of the thoughts above.

A day walking through a popular mall in Coyoacan of Mexico City.

And thinking about all of the chicks that I’ve fucked and/or dated formally.

And, truth be told, I’m mixed on the issue.

It’s similar to this other article I wrote previously on race and dating in Latin America.

Really, I find a lot of “common vibes” with poorer and middle class chicks.

Assuming they aren’t as dumb as Lizeth or Germania. Holy Shit.

But, assuming normal intelligence like this one Mexican chick I knew named Maria in my first year in Mexico, then it can be cool if her family is cool anyway and not demanding.

But I do wonder anyway – as a point to top this all off with – is how likely is the relationship and/or marriage likely to work if the gap in socioeconomics is too big?

Especially when you consider how Latin American poor has differences from US poor.

That’s really what I wanted to bring up ultimately.

The question that is most practical for us gringos dating down here.

And, truth be told, this article is nothing more than “shooting from the hip” as I said before because I won’t answer that question for now in 2022.

I could try but I’d like to leave it in the open to give more time thinking about it.

In short though, I do think it’s less likely to work if the gap is too big and, given the Latin American poor is even more poor than US poor, I imagine the situation is even worse honestly when you date someone from the poor down here.

Well, now I did just answer how I feel about it but I’m still a man who ponders this question without 100% commitment to the answer.

Anyway, I guess it’s all food for thought anyhow.

I tried to keep this article as concise as I could and just lay out the thoughts quickly without giving too much nuance yet.

Just the highlights of how I feel about it for now.

Got anything to add?

Drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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