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Does Speaking Spanish Get You Laid in Latin America?

"Does speaking Spanish get you laid in Latin America?"

It sounds like a question with an obvious answer, doesn't it?

Though, over the years of living in Latin America, I have heard contrasting opinions to the matter.

Those who think it helps and those who think it hurts your chances.

And, before we go forward, let me just clarify that you can replace the word "Spanish" with "Portuguese" if you wanted to ask the same question regarding Brazil.

I'm sure the points in favor and against the idea would be similar down there in Brazil also.

At any rate, does speaking Spanish help your odds of smashing Latina pussy until it is completely DESTROYED, WRECKED and RUINED?

Let's get into some examples before giving my verdict on all of this. 

The Negatives of Speaking Spanish for Getting Laid in Latin America

Over a year ago, I met another American in Mexico City who moved into my apartment building in Roma Norte.

His name was Alex and he was a pretty cool dude overall.

His Spanish skills were conversational.

Not perfect but they worked for getting whatever point across that he wanted to make.

On one night in particular, I remember we left the apartment building with a group of other people who lived in the building also.

A Venezuelan dude, some Mexican chicks, etc.

We left to a nearby market to buy some groceries and then stop by to get some street tacos very close to the apartment.

While there, another man approached us who happened to be a friend of Alex.

Never met the guy before but he seemed to be some European type who didn't speak a lick of Spanish.

Let's call him....

*checks notes for stereotypical European names*


I have no idea what his name was because I only met a few odd times and that was it.

Anyway, Heinrich happened to be living in the neighorbood I guess and knew Alex from when he was at a hostel.

And so we just kept hanging out at this taco spot and eating our food. Heinrich ordered some because "why not."

So now we were waiting for his food to be made and the conversation among us about whatever kept going.

In English.

Sometimes, when you speak in another language in Mexico or Latin America more broadly, it can bring you attention.

Maybe someone looking to sell you something, an extra homeless person, maybe the cook tries practicing his English with you while making the tacos, etc.

It's actually part of the reason why I don't like speaking in English in Latin America because I don't like the extra attention.

Regardless, some chicks who were standing to the side of the taco spot noticed us and one of them started a conversation with us.

She wasn't a Shakira looking woman but she was kinda cute with "just a few" extra pounds. 

So sometimes the attention you get for speaking English isn't always terrible if you like super hot 5.5 Latina gals.

But, to my unfortunate luck, the slightly average looking gal wasn't into me.

She seemed into the Euro dude.

Perhaps, for being Americans, we are less exotic to the Mexican women than some European dude (especially if some dude doesn't pass as a white Mexican where maybe he has blonde hair and blue eyes). 

Though, to be fair, I guess it depends on the type of European.

Someone from Spain, France or Germany isn't too uncommon here.

But the guy, from what I remember, was from what random small country that began with an L. Though I forgot what it was.

Anyway, he was kinda exotic.

More exotic than us Americans.

Anyway, the chick seemed particularly interested in him for some reason and "wanted to practice her English" with us.

Though her English wasn't very good and it involved several moments of asking her to repeat herself (or speaking slowly).

Truthfully, speaking English with her kinda dragged the conversation down quite a bit and it truly did resemble more of a free English tutoring moment than anything else.

And, with her here speaking with us, it kept us in the streets longer than I wanted personally as I kinda felt like going back to the apartment to get some work done.

Ultimately though, there came a point where we switched to Spanish with her when the Euro guy brought it up.

He wasn't a dick about it like "hey, your English sucks massive donkey dick, let's speak your language."

Just more of a "how about we practice some Spanish now?"

But, as I said, his Spanish was kinda shit also. He really has no strong grasp of it.

In fact, you could've gotten two people together to debate whose language skills sucked more: his Spanish skills or her English skills.

Both of which were very rudimentary.

Consequently, it turned into Alex and I becoming translators for whenever Heinrich wanted to say something to her.

But, truth be told, I think it did help him get pussy to some degree.

At the very least we could translate well and she could express herself more naturally.

Finally, there came a point where we all split off but he asked for her number. She gave it.

Run the clock about a week later.

And I remember seeing her at the building with him.

Back then, I lived near the top of the building and just a few feet away from the shared kitchen.

So I ended up walking out of my room one early morning at what could've been 9 or 10 AM to grab the 4 liters of black tea I made the night before when I saw them in the kitchen together.

She looking more "casually dressed."

So, suffice to say, I guess it worked out for him despite his lack of proper Spanish and her lack of proper English.

How they communicated to the point of getting to fuck is something that I'd say is "beyond me."

But that's probably because I've spent too many years now being able to speak Spanish well where it does almost seem foreign to me how  you could fuck a chick that you can't speak with.

But, as I look into my past, I remember days where my Spanish was shit and I was still able to get chicks in Latin America to fuck me easy enough like I wrote here.

Where, when I was in Bolivia, I remember going on a date with a chick who I legit had a very difficult time understanding (even if my Spanish was kinda conversational but not very strong). Thankfully, she didn't need me talking much and often seemed to hearing herself talk (plus sexual chemistry can sometimes overcome language).

Similarly, I remember a year or more before that when I was in Guatemala. Sitting in a computer cafe to speak with my family on Facebook, some middle aged dude tapped me on the shoulder.

He told me in his best kinda broken English that the girl working at the cafe also (assumingly a family member I guess) "likes me" while she seemed embarrassed in the moment.

Truth be told, I used to kick myself for not taking advantage of that and trying to get her number somehow.

It was kinda awkward for me in the moment and I wasn't sure how to respond as a normal 18 or 19 year old (and my Spanish was so shit we wouldn't have had much of a time hanging out).

Still, I remember how she had one of the best asses I had seen in Guatemala (not saying much, I know) and so it should've been something that I should've jumped on somehow.

Regardless of my fuck up for not jumping on that (hey, we all fuck up, right?), it just goes to show that, in either example above, Spanish wasn't as necessary as you'd think.

But that was 7 to 9 years ago.

Still, it just goes to show that, be it either Heinrich or myself, you don't necessarily need proper Spanish or any Spanish to fuck chicks here.

It can still happen.

And, truth be told, when I think about incidents like the one with Heinrich, I can see some of the arguments people make against the idea of speaking Spanish to get laid.

Let's cover another incident or two before we go into some arguments. 

The Upper Class Gringo Hunter of Colombia

In Latin America, you might sometimes come across a gringo hunter who speaks English very well and happens to come across like she is more upper class.

Or, at least in my memory, they sometimes came across like they had money.

For example, when I lived in Barranquilla of Colombia, there was a Colombian chick I knew about named Andrea.

A tan Latina chick who was very light skinned but not entirely white.

She studied at a university I was studying at called Universidad del Norte that has more upper class folks of the Colombian Caribbean Coast studying there.

And, to keep it a long story short, she tended to hang out with some gringos of our group.

There was another American named Matt who she really liked.

And some British dude in our group whose name I forgot right now but was a pretty cool dude.

Anyway, she never spoke Spanish in our group.

Always English and she spoke it well.

And, when you live in Latin America long enough, you meet Latinas like this who insist on only speaking English with you.

Many times they don't speak English well and want an English tutor.

Maybe they want to come across as more educated and have a gringo token friend.

Other times it could be that their English is genuinely much better than your Spanish.

In the latter case, I have no problem speaking English with them but I dislike the first two groups.

Still, with some of these Latinas, I will tell you that you aren't fucking them unless you speak in English with them.

Or that's how it seems to me.

Some of them genuinely seemed to be turned off by the idea of you speaking Spanish with them even if their English is shit or good.

And what I want to say here is that I have wondered casually if I have ever shot myself in the foot by choosing to disregard chicks who only want to speak English with me when I match with them on Tinder.

Truth be told, I probably have lost some pussy because I tend to just lose interest in these chicks and stop sending them messages instantly when I get the sense that this is that type of chick I'm talking about.

And that might be why some dudes have easier time with them than others who don't play along with them when it comes to English.

Now, to be fair, I have no idea if anyone in our group fucked Andrea of Colombia.

I never woke up one day to find Andrea casually dressed early in the morning at the kitchen of my building.

For all I know, maybe she legit only used our group as a way to practice English and hang with foreigners.

But I feel, either way, that what I said is true: if you choose to ignore these chicks who are THIS insistent with speaking English, you will lose out on some pussy.

With them, speaking Spanish is arguably hurting your chances.

Still, there's a contrast to all of this.

The Latinas Who Need the Spanish Speaking Gringo

In contrast to all of the above, you need to know that the vast majority of women that I have fucked in Latin America did not speak English well enough for a conversation.

That's just how it has been.

To be fair, some spoke English well enough that you could confuse them for someone from the US given the lack of accent they carried like this chick I fucked here.

And others, like my last girlfriend for example, spoke it well enough that she could've spoken with my family without issues but had an accent.

Regardless, most women I have fucked in Latin America did not speak any real English.

While there were some that I have mentioned previously in this article that I was still able to fuck without any strong Spanish on my end, I would argue that Spanish was absolutely necessary for most of them.

For example, I went on a few dates with a chick named Barbara over the last few weeks who I only spoke Spanish with.

Similarly, there was some chick I wrote about here that I met up with who also didn't have a lick of English to work with.

Equally, I can recall gringos who have had no Spanish down here not being able to grab at opportunities because of shit Spanish.

For example, as I briefly wrote in another article, there was a party I went to held by a friend of mine.

He's another American in Mexico City and so there were obviously a lot of gringos at the party.

Most of his friends are gringos in contrast to mine.

And there was a random dude there who was trying to speak with this Latina chick who didn't know any English herself and he didn't know very good Spanish.

But it seemed clear to me that the dude was trying to make small talk with her and perhaps take things forward.

He couldn't.

The conversation at hand seemed kinda awkward watching from the outside and, to be fair, I tried to help the dude translate a little bit just to be nice.

Still, unlike the Euro dude, my translation skills couldn't save the day.

Imagine such a conversation...

No Spanish Gringo: "I ... uhh... yo ... . uhhh ... gustar tu gustar tu music?"

No English Latina: "que tontooooo, maricaaaa"

And, funny enough, because of the fact that I stepped in trying to help the dude out, she saw that I spoke Spanish well enough.

We ended up having a nicer conversation. Exchanged numbers later.

But, to be honest, I wasn't able to get her to visit me because she didn't even live in Mexico City apparently and had left by the time I tried meeting up with her later.

Regardless, speaking Spanish obviously helped more than roleplaying as the gringo dumbass who can't communicate properly.

So you get the idea.

Having said that, let's wrap this up with some final thoughts.

Final Verdict: Does Speaking Spanish Get You Laid in Latin America?

So what's the verdict, jack?

Does speaking Spanish get you laid in Latin America?

Putting all of the incidents above together, I think you can tell what the summary will be.

For one, obviously speaking Spanish (or Portuguese for Brazil) will open the doors for you to meet more women than what you would've had before.

While a random American dude with no Spanish COULD go to Buenos Aires and easily enough get some pussy from non-English speaking women, he obviously is going to have more women available to him if he can speak some Spanish.

Having said that, you need to be aware of the social context.

As I said before, I know that I've probably lost out on some pussy by choosing to disregard those few Latinas out there who will only hang with you if you are speaking in English.

That's just a fact.

On top of that, I also feel that there are other scenarios where it could make you lose out on pussy by speaking Spanish.

For example, if you are a gringo with shit Spanish skills and her English is WAY better than your Spanish, then I could see a gringo new to Latin America having a chick lose interest in him by refusing to go to English.

Second, I think it's true that speaking Spanish well as an experienced gringo to Latin America can also make you lose "exotic points" by speaking in Spanish.

At the end of the day, people tend to put each other in boxes so to speak.

What they expect is typical of someone like you with your background.

For example, as I wrote here, plenty of Latin Americans would find it weird if you enjoyed boomer music of Latin America that their grandparents enjoyed.

Similarly, for some gringo hunters especially (not all though), speaking in Spanish can hurt your chances because you are not "filling the role" of being a foreigner as they had imagined.

If your Spanish is really good, they might find that weird also and you simply just don't fit well how they imagined you would be in that mental box they put you in.

You are less exotic in some sense.

On top of all of that, often body language, sexual chemistry and her finding you more attractive than the typical man she gets can help you get past language barriers to the point of fucking (especially if you met her at a club or something).

In that last scenario at a club, it is true that plenty of women who just want to fuck a foreign gringo and who are more open to casual sex on the first night often don't need you to be speaking Spanish perfectly (though I would argue it still could help depending on the chick).

Finally, some Latinas really do just want to practice English.

When it comes to them, I'm mixed as to how much playing along with them helps.

As I said, I disregard women who I feel would want me to be their English tutor for various reasons so I don't go on dates with these chicks.

While writing this article, part of me has wondered how likely they are to fuck you.

After all, if you just see the dude as nothing but an English tutor, are you really down to fuck him or just use him because your broke ass (muerto de hambre) can't afford real English lessons? 

On the flip side, by not taking your shot with these women, I'm sure you lose out on some pussy regardless and speaking Spanish isn't going to help you with them very much.

Finally, three last things that I want to say:

First, sometimes you have foreign dudes who blame their lack of success with women down here on not being able to speak Spanish.

While that can be true in some cases, I also think that sometimes it borders on cope and that the dude doesn't realize that other factors were keeping him from fucking that specific chick.

Second, sometimes just going to a club with positive vibes and all (especially if you are good looking enough) can get chicks to gravitate towards you.

Though, with the last point, that can sometimes be harder to pull off in Latin America because a lot of people tend to stick in groups from what I have noticed.

Third, if you speak Spanish well enough, you'll find yourself held to a higher standard in the conversation than dudes who don't know any Spanish.

Like when chicks ask "what are you doing in Mexico?"

The dude with no Spanish can get away with one or two word answers but the dudes with actual Spanish skills will get asked more questions.

Personally, I don't see that as a bad thing in my experience but I can see how it can be helpful for a dude to get laid in some sense. After all, it can open you up to chicks being more critical of your time in Mexico, can make it easier for boring conversation in some sense, etc (though I think much of the above is true if you are weak in handling a conversation with a chick but I've heard dudes say much of the above anyhow).

So, above all, my final verdict on all of this can be summarized as following:

Speaking Spanish or Portuguese will get you more pussy and more women to take your shot with as most Latin Americans don't speak English very well but you need to be mindful of the social context in which speaking English would be more useful for fucking specific chicks.

That's all I got to say anyhow.

Got anything to add?

Drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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