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When the Parents of Your Latina Girlfriend Need Jesus to Approve Your Relationship

Published September 5, 2020 in Dating Information , Mexico , Religion - 0 Comments

While living in Mexico City, I was dating a Mexican chick named Brenda.

We had first met around May or June of 2018 and began dating formally around July of 2018.

Our first date was to a coffee shop, second date in her city in Pachuca de Soto and then the third date she spent the night at my house to fuck.

The third date was when she finally moved from Pachuca de Soto to Mexico City so she could actually spend the night then (before, it was difficult given logistical issues getting her over for a whole night).

Soon enough, we got into a relationship anyhow.

And, over the course of the relationship, we did what many couples do: have sex, send each other nude pics from time to time, etc.

On one night in particular, I was staying the night at her place near Cuatro Caminos area of Mexico City.

For whatever reason, her Facebook got hacked and her younger brother named Aldo (who I often called Aldita given he was never masculine seeming) was able to help her get the Facebook back.

He was good with computers and all so he got on top of it.

During the time he was trying to fix the issue though, he obviously gravitated towards her Facebook messages to see if that is where the issue came from (perhaps she clicked on a bad link or something).

While checking the messages, he likely caught wind of the fact that she is messaging an unknown person that she labeled as "Amor" in our messages.

"Amor" meaning "love."

A common nickname Latinos give each other when dating.

Out of curiosity to see who this "amor" is given he didn't know that she had a boyfriend, he reads our messages.

Now, keep in mind, this dude was VERY religious.

She perhaps was somewhere between 21 to 22 at the time and he was a few years younger than that (so a tiny bit immature too).

And, keep in mind, he never knew that she had a previous boyfriend before me and he thought she was a virgin.

So now he, as a very religious boy, is reading our text messages concerning what he thought was his virgin sister.

What did the messages say?

For one, that I am an atheist.

Two, that I make affiliate income from cam model websites.

Three, we read all of our texts that talked about fucking, etc.

He definitely saw our nude pics.

Got a good look most likely at his sister's non-virgin naked ass, her non-virgin boobs and non-virgin pussy.

Definitely got a good look at my dick of a humble 19 inches (24 inches when I'm pimping).

With text messages that likely said some dirty things.

As I wrote here, I always enjoy it when a Latina says shit like "dame hijos blancos."

The idea of making a Latina "white bred" is hot as fuck to me.


I'm seeing a psychiatrist.

So, if I had to guess, her text messages to me to turn me on likely were any of the following:

  1. Cum inside me, papi.
  2. I want your cum.
  3. I want you to fuck me like your dog.

So on and so on!

With all of the naked pics included in case a literary description of how I, as THE WHITE MAN, was DESTROYING his sister's VIRGIN PUSSY wasn't enough.

Suffice to say, this was quite a shocker to the small town Mexican boy who is very religious and thought his sister was a virgin and didn't even know about her past boyfriend.

At first, he thought she was a good ol' virgin.

In the next second, he literally got mental images burned into his memory of our naked bodies while reading his sister text a WHITE FOREIGNER about how she wants "HIJOS BLANCOS" and "LECHE DE GRINGO EN MI PUSSY, POR FAVOOOOOOOR, PAPI!!!"

To the surprise of nobody, he didn't take that well.

She then got a call in the following afternoon.

From what she told me, she was in her bedroom folding laundry with her brother on speaker.

He confessed that he knows about our relationship and who I am.

"Ok...." she said nervously.

"And what does he do for a living?" he asked her.

She told him that "I am a professor."

Which, as I wrote here, is something I used to tell Latinas when they'd ask me "what do I do for work?"

To this day, I still have bullshit job titles I give myself like "marketing" or "I own a business."

I don't make these titles up to make myself sound better but only because what I do for work is "an odd topic."

For one, most Latin Americans (outside of the young urbanites in more developed cities like Mexico City or Buenos Aires to be fair) have a harder time knowing what "affiliate income" is.

And, even in Mexico City, many find it confusing (though, with remote work even more common, less do so nowadays than back in 2017 or 2018).

But also it's "an odd topic" because I don't like telling people I make affiliate income from cam model websites.

What's next?

I tell them that I work as a marketing man for Pornhub?

You get the idea.

It'd be a weird look.

Though, as I wrote in the last article cited, some Latinas quite like it when I tell them that and find it sexy.

Regardless, let's get back to the story!

So the brother -- assumingly he read in the texts that I called myself a "professor" -- went "uh huh...and what else?"

She responded with "what do you mean?"

And he spills the beans that he knows about the affiliate income from a cam model website.

Then it spirals from there with the dude also making some comments about how pre-martial sex is sinful and bad.  

In short, the dude felt I was using her, not respecting her well and feared that I would turn her out to be a cam model shoving dildos in her ass for 5 bucks an hour and make a commission from it.

He legitimately believed that I would pimp her out.

Now, to be fair, he's not entirely wrong.

Though I never pimped her out specifically because I loved her, was in a relationship and couldn't image having my girlfriend have her naked body on the internet for strangers to enjoy, I have tried to sign up random Latinas that I've never met before on the internet onto cam model websites.

Most of them complete strangers where I advertise -- with my ways -- to people in the Spanish and English language about how "they can make so much money online" by being a cam model and then plugging my affiliate links.

But, for Brenda, I never did that because there's a difference between making money from a random chick you never met and someone you love and are in a relationship with.

Even if Brenda had told me that she was a cam model in the past but no longer, I couldn't see myself dating her then (as hypocritical as that sounds given I make money from it).

Still, beyond the "is Matt going to turn my sister into a prostitute?" concern, he also had the concern about me not "treating her right."

As I said, the dude was very religious.

He also, to my surprise, had a girlfriend.

While living in Mexico City, his girlfriend lived in Queretaro or some nearby city.

In their relationship (from what Brenda later told me), they supposedly never fucked.

How did Brenda know that?

Did she read his Facebook messages?


She just knew how religious he was and was one of those "no fucking until marriage" type guys.

He believed it was wrong to have sex before marriage.

So, suffice to say, he felt like I wasn't treating her right because he felt like I was "just with her for sex."

Given how our texts were so sexual that they literally could've been an erotic novel in length and content matter, I could see how he believed that (especially if he was a religious virgin who didn't approve of sex before marriage).

Anyway, the guy lost his shit in the coming months.

"You! You! YOU WHORE!!!"

Right after, she wanted him to think that we were no longer in a relationship.

Their parents didn't know about me yet but he did and he insisted that we break up.

So she told him a lie saying that we broke up while we were still together (without him having access to her Facebook anymore thankfully).

Despite though him thinking that we are no longer together, he still was enraged at her.

From what she told me, she was called "slut" or "whore" literally every single time he saw her in person.

"Hi Aldita Aldo, how are you?" she would ask.

"Slut." He would respond bitterly.

Then, at one point, there was a family reunion.

Everyone was there.

The grandpas, the grandmas, every aunt and uncle, every cousin, every niece and nephew, the parents, her brother, etc.

I was not at the family reunion obviously as the parents didn't even know about me yet.

So everything I am going to say is based on her story and what she told me.

At this gathering, they were all at the table eating food.

At some point (and I have no idea what led up to this in the hour before), the brother FUCKING LOST IT.

He LITERALLY broke down mentally.

And he pointed his finger at Brenda from across the table, began sobbing and SCREAMED "PUTA! PUTA! PUTA!!!!!"

Imagine Dexter in this scene here when he realizes Miguel owned him. 

You have the same amount of rage.

Just replace the word "MIGUEL!!!!!" with "PUTA!!!!!!!"

Then the father took the son away for a private conversation.

He was concerned obviously about what is going on.

Why is his son screaming "PUTA!!!!!" at his sister?

Why is he sobbing?

Why can't Brenda walk normally (hint: it's because I fucked her tight, little asshole with my 21 inches a few hours before and it hurts to walk now).

All equally legitimate questions!

Anyway, from what I know, Aldita did not confess the sins of his sister.

I have no idea what he said to him.

Neither does Brenda.

But, from what I know in hindsight, I doubt anything came from it.

A December Dinner

At some point around December of 2018, I wanted to announce to her family that we are together and told her I wanted it done at a restaurant called Casa de Toño.

I genuinely didn't like being "the ghost" in the family where nobody knows who I am.

My family knew about her (though they never met her in person).

But they did at least see pictures of her!

Know the basic facts about her: that she's a med student, from Hidalgo, etc.

Hell, even this Mexican family in my small town knew about her I think.

If I remember right, I think my mom told them.

They are a nice family that runs a Mexican restaurant that I have gone to literally almost all my life since I was 2 years old.

Even THEY know about Brenda!

The only thing they didn't know was that Brenda's name was Brenda.

I told them it was Alejandra because I felt weird having a girlfriend with the same name as another family member.

Not a good long term plan I suppose given they would've found out eventually.

And, given that her brother suspected me of trying to eventually pimp out his sister, I guess the name "Alejandra" was of piss poor choice given every Alejandra I have met has been a raging slut.

Anyway, I wanted to meet her family!

It just didn't make sense to me how we could continue on like this if we plan on getting married someday.

After all, she did tell me that she was interested in marrying me.

And we also had a pregnancy scare where I decided to cum inside her TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY, gave her a day after pill soon after but her next period was still late.

It was a moment where we were on the train and I asked her "how much would a kid cost?"

And, given she never had one anyway, she guessed "eh maybe 5000 pesos a month."

Which is 250 USD a month.

To be honest, that made me feel better about WHITE BREEDING a brown Latina.

The fantasy is always HOT AS FUCK but the reality of it actually happening can be "a tiny bit scary" as I realized another time when I was suspected of maybe getting another Mexican chick named Jovi pregnant years after my relationship with Brenda ended as you can read here.

Still, with a monthly cost of 250 USD a month, that really is not concerning at all.

.....Assuming that cost is accurate.

Anyway, given how serious our relationship had been getting where she is doing the real talk about wanting to get married and having a pregnancy scare, I especially wanted to meet her parents.

Obviously, if we were to do either of the above, we can't pretend that I'm a ghost to appease her virgin "never been inside a pussy before" brother (formally known as Aldita).

Time to meet the family!

The Threat of Exposure

On one particular afternoon, we were inside her apartment near Cuatro Caminos of Mexico City.

After agreeing to notify her family of our relationship during that same "December Dinner" as mentioned before, she sent a text message on Whatsapp to the Family Group Chat.

"Mom...Dad...I got a boyfriend....And he FUCKS my pussy!!!"

Ok, Ok, she didn't say that last part!

Don't want to piss Aldita off too much, do we?

The mom and dad are both excited.

Keep in mind that I was her FIRST boyfriend that she ever announced to the family.

Then her brother sent her a VERY long text message privately between them.

What did it say?

It's been a while but it said something like the following:

"Oh OH SO GOOD that you are still with that little boyfriend of yours. But does mom and dad know that he and you have been having sex? Does he know that he makes money from affiliate income on cam model websites? Do they know that? I GOT SCREENSHOTS, BITCH! That's right. Screenshots of your text messages between you two on Facebook. And I'm going to EXPOSE you two!"

Now, to be fair, I doubted that he had screenshots.

Bull fucking shit.

No you don't!

I told Brenda to challenge him and ask for proof of the screenshots.

She wouldn't do it.

Women -- no balls, huh?

Anyway, she was scared shitless.

But nothing she could say -- even if she told him that we'd "break up again" -- would convince him to not EXPOSE us.

She was scared anyway for the following two reasons:

For one, that any "exposing" would make her parents DEMAND that we don't date anymore.

Two, that she obviously doesn't want any screenshots showing her naked body and asking for "the gringo's cum inside her, papi."

So, for several reasons, she was very scared.


I didn't give a fuck.

For one, I own up to it. Yeah, I make affiliate income from porn websites. Who gives a fuck? Don't like it? Eat my dick.

Second, we likely come from different worlds. While my mom was very hostile to me meeting any chicks in Middle School (she did ease up when I got into High School), my parents have overall been "hands off" in many ways regarding my life as I have gotten older. While they demand that I stop living in Latin America and come back to a life in Iowa, I generally have a "I'll do what I want" attitude and resist anyone trying to control or influence me. 

Even if Aldita was going to "expose me" to my parents by showing pics of my dick to them (which he never did obviously), I genuinely wouldn't give a fuck.

My mom would probably think "who the fuck is this?" and then message me warning about how crazy retards on the internet exist and you should be careful with what you take pics of or they might try to blackmail you. 

And my dad would probably laugh it off, nod away proudly at the fact that I'm destroying Latina pussy and then wonder "why is this faggot holding onto pics of my son's dick? Who is this dude?"

My sister? She'd probably rip her eyes out and scream "WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOOK AT MY BROTHER'S PENIS?!?! WHY?!?!!?"

So, in short, there wouldn't have been many consequences if I was exposed that way.

My immediate family is not overly religious whatsoever so many of his concerns would've fallen on deaf ears and/or not bring any real consequences to me personally.

My only concern was how this would impact our relationship in terms of how the parents see me and also how to make Aldita chill the fuck out in the long run.

Because, like I said, there is no long term relationship with Brenda with a brother this severely autistic about his sister having sex.

Like why does he care this much about his sister's pussy and if she let any man inside it?

Because, like I said, that was part of the concern.

So, with the warning by Aldita that he is going to EXPOSE US, we decided to be proactive.

On my end, I messaged Aldita on Facebook.

Nothing more than a "hey, I get you're upset. Let's talk it over" type of message.

I was going to explain to him how we have a real relationship, that I'm not using her for sex, that I'm not going to turn her into a prostitute, etc.

But he never responded.

Saw my message but left it at that.

Second, we were going to meet her parents before he would EXPOSE us.

They tended to visit the family back in Hidalgo every weekend and he was going to be there either on a Saturday or Sunday.

So we decided to show up the day before (I think it was a Friday).

I made sure to put on my best dress shirt.

And off we went!

Traveling to Hidalgo

We first arrived to the Autobuses del Norte bus station in Mexico City.

Then we got on a bus to Pachuca de Soto.

At Pachuca de Soto, we had to take another bus to a smaller town.

As we are waiting for the lady behind the counter to print our tickets, Brenda looks at me, is touching my chest and says "you look very handsome in this shirt."

In typical fashion, I tell her in Spanish "I know, I know. No need to remind me."

She, in typical fashion, found that humorous but made a face.

The lady behind the counter gave me a certain look that wasn't one of being offended but something else in her eyes.

After that day, Brenda told me that she didn't like how the lady was looking at me (flirtatious or something?).

Anyway, we got on the bus.

Arrived to her small town.

My first impression was that it wasn't overly developed but it was definitely better and more developed than the small towns I had seen in other Latin American countries like Colombia, Bolivia, etc.

When you travel to small towns in Latin America that don't have much tourism influence, you tend to see a lot of genuine shitholes that look wasted as fuck.

Anyway, we walk to her parent's house.

She opens the gate.

Up the steps we go.

And her mom is there opening the door to greet us.

Meeting Brenda's Family

Our plan, as I said, was to give such a solid first impression that any EXPOSING that would be done afterwards would be not as effective for Aldita and his her Master Plan to keep his sister's pussy for himself.

The mom was a medium brown skin woman who was a bit fat and wearing more traditional clothing from the looks of it.

I knew she had more indigenous heritage from what I remember.

Her dad was more "modernly dressed" for lack of a better expression and was a little bit lighter skinned than her but still brown and quite on the skinny side.

Their house was arguably one of the better houses in town from the looks of it.

It looked quite nice inside.

Not everything was modern but they had a nicer TV, nicer living room, a decent couch, etc.

Compared to some of the other houses I saw on the outside in this town, it looked like they were comfortable.

From what I know, the dad even owned other properties (at least one) in nearby Pachuca de Soto.

What did they do for a living?

I never understood perfectly.

Her mom was basically a stay at home mom with a side hustle of selling some knitted shit that she would work on the side from what I understood and remember.

Her dad, from what I remember, was in charge of distributing shit to be sold by others. My impression was he was the guy who gave those small items -- chocolate, cheap headphones, etc -- that poor people would sell in the street or in the metro.

Actually, I have no idea if that is what they sell exactly but that was my impression and what I remember.

Anyway, we all sit down on the couch in the living room to begin.

Her mom was not talkative.

Her dad was not giving the "overly protective dad" vibe and was just genuinely a very nice guy.

He even said something about how "we're SO GLAD that Brenda finally has a boyfriend! You're the first to come here!"

Very welcoming!

I always thought that Brenda took the personality of her dad and Aldita took the personality of the mom.

Without question!

For, as I learned later, the mom seemed quite the suspicious and superstitious type.

While both were religious, the mom was more of the judgmental side of religion and the dad wasn't judgemental at all.

In fact, after we broke up, her dad even asked about me sometimes!

Asked if "we are ever getting together again" and seemingly quite liked me.

....To the ire of Aldita.

With the mom, you had a whole another person.

Very superstitious and very religious and very judgemental.

The type to see you walk in with black shoes on a Tuesday and cry out internally:


Not even fucking joking with you.  

That's literally how she came across.  

On top of that, she came across as if she was incredibly dumb.

And I don't say that to be mean like how you got those who say "oh this person's dumb" but only because they don't like them and aren't actually talking about their intelligence.

You know how it is.

You meet someone in real life and can get a general sense of how smart or dumb they appear.

Most people are average and so they don't stick out.

Some people are so smart that it can even intimate folks.

And then you got those, like her mother, that was so SHOCKINGLY low IQ that you stand back in awe!

Stand back in AWE at the incredible stupidity that you are confronted with.

Someone so dumb that it makes you wonder "how did you survive all these years without being given a Darwin Award?"

So, in regards to personality and intelligence, the dad and the mom were COMPLETE opposites of each other.

Just like Aldita seemed to be a complete opposite of Brenda (though I only say that based on stories as I never met the boy despite my efforts to reach out to him).

Anyway, the food was almost ready the second I walked in.

The mom was cooking some type of meal that involved chicken.

I don't remember what it was exactly chicken.

Throughout the meal, the mom would CONSTANTLY make self-critical comments to herself about how "the chicken isn't cooked well enough."

If I remember right, I think I tried assuring her that the food tasted great.

Which, if I'm being honest, it was cooked great!

I liked it!

Though she didn't respond to my comment about how "it's great" and just kept muttering to herself about "she cooked it like shit" and occasionally looking up to stare at me intensely anytime I responded to a question that her husband would ask me (who was very friendly himself as I said).

They even had a dog who seemed friendly and nice.

Seemed to like me also.

He chose to sit by my side, sniff me and hang out with me to the point that Brenda said to him "hey, why aren't you with me?"

Throughout the occasion, the family asked me questions.

The usual basic questions about who I am and whatever else.

At some point, religion came up.

And that was it.

Minutes after dinner was over, the family asked if I would stay the night or head back.

I said I'd head back as I didn't feel like sticking in a small town.

So the dad drove us to the bus station.

While waiting for the bus, the dad even bought me a bottle of water for no real reason except to be nice.

And, as a last minute effort to leave a good impression before the wrath of Aldita, I shook his hand, gave a firm look in his eyes and said I'll treat her well. 

He took that seriously.

Then the bus came around.

Initially, I was a tiny bit confused as to what vehicle I should get in as so many were coming and going and I thought they were going to put me in one of those little vans.

Instead a bus showed up and off I went.


Brenda was still worried that Aldita was going to make the parents demand that we don't see each other anymore.

She wasn't as worried anymore about THE EXPOSURE because Aldita seemingly agreed to her that he wouldn't talk or show evidence of our sexual texts nor the photos that we sent to each other.

Instead, he was just going to expose me if I remember right (it's been a few years so forgive the bad memory).

But I do remember him only going to show some of the texts or mention some of his issues but not all of them and I remember Brenda no longer being worried about being exposed as GRINGO CUM LOVING SLUT.

No no no!

That will not be mentioned to the parents!

...Only that Matthew makes money from women shoving dildos up their pussies. That we can't let slide!

So she was JUST worried now that the parents would disapprove of our relationship and tell her to kick Matt out of your life.

The next morning arrived.

And Aldita kicked open the door with full force, charged right in and yelled SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!

Dexter Doakes Surprise Motherfucker Scene

Actually, I have no idea if that's how he made his entrance or not.

But, let me tell you, that's the mental image I got in my head for how he must've done it.

Given this dude was supposedly so enraged that he sobbed and screamed "PUTA!!!!" in front of the whole family, I can't imagine any other scenario for how he made his entrance that day.

You could've told me that he smashed the windows of the house and climbed in while then standing up, pointing his finger at Brenda and yell "YOU!!!!! BITCH!!!!! YOU FUCK OTHER MEN AND NOT ME?!?!"

Then whipping out his printed out screenshots in an envelope while giggling like an Asian girl "JE JE JE JE JE JE JE JE JE EXPOSING TIME!!!"

And, similar to the Jerry Springer show, he whips out the printed out screenshots from the envelope and yells out...


So how did it go down, Jack?

Jesus Saved the Day

Well, all I know is this:

Aldita showed up to the house around morning or afternoon time.

Brenda was still at the house.

Aldita did NOT have any screenshots to show (I told you all).

But he had the story in his brain.

Started spitting out fire about how I'm a bad dude because of my work and also because I'm an atheist.

And the parents decided to go into their bedroom to talk to Jesus.


Brenda told me in the moment by text that they "are currently in the bedroom talking to Jesus."

And what did Jesus say?

Well, I'd like to imagine that Jesus descended from their bedroom ceiling with open arms only to say two words before disappearing: "he cool."

It probably went down like that.

Because the parents came out of the bedroom to "have a serious discussion."

And supposedly Jesus wasn't shit talking me.


Jesus and I we homies!

Homies Over Hoes Boondocks

So supposedly they didn't get any bad signs from Jesus that I'm a bad guy.

And, putting religion aside, I think it was a decision made also not just by Jesus but just parental logic.

I think they also didn't take a stand against me because 1) Brenda isn't 15 anymore and 2) I was literally her first boyfriend that she ever introduced and I think they didn't want to interfere in that.

So they told her that "while we don't approve of what Matt does in terms of work to buy the handcuffs and ballgags he uses on you to fuck your tight little pussy, we will not insist that you break up with him."

...Or something like that.

Ultimately, what they said is that they don't approve of my work but will let her decide if we should continue or not.

....Aldita No Be Happy.

And life went on.

The Months After to the End of the Relationship

Aldita never did let it go.

He still would never meet me in person.

And all around was just a bit bitchy about the whole thing forever and ever.

We ultimately stayed in the relationship for another 6 or 7 months. 

Moved together to Pachuca de Soto also during that time.

But I ultimately broke up with her near the end of the relationship.  

There were various reasons:

For one, I realized that I was falling out of love with her. 

Two, we tried living together in the same apartment for a very brief period and I hated it.

Third, as ironic as it sounds, I got tired of fucking her. She didn't get fat or anything. But I just got tired of fucking her and didn't enjoy the sex as much.

Fourth, I always concluded that, even if her parents can accept me, the brother never will and Brenda takes the brother quite seriously in her life. I always felt that, if we got married, the brother would do everything he could to ruin the marriage somehow. That we'd have a constant enemy and Brenda never had the balls to tell him to fuck off and Aldita never had the balls to talk with me in person. The stress of having him always being bitter would have likely tainted any marriage somehow.

Fifth, her mother was an issue. I could tell that any marriage with Brenda would involve some tense politics with the mom.

There also likely were other issues with the relationship but I can't remember them right now as it's been some time since then. 

Above all, I will say this: I always felt with strong conviction that, even if we just got engaged, that the engagement would surely be called off before any wedding without question due to all of the issues above.

Especially given the first issue where I straight up was falling out of love with her.

Ultimately, I gave her some "warning shots" around May or June of 2019. Told her that "I'm not sure if this is going to work out."

She cried a little bit but assured me that "things can change."

So I gave her a few more months.

And, at some point laying in my bed thinking about it all, I just concluded in the moment "fuck this, I can't stay in this relationship anymore."

So I took the time to get her and end the relationship.

In the few months that followed, she tried to reach out to me a few times on Facebook.

Wanted to "have a final goodbye."

I told her that it can only be done in my apartment because I imagined such a goodbye could involve getting my dick sucked and I wouldn't have minded having my dick sucked.

Still, she was smart enough to see through that and said "no, it'll have to be at a park."

So I never agreed to that.

But she did, at one point, get her final goodbye.

She chose to wait outside my apartment building for however long for me to walk out.

Then she followed me.

At some bakery place where I was waiting for some pastes to be made, she taps me on the shoulder with a smile on her face and a "hola!!!" in a light voice.

I shook her hand formally "hola."

They gave me my food to walk away with.

We walked together down the street.

Made some small talk.

And that then she had to go the other direction after about 5 minutes of small talk to catch a combi to get to her university for her classes.

As she waved goodbye and walked towards the sunlight blazing over the combis in her white med student clothing, that was the literal last time I ever saw her in person.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was quite the experience.

I never had any Latin American wage out an entire "Spanish Inquisition" on my ass just because I like sex and make money in an "informal way."

But here we are!

The stories I got from Brenda about this dude -- some of them I left out -- were crazy as fuck.

In the end, I hope they managed to get along again and I hope that I didn't ruin their relationship forever.

Though I do suspect that I made Aldita much more bigoted towards gringos.

Without question.

Over the months of her being with me after the "COME TO JESUS" moment at her house, Aldita would make comments here and there at the family dinner table that she told me about.

For example, there was one time at the family dinner table where the word "gringa" was used.

But, for those who don't know, "gringa" can mean an American woman or it can be a type of food that is sold in Mexico.

Here's an example of it below.

So Brenda said something about "liking gringas" (she's not a lesbian) and Aldita said something like "better than a gringo!!!"

Among other comments he would consistently throw against "gringos" at the dinner table every so often.

And always saying it in a way where he's not just joking but still -- according to her -- quite pissed off.

So, in a certain sense, I suspect that I traumatized this dude against gringos (especially white ones) for life.

It would not surprise me if Aldita would scream in PTSD if Brenda showed up to the house with another gringo boyfriend.

And the images of my white cock that  he saw in photos that one day in 2018 come back to his memory.

To which his head then remembers Brenda texting "DAME HIJOS BLANCOS!!! QUIERO TU LECHE!!!"

And Aldita gets the mental visual of his sister's pussy being DESTROYED by THE WHITE MAN.


And, while that sounds like an exaggeration, I'm truly not sure if it is.

I can truly see -- based on everything that happened and everything I was told -- that this boy now harbors a STRONG dislike of gringo (especially white gringo) men dating probably ANY Mexican woman.

At any rate, all I can hope for he is gets some therapy to treat his GRINGO COCK PTSD syndrome and that their relationship hopefully has healed.

I knew it was in the shits when I left the relationship but hopefully it's better now and they can have a normal brother-sister relationship.

Ultimately, I don't hold anything against Brenda. We never had any major arguments or anything bad between us.

I simply fell out of love.

So I wished her the best that one sunny morning when she stalked me outside of my apartment.

And that was it.

One of my more memorable relationships in Latin America over the 7 years I've been here as of this writing in 2022.

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