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About a year or two ago, I remember talking in a group chat with another American who likes to live in Mexico.

From what I could tell based on our conversations, it really did seem that a large part of his reasoning to live in Mexico had to do with the women and to escape “leftist” politics in the US.

Putting aside the political motivations, what was more interesting to me in the moment of one of our brief conversations was his opinion on Mexican women.

Now, to be fair, we don’t live in the same part of Mexico.

Regional differences do apply.

Having said that, one observation he made seemed peculiar to me – “there’s so many single mothers in Mexico.”

Having gone through plenty of Mexican women, I’ll tell you that the vast majority that I have met were not single mothers.

Thinking about it now, one of the only single mothers (if not the only) that I can recall as of right now (with the best of my memory) was this one chick I met up with by Copilco area of Mexico City less than a year ago.

She had 5 kids from a dude who died.

Left alone to take care of them.

And, funny enough, I didn’t believe her initially that she had 5 kids because 1) she didn’t have the body to indicate that and 2) you rarely hear anymore these days of people having 5 kids.

That’s a shit ton of work!

Outside of her anyway, I can’t remember the last time I met up with a single mother in Mexico.

So his observation that “so many of the women are single mothers” seemed strange to me.

But it’s not so strange if you truly think about it.

It’s a brief detail to the dating life of gringos that should be mentioned in its own article so here we go.

The Gringo Chads Slaying Pussy in Latin America

Though the last guy mentioned was not the type to overly brag about his sexual conquests, you do have some gringos like that down here.

Where, while there’s nothing wrong with talking about dating or sex, you have this type of gringo who just can’t shut the fuck up about dating or sex.

That’s literally all he talks about.

And he is always telling you about how he “just smashed a 9 broooo.”

His 9 is questionable.

In reality, his “9” might be a prostitute or might be a midget with down syndrome.

So sometimes this gringo is simply blowing smoke up your ass.

On the other hand, the sexual conquests might have indeed happened.

And said gringo is truly cleaning up.

Maybe not with super models but with chicks that look decent and who aren’t prostitutes.

But one detail that said gringo might be leaving out is if the chick in question is a single mother or an aspiring mother.

She’s either looking for a father figure to her kids or looking for someone who she can start a family with.

You got women like this in any country.

The thing is that said gringo might not realize that he isn’t necessarily the big stud he believes himself to be but instead is simply attracting that type of woman because of how they perceive him.

And, to be fair, I’ve have my fun with gals you were either single mothers or looking for someone to start a family with.

In the Dominican Republic, I met a nice chick named Germania who was great for sex.

But the time did come where she was expecting something “more serious” and things had to be cut off.

Equally, I met a chick named Araceli in Mexico a few years ago who was VERY obvious that she was looking for a man to settle down with.

No previous kids but eyes on a ring.

In the first 5 minutes of us talking in person, she asked me if “I could see myself getting married and having kids in a year.”

Wait, I just met you.

To which, later on in that same date, she asked very direct questions like “how much do you pay in rent?” and “do you have car?”

While the lack of a car wasn’t very impressive, my rent of 5,000 pesos or 250 USD per month certainly was.

As funny as that sounds to us Americans who come from a land where rent is 1,300 to 2,500 a month.

Still, while the experience with both was fun when I got my dick sucked, I’m also understanding of how my status as an American might have helped me a tiny bit with both of them.

In the same way that, if I had to guess, this factor might help us understand why the other American in Mexico mentioned often complained about getting “too many single mothers” in Mexico interested in him.

Let’s wrap this up by breaking down the obvious.

The Love from Latina Mothers

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

A woman who is looking for a man to help take care of her current children or is looking to start a family with someone is obviously more concerned about other things to consider in a man than when she was 20.

She’s more interested in a man who will actually settle down.

Someone who has his shit together to raise a family with.

Obviously, other things like compatibility are important regardless of age if the chick is looking for something serious.

So on and so on.

As a gringo (especially a white one), you have the benefit of women more likely seeing you as “having your shit together” simply for being who you are.

Granted, that doesn’t mean you can look like someone who crawled out of a dumpster in Gotham to go meet her.

But the preconceived notions about us gringos having more money does help us with this type of woman.

Regardless of if we’re spending money on a date or not.

On top of that, it isn’t as hard for us to impress a chick down here in some cases.

Remember Araceli?

She genuinely seemed impressed by my rental payments of 250 a month.

Which would be laughable to any American gal because anyone only paying 250 a month in rent in the US (wherever the fuck you would find such a place – maybe at a crackhouse in Gary, Indiana) is probably not enjoying the best of living conditions.

Of course, the irony is that said gringo might not actually have his shit together but it’s easier for him to convince women like this that he does simply due to his skin color, his nationality and the lower expectations from women where 250 a month in rent for a nice apartment outside of Mexico City doesn’t look bad.

As a side point, said gringo would need to probably double that 250 to 500 at the very least if he was living in Mexico City but, even then, that’s not much to us.

The funny part will be if said gringo chooses to settle down with such a woman (single or aspiring mother) and she finds out later that he actually isn’t THAT rich only making 1,000 a month.

Which, as I said, would be a decent look to her assuming she isn’t from the upper class or upper middle class but might still be a little bit below what she was expecting of him (whatever her expectations might’ve been – realistic or not).

At any rate, there’s nothing more I got to say for now.

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