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How Necessary is Dancing to Fuck Latinas in Latin America?

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How necessary is dancing to fuck Latinas in Latin America?

Well, it's not uncommon for normal gringos who begin spending a longer time down here to say that it is important (especially if they live in Colombia it seems). 

Above all, plenty of people think that Latin Americans are great at dancing and one must know how to dance well to do well with the women of the region.

Back when I lived in Iowa before ever getting to know Latin America, I remember having an impression related to that.

While it was an impression that had nothing to do with going to Latin America and needing to know how to dance, I remember going to a mini party event held by the family of the chick that I took to prom in senior year of high school.

Her dad was Mexican and the party definitely had a Latino vibe to it.

The music was whatever type of random Latino music that I have no idea what it was in hindsight because back then I wasn't familiar at all with Latino music.

And I just remember the whole group of people doing some little dance together in some open space while I was standing by a table full of food thinking "hm, right, they sure know how to dance I guess. Cool. Anyway, these chips are nice. Is that guacamole?"

In the years that followed where I actually got to visit Latin America, I've had mixed impressions anyhow on the importance of dancing in Latin America.

For one, I've had several moments where I'm one of the lone folks around not dancing while everyone else is seemingly competing for a trophy at some dance competition.

For example, I remember being at a Colombian themed club in Buenos Aires and the only people not dancing were myself and this Brazilian friend of mine.

The only time I could even enjoy the music really was when they switched away from salsa to reggaeton.

This song here specifically.

Ven Bailalo Angel y Khris

Otherwise, one other moment I remember was being in Colombia at a club called La Troja in Barranquilla where everyone dances salsa.

You can see the club here.

And I was kinda bored where a Colombian friend of mine, named Andres, was trying his luck with a random chick that he was dancing salsa with.

While he ultimately got cockblocked by some other woman (a family member of hers if I remember right?), his dancing salsa obviously was helpful anyway in the moment while I wondered off briefly to check out some other clubs in the area.

At any rate, what comes to mind when discussing this topic?

Let me just shoot from the hip here my general thoughts on the matter.

Not Every Latino Dances Well

The first thing that should be said is that not every Latino dances well.

Your typical Argentine woman isn't a great dancer at the tango for example.

Truth be told, I think some Latino nationalities dance much better than others.

For example, I will always be of the opinion that Colombians are some of the best dancers in Latin America.

Equally, it wouldn't surprise me if Venezuelans were also given the similarities between both cultures.

So on and so on.

And, even in those countries, I know that it's better to say that some regions in their countries have more dancing than others.

For example, with Colombia, I wouldn't worry as much about being able to dance in a city like Bogota versus Cali.

Cali, as you can see here, is known as "the capital of salsa."

Cali Pachanguero, Grupo Niche - Video Oficial

If you ever read about it, you always get opinions from other gringos about how much you need to know salsa to do well with women there.

While I have never been to Cali as of this writing in 2022, I have always had doubts about how necessary dancing salsa would be to get pussy there.

But we'll cover the reasons for why I doubt that later in this article.

Either way, I'm not denying that knowing how to dance salsa would help.

It would based on what I've heard.

Still, I'm going to say that most Latin cities are not like Cali in that there is this HUGE emphasis on how you need to know how to dance salsa or any random Latino music to get pussy.

In my experience, that never has hurt me anywhere in the world when it comes to getting laid.

And, like I said, not every Latino is a great dancer themselves either.

I find certain nationalities (like Chilean as an obvious example) to not have as many people knowing how to dance well and, though it sounds stereotypical, I think it's true that whiter looking or white passing Latinos are less likely to know how to dance well.

Sounds like a stereotype but I find it to be true (unless maybe we are talking about Colombians perhaps).

So, if you are seeing a white Latina, I'd put even less emphasis on knowing how to dance.

Though, going back to nationality and with my experience, I find even non-white Latinas don't give a fuck if I can dance salsa or merengue so much (which doesn't say if they know how to dance it, just they often don't give a fuck if I know how to before we fuck the first time).

And there might be a reason for that.

You Aren't Latino

To be fair, maybe standards are higher for Latino Americans.

Similarly, I've heard they get more shit for not speaking Spanish properly than non-Latinos.

And so I don't know if Latino Americans who live in Latin America or visit this region have higher expectations placed on them to know how to dance.

But, in my situation only as a non-Latino, I find nobody expects me to know how to dance.

Not one single person.

After all, you wouldn't expect a Latino to know how to dance to some common music in China or Japan, would you?

Why the fuck would you?

The motherfucker ain't Chinese or Japanese!

We all understand that not being from the culture means you aren't likely to know as much shit and standards are lower.

Even though I have lived for 7 years in Latin America, the standards are still so low for me that they don't expect me to know their music.

Having said that, if you can prove you know how to dance to salsa or cumbia, it's similar to you knowing how to speak Spanish.

While, if you go to a certain extreme, you could be thought of as "trying to go full Latino" as I wrote here.

Basically trying to be an imposter.

But the truth is that isn't a problem for 99% of gringos who are not being absurd with it.

In fact, knowing how to dance to certain Latin musics is like knowing how to speak Spanish in that it usually gives you bonus points.

Absolutely nobody was expecting you to know that shit and it wouldn't hurt you usually if you didn't know how to dance (unless maybe in Cali, Colombia again....).

But, if you do know it (and even just the basics is fine, you don't need to be amazing at dancing something like salsa), then it'll help you a little bit in her eyes.

Some Music Isn't So Hard to Dance To

As you can tell, I'm not the best dancer to any type of music.

In fact, I will tell you that I am probably one of the worst dancers you have ever seen.

I've been told I dance like a robot.

Too much of that Irish blood let me tell you...

Joking aside, even I find that some Latin music isn't too difficult to dance to.

When I dated a Colombian chick named Marcela one time, she taught me how to dance to merengue.

For those who don't know what merengue is, here's some music of it below here.

Truth be told, I found merengue very easy to dance to.

And you have other Latin music that isn't too hard either.

The one that always gets me though is salsa.

Maybe someday I will be able to dance to salsa but not today.

Though, based on my experiences, knowing how to dance to any of that isn't so necessary.

Pick the Right Club

Whenever I do take chicks out to clubs or bars, it's always to one that has reggaeton music.

Unless I like her a lot and we're dating. Then it's a jazz club if it happens to be my birthday or something.

Anyway, reggaeton is my go to Latin music in any occasion.

For one, I don't hear merengue music so much in clubs in Mexico City and also I forgot how to dance to it over the years.

Second, reggaeton is basically just Latin hip hop. Here's some of it below here.

In short, it's not hard to move to (even though my dancing to it doesn't go much beyond dancing like a robot, smacking her ass and having her grind on me).

Still not very good at dancing, am I?

Regardless, it works!

Much better than salsa.

And, if I'm dealing with a Latina from a country where the women aren't as great dancers like a Peruvian chick or something, then it works even better.

I doubt your typical Guatemalan chick will have much to say about my dancing given they can't dance worth shit either.

So, for those who need a more suitable club to dance to but happen to be "mentally challenged" when it comes to dancing, try reggaeton.

It's the best you got going for you down here.

Though, in my experience, it's not much to worry about.

Leading Up to Fucking

Probably the biggest reason for why I don't think dancing matters much (outside of living in Mexico City where most can't dance that well anyway) is because of how I lead most of my dates.

It's almost never the case that I need to worry about dancing before fucking anyhow so it's almost a mute point.

When I have a new date, almost all of them involve having the chick show up close to my place.

We go to a park.

Make out at the park.

Invite her back to my place for drinks.

Put on some music, have a good conversation and all.

Make out more.

Get to fucking.

That's it.

In a very few cases, maybe the chick wants to dance to the reggaeton music we're playing.

In worst case scenario, maybe she wants to listen to some non-reggaeton music like cumbia or something.

Though, even in that scenario, they never expect me to know how to dance to cumbia.

In fact, it can actually work to your advantage when you play the "dumb gringo who doesn't know cumbia."

Makes for a good opportunity to have her "teach you" how to dance to cumbia, you two get more physical, make out more and then fuck.

Not a whole lot of teaching involved but it works.

Honestly, a lot of gringos over exaggerate how much they need to be "in tune" with the culture or language to get pussy.

While knowing how to dance can help, it works just fine to play your "foreigner" card also.

After all, you are a foreigner!

So, in any situation really, not knowing how to dance doesn't hurt me practically because it rarely gets to that point before fucking and, even if it did, you can use your "foreigner" status to help you.

Final Verdict: Does Dancing Help to Fuck Latinas in Latin America?

In short, I got nothing more than to summarize all of the above with the following:

Not every Latina dances well. Many don't. Not all Latin music is as hard to dance to as salsa. Most Latin cities don't have a large "dancing" culture to them as much as some place like Cali, Colombia. No Latina expects you to know how to dance and playing your "foreigner" status can help you in such scenarios. Practically, I never need to know how to dance before fucking because I  get to the point quickly. So, above all, not knowing how to dance won't hurt you. But knowing how to dance can help you get laid because it can be impressive like knowing Spanish as long as you aren't trying too hard where you come across as being something you aren't. 

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Got anything to add? Drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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