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How do Latinas Become Gringo Hunters in Latin America?

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It’s a common experience every gringo goes through upon arriving to Latin America.

After leaving the airport in any city down here, they find themselves FLOODED with endless amounts of Latina pussy.

Women of all colors demanding to be the first to jump on his cock.

The poor fella almost had to beat them away before picking the best candidate to take his seed.

Before fucking the other suitable women.

All the while poor, cucked local Latino guys cry in horror at the gringo stealing their women!

What a giga chad.

Introducing the Gringo Hunter

Now, to be fair, it’s not necessarily that easy.

And that would be a little bit boring, no?

At any rate, there are women down here who do make themselves relatively easy for foreign men compared to how easy they give it out to the locals.

If they ever fuck the locals to begin with!

Maybe not.

Some of these women are what we call “gringo hunters.”

What are gringo hunters?

Well, according to Urban Dictionary here, a gringo hunter is “a woman from Central or South America who is on the prowl for an American or European boyfriend.”

Personally, I would extend that definition and say that they are not necessarily always looking for a boyfriend.

Sometimes just cash without the real relationship!

Other times they just want foreign dick without commitment.

Either way, it’s a type of woman who only wants to fuck or date foreign men basically.

But why do they behave like this?

Is it really only for the green card?

Well, from what I’ve seen, there’s different types of gringo hunters in which you can break them down by what their motivations are basically.

Let’s get to it.

Race Fetishism

Some few years ago, I remember going on a date with a chick in Mexico.

I know I wrote about here somewhere else on my blog.

Anyway, while we were sitting down, I remember very well her taking my arm and literally saying word for word something like “que tan blanco eres….que guapo…que blanco…”

Meaning “how white you are…how handsome…how white.”

Not even joking.

Out of all the women I have met down here over 6 years in Latin America, she was probably the most obvious about preferring white dudes.

In fact, she probably deserves an entire article to herself about how crazy obvious she was making it.

Almost like a caricature of what a gringo hunter preferring white men looks like.

Of course, it’s not just white guys who get attention down here.

Once in a blue moon, you’ll probably find some random chick who prefers black guys only also.

Obviously, I haven’t met any of those personally since, to put it obviously, I’m not very black looking.

Still, once in a blue moon….

Or maybe once out of every 1,000 Tinder women you swipe on?

You do see the rare chick who says “she prefers black guys” on Tinder in a large city down here.

Some place like Mexico City or Buenos Aires perhaps.

Still, in Latin America, it seems like white guys get much more attention than black guys on average by far.

Granted, I’m white myself so that might influence how I experience things.

But that’s been my impression also from looking at who gringo hunters tend to fuck – it’s a lot of white guys mostly.

Of course, some might argue that is because European standards of attractiveness are more dominant down here.

Which, in part, is true because you simply don’t see women of indigenous descent being as well portrayed in the media for example.

Consequently, that might help encourage the fetishism for white guys among some of these women.

Regardless, when it comes to skin fetishism, I’d say mostly only white guys and sometimes black guys who get the most attention down here from this type of gringo hunter.

This type being one who has few if any other motivations other than simply wanting to fuck a dude of a certain skin color that might not be too common among the locals in her city.

Fucked Experiences with the Locals

Next, we have the type of woman who basically got fucked over by local men somehow.

Be it having a deadbeat dad to having a crazy boyfriend who cheated on her or was abusive in some manner.

The most obvious example of that was a woman I haven’t seen in a few weeks but with whom I was hooking up quite a bit over a month or so.

Her name was Jovi and you can read about my first night experience with her in this article here.

In which her life story basically broke down into both of those scenarios above!

She didn’t really have a dad growing up.

And she had an abusive boyfriend who, according to her, was “a narco” that was physically violent with her.

Put a knife up against her throat threatening to kill her and whatever else.


She’s not with him anymore but she literally only fucks foreign dudes.

And it doesn’t matter the race or nationality.

You could be a brown Turkish dude to a blonde Norwegian.

Or a black Nigerian dude to a Asian North Korean.

Doesn’t matter.

Were you born in Ciudad Juarez? Get fucked bitch.

Oh, you were born in El Paso? CUM IN MY PUSSY NOW!

That was basically her attitude towards men.

If you were a foreigner, her pussy was a free space to dump a load in without condoms.

She was a fun woman to fuck around with.

And, in the context of this article, arguably the most obvious example of this type of gringo hunter.

Being the one who simply disregards any local Mexican man and will only fuck foreign dudes.

On her Tinder account, she even showed me all the men she matched with where she had like 4,000 dudes give her a like but she only liked back those who were foreigners.

The other 3900 who never got a like back? All Mexican.

Doesn’t matter how attractive the Mexican dude was, he got a rejection.

Similarly, I can think of other women who were like this or might’ve been in hindsight.

For example, I met an Argentine chick named Tami years ago in Buenos Aires did seem to prefer foreign guys that you can read about here.

And, one night, she ended up crying her eyes out about how her dad was a deadbeat and wants to be in her life again.

In Bolivia, I met a chick named Mariana who also had a past (rougher than Tamis) that also only fucked foreign dudes that you can read about here.

Back in Mexico City, I remember meeting a chick named Yarely who also had some bad boyfriend who cheated on her.

From what I noticed, she preferred foreign guys now.

With all four of these women, the past with bad local men is the common thing they have together.

Aside from also only wanting a foreign dude’s dick in their mouths.

But what about money?

The Gals Looking for Money

While the women in the last section were not at all looking for money from me.

And sometimes even paid for their half of the drinks!

You do have other women who strictly or mostly fuck foreign dudes because they want money.

Or they are looking for a man to settle down with that is financially mature to either handle her children or children she wants in the future.

You have women like this in every country obviously.

The difference here is that this type of woman recognizes that foreign men are more likely to have more money on average than local men.

Especially if she is a single mother who recognizes that most good quality local men who have a good job are even less likely to look her way anyhow.

But, oddly enough, she notices that foreign men who likely make more money than quite a few professionals in her country….

Are also giving her attention!

Now, to be honest, many of these foreign men don’t necessarily plan on giving her money or a relationship.

But, on the flip side, you do have foreign men who are complete idiots and willingly give her a few hundred dollars online even though they never met in real life!

As I wrote in this article here, you do have women on Latina dating sites like Mexican Cupid that don’t necessarily fuck or date foreign men but just look for old desperate dudes online that they can love bomb into sending money via Western Union.

And, despite not being old, I have had plenty of women demand I give them money online on those websites despite never having met them.

Always with a “te amo” or “I love you” being sent my way in the first 30 minutes of conversation.

Of course, ignoring their inner motivations for money, it does boost the ego a bit to have attractive women online tell me that they love me!

Well, assuming it’s an actual woman behind the screen of course and not a 20 year old barrio dude…

Regardless, I’ve met some women who fall into this camp of actually only dating or fucking foreign dudes in hopes of getting money.

First off, if you want to meet this type of woman in action, go to the Dominican Republic.

The Holy Land of Gold Diggers.

Like this music video here that explains it nicely.

In the Dominican Republic anyhow, I remember meeting a chick named Germania.

She was a nurse around my age living in some shitty ass neighborhood and happened to be a single mother.

Though I did buy her a beer on our first night together, I never gave her money and she never asked for money until my very last day in the DR.

On that day, I was sitting by the gate at the airport in Santo Domingo ready to leave the country.

And I got a message from her basically demanding a few hundred bucks because she assumed we were formally dating and whatever else.

I said no.

She then threatened to have her police brother kick my ass if I don’t send her any money.

Well, jokes on her, I was leaving the country anyway!

Thanks for the pussy, bitch!

More of that story here.

Next, there was some chick named Araceli who was the first chick I hooked up with after I ended my last relationship with a Mexican chick named Brenda.

In the first 5 minutes of meeting her, she began interrogating me like a typical woman in her 30s desperate for marriage would do.

Asking me questions like…

How long you in Mexico for?

What do you do for work?

How much do you pay in rent per month?

What type of phone do you have?

Do you have a car? What type?

Can you see yourself getting married in one year from today?

That last question was one that she literally asked me in the first 5 minutes.

Like shit girl, I just met you a second ago!

Anyway, it came to me that she seemed to prefer foreign men.

Though, living in Pachuca at the time, I imagine she had difficulty finding that many.

Regardless, I remember the date coming to an end with us on my bed and whipping my dick out for a blowjob.

Right before the blowjob, she did ask if “I’m really looking for something serious?”

And, as I hate lying, I said “well, I’m open minded to anything.”

Which doesn’t mean I’m down for a relationship with her but I am open minded, you see…

With that response, she had a look on her face that contemplated…

“Hmmm, interesting answer. Should I suck the gringo cock or should I not suck the gringo cock?”

Fortunately, the gringo cock did indeed go inside her mouth.

Though she was one of those types that insisted “not to finish inside the mouth.”

Well, nothing is perfect, huh?

It was a rather lackluster blowjob though.

And a few weeks later, I did meet another Mexican chick named Salome near my apartment.

She was actually 35 years old and, to my surprise, she told me she had 5 children when we met up that day!

I actually thought she was joking with me when she said 5 children because you just don’t see anyone down here in Mexico City with that many children around my age.

First time I met a woman with that many children in this country!

And her body didn’t scream “5 children.”

She definitely must have a good diet or something.

Anyway, with her, I did feel like she was looking for something serious.

In the end of the date, I actually did get her on my bed half naked in her panties and tits out.

But then she was insistent on using condoms – even for a blowjob!

Funny enough, she became insistent that I purchase condoms to be delivered by Rappi and I thought about it for a second…

“Is lame ass sex worth 3 dollars in condoms?”

Not worth it.

I genuinely don’t like condoms because it takes away so much of the pleasure.

The sex just isn’t worth it.

So I told her “maybe next time” and she got pissed.

“Why the fuck did I dress up so nicely if it was for nothing?!”

To be fair, she did dress up nicely.

And, funny enough, she marches out the door telling me quite angrily about how “she wasn’t going to fuck me anyway!”

Even though she was literally demanding I order condoms to be delivered and she was down in her panties with tits out.

Alright then!

But was she a gringo hunter?

Honestly, I can’t say for certain but my best guess is maybe.

Under this category of gringo hunter, she definitely fit the bill for someone looking for something serious to take care of her past children.

And, over our texting, she did mention how she likes American dudes.

Plus, she did show a lot more interest in me than the average woman over text despite not having met me yet.

So I’d say it’s possible she was.

Either way, I can’t remember any other chicks who were insistent on money or commitment out of desperation to get married in a year.

If I had spent more time in the DR, I’m sure I would’ve met more.

And, while in the DR, there were two other women (Deborah and Morena) who could’ve been in this category but I didn’t know them well enough to say for sure.

And, being honest, I don’t fuck around with too many women in their 30s.

Most of the women I fuck around with are usually somewhere in their 20s because I’m in my 20s!

So those are some examples of what I mean by the type of gringo hunter looking for money or commitment and who believe that foreign men are better at providing either.

Token Gringo Fuck Buddy

Next, there’s a type of gringo hunter that I believe is, in part, looking for validation on social media.

She might not necessarily be fucking the foreign dudes she posts pictures with but at the very least wants to show the world how “worldly” she is by hanging out with all these foreign dudes!

For example, there was one chick I matched with on Tinder named Lucy who is 29 years old.

I think I matched with her maybe a month or two ago?

Anyway, I still have her on my Whatsapp but never actually met her or took the time to.

Which, being honest, is probably a dumbass mistake on my part because she told me in English that “we need to meet up?”

Literally in the first 3 messages.

But, for some reason, I never took the time to actually plan anything with her.

Probably because I was too happy hanging out with Jovi as mentioned before since she is pretty good for sex anyhow.

But with Lucy, my impression of her Tinder profile was that of a woman who seeks validation from being with foreign men.

She had her Instagram attached to her profile and sometimes I check those out also to see if there’s any signs of her being an easy woman.

In her Instagram, she had numerous photos of herself with foreign looking white dudes.

Similarly, I can think of another chick named Karla years ago who invited me to her birthday party even though I literally didn’t know who the hell she was.

We matched on Tinder way back before she messaged me apparently and she noticed a foreign dude’s number in her phone.

She started a conversation with me and quickly sent me a pic of herself in just panties even though I didn’t ask for it.

Given that my girlfriend was laying next to me at the time, she quickly took the phone and told the girl to fuck off.

Suffice to say, I wasn’t available to go to Karla’s birthday party….

Either way, I’ve had just a few other chicks I can think of that would post pictures of me all over social media.

One of them being an old friend named Angie who I used to hookup with a lot.

And, nowadays, Angie has done the same with other foreign dudes also on her Instagram last I remember.

So part of me does wonder how much does the “validation” inspire these women to go for gringos?

Not necessarily to fuck or date them (though that is likely in the cards)…

But to, at the very least, show the whole world how she is able to get foreign dudes that her friends might consider to be high value.

That’s just my theory anyway on another type of motivation that might inspire the gringo hunter to be a gringo hunter.

Green Card?

I’ll keep this one simple.

I have never met a woman down here that was explicit with me with wanting to move to the US.

Of all of the chicks I hooked up with, none ever came back at me for marriage in any serious sense.

As I wrote here, Angie as mentioned before has jokingly asked to marry me to “get the green card” in the US.

And I’d always respond with “as long as I get my Mexican green card.”

Is she serious about it?

Well, she’s never followed up in any serious sense.

Outside of her, nobody else I’ve hooked up with ever brings it up or usually doesn’t brings up commitment to begin with.

A lot of the women I get tend to be the type who are just looking to fuck around also.

Not all of them though as you have seen already.

Still, even among all of my former girlfriends, none of them have had a desire to move to the US.

I think it’s somewhat overexaggerated by people in the US regarding how much people outside of America want to move into America.

Yes, there’s a shit ton of people who do!

But most people would prefer to live in their home country where they have their culture, language, family, friends and much more.

It takes a crazy fella to want to move to another country…

Someone like me?


Regardless, I’m sure these women exist.

I just have literally never met them and can’t, on top of my head, think of any obvious woman who was like that.

Anyway, here’s a documentary on this subject regarding women looking to marry foreign men for possibly the green card in Latin America.

So at least we have some examples of what it might look like.

Fascination with Culture?

In the US, you have women who tend to fit into certain groups.

In high school (and maybe after high school), you always have chicks who are “goth” or “metal” or whatever the fuck else.

The men they fuck with are the same.

Equally so, you have some women who just have a fascination all around with Japanese culture.

Assumingly, they fuck with Japanese men but I have no idea.

I would assume so.

In Latin America, you do have this type of gringo hunter who, though she might have other motivations, does seem genuinely interested in all things “Anglo culture.”

Or really anything to do with the US, UK, Canada and maybe Australia.

And I emphasize Anglo because this type doesn’t seem too likely to be interested in German, Russian or French culture.

And definitely not so much into Romanian culture oddly enough!

Still, this type of woman is someone like an Argentine chick I met once named Debi.

Debi was a short white chick with long black hair who was born and raised in Buenos Aires.

We only went on a date like once or twice if I remember.

Never hooked up unfortunately.

Which was disappointing because she did seem to have a nice ass and also, funny enough, we ended up sending nude pics to each other after I left Argentina for Colombia.

If only I had another month there…

Regardless, she very much is a good example of this type of gringo hunter.

Where if you asked her the following questions, she’d respond as such:

Favorite band? The Beatles.

Favorite Movie? Star Wars.

Favorite Book? Harry Potter.

Favorite Actor? Matt Damon.

Or something like that anyhow.

The idea being that everything that she likes is not from Argentina.

It’s from the US, UK, Canada or maybe Australia.

This type of gringo hunter might also, once in a while, like something from another country that has a majority white population.

Now, perhaps you could argue that this type of woman also fetishes white people or has a strong preference for them?


After all, there could be various motivations and not just one for why a chick is a gringo hunter.

Still, this type seemingly never likes or likes very little anything to do with her own country’s culture.

Where she would maybe even find it strange if you like anything from her culture as I wrote here.

At the end of the day, I do believe some of these women just have some natural attraction towards “Anglo” culture or however you want to describe it.

For some reason, they genuinely don’t seem to appreciate as much the culture of their own country and have a strong preference for the foreign one.

Which, in turn, motivates her to fuck around mostly or only with foreign men.

The English Practicing Latina

Next, we have the type of gringo hunter who REALLY wants to practice her English.

Now, to be fair, I’m not entirely sure how “down to fuck” these women are.

In part because, as loyal readers know, Latinos down here who are insistent on turning me into a free English tutor get under my skin a bit.

Equally so the upper class fresa types who walk around all day with a stick in their ass going “I sPeAk EnGlIsH!!!!1!!1!!1!!”

So, being honest, I tend to discard these women if I get a strong vibe that screams to me that she wants to practice her English.

Having said that, assuming she isn’t too obsessed with it and goes back to Spanish in the conversation, then I’m willing to move forward with her.

For example, there was a chick named Karla I met some odd months ago who, initially speaking, came across like she wanted to practice English.

Suffice to say, she didn’t do a whole lot of practicing outside of eventually seeing how far she can get my dick in her mouth.

Though, in Karla’s case, I think she was also looking for a serious relationship and that’s’ why we stopped seeing each other.

Still, it’s a question, no?

Are these women gringo hunters and are they easy?

Well, I would say they are gringo hunters in the sense that they are motivated greatly to meet with foreigners!

Fuck them? Probably if we’re being honest.

If I wasn’t such a hard ass against Latinos trying to force their English onto me, I’d have more patience and better luck with this type of woman.

As I said, if she’s too persistent on the English, I drop her quickly.

The Ugly Betty

Next, we have the “Ugly Betty.”

This is the type of Latina that insecure gringo men like to tell his buddies is a “solid HB 8, brooo.”

Who, in reality, looks like she has AIDs.

All around is not a woman you’d want to fuck.

Definitely not one you’d be proud of fucking though enough alcohol might convince you otherwise.

And is one you’d want to rush into the apartment quickly before anyone you knew saw her with you.

And if a friend did see you walking together and said hello in public?

You just tell him in the moment (hoping she doesn’t speak English) that…

“Oh, no, this is my landlord. Nothing more. Don’t worry. I got a date with Shakira tomorrow.”

Suffice to say, she’s not the prettiest woman out there.

Being honest with you, I’ve fucked one of them before!

Just one, I promise!

More commonly though in all seriousness, you’ll find this type of woman walking around with “the new gringo.”

Some type of gringo who is new to Latin America and might be a bit of a dork.

Not necessarily too successful with women back home.

As I wrote here, I met a young dude named John from Wisconsin in Bolivia one time who was like that.

He was a nice guy but didn’t seem like the type who sleeps around.

Granted, sometimes that type does sleep around and we just don’t know it!

Regardless, having showed up recently to Bolivia, he fell in love very quickly.

Even told his parents that he ain’t coming home as soon as they thought because “he’s in love.”

Now, to be fair with John, the girl he was with actually wasn’t ugly.

And “ugly betty” isn’t necessarily always ugly.

But she is the type of woman that is noticeably hitting above the belt quite nicely so to speak.

Where the foreign dude she is getting is noticeably more attractive than what she’d normally get among local men.

It’s very stereotypically like the black guy who only fucks fat white chicks in the US.

In college, I saw one such couple where the black guy in question wasn’t bad looking at all and the Asian chick he was with was extremely ugly.

Impressively ugly.

And you wonder to yourself when you see that or when you see a gringo with a noticeably lesser attractive women in Latin America…

“Why are they together?”

From the woman’s perspective, you get it.

She’s getting much better than what she’d get otherwise and she’s simply playing on something that works.

In the US, it’d be playing on the black dude’s fetishization of fat white chicks.

In Latin America, it’s playing on the new dork in town who got one handjob a year back home in Gary, Indiana.

From the gringo’s perspective?

Well, it might not be that he’s a dork.

It could be that he’s drunk.

Or that he failed to get the hotter chick to fuck him that day and agreed to have the uglier chick come over for a quick blowjob.

Doing charity work she is, I tell you.

You’d hope the dude in question is thankful enough to buy her a pepsi or a coca cola as a way to show gratitude to her for satisfying dem nuts afterwards.

But only time will tell…

Anyway, as I said, it could also be the case that the dude is actually normally only fucking ugly chicks without a cute one in memory.

Still, if it makes him happy, then so be it.

And, as I said, she’s probably happy because she’s getting better than what she’d get otherwise.

Where she, in some way, has noticed that this type of foreign dude is simply easier to appease and keep around without cheating.

Anyway, it is what it is.

The Latina Too Good For Most Local Men

We all know most women prefer men who are at least the same height as them or taller.

In some circumstances, like if she is a single mother or desperate for other reasons, she might tolerate the man slightly shorter than him if he brings other things to the table.

Equally, most women prefer a man who at least makes the same amount of money as them if not ideally more.

In Latin America, you have that type of woman who happens to be too good for most of the local men.

Where the average man is shorter than her as she's a tiny bit on the taller side and where she has a solid career making a good income for the local market.

As a result, this Latin American woman might be seen having a strong preference for foreign men because foreign men tend to be 1) taller on average and 2) make more money on average and whose incomes and career trajectory can keep up with hers.

I know a Mexican gal named Angie that I mentioned before.

She is a little bit on the taller side for a Mexican woman.

If she were to go to Northern Mexico, it wouldn't be as much of a problem.

If she were to live in Chiapas or Oaxaca, her dating options are dwindling pretty fucking fast.

She also makes at least 40,000 MXN (2,000 USD) per month as a computer programmer and has a good career trajectory.

Years ago, I remember her dating some Mexican guy named Eduardo who she cheated on with me and dumped because, in her words, "he's not serious."

When asked about it, she clarified that "not being serious" meant he just doesn't have much of a future.

He was living with his parents, studying math and was going to be a math teacher.

He's not going to keep up with Angie's career very well.

And, to be fair, Angie has tried dating other Mexicans like one guy named Diego.

But, above all, she very much has a preference for foreigners in general.

Like one guy she was dating from the Netherlands not too long ago.

So on and so on.

For someone like Angie, it makes perfect sense why she'd prefer foreign men as explained before.

That's just how it is for some women.

The Scamming Fake Gringo Hunter

Finally, it should be said that not every seemingly obvious gringo hunter is a gringo hunter!

As I said previously, you have the Latina Cupid sites where you have plenty of women asking for money.

Do all of these women actually date or fuck foreigners?


In fact, they probably getting dicked down by a local man 20 to 30 years older than her who pays a nice 100 bucks a month for her pussy once a week.

All the while the old American dude in his 70s in rural town Wyoming is sending her 300 bucks a month despite never having met her in person all because “she loves him” and MAYBE sends a titty pic.

Or maybe she is getting dicked down by some foreign men locally who happen to stop by but, like Germania, will probably come around the corner demanding money.

All the while there’s maybe some young 20 year old local kid who makes his money robbing people with a gun on a motorcycle who also fucks her on the side as well.

Who occasionally buys her a slice of pizza after she texts him “estoy caliente papi.”

To which he responds “Little Ceasers?”

Anyway, while you might fuck this type of woman eventually for free (like Germania), just know some of the “gringo hunters” are not hunting gringo dick at all.

Just your wallet without any fun.

For example, years ago in Buenos Aires, I met a Brazilian chick online who claimed she was a widow.

Wanted to meet me in a very far away neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires that my friends told me was dangerous.

And I learned that she lied about being a widow as I looked up her Facebook and saw her man was still alive!

Long story short, I believe in hindsight that she was setting me up to get robbed.

I never met her thankfully and you can read more about that story here.

But it’s just a warning to some folks here…

That not every gringo hunter is actually going to fuck you.

Well, they might fuck you!

But not in the way you think.

Instead of giving you a great night, they might have their man fuck you with a shank in the kidney.

Not exactly the type of fucking you were hoping for….

Final Thoughts

Anyway, those are all of the different types of gringo hunters that come to mind.

There might be more I haven’t thought of!

If you have any that come to mind or anything to expand on anything said in this article, let me know in the comments below.

And, as I said, it’s not uncommon for a gringo hunter to have various motivations for why she only fucks or dates foreign men.

Many of the motivations above could be working together.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

Leave any comments below.

Follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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