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Value of Social Circle for Dating Latinas in Latin America

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About a month and a half ago or more, I went to the gym in Pedregal de Santo Domingo in Mexico City.

While working out, I finish my time at one machine to go buy some water since I forgot to bring anything with me while walking to the gym.

As I ask the front desk dude (who I think is the owner) for some water, I pull out some pesos and this other dude standing in front of the desk begins making small talk with me.

It’s one of those cases where simply opening your mouth and speaking in a foreign accent brings you attention.

Perhaps I “passed” as a white Mexican initially but you can’t hide it when the accent comes out.

But it’s almost never a bad thing. Usually the person who hears it is just curious to know more about you.

They notice you are a foreigner and begin the usual ol’ questions of “where you from?” and so forth.

Anyway, we begin making small talk with water in hand and the dude asks later on if I can spot him.

Now, to be fair, I’m not some gorilla type fella. Definitely not the strongest man in the gym to be spotting anyone but I agreed to it without hesitation.

Once that was done, we made more small talk and I went on to some machine to work out my arms some more.

Roll the clock about an hour.

And I’m done for the day and the dude – whose name was Andres – sees me outside as he left early.

He was outside with some other dude just casually chatting.

We make more small talk.

And the dude invites me out to go drinking with some of his friends later in the week.

Later on in the week, we met up at some bar I hadn’t seen before (must be new) that is open right next to some taco place I go to often.

I actually go there more for huaraches and alambres but they serve some of the cheapest tacos I’ve seen in the neighborhood too.

It’s only about a 10 minute walk from my place though so it’s not too bad to get to.

And, truth be told, the story doesn’t get any more exciting than that.

Andres showed up with some friends and there were a few chicks at our table.

And one of them – a chick named Lupita – was sitting next to me and didn’t show up with any guy specifically.

She was just tagging along with some other chick who was in our group.

To my satisfaction, the bar was playing some older reggaeton music like below here.

And the night went on.

Nothing happened that night specifically beyond just hanging out.

As I’ve said before in other articles, I find myself more easily making friends with Latin Americans who aren’t upper class.

Folks from “barrios populares” as some people call them.

Working class, low income to middle income areas, etc.

And the group we had was fun to be with.

At some point during the night, Andres gets up to go to the bathroom while Lupita and I keep talking.

And ultimately we exchange numbers.

The night went on.

And that was it.

Over the time since then, I’ll be honest in saying that nothing has happened between Lupita and me.

We haven’t fucked or anything.

We did meet up one time to go to the park a few weeks ago but that was it.

Though we connect pretty well, I just haven’t taken my shot yet at taking her back to my place.

Maybe it’ll happen or maybe it won’t.

Still, my time with her so far has been fun (even though I haven’t prioritized seeing her again for a while) in part because we just connect better and also because she doesn’t seem as “odd” or “neurotic” or “as likely to play games” or whatever else you want to phrase it as when compared to chicks from Tinder.

Things seem to go more naturally with her even though those “odd” chicks from Tinder are easy to fuck but I haven’t taken the time to fuck Lupita yet.

Let me explain a little bit before I get to the main point.

Meeting Women Naturally in Latin America

For readers of my blog, you’ll probably remember a few other similar stories I have put out before.

For example, I wrote here about a chick I met and fucked named Lizeth in Bolivia many years ago.

We didn’t meet by Tinder, Latin American Cupid or any online dating website.

I wasn’t one of those PUA types running around in public “cold approaching” women either.

We met naturally at a bar where my group of friends merged with her group of friends with some tables together and we got talking.

Soon after we went to a club alone and I spent the night at her place fucking her before fucking her some more at LA Paz.

While she was a bit “odd” or “neurotic” in a certain sense, she was definitely one of the best fucks I had ever.

Similarly, I remember going to a house party in Buenos Aires of Argentina.

It was a very small house party and I exchanged numbers with two chicks – a Colombian named Cindy and a Venezuelan named Zahira – who were also fun to hang with outside of the party.

While at Buenos Aires, I also remember going to another house party at one point and exchanging numbers with some Bolivian chick.

That never went anywhere but the chick was pretty cute and worth taking my shot at.

Over a year ago more recently, I went to some house party held by a friend of mine named Blayde in Mexico City.

Long story short, I met a cute Mexican chick at the party, the night went on and we went back to my place alone after the party was over.

And I could go all day thinking of random incidents where I met some cute chick through a friend, at a house party or through whatever random connection.

Sometimes it leads to fucking and sometimes it doesn’t.

But above all it has always been fun and, while arguably most women have downloaded Tinder at some point, I find the women you meet naturally to be more fun to deal with than random chicks from Tinder.

Even if it’s easier to pull ass from Tinder and the chicks I do fuck on Tinder are almost always cool in personality, you simply are going to talk with more chicks with a nastier attitude when you throw a wide net through online dating and are talking to a lot more women at once.

Versus meeting a chick through a common connection that you just connect with naturally and have a good time with.

And, when it comes to dating in Latin America (or anywhere really), it’s somewhat of a way to meet women that isn’t as well appreciated.

The Rise of Digital Interactions

As I said, it’s not just dudes in Latin America who don’t appreciate this as much these days.

The fact is that the world is much more digital than when I was a kid and it’s only going to become more digital.

People who prefer watching dudes fuck on Pornhub than actually go out there to fuck chicks.

People who socialize more liking each other’s shit on Facebook and Twitter than actually hang in real life.

Those who do dumb shit like Pokemon Go instead of enjoying nature.

Alex Jones -- Pokemon Go

Shit, what about reading a blog instead of a book?

And, in the context of THIS blog post, usually Tinder to meet chicks than going out to meet them naturally.

Now, to be fair, I’m guilty of also of things like Twitter or Tinder also.

That’s fine if you use that stuff also.

But way too many folks – in any part of the world – are increasingly not using more natural ways to enjoy life.

Not just in Latin America.

The irony though is that these dudes are leaving a lot of women on the table when they refuse to meet chicks more naturally.

And, on top of that, I would argue that they are leaving some really incredible experiences on the table because some of the coolest women I have met in my life to this day have been through more natural means.

But what about in the context of Latin America?

Meeting Latinas Through Social Circle

To get to the point, the fact is that you got plenty of gringos who strategize how to get pussy in Latin America but often they don’t get shit.

They might get more down here than back home but they are, as I said before, leaving a lot on the table.

At the same time, you got gringos who live down here long enough and bitch about other gringos coming into “their corner” of Latin America because, regardless of if they admit it or not, they feel that the extra gringos makes it harder for them to get pussy.

Be it extra competition, some gringos perhaps inflating the price of local prostitutes, perhaps from fear of dork gringos who bomb local Latinas with love, maybe the sense that the “White god factor” is lessening in their part of the woods (it has for a years now probably) or whatever else.

The thing is though, as I have written in other articles, is that it isn’t hard to outcompete 90% of the gringo competition.

That competition including?

  • Dorks who got handjobs once a year back home on their birthdays who would be happy to have a solid “4.5” by their side.
  • Fat dudes with no social skills who read online how easy the women are here and they show up to the airport screeching “AYYYY WHERE DA WOMEN AT?!?!”
  • 50 year old grandpas who will pay for it anyway with normal prostitutes.
  • Aspiring sugar daddies.
  • Dudes coming along with the girlfriend.

And, above all that and some other “cringe” types, you do got some dudes who got it going for them and can pull pussy easy.

But most aren’t like that.

Plus, even when you factor in the few dudes who do have their shit together with women, the fact is that even most of those dudes don’t know anyone in Latin America unless they’ve been here for a long time like myself.

And many of the “less successful men” with women like those in the list above definitely don’t know any local chicks or have any local guy friends.

Ultimately, despite whatever competition you perceive to be coming with more and more gringos working remotely who can travel, the fact is that you have one thing that they don’t if you have lived here long enough: a social circle.

Obviously, if you are new to Latin America, what social circle do you have?

You might be showing up to volunteer at some local NGO full of foreigners and that can give you a running start but you don’t have a social circle like the guy who has been here for years.

You don’t have friends who can look out for you more.

Nor do you have the balls to even live in areas outside of touristy zones where you can meet more genuine locals who don’t just want you for your money or free English lessons.

In fact, most of the gringos who show up tend to stick to only hanging out with other gringos anyhow.

While that can be a social circle to introduce you to local women, it’s not the most effective way to do so in my opinion (but it get you pussy for sure).

Either way, it’s an overlooked part of getting pussy in any part of the world – including Latin America for the gringo expat.

When we live in a part of the world where we don’t know anyone naturally when we arrive, obviously we won’t have the social circle to help us out.

And for most gringos who are only going to be here for a short time anyway, using a “social circle” to get pussy isn’t really among the cards.

Those types who come here specifically for pussy and nothing more (sexpats) obviously aren’t thinking this way most of the time because they don’t have that social circle and will only be here briefly.

While you, if you live here long enough, can utilize that to meet some cool women naturally in scenarios most other gringos can’t enjoy and, like I said, the women you’ll meet tend to be cooler than the ones you usually find on Tinder anyhow.

It sounds like an obvious tip anyway for meeting cool chicks but, like I said, it’s a point that often gets overlooked and is increasingly getting overlooked as the world in Latin America and everywhere else increasingly becomes more digital.

And, on top of that, you have dudes in every part of the world who just don’t have a social circle.

Even if they live in their hometown!

Lonely guys who just aren’t good at making friends.

No judgement on my end if you are like that.

And I can only imagine that making friends in another country – like somewhere in Latin America – would be even more of a challenge for you.

So having discussed the benefit of the social circle in meeting cool women down here in Latin America – for serious relationships or sex – let’s try to be helpful in suggesting quickly some ways to meet people for building that social circle.

Ways to Build a Social Circle in Latin America

I wrote somewhat on this topic in this article here regarding loneliness and how to fight it in Latin America so I’m going to keep this VERY brief.

First, join Facebook groups for expats and also for locals looking to do cool stuff in your city (for the latter, type in Spanish when searching groups to join).

Second, join a website called meetup that you can find here.

Third, find local language events that you can read more about here.

Fourth, go out and just talk to people. Be it the local fifi who wants to practice English and treat you as his token gringo friend to the local in a non-touristy area that is curious about you, I would argue it’s easier to make friends down here because of the curiosity or English learning desire that you don’t have back home. Just have the balls to talk to strangers (you’ll need Spanish obviously in most cases).

Fifth, sometimes I’ve made friends just going alone to bars where no language events were held but making small talk with folks I find there like you would anywhere else (though Latin Americans tend to go in groups more than Americans but you can still find some bars that have a better crowd for you to meet someone).

Sixth, go to the gym (though others have commented to me on how folks in Latin America seem less likely to talk to each other at the gym than folks back home but, in my experience it can SOMETIMES bring results).

Seventh, join local clubs that you can find on Facebook or whatever (hiking clubs, etc).

Eighth, meet other foreigners through any of the following methods: joining a local NGO that brings in foreigners to volunteer for free, join Telegram groups for foreigners who like Latin America (not many though), find some cool ones on Twitter or something, etc.

Ninth, study at a local university and meet people there.

Tenth, be friends with the local fifi of your Latin American city who wants to “practice English” or have a gringo token friend. While perhaps annoying to me to hang with these types, they can be easy folks to be friends with if you can ignore their retard behavior.

Eleventh, as I hinted at before, I find locals outside of touristy areas to be friendlier and easier to make friends with (especially with their curiosity about me). I wrote more about the subject here. Just my experience anyhow.

And there’s probably other ways to do it also!

If you have any ideas, drop them below in the comment section.

Anyway, let’s wrap this up with one last point.

The Main Motivation Shouldn’t Be Pussy

This is a bit ironic for me to say given the context of this article but it should be said: the main motivation for you building a social circle in Latin America shouldn’t be to just fuck pussy.

If it is, I imagine you are actually probably going to rub the local dudes you make friends with the wrong way.

Some local dude who invites you to some house party, a bar or whatever and you try too hard to win over some local chick who happens to show up.

You end up looking like a retard going “AYYY WHERE DA PUSSY!!?!?! I DO THIS FOR PUSSY!!! HELP ME FRENS, CAN I FUCK UR FRENS?!?”

The fact is that having a social circle can and probably will get you higher quality pussy to fuck and sometimes find a better quality chick to date in a relationship but to do either of the above obviously shouldn’t be the only reason or even the main reason why you want a social circle down here.

That should be extremely obvious but I feel the need to just emphasize that because I know for a fact that there are dudes out there who truly don’t give a fuck about having actual friends and only think about pussy.

Who do focus 24/7 on only pussy and would throw their “friends” in front of a train if it meant that they could fuck a “solid HB 3.7” with tattoos, has every STD imaginable and who won’t text back after that one time they fuck.

Guys who are hyper obsessed with pussy but incapable of making real friendships with other dudes.

So, while the point still stands that having a social circle will put you miles ahead of the “new gringos” coming to your “corner of Latin America” when it comes to dating and that I think women from a social circle are usually more fun to fuck with than Tinder chicks, I also want to emphasize that your main motivation for a social circle down here should be for the people you would actually be friends with.

The women should just be seen as a bonus if anything happens with them to begin with.

After all, some of the coolest social moments I’ve had in Latin America obviously came from making friends with locals and having cool stories with them.

It’s why some cities in Latin America – like Mexico City or Cochabamba – stick out to me more because I have spent more time in those cities and had more opportunities to make local friends and have cool stories that made the experience much more awesome than it would have been otherwise.

And the pussy that came along with it also?

That was cool too but just a side benefit to meeting cool people in general that you can hang with.

And finally, as one last point, if you don't have a social circle (any real friends) down here, I imagine the quality of chicks you could get by Tinder or whatever aren't going to be as high quality.

No real experience having real friends doesn't usually translate to fucking Shakiras.

Not to mention other negatives also like:

  1. You not having a social circle down here but just a girlfriend will make you more dependent on her and more likely to accept shit behavior as an expat in Latin America.
  2. You don't have any social circle to introduce her to which isn't a good look on your end.

Which goes to show how both benefits of developing that social circle as an expat in Latin America go together when it comes to enjoying life but also having a better dating life also.

Much of what I said anyhow would be true for anyone living a life anywhere else in the world but, as I said, perhaps being an expat in a country where you don't know anyone requires much of the above to be emphasized a bit more strongly.  

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

Drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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