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Almost Getting Stabbed by a Dominican Pimp

Some odd years ago…

I took a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Mostly to relax and to see a new country that I hadn’t been to by that point.

It was either going to be Ecuador or the Dominican Republic.

And wasn’t really feeling like Ecuador in that time…

If I was to go to some Andean country, I’d probably go to Bolivia because of all the immense natural beauty that it offers.

Not to say Ecuador doesn’t have some beautiful countryside but I wasn’t feeling it.

So I took my trip to the Dominican Republic and got ready for it.

Upon arrival, I get to my hotel..

And mostly only checked out Santo Domingo to be honest since I didn’t have much time there.

About 2 weeks.

And given my travel experience, it isn’t really as fun to hop around from one place to the next with limited time in each place.

It ends up feeling like you only get to know each place for very little time and never ends up being much of a visit.

So either way, I’m in Santo Domingo checking out the different usual sites of interest…

As you can see in these photos I took below here…

But being a young bachelor that I am…

I start to feel lonely – hey, who doesn’t in a strange country!

So I started using Tinder and Dominican Cupid.

Which, by the way, Dominican Cupid was much better for meeting chicks than Tinder was in Santo Domingo.

Tinder is OK…

But Dominican Cupid was like a goldmine of women.

There’s a few scammer accounts on there but it’s so easy to pull chicks from that website for hooking up.

And they ain’t all bad looking.

Which is probably one reason for why I really liked the DR relative to other Latin countries – it was so easy to hookup because Dominican Cupid basically made it impossible to not hookup.

You’d have to be a dead corpse to not get laid there with it…

And even then, you probably still could.

Plus the DR had more morenas and black chicks around, which I like quite a bit.

So the two weeks go on…

And the chicks came easy as I said.

All good so far.

Except one of the chicks was not what I was expecting..

Though, in hindsight, the red flags were there and I was just too stupid being led by my dick to pay attention…

Let’s get to that now.

Scammed by a Dominican Prostitute

So I’m in my hotel in Santo Domingo.

In a neighborhood called Piantini.

And I met this chick named Claudia or whatever her name was on Dominican Cupid.

From memory, our conversation was basically “yo, what’s up”

“what’s up”

“you look nice in your photos, want to meet up.”

And quickly enough led to “want to go to some motel.”

Which, perhaps should have been a red flag by itself since most chicks ain’t going to a motel with a random dude they never met before.

But I have met some normal chicks who would come to my place in the US or Latin America without having met before to hookup.

Including some chicks in the DR also.

So it’s not completely unusual.

Either way, she is coming to visit me by taxi.

But the taxi driver can’t find where my hotel is.

He’s driving around and she almost calls it quits on their search for my place…

Until they finally found the general area of where I was.

Parked next to the Wendys right next to where my hotel was.

Anyway, I walk outside of my place and a 2 minute walk away around the corner I see this piece of shit car.

It literally looks like some car of some crackhead or whatever.

But, in Latin America, that’s not unusual in my experience.

As there are cities down here where any dude can paint “TAXI” on the side of his junk car and drive around pretending to be a taxi driver.

And given my limited experience in the DR, I assumed this was one of those dudes.

Even though this is obviously a red flag given the appearance of the car and something in the back of my head telling me this don’t look right.

But my smaller head was looking up at my bigger head “shut up, fool, we about to get laid. Who gives a fuck about this junk looking car?”

So I walk up anyway…

And I see the chick, Claudia, in her tight black dress.

The taxi driver was this skinny as fuck character and a little bit smaller than I was.

We all get in and she is a tiny bit distant or not very warm, I guess you can say.

So he takes us to the motel..

We get in, do our business and time to head out.

“Give Me Money, I have a Child”

Anyway, as we are getting dressed…

I’m all good and she is still getting her dress on…

When she says to me that “she needs some money to cover the bus trip over here and also money for her kid.”

She apparently came from some area called Boca Chica and she has a kid apparently.

Well, she never asked me for money ahead of time and I don’t give money to random ass people just because.

“So I ain’t giving you no money” I thought.

And she right away goes to the tears….

“sad, sad, sad, I need some moneys for my kid….”

“I don’t give a fuck.” I say.

Then she right away goes from Ms. Sad to Ms. Fuck-You-Give-Me-Yo-Moneys

And she calls up her crackhead taxi driver to pick us up..

Or maybe extort me for money…

But, in the back of my head, something tells me to call up a taxi myself and get out of here.

So I pick up the motel phone and ask for one.

My taxi driver gets there first and I get in.

She is standing now in the garage and he looks at her…

Then turns to me “hey, what about her?”

“Forget her” I say.

He then rolls down the window and is like “you need a ride too?”

She then lays out the story – that I owe her money.

But then I give my side of the story to the guy – “we met online, she agreed to go with me to a motel but didn’t say shit about money.”

The taxi driver than sighs and chuckles a bit…

Until then Mr. Crackhead Da Pimp rolls into the place and blocks the exit with his junk car.

He comes popping out with a knife in his hand but isn’t cussing or nothing but is ready obviously for some shit.

My taxi driver – let’s call him El Gordo (fat guy but in a non offensive way) steps to my defense.

We both get out of the vehicle and work this out.

The taxi driver is arguing that we need lots of money for the girl – he is arguing around 200 bucks from what I remember.

Roughly 200, I don’t remember the local currency amount but that was what it was.

Obviously, he is seeing dollar bills when he sees me because, from what I know, most chicks down here selling themselves for money ain’t going anywhere near that price amount.

Like 5 to 30 bucks, let’s say.

So anyway, I give the guy that I don’t have no money on me.

And he is like “why don’t we take you around in our taxi to a bunch of ATM machines.”

And El Gordo the taxi driver cuts in “no, no, let’s solve this here. I ain’t part of this but cmon now.”

Anyway, like I always do, I have some money in my shoes, some money in my pockets, some money elsewhere hidden..

After a while, you learn to hide money in different spots or not carry much on you.

And I pull out all the money from one pocket and go “this is all I got.”’

And it was roughly like 30 bucks or a little bit less.

Anyway, the 30 bucks was for both his taxi ride to the motel that we took earlier and for my time with the chick.

I figured I might as well pay something since  I ain’t getting out of here until he unblocks the motel exit.

He accepts the money and they go off.

Ride Back to the Hotel

In hindsight, I should have known that this chick was a prostitute.

Granted, this was the only prostitute, up to the date of this writing, that I have ever fucked.

So I don’t have experience with them or what to expect or whatever.

But I thought she was just another Latina chick looking for some white dick.

Since, as said before, I’ve had a handful of chicks show up to my place down here without meeting me ahead of time and down to fuck.

It isn’t common relative to all the chicks I have gone on dates with…

But it’s not extremely rare either.

Either way, the taxi driver was telling me “you know, you got to be careful. This shit happens where chicks come at you for money or they scam you in some way or whatever. You got lucky I was here to back you up because he was ready to carve you out.”

Among other things..

And to be fair, the crackhead pimp of hers probably was.

He had a knife out and ready.

Suffice to say, I made sure to give him a tip a little more generous than most Dominicans would give for getting him involved in this shit when he wasn’t expecting it.

And for backing me up and cooling down the crackhead pimp of hers.

He was pretty understanding and chill about it.

Maybe he’s seen this shit happen before.

Either way, he ended up giving me some card of his in case I ever need a taxi driver for anything else.

And we ended up meeting for a beer later to chill and chat up about life in the Dominican Republic.

Cool guy overall.

And that was that.

After that incident, I was a little more hesitant to be hooking up with any random chick on Dominican Cupid.

I decided after to spend an hour with them beforehand to get a feel for what chick I am with before pushing things forward like that.

And, years later, still haven’t had an issue with some random chick pushing me for money with her pimp rolling in with a knife later.

Either way, funny story in hindsight as I was a bit stupid and naïve for not noticing the red flags here.

But it is what it is.

And if you have any interesting or similar story yourself, leave it below in the comment section.

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