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Ending the Day at Parque de Las Arboledas in Mexico City

Published October 16, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

For those curious, this article is part of a new series in which I visit various areas of Mexico City. Part 1 can be read here and the article before this one can be found here.

So, in the last article, I was at Parque de los Venados of Mexico City.

Was it worth a visit? Definitely!

Once I finished my time at Parque de los Venados, I had spent around 4 to 5 hours walking around Mexico City.

My feet were starting to feel a little bit tired.

But, while looking at the map on my phone, I realized there was a decent sized green space close enough to me.

So I kicked myself into gear to check it out!

It happened to be next to Metro station Division del Norte.

I could’ve walked back to Metro Zapata to take a ride up north but the walk to Zapata would have been close enough in distance to Division del Norte.

So I carried on walking!

Before leaving the park, I asked some dude on how to get to Division del Norte.

Some street seller who had basic stuff related to phones on a table (chargers, headphones, etc).

He told me which way to go.

I walked a few streets over and found some avenue or street called “Division del Norte.”

Looks like the place to lead me to where I want to go!

So I began the walk.

Here’s some photos of the area initially.

As I kept walking, I realized that this area would be perfect to live in if you REALLY want home appliances or home improvement products in general.

It was just my observation initially that there were A LOT of stores selling basic improvements to homes as you can see in this photo here.

Like if you want a new sink, a new bed, better paint in your home, etc.

As I said in the last article, Parque de los Venados did seem like a family friendly park for those thinking of ever settling down and having kids in this part of Mexico City.

But now you add to the deal all of these home improvement stores?

Well shit….

It does look like a nice place to raise a family in?

How are the schools?

As you can tell, my mind is, for whatever reason, contemplating a life with children.

A happy family.

It does look like a decent area to raise kids maybe!

The walk to the nearest store to get your sink instalment store? Just a few minutes!

Now isn’t that something?

Anyway, I kept on walking.

Arrival to Division del Norte Metro

Like a typical looking tourist, I had a map on my phone that I was squinting at trying to figure out where I’m going.

It showed there being this green space next to Metro Division del Norte.

However, as I arrived to this area, I didn’t see much of a green space.

I did see an OXXO across the street as you can see here that looked different in design than other OXXOs that I’ve seen.

What is this? The OXXO design of 1970s?

It’s not that much different but did strike out to me.

And I’m also looking for this green space to visit.

I see some green space as you can see here but it doesn’t look as big as my phone map is showing it to be.

So I ask some street vendor about “where is this park?”

Now, to be honest, I didn’t know the name of the park.

I simply walked on over because I convinced myself to check out one last green space that looked big on my phone map.

But the phone map didn’t tell me the name of this place.

So I asked a street vendor showing him my map also.

Initially, he points me in the direction of Parque de los Venados.

The place I just saw.

And I tell him that “no, no, I just saw it. There’s another park around here.”

And he seems confused.

“Otro parque?”

To which some random old dude stops as he notices our dilemma.

The street vendor explains to him my Dora the Explorer Quest.”

“Ese wey se cree que es Dora the Explorer! Y busca un parque misterioso. Nos ayuda, carnal?!!?” asks the street vendor.

At any rate, the street stranger did actually point me in the right direction.

He explains how there’s a park across the street behind THAT BUILDING THERE.

That building there you can see in this photo here.

The big red one in the middle of the photo behind those trees. 

So I thanked them and asked the dude if he sold any water because I was thirsty as fuck from how hot it was outside.

And I figured I could help his business out for helping me find this place.

He had no water.

I carried on.

It was a busy street anyway.

Here are some photos of the street as I crossed it.

As I crossed the first half of it, some police vehicle stopped right next to me on the second half of the street.

The cop was looking at his phone as he stopped his vehicle.

I was worried for a second that he was going to ask for a bribe from me for jaywalking.

Though, this being Mexico, nobody gets stopped for jaywalking.

But, being a foreigner, you never know if little Piggy Mexicano Cop wants a bribe!

Oink oink oink oink.

Anyway, the dude drives on and I walk on.

On the other side, I see a bunch of street food stalls.

And I see another entrance to the Division del Norte metro station.

Which might’ve explained my confusion from the map because the green space did show it being next to the metro.

I guess it meant next to this entrance and not the other one across the street.

Anyway, I walked along a bit further and finally got to this park.

Visiting Parque de Las Arboledas

As I arrived to the park, I contemplated where to buy some water.

I had walked for maybe a total of 6 hours or more throughout this whole day of sightseeing and it was hot as fuck outside.

However, nobody sold water outside the entrance to the park from what I could see.

No OXXO nearby unless I walked back to where it was.

So I carried on without water.

Right away, this park reminded me a tiny bit of the park called Viveros de Coyoacan as you can read here.

You had folks running around it and the ground looked a little bit similar.

But there’s a large difference obviously as Viveros is more “tree” like in the middle surrounded by the running space.

Where this park had more park benches, a dog park, some basketball and soccer area and more in the middle of the running space.

Here are photos of it all.

This space also had a few spots for sports that I found nice here.

A friend of mine named Blayde joined some soccer team in Mexico City recently.

I thought of doing the same.

But not soccer.

Maybe something that involved running like I used to do in middle and high school?

Or something like basketball would be cool too.

I’m not that big into soccer.

Or baseball!

But not soccer though.

Anyway, I walked along and some old lady was staring the living fuck out of me as we passed each other by around this spot. 

I’ve heard from other foreigners and locals about how, if you don’t wear a mask in Mexico City, the locals will judge you by staring the living fuck out of you.

Being honest, I always thought they were exaggerating.

I almost never have that experience.

After all, who would judge the most intelligent, most sexy, most powerful, most rich and most humble man on the planet known as ME?

Known as MATT?


Though, in that instance, I couldn’t figure out why she was staring at me like I was an alien.

I figured it had to do with my lack of face mask.

And I get why people argue for it but I’m not coughing in your face nor talking with you.

Your risk is minimal.

Fuck off.

Let a man enjoy the fresh air for once.

What’s next? You’re going to be standing by my window judging me for not wearing a condom during sex?


And I quickly reach to slam the window shut…

Anyway, I carried on despite the very noticeable and irritated look I got from grandma.

Thinking again about maybe getting more physically active in some sport?

As I wrote here, I finally joined a gym not too long ago.

Despite it being on the other side of the city funny enough, I have been going to it since I moved.

A long ass trip but I got so much free time on my hands that it’s OK.

I probably should change gyms though at some point because of the location.

Anyway, I saw a few more spots in this area.

There was this mini stadium looking area here that I saw also in Parque de los Venados.

And here’s some statue here.

That was it!

As I walked out of the park on the opposite end, I saw this dog park here.

Similar to Parque de los Venados, it did seem like a calm and easy place to raise a family.

Something that has oddly been on my mind recently when it comes to contemplating a future with a happy family.

For some reason, that’s really hitting my mind.

A craving I guess?

To have a happy family.

Anyway, if said happy family ever happens, this park doesn’t seem like a bad place to take the family to with the dog.

And, speaking of dogs, if anyone happens to see Lola, can you help out please?

Here’s the sign.

It comes with compensation!

And what greater compensation is needed than reconnecting the love of a dog with the love of its family?

Love is eternal.

It heals the soul.

And, upon leaving the area, this was the last thing I saw.

Some mural that made me think "is that a young Hugo Chavez on a skateboard?"

I doubt it but I think it looks like a young version of him!

You be the judge.

Maybe I'm blind...

A Walk to Division del Norte Metro

After I was done with Parque de las Arboledas, I walked back to the metro station Division del Norte.

There happened to be a store in front of it where I bought a liter of water for 10 pesos (50 cents).

And descended into the metro.

Here’s some photos of the interior of the metro.

Similar to other metros of Mexico City, this metro has its own little theme inside it.

Decorated with music icons it seems!

That’s one thing I always liked about Mexico City – how they decorated some of their metro stations with certain themes.

It brings life and character to them!

Even when underground, you can find something beautiful.

And that was it.

I noticed that the metro station didn’t have a machine in the space I was at to charge my metro card.

And there was nobody selling tickets.

So I asked some random Mexican chick if I could give her “5 pesos” (25 cents) to cover my entrance into the metro.

Which is the price of a ticket anyhow.

As usual, most folks look at you as if you are asking for money because that’s typical of what to expect.

However, given my gringo accent, there comes a wave of confusion on their face as they realize that this isn’t a typical begger of money.

The chick in question covered my entrance but wouldn’t accept the 5 pesos.

I said thanks and asked her if she really didn’t want it.

She said “nah, it’s ok” in Spanish.

Which was cool and nice of her.

Though I really did want to give her the 5 pesos – I hate taking shit for free. No matter how small.

Like take the 25 cents!

Anyway, I didn’t persist or chase her down to hand her money obviously.

She said it was OK and OK it was.

Though I would’ve strongly preferred to give her the money.

It just makes me feel guilty or like a freeloader to take the 25 cent benefit without paying her back.

Anyway, I got on the train back to Lindavista where I live in Mexico City.

Though I couldn’t get a seat on the train for the entire ride, there were various men singing in English or Spanish along the way.

The first one was singing the first song in this video here.

Todo me gusta de ti aaron y su grupo ilusion

I couldn’t help but do a small and not very noticeable dance as the dude walked into the train and began singing right in front of me.

It’s a song that I actually know well enough on my nights drunk as fuck and singing to myself.

“TODO ME GUSTA DE TI!!!!!!!!!!!”

At any rate, I get home at around 7 or 8 PM.

Did another walk to a nearby restaurant to get some flautas and also some vodka for the night.

And relax.

With the dog of the house so excited to see me upon my arrival that he jumped all over me.

Here he is.

What a good boy!

Thanks for reading.

And follow my Twitter here.

Best regards,


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