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Celebrating My 27th Birthday at Mexico City

Last Friday, I was set to celebrate my birthday with a chick named Jovi that I’ve been hanging out with for a while.

However, on Thursday, I postponed it to Saturday because of how sore my body was from going to the gym recently.

It was sore as fuck.

So, on Saturday, we decided to celebrate my birthday instead.

At around 6:30 PM, she showed up at the metro bus station closest to where I live in Lindavista area of Mexico City.

Fortunately for her, the trip this time to visit me was only a 15 minute walk instead of an hour and a half ride in the train like before.

Once she showed up, I walked outside to find her in the pouring rain but didn’t see her right away.

Thinking that she might be actually inside the metro bus station (and without a metro card on me), I figured I should walk back to my apartment to text her asking where she at.

However, as I was about to cross the street, I heard someone yell my name and I saw her standing across the street behind me.

That’s when we walked back to my place.

Once inside, the dog of the neighbor was at the door to greet her.

I think the dog gets really excited every time it sees a completely new person.

Here’s a photo of the little guy.

Afterwards, we had a normal conversation and started playing this music here as you can see.

Then we got around to fucking.

After we finished, we left to go to any club or bar we could find.

Not knowing the neighborhood too well yet since I just moved here, I asked her “what bars around here do you recommend?”

And she tells me that she doesn’t know any good ones since apparently there’s not too many.

Thinking about it, I did remember seeing a few bars on this main avenue that was about a 15 minute walk away.

They didn’t look to be that exciting but there were some bars over there.

And she suggested to visit Insurgentes instead by metro bus.

It was about 9 PM on her phone by this point as I contemplate taking us to Insurgentes.

It’d be about a 30 minute bus ride more or less.

And, not having been to a bar in a while, I wasn’t sure if they’d close their bars by midnight due to Covid shit.

Effectively only giving us like an hour or hour and a half to enjoy a place.

But given the walk to any nearby bars in Lindavista would be a 15 minute journey anyhow, I figured we might as well go to Insurgentes.

Especially since it has better bars anyhow.

So that’s what we did.

The metrobus took us to Insurgentes and we began looking for a place soon after arriving.

Arriving to Insurgentes

Once we arrived to Insurgentes, we walked over instead towards where Reforma Avenue is.

First, I wanted to get a quick bite since I hadn’t had food since around 11 AM.

And it was closer to 10 PM by this point.

She wasn’t hungry though since she had food before visiting me.

So I got a quick hotdog on the street for about 35 pesos or 1.75 USD.

Seeing a drink vendor nearby, I told Jovi to ask the dude without me by her side “how much does a bottle of water” cost since the hotdog vendor didn’t have any drinks available.

And I didn’t want to ask the guy since I didn’t want to risk starting my night on a bad note with some dude trying to gringo price me.

She walked back with the water bottle then.

By the point I finished my hotdog, we began looking for the right bar to go to in the rain.

Before looking, I told her to ask anybody we see about any birthday promotions they have to maybe get a free shot, beer or a discounted whatever.

There was one rock bar down the street that I knew that I liked quite a bit.

There was also another bar closer to where Insurgentes is that isn’t bad and usually offers very cheap beer at like 50 pesos (2.50 USD) per liter.

And, as we began walking, we soon got lots of promoters outside trying to persuade us into their bars.

Though I used to live near here a few times, I found the promoters to be extra aggressive tonight than normal.

Anyway, one place offered to give us a discounted bottle but we didn’t want to drink that much though.

Another place offered us a “discounted” price for beer with about 6 beers for 180 pesos (9 bucks).

Which, though I haven’t been at a bar in a while, that didn’t sound very “discounted” to me.

It sounded like what they’d normally charge anyhow (unless it was a nicer bar maybe).

One of the promoters told us how they had a live performance all night long with mostly salsa being played.

Which doesn’t sound bad!

And while I like salsa…

I didn’t really feel like listening to it for my birthday since I’m not that big into it.

I mostly was feeling reggaeton or rock.

Anyway, one of the bars that I knew was alright seemed very packed that night.

As I looked at its balcony, I could see it was full and all of the tables that I’d want to sit at were taken.

So I wasn’t sure about that place anymore.

Anyway, we finally made a choice when this fat white chick approached us and told us about her club.

I think it was called Raven or something like that.

She was actually promoting two spots from what I remember and one of them was Raven.

Raven being the one with a 50 peso per person cover (2.50 USD) while the other didn’t have cover.

Funny enough, this chick was telling us how “these are the only two clubs that stay open until 4 AM.”

Which wasn’t true because every other place was telling us how they’re open until 4 AM also.

Something that made me feel better for going to Insurgentes for the night as I knew we wouldn’t have to go back only an hour or two later.

But I didn’t like so much the chick lying to us.

Especially on such an obvious lie that could be disproven by talking to other promoters (which we did).

Don’t folks down here realize that lying makes people less or not likely to do business with you?

Especially if the lie is so obvious.

I have the same problem with landlords in Mexico City as you can see here.

Anyway, I didn’t let it bother me too much and I simply gave it some thought.

On the outside, “Raven” did look more interesting than the other clubs in this area.

So I decided to check it out.

Inside Raven Club

Once inside, it did look fancier than most of the other clubs in the area.

We went up the stairs and sat down on some table they took us to.

And this dude takes out his flashlight to show us the menu while promoting heavy all of the expensive bottles he had.

Which, as I said before, Jovi and I weren’t feeling like having an entire bottle initially.

So we ordered 10 beers for about 350 pesos (15.50 USD).

So, as I said, my first impression of this club was that it was definitely fancier than most other clubs I’ve seen in this area.

And the demographics fit the bill.

It looked like almost everyone in the area was a white Mexican wearing nicer clothing.

I felt like I was in the paradise for fresas.

Not any other obvious foreigners in the club either or outside either when we were checking out places even though we were in a touristy area.

The music wasn’t bad at all.

They played almost entirely reggaeton and half of the reggaeton hits were older reggaeton.

Which I liked.

A little bit of Tego Calderon and other songs (reggaeton mostly but not always).

Here’s a few that they played.

Funny enough, at one point in the night, they decided to play a few songs in English but one of them didn’t really “fit” with the music they had been playing all night.

It was YMCA as you can see here.

I thought that was funny – thinking to myself “did they play for that me because I’m the only foreigner here?”

You know – make me feel at home with some English song.

Even though it’s such a weird choice in general for a club and even weirder when it doesn’t fit with Tego Calderon or Daddy Yankee.

“Here is Gasolina! Next up, YMCA.”

Hmmm. OK.

Anyway, I thought it was funny but also kinda weird.

Later on, Jovi asked the dude if they “have any other promotions” for someone’s birthday.

They did have a promotion that involved spending like 75 bucks but it included having a bottle, 5 shots and a few other things that I forgot.

And she explained how “we aren’t looking for a whole bottle because it’s just the two of us.”

The dude checks and comes back with a discounted offer for their 5 shots option on the menu.

Some menu item called “Rainbow shots” or something like that which was priced at 10 bucks but he could sell it for just 100 (5 bucks).

I didn’t know the price anyway because I couldn’t hear either of them very well due to the music and Jovi wouldn’t tell me because she wanted to pay for it since it was my birthday.

So she told the dude anyway to bring it at around midnight and it was 10:30 PM more or less.

Anyway, the night carried on.

Here's a photo of the place.

There was another couple that eventually sat at the table next to us.

A white latino couple where the dude was from CDMX and the girl he was with was from Chiapas.

The dude wasn’t much of a talker but his chick was.

She mentioned how she travelled from Chiapas to see this dude for the weekend but he’s having her stay at a hotel and won’t spend the night with her.

Whenever her dude went to the bathroom, she kept talking with us (mostly Jovi) in front of our table.

She seemed nice and not irritated about it but that was her story anyhow.

And I was thinking how “damn, Jovi really is putting heat on this dude” as she called him a “pendejo” after the chick gave us her story.

Second, though I didn’t say much, this chick did look nice though!

Her body was normal but she had a really cute face.

And I also thinking “is this dude gay?”

Because he has a cute white Latina gal who travelled far to see him and he is choosing to not spend the night with her?

For Americans, it’d be like if a chick travelled from Alabama to Iowa to see you.

Her pussy is right there for you to fuck!

It’s literally as available as you could want it to be.

Imagine her butt ass naked on her knees begging to be fucked.

That’s how available this chick is making herself to this dude – traveling far and going to the club with him.

And he don’t want to fuck?

Must be gay.

And, to be fair, the dude didn’t seem all that interested in her anyhow.

It was kinda funny to see.

Where she would trying to dance with him and he was sitting in his chair having a drink and looking all serious.

And she’d be in front of him dancing trying to get him involved but he looked completely disinterested.

“Like hoe, please stop being a hoe. I’m trying to think about our Lord and Savior Jesus and you are dancing.”

Jovi, while seeing this, decided to get up and do a lap dance on me.

We were just drinking and chatting and that’s when she got up.

I began to get up to dance but she told me to “no, sit down” as she began dancing nicely in front of me, twerking a bit and all.

And,, soon enough, the couple left and we began dancing actually after the shots arrived.

Midnight Shots

By the time midnight rolled around, we had our 5 shots brought to the table.

And the dude did something to have some fire all over the shots.

They were each a different color.

Anyway, Jovi took a video of me drinking them.

Then we ordered 10 more beers for the night.

After enough liquor, I finally felt enough inspiration to dance a bit.

Not really much of a dancer.

Until I’m drunk.

And, thankfully, most of the music was reggaeton as I said.

There was some salsa song they played and Jovi showed me how to kinda dance to.

But, being honest, I’m not really familiar with how to dance to most types of Latin music.

When I dated a previous Colombian ex named Marcela, she did teach me how to dance to merengue.

That was actually pretty easy. Not difficult at all.

Salsa requires more work.

But with enough booze, anything is possible.

As I said, thankfully most of the music was reggaeton.

Which is easier to work with.

And, while I did originally think that we’d be bar hopping, I decided not to leave this place that night.

Mostly because Jovi was right in saying that it looked like it had a better vibe than any of the other clubs in the area.

And she was right.

It was going to be this placed or the rock bar and this place was a better choice.

Funny enough, while we were drinking and dancing a bit, we also took some photos of us at this club.

A few for me to send to family back home and, like I said, also a video of me taking those 5 shots.

And also a photo of us together at this table.

Which we uploaded to her Whatsapp history.

When we did that, it actually pissed off a few men in her Whatsapp.

Though we do hang out a bit to fuck around and drink together, we’re not together in a formal relationship either.

Just two folks who like to fuck and drink together.

But when I uploaded a photo of us with the words “ME GUSTAN GRINGOS” to her Whatsapp history, some Mexican dude got pissed at her.

Where he basically was writing stuff like “stick to your own kind” and that “she’s only with me for money.”

It didn’t ruin our night. In fact, it was kinda funny to us.

The dude couldn’t have been more stereotypical.

Probably some chubby ass 5’5 dude laying in bed texting and jerking off furiously to “his women” being fucked by foreigners while sobbing at the same time.


Anyway, Jovi wanted me to say something to him in English.

Not sure why she preferred English but I went with it.

But then the dude got offended and replied back in English but Jovi, having the phone now, doesn't speak English well.

After a few minutes, we had enough fun with it and went back to enjoying the night. 

And it was maybe around 3:30 AM by the time we decided to leave since the place was about to close anyway.

Though Jovi is, according to that guy, “only with me for the money,” she decided to pay the bill.

Maybe the dude telling her that “she’s only with me for the money” motivated her to prove him wrong?

I insisted that I pay but she really wanted to.

It didn’t upset her but I think she did want to prove that she doesn’t fuck with me for the money.

Which is already proven by the way since I never buy her anything or give her money.

Our total was like 45 bucks though.

Not much money but considerably more for a typical Mexican.

Though Jovi actually, if I’m not mistaken, has a good job and earns a bit more than the average person in Mexico.

Anyway, the bill was covered and it was time to go home.

Heading Home

By the time we were ready to leave, the staff had us and anyone else exit through some backdoor spot.

Mostly because, from my understanding, plenty of bars these days will get around the Covid rules to close at an earlier hour by bribing the police or whoever to stay open later.

But some still decide to be slightly discrete about it and have everyone exit some other door.

So once we get my umbrella from the staff downstairs, we go through this other door and that was it.

Still plenty of people outside.

Jovi orders an UBER and I insist on paying for it since she already paid 45 bucks for the drinks that night.

She was cool with that.

It was like 10 bucks anyway for the ride back.

While we were waiting, the UBER driver did have some difficulty finding us.

I thought about maybe ordering some French fries for Jovi and I while we were waiting but the crowd at this food stand was a little bit big and surely the fries wouldn’t be ready by the time the driver gets here.

He does quickly enough anyhow.

And we head home.

While making small talk with the driver, I also remember being too drunk for normal commentary near the end of the ride.

I don’t know how the conversation got there but I remember messing with the guy jokingly saying stuff like “VIVA TRUMP! BAJO CON MEXICO JAJAJAJAJA!”

The guy took it in good humor though.

Jovi laughed it off and said jokingly “better to leave him here” as we were driving along some busy road back home.

Once we did get home, I gave the dude some cash and a tip.

Back at my place, I found the second door to the building to be locked.

And my keys wouldn’t open it!

I thought about banging the door loudly until someone opened it because I didn’t have my phone on me and Jovi didn’t have the landlord’s number obviously.

However, fortunately enough, the dude heard us talking outside the door and opened it.

He was awake anyhow for some reason and had no problem opening it at that hour.

And explained to us how the second door is actually locked from the inside and can’t be opened with the keys.

So in case I ever arrive pretty late, I’d need to tell him ahead of time.

Good to know!

Not really that comforting actually but I also don’t usually go to clubs or bars very late into the night anyhow.

And that was the night anyway.

The Day After

 Once we got inside my apartment, Jovi really wanted to fuck more.

Though I was a little bit drunk in the moment and didn’t really feel like fucking.

She ended up getting upset for a minute and took a side blanket and began laying on the floor.

When she gets drunk herself, she is kinda like this – is more likely to be more emotional and also full of a shit ton of energy.

On the first night we hooked up, she was very much like this as I wrote here.

It actually can be very draining.

Anyway, she gives up the game quickly enough and we go to bed.

In the morning afterwards, we definitely fucked a lot more with her saying stuff like “dame hijos blancos.”

Something she says because she knows it turns me on a lot.

When we finished, the neighbor’s dog came in afterwards for pets.

He really likes Jovi but I’m pretty sure he likes me more.

He definitely likes us more than his owner because I’m pretty sure we give him more pets than his owner ever does.

Just my opinion.

Finally, while we were with the dog, some Irish dude began texting at her calling her a "slut" for the photo of us at the club last night.

I guess another broken heart?

And that was that.

At around 3 PM on Sunday, Jovi decided to head home because her cousin was going to be visiting the house.

I went to get a hamburger at this place I never tried yet.

The hamburger was messy but tasted good.

And then I took a 4 hour nap because I don’t think I had enough rest last night.

By the time I woke up, it was closer to 10 PM.

A bit too late to be calling my sister who wanted to have a normal conversation on Sunday to catch up and all.

And that was it.

I woke up.

Went downstairs to prepare some tea where the neighbor was talking with some chick at the table.

He said “happy birthday.”

Got my tea.

Wrote this article.

And now I’m about to watch a movie with some black tea and vodka mix.

And that was my birthday weekend in a nutshell.

Leave any comments below in the comment section.

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And thank for reading.

Best regards,


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