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The Latin American Confusion at the Gringo Dating Malinche

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There’s a certain irony that comes with dating in Latin America.

Where you have a gringo that might be a bit skinny fat, isn’t very confident, a bit of a dork perhaps and all around didn’t get much pussy back home.

One that can fall in love easily for any chick who would give him a simple handjob.

And the chick he falls in love with happens to be kinda ugly.

Perhaps a little bit on the chubby side (especially if she is from a fatter country like Mexico).

But, fat or not, is medium brown skin and has more “indigenous” genetics.

Not at all from the upper class in society.

A woman who might have a kid or not already.

But, regardless of if she is a single mother or not, the fact is that she simply isn’t as seen locally as “a very good option” given her appearance.

She seems more indigenous in appearance.

Not indigenous in that she is wearing indigenous clothing but she just isn’t very white looking.

She clearly had more genetic influence from Melinche than Christopher Columbus.

Yet, to the gringo, this doesn’t matter!

If she’s not fat, then the gringo likely finds her to be at least not ugly for the most part.

In that case, she’s likely short in height, an average face, big tits probably but no ass to speak of.

Literally no ass.

But maybe the gringo is more of a titty man!

Either way, the gringo is happy enough with what he has and has no problem dating her more formally.

Still, said gringo will go to his local expat or gringo events.

Where there will likely be a few “upper middle class” locals that are whiter in appearance, who speak English well enough and who will notice this oddity.

Why is he, as a foreigner from the US or Europe, dating that chick?

In their minds, they find it odd.

They would never walk down the street with a chick like that!

Let alone introduce her to your friends and at gatherings as “your girlfriend.”

In many respects, such a woman is “beneath them” so to speak.

Her indigenous features, too dark skin and indigenous sounding last name are not very presentable.

Even worse – the chick in question could actually be fat and below average in looks while the gringo in question, while seemingly a dork, isn’t fat and you’d think he could do better.

At first, the upper middle class local might just shrug it off.

No big deal.

A bit odd but not his woman to fuck, right?

But then he sees it again and again.

Perhaps in a city like Mexico City or maybe, if you removed the indigenous details, in a place like Medellin where the chick is still noticeably uglier than the gringo in question.

The Confusion in Question

For us Americans, it’d be similar to seeing a black dude that is average looking with a white or Asian chick that is UGLY AS SHIT (and probably very fat).

And, truth be told, I’ve heard of the same thing happening in other parts of the world!

While I’ve never been to Asia, supposedly you have expats over there that pair up with Asian women that are seen as uglier than others with “less than ideal” physical characteristics.

Maybe not the lightest skinned Asian woman around.

Something like you’d see in this video here.

And so ultimately the confusion comes from two points (at least when we return to talking about Latin America):

  • Why would a gringo – especially a white one – want to date, someday marry and have kids with a chick who isn’t very white looking or has an odd indigenous sounding last name?
  • Why is said gringo – who isn’t terrible looking – dating a fat or ugly chick that is noticeably beneath him in looks? He could definitely do better!

The fact is, from the gringo’s perspective, neither point above is an issue to him!

As we said, at least with the second point about her ugliness, this is likely a gringo who was a bit of a dork and never got laid back home.

So he’s cool with a chick who is less than attractive looking because it’s the first chick who has given him a handjob in years and she actually has a nice personality compared to most women he tried to date (but never could) back home.

With the first point, the gringo in question is different from the upper middle class Latin American of whiter skin in that he doesn’t give a fuck about her “more indigenous features,” darker skin color or maybe her “not so European sounding last name.”

These things don’t concern him!

While some Latin Americans (not all) have the idea of “mejorar la raza” or “improve the race” burned in their subconscious regarding who they should date or procreate with, the gringo is not thinking like that AT ALL.

He comes from a more “politically correct” background where said biases against skin color and last names were never common in the community he grew up in or would be shamed out of existence (at least when it comes to men’s dating preferences as colorism does exist in dating up there also).

Still, this idea to not date or procreate with someone based on those characteristics isn’t as widely accepted up there as it is among SOME people down here.

And I emphasize some because I don’t want to make it seem like every Latin American thinks like this.

Especially younger ones and those of more modest backgrounds who would be less likely to judge said gringo for dating someone of a “darker” background so to speak.

And, outside of not caring about her “less European appearance,” said gringo might even fetishize it!

He might not necessarily even be the dork type to never gotten laid back home.

Some gringos, as I wrote here, have preferences for women of “more indigenous background” like what you see in Chiapas of Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, some village of 52 people in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, etc.

And they all aren’t THAT bad looking as you can see with Paul's chick from 90 Day Fiance here. 

She looks normal!

Not fat at least.

Though I have no idea if Paul’s type in that video is women of more indigenous background but some men truly are more into that than others.

In the same way some prefer white chicks, black chicks, Asian chicks, etc.

Hell, as I wrote in previous articles, even I sometimes like the idea of an indigenous woman.

But not just any indigenous woman.

Preferably the type who will scream out in pleasure in Tzotzil something like “HE’S WHITENING MY BLOODLINE!!!” as I pound her from behind.

After fucking her, I light up my Cuban cigar and look out the window while saying to her “me llamo Cristobal Colon.”

In all seriousness anyway, it’s not an issue for me to judge.

As I said, I’m not the type to shame others for fetishizing other skin colors sexually.

I think most people – on some level – have that in them.

That whole “want to breed or be bred by what is different” mentality that a lot of people have.

But, on top of that, who you fuck is none of my business.

For me, I don’t put much emphasis on what her last name is or if she is medium or dark brown skin. To us gringos, it doesn’t matter as much as it does to SOME Latin Americans who think that way.

And, like I said, it’s SOME who do. Most Latin Americans, even if plenty of women do have a preference for white guys, are not judgemental about a gringo dating a local woman that doesn’t have many European characteristics or a nicer last name.

It truly is in regards to just some who are like that and they tend to be upper middle class or upper class from what I’ve noticed and heard.

And even when we return to the topic of gringos dating ugly chicks (who are not necessarily of stronger indigenous heritage), what can I say?

The dudes who are legit dating them tend to be nice guys. A bit dorky but nice. And if they’re happy, then cool!

You know, they CAN do better down here but who cares if they’re happy.

Not my business to tell them who to date.

And, if we’re being honest, plenty of gringos (especially after enough liquor at the bar), will have that moment of “taking an ugly chick home” when his judgement isn’t as good and it’s been 4 days since he last came and he’s 21 and that hotter chick from Tinder didn’t respond to his last text.

The difference is that said gringo probably won’t date her but he’ll fuck her to “get a quick one out.”

But, for the gringo who does want to date someone like that, then that’s their business.

Returning to the point at hand, it’s nothing more than that simple irony when contrasting the Latin American confusion at such a sight and the gringo’s happiness with the situation.

Be it when he’s dating an ugly chick and/or a chick of “less European background.”

The greater comedy behind it all though is when this happens JUST ENOUGH in any specific Latin American city where it “becomes a thing” that said upper class Latin Americans notice and end up thinking of most gringos being this way.

Oddly enough, it perhaps makes us, as a group, “less cool” in the eyes of some of the locals.

Then the age old judgement of “we couldn’t make it back home” kicks in stronger.

A judgement usually based on the assumption that we couldn’t make much money back home but now focused on the assumptions about how was our dating life back home.

Which, as I said, at least for the gringos dating objectively ugly fat chicks, there would definitely be “smoke behind the fire” for that specific type of gringo.

Finally, one last thing I want to comment one is from the woman's perspective.

As I wrote here, you got your reasons for why some chicks become "gringo hunters" and some of these uglier chicks can be "gringo hunters" also.

For a lot of them anyhow, I feel it basically comes down to the fact that they can, at the very least, get a more attractive (white) man from abroad than they could locally because some of these dudes from Canada or wherever are just happy to get ANYONE to touch his dick.

From his perspective, even the uglier chick down here is better than women back home and, like I said, he doesn't really give a fuck if she has a more indigenous background when it comes to those chicks also.

Among other reasons anyhow for why some chicks prefer foreign men as I wrote in that last article cited.  

I could go on but I already touched on the subject before and let's just leave it at that to finish this article already.

At any rate, that’s all I got to say.

Drop any comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

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