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Diverse Latina Beauty in the Eyes of the Gringo

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What does a Latina look like?

Obviously, that answer is going to vary by who you ask.

If you ask someone who doesn’t generalize and actually knows Latin America, they will tell you “Latinas come in all colors!”

That’s technically true.

Then you have those who either generalize and/or don’t know Latin America very well beyond the Latinas they see in their specific part of the world.

For most Americans, that will mean that said Latina is “some brown woman.”

Though, for those who live in Florida, they might describe them as “brown and maybe black looking.”

After all, Florida gets a few more black Latinas than the rest of the US given where they tend to immigrate from versus Texas.

Either way, the word “Latina” tends to be with it a certain mental image of what that looks like.

Beyond just skin color, you also have those who associate certain words with “Latina.”

They might associate “Latina” with someone who is feisty, sexy, exotic, etc.

And, for those gringos specifically, a few will turn out to be sex tourists coming to Latin America to get their dick wet.

Where do they go exactly?

To the Bolivian city of Oruro?

Probably not.

How about the Guatemalan city of Xela?

Also not very likely.

Maybe the Uruguayan city of Montevideo?

Not that either!

Well fuck – where do they go?

Depends on the individual obviously as we’ll cover soon enough.

But the usual areas involve Medellin in Colombia, Rio or Florianópolis in Brazil, CDMX or Tijuana in Mexico, San Jose or Jaco in Costa Rica, Panama City, Havana in Cuba, Sosua or Santo Domingo in the DR, etc.

Among other destinations!

Why they go to specific destinations depends.

For one, more developed cities are well-known and have the tourism infrastructure to assist the gringo with limited Spanish and/or limited time in Latin America. Easy to fly into that international airport. Those same cities probably have more available prostitutes or normal chicks down to fuck on Tinder. So on and so on.

And, for the gringo who prefers his fun on a beach, then they might very well just go to a beach then where they can fuck chicks also.

Having said all of that, the other point to bring up also is the type of women that said gringo prefers.

Also, some areas of Latina America just get more attention online by BS blogs trying to make money with articles filled with affiliate links to dating sites for gringos horny to fuck Latinas. Said blogs will just recommend the typical but their recommendations are not usually too out of line with reality for where said gringos should go. It’s up to question anyhow if the authors of said blogs actually know what they’re talking about or just want affiliate money.

As we already discussed, there comes a certain mental image as to what Latina looks like but some gringos are more nuanced than just thinking “brown” women when they think of Latinas.

So, for every gringo out there, some parts of Latin America better provide the physical looks that said gringo prefers in a woman.

With all of the diversity in the region, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone as we’ll discuss next.

The Influence of Genetics on What the Gringo Desires

There are some countries of Latin America that get the most love.

Specifically Colombia, Brazil, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Also, I’d throw Venezuela in there but it’s different as basically few, if any, foreigners go to Venezuela for sex tourism but they do love their Venezuelan prostitutes in other countries as they share similar appearances to that of Colombian women.

Now what do these countries have in common?

They basically have very strong European and African influences in the demographics.

It’s always been my opinion that areas with heavy mixing of both tend to attract more sex tourists.

When you look at where sex tourists go, the things that influence their decision will vary from what I’ve noticed as an outsider.

For one, infrastructure in place to make them feel comfortable going there is something already discussed.

A nice beach nearby helps.

But also having sexy women is a requirement obviously.

And, while no offense to the women of areas like Ecuador or Guatemala, but you simply don’t have as many sex tourists going there because they have more indigenous influences in their demographics.

Now, as we’ll cover soon, some people do like those “Andean” or “Mayan” or whatever indigenous influences in the local women.

But most sex tourists tend to prefer one of the following:

  • Women with mostly European influences
  • Women with a mix of both European & African influences.

And what do the countries of Colombia, Venezuela, DR, Cuba and Brazil have in common?

They all have very strong European & African influences.

As I said, I’m not trying to be a dick to the fine women of Guatemala or Ecuador.

I’m just pointing out an observation I’ve had for a long time now – that, in the eyes of the gringo sex tourist, women with either one of the following characteristics above is what is most commonly desired.

Having said that, you do got gringos who prefer women with strong “Andean” or “Mayan” or indigenous influences.

For example, there’s another gringo that I’ve talked with in private Telegram groups who seemingly has an interest in women from Chiapas, Peru, etc.

He even married a Peruvian gal but I think they divorced.

What do the women of Peru and Chiapas have in common?

Both likely (though not necessarily) have more indigenous influence in their genetics.

These types tend to prefer women who have more petite and shorter looks as to what you’d stereotypically find in an Asian woman.

Then you have those who prefer black women without much European or indigenous influence.

The issue that black Latinas have in places like Cali, Colombia or the DR is that, in the opinion of some gringos, they have uglier faces.

That’s the opinion I’ve always heard. Not saying it’s true, just reporting what I’ve heard.

Then you have women with more European influences like those in Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Florianópolis, etc.

Now, to be fair, women from these areas do get more positive remarks from the gringos looking for love and sex.

Though I rarely hear of any sex tourists going to Uruguay specifically (outside of maybe Punta del Este Beach) and that’s probably because of its relative isolation and few activities to do.

With Florianópolis, you have a nice beach, it is located in Brazil that plenty love to visit for reasons outside of sex and it has a whiter population from what I’ve heard.

It fits well for the sex tourist looking to hookup with normal gals or prostitutes.

And you have Buenos Aires. Which, while plenty talk about how hot the women are, gets relatively little love from those who aren’t chasing prostitutes. I imagine that might have to do with the fact that plenty of men I’ve heard from say that it’s harder to get an average chick in Argentina to fuck you versus Colombia or Brazil.

That’s been a narrative I’ve heard often. Hot chicks but, if they won’t fuck you, do the foreigners looking for sex outside of prostitutes come in large numbers?

At the end of the day though despite the preferences of the individual gringo, it really does come across to me like most do prefer areas that either have a high percentage of white women or mixed race women of white and black features.

Going back then to Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, the DR and Brazil.

All of which are countries that had relatively fewer indigenous people prior to the arrival of the Europeans (compared to countries like Mexico or Peru) and where those same Europeans brought a lot more African slaves to those countries when compared to other places like Bolivia or Nicaragua.

Which, when speaking about those other countries like Mexico or Nicaragua, other influences exist outside of demographics that bring in sex tourists as I said already.

A country like Nicaragua that is relatively lesser known and talked about with poorer infrastructure will attract less sex tourists.

A place like Mexico or Costa Rica, while arguably not having as many hot local women, will attract more tourists because they are more “well-known” to foreigners who don’t know Latin America as well and feel safer going there.

Which, in the case of Costa Rica at least, that’s ironic as plenty of their prostitutes as Colombians and Venezuelans anyhow as you can see here.

“There are estimated to be 15,000 prostitutes in the country. Many of them are from Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and other Latin American countries.”

Surprise surprise?

Final Thoughts

Anyway, this article kinda took a turn into other topics as I started to ramble a tiny bit.

Really, my main point is nothing more than to briefly discuss the racial preferences that gringos prefer in Latinas and how that plays out in terms of which Latin countries attract most of them searching for sex with either prostitutes or normal women.

And I also want to say that a bunch of what I said here is just shooting from the hip based on what I’ve seen and heard from other foreigners.

While I don’t have any experience with prostitutes specifically, I do like to hookup with normal chicks and, over the years living down here, you talk with other expats and learn their reasons for why they moved or travel down here.

And so, when I say countries like Colombia or Brazil get so many of those looking for sex or love, it just becomes obvious quickly enough that is the case.

Meanwhile, as I’ve put more thought into it, the observation that these same men tend to go to places with either strong European demographics or places with strong European and black demographics becomes made.

It’s simply what I’ve noticed.

Though, as I said, there are other things that influence where the sex tourists go but they do seemingly prefer women of those demographics above with various men having a preference for those of mostly black or indigenous demographics.

And that takes us full circle.

As I said, every man has a different idea of what “Latina” looks like and their preference for what is beautiful will vary by the man. Consequently, for those coming down here only for sex and love, that’ll dictate which countries they visit but come countries get more of them than others due to some demographics being seen as more favorable and other influences like infrastructure, word of mouth, a nearby beach and others that influence the popularity of certain areas.

Anyway, if you got anything to add, drop a comment below in the comment section.

I definitely don’t consider myself an expert on this topic as I don’t go around talking with sex tourists most days of the year so any additional insight is always welcome as I enjoy reading the opinions of other expats.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

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