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Advantages & Disadvantages of Dating Mexican Women

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Do you want to fuck a Mexican woman?

Some big titted Latina bitch with them pepperoni nipples, fat ass lips with that cardboard non-existent ass?


And you bust inside her grunting out “HERE’S MY AGUA DE HORCHATA, PUTA!!”

Then her cousin – who is also her husband – busts through the door yelling in anger “AY DIOS AZTECA – POR QUE MI ESPOSA ME PONE LOS CUERNOS?!?!”

I got you.

Now, in all seriousness, you might be asking yourself – “what the fuck did I just read?”

Not even I know.

But, what I do know, after almost 5 years dating Mexican chicks, are the advantages & disadvantages of dating them.

And trust me – I’ve seen plenty of big Mexican titties in my life and an endless amount of cardboard non-existent asses.

Mexican women have plenty of both, don’t you know!

Not to mention the missing teeth if you go for those in Neza or something….

So, with enough vodka in my system right now, I figured I might as well write about this topic since I got nothing else to do and maybe this will bring me an extra 5 clicks a month or some shit.

All I can say is that I’m the man to tell you how it is.

I ain’t here trying to sell you an affiliate link to some dating website.

Even though there are men out there much more familiar with Mexican women than I am, I’m at least going to give you my honest experience dating them with the advantages & disadvantages that I could think up in the last 10 minutes.

And, for those more curious on dating information in Latin America, check this out here where you can find all my articles on the subject.

Anyway, let’s get to it by starting with the advantages and then jump into the disadvantages.

ADV 1: A Chef Among Chefs

Let me ask you this simple question.

If you had to choose which person to cook you food among the following options, which would you choose?

A Mexican.

A Bolivian.

A Colombian.

Now, unless your IQ is below 50 or you were born with a condition that deprives you of taste buds, you’re going to pick the Mexican.

To be fair though, you got other nationalities in Latin America where the food is overall good like Peru, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

And Mexican food is among the best options for food in the region.

Still, to be fair, not every woman in Mexico or Latin America knows how to cook.

But you wouldn’t expect a Bolivian woman to know how to cook good Mexican food, would you?

They can’t even make good food in Bolivia!

Point made.

If you had to have a wife from Latin America, you’ll always have better odds that she knows how to make some good shit if she is Mexican.

When I dated my last Mexican girlfriend, she often cooked me food that was pretty good.

I probably should’ve asked her for the recipes before breaking up with her.

Finally, even if she doesn’t know how to cook herself, you can rest assured that her mother isn’t going to cook you nasty shit because the mother is assumingly Mexican also.

And said Mexican girlfriend isn’t going to torture you by bringing you to bad restaurants because any restaurant that serves Mexican food is better than what you’ll find in countries serving Bolivian or Colombian food.

Regardless of her cooking abilities, you already took a massive W versus the losers taking massive L’s for taking Bolivian women who want to put dog food in your mouth.

No offense to the kind ladies of Bolivia – your piss tasting soup sucks major donkey dick but you all are amazing. Sin duda.

ADV 2: Less Money Hungry

While every country has gold diggers and I’ve seen the few women on Tinder in CDMX begging for sugar daddies, I would say that Mexican women are relatively less money hungry compared to certain Latina nationalities.

Granted, most Latina nationalities – almost all of them – don’t come across as money hungry.

But, compared to Colombian or especially Dominican women, I find Mexican women to be not so demanding when it comes to money.

They’re pretty normal.

ADV 3: American Culture

While Mexico has its own culture and Mexicans tend to be more proud of their culture and heritage than other nationalities, you still have plenty of Mexicans (especially younger ones) who are more familiar with American culture.

Compared to other nationalities in Latin America, I find Mexican women and people in general to be a little more familiar with cultural examples back in the US.

More who have seen shows like Pawn Stars to having listened to more American music to being more familiar with events happening in the US and so on.

Which makes sense – more Mexicans have spent time in the US and also more have family in the SU that they either visit and/or gets news back from regarding life in the US.

Overall, if you’re looking for a Latina with more knowledge about the US, you can’t go wrong with Mexican (or Puerto Rican).

Of course, some gringos might see this as a negative.

“Too Americanized.”

Eh, take it how you take it.

If it’s a negative to you, fair enough.

To me, it’s a positive.

ADV 4: Slightly Easier to Introduce to Family

This is a tough one to mention as a positive or not.

I’ve read about how difficult it is for Mexicans to get into the US for example.

Versus other nationalities like Chile where supposedly they have visa free access to the US.

Still, as of this writing, no other country in Latin America has visa free access to the US outside of Chile.

The one benefit that Mexican women bring to the table here though is that they literally belong to a country that has a border with the US.

So, even if you have difficulty bringing her back while not married yet, it should be financially and logistically easier for family to visit her in Mexico versus other Latin countries as the flight will be both relatively cheaper and shorter.

And, if you happen to have Mexican family in the US like plenty of people do, then I suppose it will be even easier than that.

ADV 5: Like Indigenous Features?

While I don’t mind women with more indigenous heritage and have dated some, I'm only mentioning this because I know plenty of foreigners prefer not to date chicks with strong indigenous features. 

But, on the flip side, I know some foreigners who prefer women with indigenous roots.

So don't take this as a negative but one of those "what is your type?" things.

Compared to most nationalities, Mexican women do have more indigenous features in their demographics.

Well, maybe not as much as Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador or Bolivia.

But definitely compared to the typical gal from Colombia or Argentina!

Though obviously not all Mexican women have more indigenous features either.

Plenty of them with strong European or black heritage.

Still, if you like women with more indigenous heritage, Mexico has it.

ADV 6: Big Expat Community

For those of thinking of living in Latin America, Mexico isn’t the worst option out there.

It has a huge expat community. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, in Latin America.

Especially these days as Mexico has taken in so many aspiring expats since Covid started.

So while this has nothing to do with Mexican women necessarily, it does have to do with living in Latin America if you choose that.

And obviously the country comes with the women.

If you were to date a Nicaraguan gal, you wouldn’t have as much of a expat community in Nicaragua versus the US to relate to.

Which, similar to the influence of American culture, might be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes.

Some expats prefer to avoid areas with strong expat communities and others gravitate towards them.

Your choice!

Overall, I see it as a positive because, even if you don’t want to hang with other expats, you can always avoid them also given Mexico is a huge country with plenty of places to live where they don’t live.

Always a positive to at least have the option of hanging with other expats even if you don’t want to right or never.

ADV 7: Plenty of Options in a Big Country

Every country in Latin America has numerous areas for you to live in but some countries have more options than others.

Obviously, bigger countries have more options and Mexico is one of the biggest options out there along with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc.

Compared to the many smaller countries though like Panama or the DR or Paraguay, you simply have a lot more large cities to raise a family in.

Or seek love in.

Or both!

And who doesn’t like options?

ADV 8: Casual & Formal Dating

While Mexico doesn’t have the hottest women of Latin America, it still has plenty of cute gals.

Now your preference may vary from other expats. Are you looking for casual dating to hookup and all or something formal to find love and a relationship?

I’d say that Mexico has a few cities that work better for casual dating than what most Latin countries can offer. Mexico City in particular is very generous to those who look to hookup and have lots of fun (even if the women aren’t as hot as what you’d see in Rio but you still got more options than what you’d get in Managua).

And, for those looking for more serious relationships, Mexico has plenty of cities that have a more conservative atmosphere relatively speaking (with plenty of causal women too) in places like Pachuca de Soto for example.

So on and so on.

ADV 9: Better English?

Compared to most other nationalities in Latin America outside of perhaps Argentines or Chileans, I find Mexicans do have better English overall.

Even if you aren’t a gringo with no Spanish skills, having a chick who knows enough English to communicate would be nice whenever you introduce her to family back home that might not speak Spanish themselves.

ADV 10: More Likely to Have Family in the US

Compared to most Latinas from Latin America, Mexicans are more likely than anyone else to already have family in the US.

Of course, this is all location specific.

If you have your family in Florida, then this factor would probably be more true for dating Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Colombians or Venezuelans.

But in almost the rest of the US?

Then you’re more likely to have Mexican influences anywhere eels in the country.

Including more likely for her to have family somewhere eels in the country than any other nationality of Latina.

Overall then, a Mexican woman is probably more likely to feel a tiny bit more at home in the US (outside of Florida maybe) then other Latin American nationalities and also more likely to actually have some family member up there that she can see if she were to move back with you.

ADV 11: Not Overly Terrible Taste in Music

When you date someone of a particular country, you are also dating their culture.

Now, be it her musical taste or those of her boomer parents, you are probably going to have to listen to some musical genre that comes from her country by hanging around her or her family.

If she’s Argentine, that means rock music that is trying too hard to imitate rock music from Europe.

If she’s Brazilian, maybe you get very lucky and her parents are hardcore samba and bossa nova fans. Not every Brazilian is but that would be cool as fuck to get to listen to that while enjoying steak with the stepfather.

Unfortunately, not every gringo is so lucky.

Some date the Colombian and get that ear shattering vallenato playing at the cookout.

Or maybe Bolivian and you get whatever the fuck this is here playing at the cookout.

….The fuck?

So, while Mexican music isn’t the best in Latin America, it could be worse!

Your girl could be a vallenato fan or flute playing fan or some shit.

Cumbia isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Not to mention other cool artists that, if she’s younger than 60, probably doesn’t listen to stuff like this here but maybe her parents do!

And, even if she doesn’t listen to that, maybe she’s a millennial and listens to stuff like this.

Can’t go wrong with those musical tastes, huh?

ADV 12: Not the Biggest Sluts of the Planet?

As I wrote here, infidelity rates in Latin America don’t vary THAT greatly among countries but some countries do have more noticeable rates or reputation of infidelity than others.

While Mexico has its fair share of sluts like any other country like the US or Brazil, you do hear plenty of gringos say “oh, their women are more faithful.”

Eh, my time finding out women I was fucking had boyfriends makes me believe otherwise but I might concede to the idea that it’s not AS BAD as say Colombia.

Either way, if we compare Mexican women to other Latina nationalities, I’ll simply say that it’s an idea out there that Mexican women aren’t as unfaithful.

While I do poke holes at the idea based on my experience with chicks who had boyfriends that I didn’t know about, I’m not going to completely crush the idea here.

Just throwing that idea out there!

More faithful than other Latina nationalities?

Some in the audience might say so but I’ll leave it up to you to ponder.

ADV 13: Not Overly Exotic

Look, plenty of Americans, even those rednecks in rural Alabama, have seen a Mexican.

Everyone has seen Mexicans!

Shit, Mexicans are so well-known in the US that, even when Americans are jerking off to Latina porn on Pornhub, it’s probably a Mexican that they are jerking off to.

….or a Colombian woman.

But quite possibly a Mexican also!

Now tell me this – how many times have you jerked off to Paraguayan women getting fucked on Pornhub?


Doesn’t happen!

And you haven’t jerked off either to Nicaraguan, Salvadorian or Honduran bitches getting gangbanged either.

What about those lovely Bolivian gals?

OK, not many people want to fuck them yet alone jerk off to them…

But the point is the same!

You haven’t ever ejaculated to the sight of a Salvadorian, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Bolivian or Paraguayan gal in the US.

But Mexican?

At least once a week!

Or am I projecting?

What is the point though in all seriousness?

That, even among rednecks in rural US, Mexicans aren’t exotic.

And do you really want an exotic girlfriend that people back home look at and go “god damn, she from Mars or what?”

Let me tell you – get yourself a Paraguayan girlfriend and people back home in rural Tennessee will think “fuck off, whose that exotic gal over there? SHE AIN’T FROM AROUND HERE, IS HE?!”

But get yourself a Mexican gal and there’s no trouble.

Mexicans have been in the US as long as steak and potatoes.

Now, among some of you, perhaps having an exotic gal is more favorable.

It’s one of those issues where it depends on your tastes.

Personally, I want someone who “fits in with the crowd.”

And Mexicans, while not only being the most socially intelligent nationality there is, also do “fit in with the crowd” as there’s an endless amount of them in the US!

Not bad, huh?

Anyway, let’s get to some disadvantages now.

Nothing is perfect.

DV 1: Relative Xenophobia

Compared to other Latin countries, I’ve found that Mexico has a tiny bit more xenophobia against Americans specifically.

A few more folks who have a stick up their faggot ass about us.

So, if you end up dating a Mexican chick, you might have some faggot ass uncle who says shit or something.

OK, probably not.

Most Mexicans are chill and I can’t imagine too many Mexican uncles being that autistic about your nationality.

But, relative to other Latin nationalities, the risk of an autistic uncle hating you for your nationality is a tiny bit higher I would say.

DV 2: Less Spanish Progress?

As I wrote here, having a Latina girlfriend can shoot your Spanish to the moon.

Especially if she doesn’t speak English as that would basically force you to learn Spanish!

…..or her speak English?

Cmon now – we’re men! Men is what we are! We aren’t forced to do shit. Make the bitch learn OUR language as we colonize her womb!

Regardless, her not speaking English is going to help encourage you to learn Spanish a little bit more than otherwise where you’d be leaning on her English speaking skills.

And, as I said before, Mexicans tend to be up there with Argentines when it comes to speaking English.

Which, on one hand, isn’t too bad because she can communicate with your family assuming they don’t speak Spanish.

But, on the other hand, it would discourage you from learning Spanish as you can lean on her English skills to communicate.

And while there’s plenty of Mexicans who don’t speak English, they do know English better than other nationalities as I said.

So, by choosing to date a Latina who isn’t Mexican (or Argentine), you have better odds at dating a Latina whose English is so shit that you’ll learn a foreign language.

And who wouldn’t like that?

It’s like a two for one deal!

Learn a foreign language and destroy pussy at the same time!

Awesome, Bro!

DV 3: Not the Most Racially Diverse

While Mexico does have people from any race living there – white, brown, black, Asian, even green or whatever the fuck else – it’s mostly limited to brown and white chicks.

You do have some regions – like Veracruz – that has more black women.

And, with the arrival of more Haitians, I guess you got more black women from that also.

Though most of them have husbands traveling with them so you’d only be able to fuck them and not date when you find one that wants to cuck her husband.

And some areas that have like 5 Asians or whatever.

But, for the most part, the pussy on the menu is mostly brown or white.

Those are your options (if I had to generalize anyhow).

Compare that to say Colombia where you do have a lot more black women.

Black, brown and white!

Same with Brazil but Brazil also has a stronger Asian community (especially in São Paulo).

So on and so on.

The point is that, especially compared to the US, the racial diversity of women does leave something to be desired.

If Mexico had more black and especially more Asian chicks (that didn’t stick to their own), then this point would be irrelevant.

Either way, it is what it is.

DV 4: Relatively Fat

If I’m not mistaken, I think Mexicans are the fattest people of Latin America if not one of the fattest.

I remember in high school years ago reading how they became fatter than Americans on average so they are up there.

And, while living in Mexico, I’ve seen plenty of fat fucks.

Replace white fat fucks in the US for brown ones and you got Mexico.

So, in short, it’s not much of a downside if you are American because you are probably used to seeing 5 rolls of belly fat move up and down while fucking a bitch in missionary.

But, if you prefer someone without those belly fat rolls, other nationalities might be necessary.

Eh kinda.

There’s plenty of non fat chicks in Mexico.

Just that, compared to other nationalities, it’s more noticeable down here than say in Colombia.

But, over time, most nationalities will probably be fatter with the modern world taking over most countries where more and more people eat fast food and shit.

So uhhh … get your skinny woman while you can?


DV 5: A Violent Country for Kids?

Think about it.

You have a Mexican wife and she gives you 10 sons.

A happy family!

Then they get shot to death by the cartels.

No more sons for you!

It was your fault anyway.

You could’ve chosen to give your seed to a Chilean woman where the risk of the cartels ending your bloodline doesn’t exist.

In all seriousness anyhow, it is a risk.

While most expats live in Mexico just fine, most aren’t trying to raise kids down here.

And while you could always take the wife and kids back to the US, not every Latina wants to relocate away from her home country.

So, by choosing to procreate with a Mexican chick, you might be doing so in a country that is riskier for raising children.

Think about it.

While the Chilean gals of the world don’t cook food as tasty as the Mexican ones, they at least aren’t having their kids join the ranks of the 43 here.

Just something to consider!

On the flip side though, I bet raising your kids in a country as violent as Mexico would teach them to be tougher than what those kids in Uruguay are accustomed to.

Like other points, it could be a positive or negative.

You risk your family being shot to death but, on the flip side, your family grows up tough if they survive and will be able to take on the world versus Uruguayan boys who grow up to subscribe to OnlyFans.

I’ll let you decide if this is a negative or positive.

DV 6: Isn’t Exotic a Good Thing?

To a degree, I wonder if it’d be good if your Latina wife in the US was exotic.

After all, if she’s Mexican, then there’s less shit you can get away with.

Think about it.

Let’s say you are invited to a neighborhood cookout.

You really don’t want to go because the guy inviting you over – Dave – is a real faggot who is socially retarded.

But you don’t want to be rude either.

You take your Latina wife over with  you to this gathering.

In scenario 1, your Latina wife is not Mexican but maybe Paraguayan or some shit.

And there are no Paraguayans in the gathering but maybe a few Mexicans.

Because of the fact that there are no Mexicans, your wife is more exotic and you two can get away with more shit in social settings like this.

Don’t want to be at the gathering?

Tell your wife to, whenever you’re ready to leave, drop to her knees and begin sobbing and doing a spiritual prayer to the Guarani Gods.

Everyone at the gathering will look at her and think “what kind of down syndrome level shit is this?”

Then you explain – “oh, my apologizes. This is my Paraguayan wife. She has to do a prayer to the Guarani Gods every day at 4 PM. This will last 2 hours. We can leave if you want?”

If she were Mexican now, you couldn’t get away with that shit because the Mexian neighbors – Jose & Maria – would know she is full of shit as nobody does a prayer to the Aztec Gods.

And, outside of trying to get outside of odd social settings using that one trick that every DAVE hates, you still have an EXOTIC wife.

Mexicans just ain’t exotic like they used to be back in the 1960s in rural Montana.

But a Paraguayan bitch?

Now THAT’S exotic!

You could tell everyone that she comes directly from some indigenous tribe in the Atlantic Rainforest of South America (even if that’s not true).

Every dude with a strong Latina fetish is going to be jealous as fuck.

DV 7: Don’t Want a Feminist Wife?

When dudes in the US jerk off to their Latina fetishes, they think of submissive women who don’t believe in feminism.

The truth is that every country (outside of maybe Saudi Arabia & North Korea) has feminists.

Some more than others.

And, within countries, the amount of feminism that you see varies by cities with the capital having more than others.

In Mexico, you’ll find more in Mexico City where this one feminist bitch tried stealing my phone and I pushed her as you can read here.

Fucking bitch – leave my phone alone.

Relative to other Latin countries, you probably have more noticeable feminism in places like Argentina or Brazil maybe if I had to take a wild guess.

But places like Nicaragua or El Salvador?

Eh, I bet either place has feminism but less than Mexico overall.

If you’re looking for more conservative women, Mexico can offer you that but I bet you can find better options in other Latin countries.

DV 8: Not the Best Place Geographically

If a World War ever happens with nuclear weapons, would you want your family being raised so close to the US or in the US?

Like World War 2, the countries that got wrecked (like how I wreck pussy) were those that were most easily bombed.

China, Japan, Soviet Union, Western Europe.

Not so much the US outside of Pearl Harbor.

Given the technology of today’s weapons, that wouldn’t happen again.

If another World War happens, the US is getting bombed hard while bombing others.

Do you want your innocent family in the middle of the crossfire?

And, given Mexico is right across from the US, it’s possible plenty of Mexicans will suffer from the nuclear radiation given how close they are to the US versus Chile or Paraguay.

Think about it.

DV 9: Divorce Laws

While I’m not an expert on divorce laws in every country, I have occasionally does casual reading of divorce laws in various countries in Latin America out of curiosity.

I would like a family someday but wouldn’t want to start one in a place that has laws that would fuck me over more than other places.

Of course, nobody wants to envision a world where the family goes through divorce.

But you have to be practical as half of marriages in the US do.

Though, to be fair, no country in Latin America has as high of divorce rates so your odds are lower down here but they are going up over the years just like they did in the US from the 1970s to now.

In many ways, Latin America does follow the footsteps of the US over time on various matters.

So, while you should do your best to make any marriage successful, you have to be realistic.

And all I can say is that, while Mexico isn’t anywhere near as bad as the US when it comes to divorce laws (and it likely differs between Mexican states), you do have better laws elsewhere in places like Chile from my very limited understanding.

DV 10: The Whitest Kids You Know

Finally, part of me has always wondered what it would be like to raise white looking kids in a country like Mexico.

While I’m sure I could provide them with a good life when it came to it and send them to a nice school, I’ve heard of white Mexican kids getting bullied and ostracized for their skin color in public schools.

No idea how common or true that is though.

Only what I’ve read.

Regardless, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be as much of an issue if they went to a private school and if they lived in a part of Mexico where more white people lived like the north of Mexico.

Definitely not Oaxaca or something but, even if you did raise them in Oaxaca, they’d probably a foot taller than most of the kids with strong indigenous roots.

So good luck bullying my kids, fuckers.

Anyway, I actually have no idea how much of a negative this would be.

I’ve heard it’s a nice thing to be whiter looking with a foreign sounding last name down here.

But I have considered the oddities that would come with being a white kid raised in a country that is largely not white and thought to myself “wouldn’t it be better to raise the kids in a country where they fit in better racially?”

Anyway, it’s something to consider.

Final Verdict: They Cool?

Cutting through the bullshit, Mexican women aren’t bad.

Yes, they tend to be fatter on average but they also cook awesome fuck food (assuming they cook at all though).

Anyway, I tried to actually comment – with some jokes mixed in – on actual things I noticed about Mexican women versus other nationalities.

This isn’t one of your stereotypical bullshit lists where I talk about “how beautiful” they are that you see in these bullshit articles online trying to sell you an affiliate dating program by men who questionably might not have actually had sex with many Mexican women or at least are just reiterating the same ol’ talking points to get you to click on an affiliate link and spend money.

I could probably go all day though and talk about other things like mentioning the differences of Mexican women from different regions of the country.

But this article is already quite long and that’ll be an article for another day.

Not to mention that I’ve already had too much vodka and it’s hitting my head hard now.

Anyway, I might edit this article later with more points.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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