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Back when I was living in Barranquilla, Colombia, there was a Colombian guy I knew named Andres.

Now Andres was a guy who happened to live close to where I was at the time.

We met initially when I was sitting down at a restaurant ordering my meal…

And he came up to me randomly and asked in English if I’m from the US.

I said yes and he asked to sit down and get to know me.

Once in a blue moon, you notice a rare local in non-touristy areas of Latin America who’ll something like that.

Anyway, Andres and I often went out for drinks normally around midnight every so often afterwards.

We’d typically go to any usual corner shop on the side of the road and have some beers throughout the night.

Occasionally going to an actual bar like this one placed like 4B that was a nice little rock bar in the city.

And La Troja also (which is a well-known salsa club in that city).

Anyway, there came a day where I changed my status on Facebook about how I was in a relationship with a chick named Marcela.

Andres thought it was cool and asked to see a picture of her to see what she looked like.

I sent him a picture of Shakira.

A few nights later, Andres texts me to head out for some drinks.

As we are standing around going through our 4th or 5th beer…

Or our 9th?

I don’t know – I’m bad at numbers.

Andres began telling me how “brooo, there’s this AWESOME place that has PAISAS! HOT, SEXY PAISAS WITH GREAT ASSES! THESE FUCKING PAISAS WILL FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!”

For those who don’t know, paisa is a word for women from Medellin area in Colombia.

Medellin has this reputation of having the hottest women of Colombia.

So a place with paisas is sure to have really hot chicks to fuck if you want to pay for it.

Anyway, Andres was then trying to encourage me to come with him to fuck some paisa prostitutes at this place.

Despite knowing that, as of a few days ago, I just got into a serious relationship with some chick down here.

I didn’t find it offensive but I found it strange anyhow given that I just got into a relationship but he wants me to go fuck some prostitutes.

Which, even when I was single, I’d avoid prostitutes anyhow and just stick to Tinder since, especially for gringos, fucking around is easy enough in Colombia as it is.

But I waved the idea away and said I wasn’t interested in going along.

He didn’t take it personally or nothing and that was that.

For me, that’s one thing I’ve never done.

I got my vices – liquor and all.

But one thing I’ve never done and don’t see any point in doing is being unfaithful if you are in a relationship.

Granted, that might sound ironic since, as I wrote here, I’ve been guilty of fucking chicks who were married or had boyfriends.

So I have a weird standard there maybe.

Won’t be unfaithful to any woman I am seriously dating but have fucked around with chicks that were taken.

Hey, nobody’s perfect so don’t crucify me here.

Anyway, that was that.

But not the only time it has happened.

Gambling & Prostitutes in Mexico

Next, we have a time when I was in a Mexican city named Pachuca.

I had just arrived to this city with a girlfriend of mine at the time named Brenda.

Who happened to be from Hidalgo area where Pachuca is located.

Anyway, I left my apartment to go walking around and checking out the area.

Get a sense of where the nearby parks, bars and restaurants are.

In those days, I never went to bars alone very often because I’d often just drink at home or only go to a bar if I’m going with someone like Andres in Colombia or Brenda in those days.

Still, a particular bar caught my attention and I figured I’d walk in.

While sitting down alone, I go through some beers as I listen to the rock music they have playing.

The place wasn’t too empty at all and had enough people to keep it busy.

And then one person sat down next to me to have some beer also.

Soon enough, we got talking.

And the person seemed cool overall and we got along well.

We got talking about whatever and he ended up learning that I had a girlfriend in the area also.

Funny enough, the guy was “getting away from wife and the kids” to be alone for a bit to have some beer.

Roll the clock about an hour or two hours later.

More or less.

And the guy suggests to me this place in Pachuca or maybe outside of Pachuca?

Some place close enough where you can gamble and there’s REALLY hot women ready to get FUCKED.

And the guy was going on about how “they have WHITE women. WHITE WOMEN!”

Did you hear the NEWS?!!?



Like it was some modern invention.

He came across like some stereotypical 5’7 local all of a sudden who fetishizes the living fuck out of white chicks like white guys stereotypically fetishizing Asian chicks.

Anyway, him having a wife and children didn’t seem to calm down his excitement about this place where you can fuck WHITE WOMEN.

And he was encouraging me to come along with him to check this place out.

At any rate, I told him I had to get going and that was it.

We ended up exchanging numbers since he wanted to stay in touch and have my Whatsapp.

I gave it to him because he seemed like a nice guy overall despite the whole infidelity thing.

But, despite giving him my number, we never talked afterwards.

Never got a message from him or saw him again.

And that was that.

The Point

It’s actually a pretty minor point about life down here.

You know, it’s a bit funny – people say all the time back home that “Latinos” in Latin America are VERY CATHOLIC!

Whenever you hear folks back home talk what little they know about this region and having never been down here..

They sometimes go on about HOW CATHOLIC everyone is!

And, if they’re SO CATHOLIC, obviously they don’t engage in bad behavior!

No drugs. No vices. No prostitutes. No infidelity.

All bullshit.

You got chicks down here who get ass fucked by 10 men a day while snorting crack off their cocks while PRAYING TO OL’ JESUS at church on Sunday morning.

You got guys down here who got 5 kids with 3 mothers who are truck drivers that take a stop by La Merced market in Mexico City to pay a bit to fuck a 13 year old sex trafficking victim.

But then after they do that…

They get back in their truck and post some image on Facebook about how “JESUS IS OUR SAVIOR!”


The taco guy down the street who sells tacos for 4 pesos a piece?

That Jesus?

Anyway, Catholic faith doesn’t seem like shit.

And, the other point to mention here, is how infidelity and prostitution is, if we’re being honest, a little more acceptable down here than back home.

Prostitution is legal actually in most countries down here (if not all).

And, from my perspective, it does seem like there’s more guys down here who are more open to infidelity and don’t see an issue inviting you to fuck prostitutes even though they know you got a girl.

Which, to be fair, not everyone is like that down here and you got unfaithful people in the US too obviously.

I’m simply comparing what I’ve seen so far in my years down here in Latin America versus what I saw back living in the US.

At any rate, that’s all I got to say.

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And thanks for reading.

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