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Becoming the Deer in Parque de Los Venados

Published October 16, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

For those curious, this article is part of a new series in which I review different sites of interest in Mexico.

This is part 4. You can check out Part 1 here and Part 3 here.

Anyway, so I left off from the last article by having checked out Viveros de Coyoacan park in Mexico City and arrived to Viveros / Derechos Humanos metro station.

As I said, the metro officer told me to get to Metro Zapata to check out a park called Parque de los Venados.

Along the ride, I thought for a second that the cop might’ve been wrong as I looked at a screenshot of a map I took on my phone.

The screenshot didn’t show the metro station needed but there was a part of me that doubted his advice for a second as I looked at the map carefully.

However, I went along with it anyhow.

Thankfully, he was right.

I arrived to Metro Zapata as you can see here.

But I knew, in that moment, that I actually needed to be at metro station Parque de los Venados.

Along the ride, I thought I remembered there being a metro station called that.

I had never been to that metro station before but something made me think it existed.

And I was right!

I checked the metro map in Metro Zapata but also saw that Metro Parque de los Venados was part of a metro line that closed a few months ago due to a collapse that you can see here.

So I was doubtful that the line to take me to that metro station was still open.

However, there were some stairs leading downward with a sign above that indicated that the stairs would take people to the metro line that includes Parque de Los Venados.

So I asked a metro officer if the line was actually open or not.

He said no and recommended I just walk on over to that area because it’s very close.

So I did.

Once outside, I asked some random dude selling face masks on how to get to this park.

He gave me the directions and it was fairly easy to get to.

Maybe a 10 to 15 minute walk?

Along the way, I saw some street art as you can see here.

And here’s a photo of some street.

Now here’s some photos of some plaza area with a tiny green space next to it.

The last photo really does a good job symbolizing the superiority of American capitalism over Mexican culture.

An old statue few look at with the power and fame of McDonalds rising high above it with all the customers that it gets.

America! America! America!

*tear drop*

So I carried on.

And found Parque de los Venados right next to this spot.

An Observation Upon Visiting Parque de los Venados

I’m the type of person to think openly about “if this place would be nice to move to?”

As loyal readers know, I like to move around a lot for various reasons.

One of them to check out new areas.

If Metro Parque de los Venados wasn’t closed, this área actually would be a dope ass place to set up shop in!

For starters, as you saw in the last few photos above, there’s a Soriana right in front of the metro station & park.

How fucking cool would that be to have a supermarket just a minute walk away from the metro station and a park?

If you could find an apartment on this specific street where this is located, it would be dope actually.

You got your metro station a minute walk away for whenever you want to see the rest of the city or whenever a date has visited you.

With a park right next to it to take her to for hanging out before going back to your place.

And a Soriana right in front of it all for the grocery shopping.

The Soriana was what really impressed me.

That would be so fucking nice to have a supermarket that close to me where I only have to walk a minute or two to carry my groceries.

In most places I have lived at in Mexico City and Pachuca, the walk over would vary between 10 to 30 minutes.

Well, in the case of Pachuca, I needed a fucking combi to get to Soriana.

The closest I ever lived to a supermarket was when I lived by Metro Juanacatlan and the Soriana was only 5 minutes away.

That was dope!


NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: If metro Parque de los Venados ever reopens, consider this área for moving to.

Let’s carry on anyway to the actual park!

A Walk Through Parque de los Venados

Anyway, let’s get to it!

Here are all of the photos that I took of Parque de los Venados for you to see.

As you can see, there’s plenty of green scenery with plenty of park benches to sit down on.

There was some space for kids to play at. I think they were roller skating or some shit? I forgot.

But they had some special activity going on in that blue thing you can see here.

And while I did say that this place looks nice for the single man taking dates to, it also seemed decent for the family man.

It had a few spots where kids could play.

It has been something I’ve thought of as I get closer to 30 – if I ever have a family in Mexico City, where would I raise them?

A friend of mine named Blayde, who also lives in Mexico City, thinks it’d be better to raise them outside of the city in some smaller city like Queretaro or something.

Good idea!

But what about in the city?

I always considered Lomas de Sotelo as one possible option.

But a brief visit to this park did make me see this place as a possible option.

Granted, there’s a lot I don’t know about this area so I’d have to look into it more if I ever did have a family.

But it does have a soriana next to the metro and I like living next to the metro.

Plus this park did seem very family friendly!

On top of that, as you can see here, there’s even a dog park!

That’s pretty cool.

So, if I ever marry and knock up a Mexican gal, I guess Parque de Los Venados might be an area worthy of consideration!

Granted, I have no idea how good the schools or hospitals are in this area but the broader area looked safe enough.

It definitely looked nicer than some neighborhoods I’ve lived in Mexico City.

We definitely wouldn’t be bringing any said kids to live in a rougher spot like Pedregal de Santo Domingo or Cuatro Caminos.

Tepito? I have doubts about that too.

At any rate, I liked the park!

It was worth a visit.

If I lived by this area, I would definitely visit on a regular or even a daily basis as I love to sit down in parks by myself or with someone I like to just relax and not say a word.

No words needed.


And enjoy the scenery and tranquillity.

It’s moments like that, in which you are just looking at the trees, that make me glad to be alive.

A dead man can’t look at trees. He’s dead.

Sounds simple right?

It’s just a tree!

But there’s beauty in nature.

And something to be thankful that you are conscious enough to be able to appreciate it.

The colors.

The movement of the branches and leaves.

With people enjoying life in the area.

And you can just relax without saying a word.

Maybe an occasional homeless person approaches you.

As long as they aren’t rude, don’t sweat it!

Make friends with one!

Like this homeless dude I had a conversation with in Pachuca in which he told me his plans to stab someone.

In which you can read more of that here.

Sounds scary.

But so much when relaxing and appreciating that you’re alive.

And with the tranquillity of a good park.

I always prefer a park over a museum.

And speaking of parks?

We got another one to check out.

Called Arboledas Park.

It’s the next place I visited this day.

So, if you want to read it, check out this article here.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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