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The Gringo Spoiled by Sexy Colombianas Living in Mexico

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During my first year in Mexico City, I was living in Roma Norte and having a pretty fun time in the city.

Lots of meeting new people, partying, hooking up and just running around the city doing fun shit.

While living in Roma Norte in this apartment building full of other foreigners and Mexicans, there was another foreigner that I got talking with.

From what I remember, the guy moved in basically near the end of my time in this building so probably around December 2017 when this happened.

And his experience with Mexico City was seemingly different from mine.

To keep it short, he wasn’t a big fan of Mexico City.

Why not?

“The women here are fucking ugly.”

The heart of every Mexican Maria has now been shattered.

And, in our brief conversation, he went on about his time in other Latin countries.

Specifically Colombia.

It’s always Colombia, isn’t it?

It’s funny to bring this up because, as I wrote here, I was just reading an old email send to me from some dude living in the Dominican Republic.

In that email, he literally says the same thing.

“Mexican women are butt fucking ugly, Colombian women are hot. Screw Mexico, viva Colombia” type shit.

Now, to be honest, I get what they mean.

But not every gringo is going to get it.

Falling in Love with a Bolivian Woman

Over a year ago, one of my earliest articles was about another American I met in Bolivia many years ago.

He was a young man like me from Wisconsin where he was basically taking a small few months vacation or so to Bolivia from what I remember.

Do some volunteer work, travel and have fun before going home to pursue a career in engineering after having just finished college.

While in a Bolivian city called Cochabamba, he met this Bolivian-Mexican woman at some party that we were at.

Roll the clock and the dude is in love and they’re in a relationship not too long after.

As I wrote here, I found him at the NGO’s office where we volunteered at calling his parents.

“Mom, Dad …. I’m in love.”

And his parents probably became instantly worried that the magic spell of pussy has entrapped their boy from going home to pursue a career in favor of love & sex.

Well, regardless of how that worked out for John, he found this specific Bolivian woman to be satisfying to him.

Which might sound odd to the men above between the guy I met at that apartment to the one who emailed me.


Because, if they know Bolivia, they’d probably think that his woman was butt fucking ugly.

Which, to be fair to John, his girl wasn’t bad looking.

Normal looking gal.

As hot as those Colombian women up north above Bolivia?


Of course, not every Colombian chick is good looking enough to be a model nor is every Bolivian or Mexican chick butt fucking ugly.

You also got butt fucking ugly women in Colombia and women in Bolivia or Mexico that are very hot.

Regardless, it’s genuinely true what expats say that Bolivian women, on average, are nowhere near as good looking as Colombian women.

But that was irrelevant to John.

For one, he’s in love and this specific woman is good enough for him.

On top of that, John wasn’t the sex tourist type person who is looking to fuck 1,000 women.

Equally so, John also wasn’t traveling from Latin country to Latin country trying to fuck every chick (grandma included) in every country of this region.

Therefore, he didn’t have anything to compare Bolivian women to except women from Wisconsin.

Now, just in my opinion, but Wisconsin women probably are hotter than Bolivian women on average.

Never been to Wisconsin but that’s just a guess on my end.

So, in theory, John might be spoiled by those sexy farm gals in Wisconsin.

Well, maybe he never got laid in Wisconsin either – I have no idea.

Regardless, I think it’s fair to say that John wasn’t “spoiled.”

At least not compared to the sex tourists looking to fuck everyone and grandma in Colombia.

The Gringo Spoiled by Hotter Latinas Elsewhere

The fact is this – some countries in Latin America do have more hot women than other countries in Latin America.

For the same reason that those looking for a good time in the US probably would pick a place like NYC or Miami than Gary, Indiana.

No offense to the good women of Gary, Indiana but probably your average sex tourist would be less satisfied in your area than any popular large city of the US.

The same applies to those coming to Latin America for sex and love.

Be it sex tourists or romantics that want a relationship.

They travel down to Latin America.

And, on their first visit, perhaps the first Latin country they visit satisfies what they are looking for.

Maybe they end up like John and marry the first gal that fucks them.

Move her into a nice home in rural Bolivia on top of the mountains to live a life of coca leaf farming while the wife takes care of your 10 sons that she gave birth to.

A happy life in Latin America.

Or maybe said individual travels onward.

He arrives to Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic or literally any country in Latin America that would have hotter women than Bolivia.

Even El Salvador would probably satisfy him more.

No offense to the good women of Bolivia – you all got some cute gals also.

Regardless of the country he travels to next, he’s probably going to be a little more satisfied than what he got in Bolivia.

But then he finally arrives to a place like Colombia or Brazil.

Then after that?

Probably no country in Latin America is going to be as satisfying to him sexually than what he experienced in either of those countries.

That’s just what I’ve noticed among some foreigners who travel to Colombia or Brazil.

They can still have lots of sex and fun In other places – Mexico, Peru, Argentina or even the US in my opinion unless no woman back home would fuck him.

But, truth be told, he probably was more satisfied In Colombia or Brazil if sex and love is what he’s looking for.

And so, similar to the guy who emailed me or the guy in that apartment in Roma Norte, he just might not enjoy a place like Mexico City.

Starts missing the women he found elsewhere.

Decides to head back to Medellin or Rio de Janeiro.

Either way, you can think what you want about what.

I already laid out my thoughts on those who choose to live in certain areas primarily for sex or love as I wrote here.

This article is nothing more than to lay out a phenomenon that happens to gringos who travel throughout the region and end up “spoiled” by certain countries.

Consequently, if they really value sex that much and don’t have any other reason to be in Latin America, they might be dissatisfied with the new location until they go back to Colombia or Brazil.

Even in my experience, I can tell you that I found women in Colombia to be hotter than those in Mexico City.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me as I value other things in life and am happy with the dating scene in Mexico City anyhow.

Still, I can get how, for the gringo who primarily only sees Latin America as his playground for sex with no other reason to be here, that he might be not happy with anywhere else after being in a place like Colombia or Brazil.

But that’s all I got to say.

Just to discuss briefly a certain sentiment that some gringos feel when they travel through the region primarily for sex in contrast to those who aren’t traveling for sex necessarily.

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Thanks for reading.

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