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Latina Infidelity Strikes Again

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Well over a year ago, I was living in a Mexican city called Pachuca de Soto.

I happened to be living near a place called Plaza Juarez.

Anyway, I wasn’t really that into dating chicks during that time period as I decided to take a break from dating to focus on my websites.

And to improve my income even more.

But one day out of the blue I decided to go on Tinder and Bumble.

Through Bumble, I ended up matching with this chick named Nidia.

Nidia was this white Mexican chick who I think lived in some other part of Hidalgo.

Hidalgo being the Mexican state where Pachuca de Soto is.

Well, Nidia and I got talking and it seemed quite clear to me that she was pretty interested in me.

But something funny about her in that she would try to be more flirtatious or sexual in the chat but then back off for a second after.

Regardless, we eventually got to a point where she was more comfortable being sexual in our conversation.

When she asked me for a photo of myself and I felt like sending her a pic of me shirtless.

I actually had just finished working out a tiny bit in my place anyway so I sent her that pic.

In part just to test the waters so to speak.

From there, things got sexual pretty fast actually.

Roll the clock about another 30 minutes maybe more or less…

And she wants another picture but the conversation had taken a turn to being slightly more flirtatious.

So now I’m in the bathroom as I was about to take a shower actually.

And I was contemplating how much should I send her in the next photo.

Another shirtless pic with just the chest up?

Or maybe one that shows the part of my body right above my cock but not showing the cock itself.

I was leaning against sending her the photo that almost shows my dick because you never want to push things over the cliff so to speak with women…

Where you do want to push things to the point where you two are down to fuck…

But push too quick and you might scare her off.

That happened actually to me once when I sent a shirtless pic to some random chick who reached out to me after Nidia…

And the chick, despite us having some chemistry, immediately blocked me even though the pic didn’t show anything close to my dick or any nudity at all.

And with no sexual comments thrown her way either.

So you win some and you lose some.

But it can also be a good way to filter out some chicks you aren’t down to fuck if a simple shirtless pic scares her off.

Anyway, with Nidia, it was the exact opposite.

As she really liked the first shirtless pic.

And I got thinking of sending her a more risky pic but was deciding against it…

Until I saw she sent me an unsolicited picture of her standing in front of a mirror in just white panties and a bra.

So that settled it.

She wants the riskier pic.

I sent her the pic then that almost shows my dick but not quite.

And she responded “casi puedo ver todo!”

Meaning “I can almost see everything!”

And suffice to say…

In literally just a minute or two later…

We ended up just sending each other completely nude pics.

One of me standing up naked with my dick in my hand.

She started by sending a pic of her wearing a different set of black panties with a shot of her ass.

And right after a video of herself fingering her pussy.

So, like I said…

You win some and you lose some.

One chick couldn’t handle a simple shirtless pic.

The other started fingering herself in a video she sent me.

But from there we made plans to meet up.

Literally the next day she was able to stop by.

Meeting with Nidia

As I said, I happened to live near Plaza Juarez of Pachuca de Soto.

Just right outside the plaza.

She showed up and was standing next to this shoe store that was right across from the plaza.

For whatever reason, all the chicks I went on dates with in Pachuca or almost all of them always were standing outside the damn shoe store.

Never at the plaza itself.

In hindsight, I think it was because all the taxi drivers would drop them off on that side of the street.

So I walk outside of my apartment and am at the plaza about a few seconds later…

And I’m basically walking around the entire area looking for this white Mexican chick.

But since I never have data on my phone for reasons I wrote here

I couldn’t text her when outside and couldn’t find her.

Which, as a bonus point for anyone going on dates with Latinas, make sure to be very specific as to where you two are meeting up.

Actually have a photo of the damn place you want to meet her specifically that you send her ahead of time.

Like this plaza has some statue that she could’ve waited for me at but anyway…

I didn’t send her a photo to be fair and so I didn’t know where exactly she was at.

Walked back to my apartment a minute later and texted her saying I didn’t see her.

She told me she was by the shoe store so I walked back out.

Saw her right away and took her hand back to my place.

Making Drinks

Back at my place, I had a bunch of liquor like always.

Usually I start by offering a small drink for both of us.

Which, to be honest, is kinda stupid to do since almost none of the chicks I offer a drink to ever finish the thing.

At best, they will usually maybe drink a sip or two and that is it before we start fucking.

Suffice to say, I guess they don’t usually show up to meet Mexico’s best bartender.

Anyway, I made Nidia a drink that I think was just grape juice and vodka.

Maybe she doesn’t like vodka?

Well, maybe tequila or rum or something…

But some are the more conservative type and prefer water or simple juice instead.

Which is nicer technically since that saves me money.

Water is cheaper.

You know – a dollar cheaper I suppose….

Big difference.

Anyway, I make her the drink first and ask her to taste it to make sure it isn’t too strong for her.

I always have to do that because I tend to make drinks for myself that are fairly strong.

And women are too weak and pathetic to handle a Real Man’s Drink.

Joking joking…

But I do ask her out to try it out first to make sure it isn’t too much like always.

Which, in hindsight, maybe isn’t necessary since most women tend to be too agreeable and just go along with whatever you make them.

I had an old chick I used to hang out with named Ana that I once made my favorite combination of black tea and vodka…

Which literally nobody likes to drink except me it seems.

I could tell from her face that she hated it but she went along with it..

“No, no, esta bien! Sabe muy rico!!!”

Meanwhile her face says otherwise – “the fuck is this nasty shit?”


I guess Nidia was lucky that she got something with more flavor.

Well, like I said, most women never drink the whole thing anyway.

Nidia was like most in that she had a few sips.

Maybe a third of the drink at most.

While we are talking…

To which quickly enough we got sexual and that was it.

Fucking Nidia

I pick up Nidia and have her placed against the wall with her legs wrapped around me.

As we are making out and I’m grabbing her ass while she grabs my dick.

And ultimately I carry her up the stairs to the bedroom.

While on my bed, we continue making out and get naked ultimately.

But we don’t start fucking right away…

Nidia was one of those few chicks I’ve met who really likes a fist inside her pussy.

I remember the first time I ever met a chick who liked a fist in her pussy…

Some black chick I met in my senior year of college that I met on some app called Yik Yak.

Where you could post anonymous messages that anyone in your area can read.

Turned into a sausage fest as it was mostly men saying shit like “23 M – looking for F – anyone down?”

But you did have some chicks on there also…

And it was how I met the first chick I knew ever who liked to have a fist up her pussy.

While at the same time I had to punch her tits and upper thigh really hard with the other hand as she liked the pain.

Nidia was funny enough the same way.

Where she would cum if you get your entire fist inside her pussy and start fisting her while using your other hand to do whatever.

Like pinch her nipples really hard to choking her or slapping her face.

From there, I stood up from the bed and start putting my cock into her throat.

And it was one of the hotter moments I’ve had with a chick in a while compared to other women I’ve met at the time.

Where she had that look of lust in her eyes so much stronger than most.

Her tongue out.

As I repeatedly would thrust my dick inside her mouth while using my hands to choke her a bit while hitting her tits hard.

Take the cock out.

“Mas, mas” she would beg with her tongue out and the look of a whore in her eyes.

Before ultimately I grabbed her body and put it with her legs facing me open.

And she knew about a fetish I have…

About making Latina chicks pregnant with “my white seed.”

So she played along with it also even though I didn’t ask her to.

Where she would say stuff like “make me pregnant with your white seed” and whatever else while I was thrusting inside her.

Meanwhile still choking her a bit and hitting her tits as she really liked that…

And with her begging me to cum inside her…

So I did.

And that was that.

The fog cleared in my head.

The realization also that always comes afterwards “ah fuck, is she going to be pregnant?”

We cleaned up.

We got our clothes on.

To which she saw I had a shit ton of soap and deordient laying around.

“Why do you have so much soap and deordient?” she asked.

And I responded “well, my mom was worried that we don’t have soap or deordient in Mexico so she bought me a shit ton.”

I promise I can buy my own soap and that we have it in Mexico.

But Nidia couldn’t believe it.

“En serioooo?!?” she responded.

To which she found that offensive.

After we left the apartment, I was insistent on buying her a day after pill to make sure she doesn’t come at me for child support.

Because, you know, sexual fantasies are different from reality.

I’m not really into being stuck paying for her for 18 years.

Anyway, we get to a pharmacy and she insists on buying it herself after pulling some money from an ATM.

To which she says afterwards “ya ves? No somos tan pobres!”

And we went to get some food afterwards….

At the Burger King next to the pharmacy.

I offered to buy her some food but she said “no, no, we Mexicans are not as poor as you think!”

She pulls out her card and tells me “buy whatever you want!”

So I was convinced!

Through enjoying a nice meal at Burger King, I could see the error of my ways.

Mexicans are rich enough for Burger King!

For soap and deordient also?

Well, that’s still a mystery.

But Burger King yes!


Anyway, my time with Nidia was one of the more memorable moments in my life sexually.

Sex with her was a lot more fun than with most women.

She had a lust and passion during sex that was really enjoyable.

But it was not to last…

Some time later, I found out she has a boyfriend.

Because when you add someone in your phone to find them on Whatsapp…

Facebook often recommends to you their profile to add as a friend.

So I saw her Facebook one day and saw that she has a boyfriend.

And Latinas you find out are not as faithful as some might imagine…

Sure, plenty are!

But plenty are not.

Some foreigners get deluded into thinking all the women down here are faithful Catholic nuns.

Anyway, funny enough…

I ended up matching with Nidia again some time ago…

On Tinder in this case!

Did she give up on the boyfriend?

Looking for new cock to cheat on him with?

Who knows.

But that’s how we will leave it for now.

Drop any comments below if you have any.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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