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Comes a Night Where a Gringo Impregnates a Mexican Woman

Published October 18, 2021 in Dating Information , Mexico - 1 Comment

Some odd hours ago, I was relaxing in my apartment by Lindavista of Mexico City.

I had some Latin music like you can see here.

Maracaibo Oriental

And preparing a drink of brandy and black tea.

A classic for the sophisticated man of the 21st century!

Having just taken a shower, I was going to relax to some good music and a drink.

Then, out of nowhere, came a text message that has obliterated the reality of countless men.

“Holiii” was the text.

Sent by a Mexican gal named Jovi.

At 7:19 PM on October 17th, 2021.

“Como estas?” was the follow up message.

The conversation begins.

I thought that Jovi was texting me because she wanted to sit on a gringo dick again.

After all, we all know that Mexican women love gringo dicks.

A full 12 inches bigger than your average Mexican penis!

So who can blame them?

It is, after all, the common gringo man’s dream to hear the words “dame tus hijos blancos” from a lovely Latina gal.

But is it such a dream to then hear “oh, trabajo bien hecho, papi.”

A follow up with the words above would make any mad be fearful.

But here we are.

Thinking that she wanted to repeat a night of her begging for the White Man’s Seed, I soon found out that she actually had inquiries about the White Man’s Seed instead.

Such as “just how potent is it?”

For the conversation soon followed into a “tengo que decirte algo.”

What does the Mexicana Bonita have to tell the gringo?

Put your drinks down, gentlemen.

Are you ready?

Here is what she had to tell me in these screenshots here.

“I’m pregnant” for those who don’t speak Spanish.

Oddly enough, I didn’t find this to be so shocking.

After all, it’s well known that I’m the most potent alpha male on the planet (who also happens to be the most handsome, intelligent and the most humble).

But, in all seriousness, I actually did have some “weird feeling” that something was up over the last week or two.

As I wrote here, I took a day walking through the parks of Mexico City.

And oddly found myself contemplating things like “this would be a nice place to raise a happy family.”

With no actual knowledge that any girl I had fucked was pregnant.

It was jut a natural thought in my head that I pondered as I walked through the parks of Mexico City only a few days ago.

So here we are.

The conversation flowed from there for a few hours but you can see in the conversation above that there's some warning signs of pregnancy. 

As you can see, she has warning signs of pregnancy!

The period hasn’t come for quite a bit.

The tits feel weird.

She has a feeling.

Something inside her that says “pregnant.”

Now, being honest with you, we aren’t dating officially.

We were just good people who enjoyed each other’s company and to mess around.

Well, if she turns out to be pregnant, then we’ll definitely be getting to know each other more strongly over the rest of our lives.

A connection that can’t be broken.

That of two people who have a kid together.

How do I feel about this?

My Thoughts

My first response, as you can see in the texts above, was how I felt initially.


That word reflecting more my initial feelings on the possibility of her being pregnant.

But what is there to say in greater detail?

Let’s break down everything that comes to mind here.

First, I’m actually not that worried.

People say kids are expensive.

I get that.

But I’m not worried from a financial point of view.

I genuinely feel OK on that front.

Now, if I had knocked her up in my first year of Mexico, then maybe it’d be a different story.

But this is not concerning to me right now!

Second, I’m glad it didn’t happen when I was deeper in the dumps last year versus now.

I’ve been getting my shit together better over the last few months and am glad I’m at least seeing the light in my own personal light when it comes to deeper things I ponder.

So that’s good it didn’t happen before!

Third, we obviously don’t know if she is actually pregnant.

She hasn’t taken the test nor do I have any DNA test to confirm it’s mine if she even is pregnant.

Both of which will be done.

She’ll be coming over this Friday for the pregnancy test.

If she’s pregnant, I’ll go forward as if it’s mine until it is born and I can get a DNA test.

Fourth, it’s funny almost to think that there’ll be a “mini me” out there.

Not sure how else to put it except the idea of someone like a smaller version of me existing.

Fifth, what’s the future hold with her?

I have no idea.

If she is pregnant with my seed, then I do wonder if we’ll live together or not?

We never had a real relationship.

And I don’t love her.

I like her as a person.

We get along.

But there’s a difference between “getting along and hooking up” and living together.

And, being honest, I know she isn’t the type to stay faithful in a real relationship.

That’s not a statement against her character.

She just likes to party.

I wouldn’t trust her to be faithful, I don’t think.

Which does create doubt on my end to live together.

But, on the flip side, there’s a motivation to do so?

Sixth, if she is pregnant, a part of me would want to live with her.

Mostly because I wouldn’t want her marrying another man and bringing that man into the life of my hypothetical child.

I don’t want another man influencing my kid and also because of any danger that could pose to the kid if the dude in question is a bad guy.

And, as studies show, obviously kids do better with the two biological parts in the house than not in the house.

Though, as I remember growing up, I hated seeing my parents fight, scream and hit each other constantly.

I don’t think having two angry parents living together is a good solution either.

And, though I’m open to trying to live with her, I also wonder if we’ll get along doing so.

As I said, we get along great now.

But there’s a huge difference between living with someone and casually seeing them.

So it’s tough!

It’s one of the tougher questions I’ve pondered tonight.

Live together with her if she’s pregnant with my child?

Seventh, I like the idea of my genetic legacy carrying on.

I always wanted to get a girl pregnant.

It does make me feel “happy” almost to know that this is something achieved.

Or potentially so anyway.

It’s pretty cool actually.

I dig it.

Eighth, if the kid is pregnant, I know I’m going to have to whip myself into shape even more than now.

Work harder on getting my shit together even more.

Can’t as easily mess around each night.

Ninth, I wonder if she’ll abort it?

Honestly, I don’t want her to.

But she said that she “isn’t sure.”

She’s a bit concerned obviously.

We’ll see.

Tenth, I guess having a kid in Mexico will give me official residency in the country.

I can finally have a legal status in the country beyond “tourist visa” or the FMM.

Which is pretty cool.

Eleventh, on the flip side, I have doubted that this could be my kid.

For one, as you can see in this study here, TRT works as a contraceptive in some sense.

Including this quote here from this source here or the videos below:

"Weekly injections of testosterone reduce the sperm counts of almost all men to below the threshold needed for conception, according to a study by the World Health Organization.  

The two-and-a-half-year study of 399 couples in nine countries found that the injections of the male sex hormone were an effective contraceptive for 98.6 percent of the participants, according to the report in the current issue of Fertility and Sterility, the journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine."

It does work as a contraceptive where most men can’t get a girl pregnant on it.

But it does happen to a few!

Was my seed so Alpha and Superior that it broke through the contraceptive regulations of TRT to get her pregnant?

Being honest, there is a part of me that’s proud of myself if that’s the case.

Where I can look at myself in the mirror and go “yeah, fuck your contraceptive practices. My seed is SO POWERFUL that it can break through anything and BREED anyone!”

Twelfth, on that note, part of the thing that is cool about this to me is how I got a Mexican chick pregnant possibly.

Something cool about getting someone of a different race and nationality pregnant.

That I broke into their bloodline and inserted my White Man Genes into her bloodline.

Thousands of years of her ancestors struggling to carry on their own legacy.

Then I, like Christopher Columbus, stopped by and wielded the sword more powerful than any of her ancestors.

And conquered her bloodline with my Superior Seed.

Colonized her womb.

The White Man has won again.

But that’s just a part of my brain that thinks that way.

Don't take any of the above personally. It's just "sex crazed Matt" thinking with his weird fetishes for getting a chick of another race and nationality pregnant.

Thirteenth, I will say that the idea of getting a chick pregnant without being married to her does make me feel guilty.

No matter if we live together or not or how well I end up as a father, there is some guilty aspect to it.

Can only do our best from here going forward if she is actually pregnant with my kid.

Fourteenth, if this is my kid, I know I need to grow the fuck up quickly.

Starting last month when she got pregnant.

I can do stupid shit sometimes.

Take life too easily.

Let's be honest -- that's true.

If this kid is mine, I need to be more responsible in life now.

That's a bigger concern of mine that I've thought about this night than anything to do with finances.

Fifteenth, I feel I'd be very protective of the kid. Make sure it didn't deal with any of the shit I saw growing up.

Just very conscious of its security.

On the other hand though, I wouldn't want it to grow up overly sheltered.

You know what I mean?

Not exposed to the extreme shit I saw but also not so sheltered that it grows up to be a pussy who can't defend itself. 

Sixteenth, I have considered things too.

If she is pregnant with my kid, how would I be as a dad?

What should I do as a dad?

So much runs in my mind when it comes to that.

I’m more concerned about the potential kid in all honesty.

For one, I want him to be American in a way.

I get he won’t be 100% American but I want him to have a semblance of American nationality in him.

Where he speaks English.

Where he plays baseball or basketball.

That it goes to the gym to be strong and can defend itself.

Show it movies I  grew up watching like Spiderman, Home Alone, etc.

Let it have pets that can show it love.

Make sure it knows that I'm always proud of whatever he or she does in life.

That it always feels like it has a father who shows love.

That it can trust me and always see me as the closest person in its life. 

I think I read somewhere that giving your kids better quality food when growing up makes them taller as they age into their teenager years?

Not sure how true that is but, if she turns out pregnant, I’m going to read the fuck up on that.

I don’t want my kid to be some small ass Mexican dude whose only 5’5 like so many here.

I want the dude to be 6 foot tall when he’s grown up!

And I hope it’s a boy.

As you can see here, she and I agree that it’d be cool if it was a boy.

I’d also definitely work to get the kid American citizenship in the long run so it has better opportunities there.

On top of that, I’d take it for walking outside.

Enjoy nature.

Maybe fishing?

A strong emphasis on enjoying the outside.

And, regardless of if I live with her, I’d want to make sure that the kid lives in a good neighborhood.

Not Roma or Condesa because of all of the homeless people and drunk tourists.

Somewhere nicer like in the Lomas area or something like that.

And so much more!

If this does turn out to be my kid, expect me to begin putting in a shit ton of thought as to how to raise it properly ahead of time.

I can’t get my head around all of the things I’d want for the kid.

But to me, it’s exciting to think of the idea of giving a kid a good life.

Crazy to think it could be reality too.

What else can I say?

It's an emotional topic for me because I guess I should say that I more worried above all of fucking it up if she is pregnant with my kid.

I don't think I could look at myself in the mirror if the kid grew up fucked up.

If it hated me.

What if it does hate me? 

How could you live with that?

That, to me, is the greatest concern of all as I've thought this over tonight.

Of fucking it up.

Outside of how to raise a multi-cultural kid (gringo and Latino background) and how to raise it properly with those circumstances....

And to live with the mother or not.

Among other concerns mentioned in the "Final Thoughts."

It’s mind blowing in ways you can’t imagine.

Shit, this could be my kid?

But, as I said, I oddly do not feel worried at all.

I feel so much more excited almost.

My main worry isn’t at all the finances but more about how would one even raise a multi-cultural kid (American and Mexican), how to offer to the kid what I wish I had when I was a kid and if I should live with the mother or not.

Those three worries above are much more dominant in my head above all.

But I guess the exciting part also comes from the idea of offering the kid what I wish I had growing up.

And really just doing my best to give someone a good life.

That does sound cool as fuck.

But I’ll have to check to make sure she’s actually pregnant first and do a DNA test first actually as I said before.

Of course, as you saw in the conversation, she feels “weird” and “nervous.”

And, we I said, we don’t know if she’s actually pregnant or not and if it’s even mine from my perspective.

As we saw earlier in the article, TRT has a high success rate of 98% in preventing pregnancy. Of course, men can still get someone pregnant but it's statistically unlikely.

Still, we’ll see!

It’s a crazy thing anyhow.

One of the few times in my life a chick has come to me and been like “you might’ve gotten me pregnant, good sir.”

Will this time turn out to be true?

We’ll find out!

A weird mixture of feelings I carry – excitement and weirdness.

How excited I feel to do my best to offer a good life to a kid and a weirdness that comes with contemplating such a massive life change.

Anyway, this is one of the few articles where I’d appreciate genuine commentary on this “pregnancy scare” and on the topic of raising a kid in Latin America.

Or anything else you wish to comment on.

Would love to hear a comment so I’m not too alone in my head thinking everything over.

And I’ll respond.

Follow my Twitter here.

And enjoy this music here as I wrote this.

Macintosh Plus-- Floral Shoppe (full album)

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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1 comment

Dazza - October 18, 2021 Reply

Well, the great thing is that you’re ready for all eventualities which is good, right ‘forearmed is forewarned’ one thing you say is Jovi is a ‘party girl’ so it’s a legit concern to wait until the kid is born (if she is going to keep it…) and take the DNA test – but what happens if you convince her to keep it and the kid isn’t yours? That is a double shitpile whammy so the main thing is let her decide if she is to keep the kid or not? If you have been fucking her regularly then the likelehood it’s yours but – you know her better than I – you are going to have to ask her some uncomfortable questions but it’s good news if it goes your way and the kid is yours – main thing is you’re not just going to leave her in the lurch – a lot of guys do in places like the Philippines and they leave a mixed race kid living in poverty.

The main thing is that you take this one step at a time, be there for Jovi and get a DNA test as soon as possible – a good reputable company and not some 20 peso backalley job where you get a DNA report tracing your lineage back to Montezuma and the King of Spain – if she is a goer like you say she is then she will have to come to terms that this kid might not be yours and that this is a legitimate concern.

As for being a Latino growing up in a non-gringo world – well, the UK is very different from The States, I am sure in the south west being a white-Mexican mix is pretty common – knew one such Texan lady and she was a beauty queen so there you have it! I don’t think in the right place such as Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona etc that your kid would have any blowback – they would growing up in a council estate in the north of England but that is where you would be taking them! Iowa? I have no idea… what do you think?

I think there are loads of advantages to bring up a gringo kid (or one with a gringo father…) anywhere in Latin America, he grows over six foot, has an eye colour other than brown and a hair colour other than black and he is going to be laughing – I know that is true about Peru – he or she will be middle or upper middle class and if you are making a decent living then you can afford to send it to a good school and give it the life it deserves. I would bring a kid up of mine in Peru – the fact that it has a British family name would put them a few steps up the social ladder. I think there are pros to bringing a kid up in The States (depends where though…) and Mexico – I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all, especially if you can afford it.

Main thing is you are stepping up and that you are willing to do so until you have substantive proof, you’re doing all right by me!

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