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“Give Me Money or My Dominican Brother Will Fuck You Up!”

About three years ago, I took a small trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The purpose of the trip was to attend a small conference for a day or two but I had the trip set up for two weeks.

Giving me plenty of time to enjoy myself – sunshine, booze and of course….

Plenty of nice women to meet up with also and see where things go.

About a month before I get there, I went to Dominican Cupid – which is a website where you can meet Dominican women online.

I recommend anyone do this before taking a trip somewhere because you can easily get some chicks who are down to fuck once you show up to your destination.

And in my experience up to this writing, Dominican Cupid was by far the easiest website I ever used to get some pussy.

No question about it – it was like picking whoever I wanted to fuck and going from there.

Now, to be sure, there are scammers on that website but you’d have to be a dipshit to fall for them.

The basic scam I saw from some chicks was to basically “fall in love with me” in like the first 30 minutes of conversation and then ask for money by Western Union.

Again, you’d have to be literally retarded to fall for that.

But I had a few chicks like that anyway harassing me for money.

And then plenty who are normal.

The typical chick you will see on here is either medium brown or black looking.

Weight? Most seemed not fat but you got some fat chicks too like any dating website for sure.

And when compared to Tinder, Dominican Cupid seemed like a much better option than Tinder for the DR.

With Tinder, I got a handful of matches but I didn’t put in that much effort into it because Dominican Cupid just seemed so much better all around.

Just so many chicks to message and they all seemed very receptive and warm to me – and as I learned, very much down to fuck later.

And one of those chicks that I met on Dominican Cupid was a chick named Germania.

Where my experiences with her are the subject of this story with some points near the end of this article to reflect on everything.

Date at a Bar

So I met this Dominican chick named Germania on Dominican Cupid.

Asked for her number pretty quickly and we got talking on a messaging app called Whatsapp.

Anyway, I was living in a hotel in a neighborhood called Piantini.

It was a very nice hotel and got the funding approved for a very nice suite in the place for my trip.

And later in the night, I had a date set up with Germania at a bar not too far away.

Once there, I noticed I showed up early as is typical in Latin American fashion.

You know, mañana time and all where the chick shows up late just because.

So she shows up late by maybe 10 minutes – not terrible.

And I see her walk to the corner of the bar and suspected it was her but wasn’t entirely sure.

Some medium brown skin chick who had a very petite body, cute face and in a black dress.

So I got up and around the corner walk to her table and we make eye contact right away and get on with the date.

Maybe one or two beers later and she invites me back to her place.

So we jump in a taxi and head on over at around 11 PM more or less.

Get inside and get to it right away.

And being a guy who loves that petite look on women – she had it perfectly.

With decent sized tits for her figure also.

Either way, we woke up in the morning after and she had to get to work.

Being a nurse, she worked at some hospital or whatever not too far away.

Once we step outside her apartment building, we step onto some metal patio thing or whatever it was higher up from the ground.

And I see where we are – some really shitty ass neighborhood.

It looked a little bit like the neighborhood you see in this music video here (minus the hills I think).

And I thought to myself in that moment – “god damn it, I’m in the barrio.”

Which isn’t too uncommon for some gringos – you end up fucking enough chicks down here, eventually a few of them might lead you into “the barrio” or some really shitty area.

But regardless, we walk over to where the taxis were and went separately.

"Fuck, This Neighborhood is Not Good..."

Not trying to be offensive but it is true – Germania was about as dumb as a pile of rocks.

Not in a mean way but just in a general matter of fact way – she was arguably one of the dumber chicks I have met down here in Latin America.

Similar to Lizeth that you can read about here – a chick who was great in bed but just didn’t seem to be “all there.”

She would say a bunch of stuff endlessly and just never actually said anything of substance.

But she was nice either way.

One night I decided I wanted to see her again – sex with her the first time was really great.

So I got talking with her on Whatsapp and she agreed to have me come over for the night.

Inside a taxi, I head on over.

And she gave me the general neighborhood of where she lived in but not the exact street for some reason.

Or something like that – it was a little bit difficult to find her place because we didn’t have an exact address and I didn’t remember perfectly where it was.

So the taxi driver is driving around this area late at night – around midnight or so.

And the area looks familiar to me – we are definitely close.

And he’s looking around saying to himself in Spanish “ah fuck, this is not a good area to be in…..”

Anyway, we come across a building that looks like the one I visited before.

A very narrow building with some metal stairs going up.

I tell the taxi driver to stay here and not leave me in case it isn’t the place because I wasn’t sure.

So I go up the metal stairs and sure enough – it is!

Funny enough, her door to her apartment was even open despite the area not being very nice and it was midnight.

But I go back down the stairs and pay the taxi driver the fee plus a generous tip for dragging him over to this part of town.

I go back up and walk inside the apartment and find Germania on her bed watching TV.

And in her usual fashion, for whatever reason, she always liked to yell “DIME” in a very overly feminine voice.

A little quirk about her, I guess.

Well, it becomes another night of having sex and then we chill for a bit.

She asks if I want any water and I go sure.

Before then we start actually getting to know each other a bit more personally.

I never told her my full name anyway – just Matt – I usually don’t like giving out personal info to chicks I don’t have any intention of seeing long term.

And she goes into her life story…

Basically, she is a nurse at some nearby hospital or whatever and was just a tiny bit younger than me at the time by a year or two.

And is also a single mother – even though I never saw her kid at her place during any of my visits to her apartment (before this or after).

Well, she shows me a picture – a small brown kid who couldn’t be older than 10.

Well, anyway, she was around 14 when she got pregnant by a Dominican dude who is at least twice her age.

A guy who was in his 40s at the time I met her.

Either way, she got pregnant and I assumed he never did jail time for this but I didn’t ask her.

Anyway, she takes care of the kid but takes the occasional child support payment from him because he wants to be in the kids life and visit the kid every so often from what she told me.

Overall, a bit fucked up but stories like these are not uncommon in Latin America.

Or anywhere in the world to be fair…

But with enough time down here, stories like these don’t sound too uncommon.

There’s a lot of fucked up shit that happens and given the lack of efficiency in criminal justice, scumbags like this guy get away with it at times.

Either way, Germania and I met up over the course of the following week before I left Santo Domingo.

Mostly for sex since we were mostly just down for that but I remember meeting her once at a mall to get some beer at a nearby bar.

Because overall, we got along very well with each other – she was friendly, easy to chill with over a few beers and the sex was great.

But then it was time for me to go back to the US.

Threatening Me While At The Airport

Finally, it was time for me to leave.

I think I told Germania and another chick (Deborah that you can read here) that I was leaving this day.

Deborah remembered but I’m not sure about Germania.

Because our conversation was a bit weird that afternoon as I was sitting by the gate in an airport in Santo Domingo..

Waiting for boarding to begin…

And I’m talking with Germania and some other folks about whatever…

When Germania springs a new idea on me – why don’t I give her some money?

“Because, you see, we have been hanging around for a week or two now and have been having sex and having dates…”

“….and we are basically boyfriend and girlfriend now, no?”

Was the reasoning she gave – give me money because I’m basically your girl now.

Which is not an unusual thing about Dominican women – asking for money – but we will get to that soon enough below.

Anyway, she wanted, if I remember right, somewhere between 250 to 300 USD.

For things like going to a beauty salon and buying clothes and makeup – just to improve her appearance.

“You want your girl looking nice, don’t you?”

“You don’t want an ugly girlfriend, do you?”

Well, being as polite as I could, I told her no – I’m not giving you any money.

Which then her attitude changed very quickly from “porfa papi, dame dinero, te amooooooo”


“oye pinche pendejo, dame dinero ahora mismo! Que tipo de hombre eres?”

Which, to be fair, she wouldn’t have said pinche but I’ve been in Mexico long enough and not sure what Dominicans would use for “pinche.”

But basically her attitude went from “I’m your girl, I love you” to “give me some fucking money. What type of man are you!?!”

Basically playing the ol’ “man up! You ain’t man enough if you don’t give me half your shit!”

Which, not uncommon among the ladies to try and get a man’s money – be it by trying to shame him, using sex or by legal force (alimony).

Well, thankfully we weren’t married.

But her shaming tactics about how “I need to be a man and give your girl some money” wasn’t working.

Which then she tried a new strategy…

“Give me money or my brother will kick your ass!”

Followed by a picture she sent me of some skinny brown dude in a police uniform where he was looking up at the camera while putting on his best angry looking face he could pull off.

Now, I wasn’t sure at the time if this was some photo of some random brown police dude or if it was actually her brother.

I mean, I never heard her say she had brothers during our previous conversation mentioned above but it could be possible.

The guy did look young anyway.

And being the foreigner in the DR, I have no doubt that if her brother did exist, that he could get some of his police buddies to kick my ass together for sure.

Thankfully, she never knew my full name and I was literally at the airport gate that day to leave in 30 minutes or less.

Which makes me wonder if she knew I was leaving or not.

I mean, would such a threat work if you knew the guy was leaving your country that day?

Or whatever really – was a bit strange but also funny to have her threatening me with her police brother.

Well, I told her to kick rocks and that was the end of it (or so I thought…)

Threatening Messages After

Probably only a day or two after that happened…

I was getting some random messages on Whatsapp from this random dude I never met before.

Turns out – this dude was claiming to be her brother and was threatening to kick my ass.

On the basis that I’m not a good man or some shit and that I should treat her better by buying her shit or whatever.

It’s been a few years so I don’t remember what exactly he said but basically along those lines.

Anyway, the dude in question could have been her brother but his Whatsapp profile pic didn’t show his face and could have been anyone.

Maybe one of her side dudes that she fucks – maybe her on a prepaid phone with a different number or whatever.

But I told him the same – go kick rocks, your girl was never my girlfriend and we were just fucking, that she isn’t entitled to shit, etc.

"Maybe it she wasn't sleeping around with every dude on the internet, she could find a boyfriend that will pay for her shit...."

"Or maybe she can get a better paying job...."

Well, he didn't like those suggestions....

Then life went on – never heard from her or him again. I guess she must have found some other dudes on Dominican Cupid to harass for money.

….And is that the Dominican way?

Some Final Lessons

There are some lessons here for most gringos who are new to Latin America.

First, the fact that I went to a crappy neighborhood a few times to fuck her.

Suffice to say, like said before, you will probably do this I imagine if you fuck enough chicks down here.

It happens – some nice piece of ass that you want to fuck and it happens to live in a bad neighborhood.

Just be safe if you do that.

Second, there’s a lot of fucked up shit that happens down here. Like Germania getting pregnant at a young age by a man considerably older than her.

You meet enough chicks down here and you will probably come across enough chicks with fucked up stories.

And that the police and the judicial system are less likely to do anything about it....

But speaking of the police....

Third, the police can actually fuck you up for no reason.

Like I wrote in this story about having to pay a bribe to the police in Mexico once.

It wasn’t just that her brother and some police friends of his could have kicked my ass had they ganged up together on me.

It’s also the case they probably could have put me in jail for no reason just to fuck with me – by saying they caught me pissing in the street when I wasn’t and just holding me in jail or demanding a bribe to get out of it like the story in Mexico I posted about here.

Which then some of that bribe can be given to Germania....

Police can often do fucked up things down here by accusing innocent people of things they didn’t do or other crazy shit.

Fourth, it is somewhat of a belief among other foreign folks down here from the US or wherever that Dominican women are all gold diggers.

If you read up about Dominican women on the internet, you will find articles saying as such.

Now that’s a question – are all Dominican women gold diggers?

Well, obviously not all of them.

However, by far, without any question about it, Dominican women are definitely much more focused on getting your money than any other type of woman I have ever met in my life.

There’s no other nationality of women that seem so hell bent on getting your money or scamming you or whatever.

Such as this Dominican chick I met here.

Of course, there are other chicks I met who are not like this…

Such as this chick here named Deborah -- who was comfortable paying her own half of the bills whenever we ate something together or went out for drinks.

But she also came from a nicer family I think that had more wealth and she had a job of her own that I suppose paid better.

There are other Dominican chicks as well that don’t harass people for money.

But when using Dominican Cupid anyway, I ran across so many women straight up harassing me for money in literally like 30 minutes of making contact.

One I gave my phone number too and she started blowing up my phone instantly by calling me non-stop while I was eating dinner.

I remember another chick who reached out to me some months after I gave her my number (never met her though) and eventually asked for money.

Truth is like I said before – not all Dominican women are gold diggers but this country has far more gold diggers than literally any other place I have been to in Latin America or in the world. 

It’s not even a competition.

So just keep that in mind.

The way you deal with them though is easy – if they are too insistent on you giving them money now and won’t drop the topic, dump them.

And focus on the chicks who are not harassing you 24/7.

Just go on dates with them then, keep the dates cheap or don’t spend any money if possible, try to fuck them and move on.

Then they ask for money a week later like Germania? Money like 300 bucks?

Don’t give them anything obviously – you already had sex with her, move on.

And trust me, chicks like Germania will play the waiting game to ask for money later after sex.

I assume they think that instead of harassing you for money now, that having sex and building a connection will work better in getting results for them.

Which maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t – I would guess that’s the logic there.

And in honor of all the Dominican gold diggers, enjoy this song below here.

But either way, those are just some of the lessons you can take from this story.

And if you have any similar experiences or questions, drop them below in the comment section.

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Best regards,


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