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Safety Tips on Dating Latinas in Latin America for Gringo Expats

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What could be so dangerous about dating Latinas in Latin America that you would need safety tips for?

Smashing pussy is dangerous all of a sudden?

Well, shit happens.

Shit like this here that I saw on Twitter recently.

Any guy who has spent enough time in Latin America knows that you got cases like this happening.

Especially in Colombia.

And any guy who has been with a fair number of women will at least have some minor concerns about safety at least when it comes to not having the woman sleeping next to him sneaking out of his apartment with some of his shit.

To be honest with you, I'm probably not the #1 expert on how to stay safe when dating Latinas in Latin America.

For whatever reason, I tend to just completely disregard safety when it comes to dating or life in general.

And have no problem walking straight into a sketchy ass ghetto neighborhood to fuck some local woman.

Such as this moment where I slept in some real sketchy ass ghetto of the DR years ago but woke up in the morning with all my organs and wallet after getting my balls drained the night before.

Or, as you can read here, other moments I've had in "the barrio" with local women.

Though, on one occasion in the DR, I did find myself with a dude waving a knife in my face threatening to kidnap my ass as you can read here.

So probably I should be more careful!

Thankfully though -- and with luck provided by the Aztec Gods -- I have yet to encounter any situation where dating women down here led to me getting robbed, beaten up, killed, getting my organs stolen, drugged or whatever the fuck else.

But it really must be the luck because sometimes I'm retarded when chasing pussy.

But, having said that, there's a few things I suppose I could say on staying safe in Latin America while dating local women.

They are things I completely disregard and don't do myself my because my dick thinks for me I happen to be playing 3D chess with Latinas.

In all seriousness though, they are things that could perhaps help you out when dating down here.

Obvious advice though that could work for dating women elsewhere but I'll mention it here anyhow.

So let's get to it.

She Needs Phone Data

This is where you are talking to women on one of those Latina Cupid dating websites and she tells you that she needs you to send her money to keep talking with her.

Her phone data is about to run out and she needs 20 bucks or whatever or else she won't be able to communicate with you.

This is most common among Cuban, Colombian and Venezuelan women on those dating websites.

Though sometimes it ain't a woman and is actually a dude.

Anyway, don't send the money obviously.

I wrote more about the topic here as I got into touch with a few of those scammers.

Apartment Security

Some gringos think having apartment security at the front is crucial.

I wrote about the topic here and, to summarize, I don't think all Latin American security is good security.

In my experience, some of them are lazy as fuck and don't watch the entrance very well.

To the point I've managed to sneak people into the building without them knowing when they had a rule about paying something like 10 bucks per visitor or whatever it was at one place I was staying in Copilco area of CDMX.

Or homeless people even straight up sneaking past them on one incident I saw.

You also have cases where the dude is in on you getting your shit stolen somehow.

Though it also could be that he isn't properly checking her to make sure she isn't walking out with your wallet or shit.

Having said all that, it can't hurt to have some security though, right?

Some better than none?

Also, sometimes security will require that she shows ID before being allowed into the building. When I lived in Barranquilla of Colombia, that was the case with the building I lived in.

The thing is though that they didn't take a picture of the ID. Just wrote the details down.

I know some gringos have said that you should take a picture of her ID yourself.

I think that's a little autistic because some women who aren't trying to scam you would find that too weird.

Instead, if you have security that checks ID, tell them beforehand to take a picture of the ID so that it is framed as their idea and "just something we do here."

It'll be more natural and be less awkward between you two than if you were to say to her "hey, I like you but I think you want to rob my organs. Can I take a pic of your ID?"

Of course, under the circumstances where the security takes a pic of her ID but don't normally, I'm assuming you are on good terms with them.

Maybe you are very friendly with them. Share them an occasional beer or whatever.

Above all, just don't think though that front door security is the silver bullet to protecting you and your stuff while inviting women into your place but it can't hurt and could help if done right and if they do their job right (be it making sure she isn't stealing shit, that you are seen walking her out and not drugged in the room, taking a pic of her ID, etc). 

Where to Hide Shit?

This isn't just about Latinas but having women of any background spend the night at your place.

You invite enough women to spend the night and -- even if none of them have robbed you -- it's still hard to not occasionally wonder while about to fall asleep "how do I know this bitch won't walk out with half my shit?"

Personally, despite if a woman is spending the night or not, I actually do hide shit in my apartment or room before even walking out the door in case someone breaks into steal shit.

Only any extra money, cards and phone.

You might want to put extra thought though into exactly where you are hiding shit because some thieves are very good at knowing where some people hide shit.

Also, if you have a cleaning lady while in Latin America, I guess it's possible she could accidentally stumble upon some shit you were hiding while out of the house.

I hate having cleaning ladies but some Latin American landlords are autistic as fuck about having them.

And so it's something to keep in mind if you don't want anyone to know where you hide shit.

Especially when inviting a random chick over for the night.

With her in mind, obviously it's not hard to hide the phone and money before she comes over.

Well, you'll probably have the phone out as she'll be texting you along the way but, even if it's not hidden when she gets there, I'm sure you could hide it easily enough when she gets there.

Or, if we were really autistic as fuck about our safety, you could just use a burner phone for talking with women you just want to hookup with and keep the real phone with all your information hidden away when she comes over.

Same thing with the laptop.

Some dudes might think it'd be impossible to hide the laptop if you are going to watch a movie or play music at your place but I think you could pull it off.

If you were willing to buy a cheap ass laptop that isn't worth much for the movies and music anyhow.

And, like the phone, find an ideal place to hide it while she's spending the night.

Make sure to have a code to enter any of the real devices anyhow obviously.

But I guess that's all you can do really with that.

Time Before Fucking

Most of the Latina scammers that want to drug you, get you to send money or whatever else are usually not going to wait a month or some long length of time to get the job done.

By making her wait maybe 3 to 5 dates to fuck, you probably are going to filter out a lot of the scammers that just want to make quick cash now and ditch.

Which leads us to the next point.

"She's Lonely & Wants to Fuck NOW!"

As I wrote here, there was a middle aged fat Mexican woman wanted to fuck me NOW.

Calling me "bb" and being a bit flirtatious.

And was willing to let me live with her without paying rent.

Was she just hoping to rob me or was she legit?

Given she had suggestive photos of herself with other young men on her Facebook and that she was ugly and seemingly real person, I'm almost inclined to believe she was legit.

Her being ugly kinda goes against the whole "too good to be true" because there's nothing good about fucking a fat, middle aged woman.

And we all know some middle aged women like young cock.

So who knows!

Still, I wasn't interested because 1) she's ugly and 2) it could've been the case she wanted to rob me for sure.

Sometimes you do have to think with your bigger head for a second when a random woman is making herself too easy for you.

Especially one that wouldn't be desperate for young cock.

Though, as I type that, I remember actually the very first Mexican woman I ever hooked up with.

Some gal named Stephanie that I wrote about on my blog before.

Matched on Tinder. Got talking. Shared nudes pretty quickly. Fucked within the first 5 mintues of seeing each other in person after she showed up at my place.

And thankfully she wasn't old or ugly.

We all know anyhow that plenty of women are out there willing to hookup obviously.

On the flip side, I also remember one other chick in the DR that I talked about and wrote here that was obviously someone involved in sketchy shit. 

In hindsight, I should've known she wasn't like other women but I legit thought she was and I was a complete dumbass for ignoring obvious signs and just thinking "oh a hot morena who wants to fuck, whoohoo!"

Hot morenas do be blinding me.

In my defense though, all the other hot morenas I found that trip were equally as easy and didn't come with a pimp boyfriend threatening to kidnap me.

So how do you distinguish between a gal who is truly just horny versus one that is making herself too easy so she can rob you sooner?

Eh, I don't know.

Me like fuck. Me fuck hard. Me no overthink it.

I guess it's just one of those "if you know, you know" type of things.

Be suspicious of what is too good to be true and all that.

Watch the Drink

As I wrote here, it's well known that gringos get drugged by scopolamine in Colombia. 

Though shit can happen in other countries also.

So you should be on guard everywhere with your drink and not just in Colombia.

And I'm not really sure what else to say on this?

Just watch your drink, never leave it unattended, etc.

If you do leave it unattended by accident, go make yourself a new one and just tell her that "you want something different" and go make yourself something different.

Would be odd if you said "something different" and then made yourself another screwdriver while already having one in hand.

Then maybe put the old drink in the fridge to remember later to dump in the sink or something if you're legit worried about her drugging you.

Anyway, I'm sure some people have better signs to identify a woman that is trying to drug you but I'm not sure what they are as, to be honest, I've never had one try to drug me.

Going back to the story shown in the beginning of the article, sometimes even the bar can be involved in drugging your ass.

What to do about that?

First, don't go to the bar she recommends you two go to. I remember this video here of some gringo getting drugged and the venue might've been in on it and the gals who drugged him wanted to go to a very specific place. Always go to the place you know well and not where she wants to go.

Second, read the reviews. Maybe you can filter out some of the bad places that way.

Third, when at the bar, obviously take the drink with you to the bathroom. I've never done that either but I guess you could to reduce the chances. 

I should really listen to my own advice,

Fourth, if you come back from the bathroom and she has a beer opened for you, I guess don't drink it if you don't trust her. Get another one opened and casually pass the other one off to her while drinking the new one.

Or, if it's the last beer, I guess you could ignore it saying you don't want another beer. If you want another drink, just order it and ignore the one opened.

That's all I got for how to not get drugged.

Social Media

Before going out with her, you could always check her social media too.

There's an argument to be made that criminals won't use social media that can identify them.

I kinda agree with that but not entirely.

For example, you had that Korean American dude that died in Colombia because some chick drugged him that you can read about here and they sent some of his money through Paypal to an account with an identifiable name.

"Paul Nguyen, from California, was traveling in the South American country with a friend when he made the fateful decision to meet up with a stranger that he connected with on the dating app last week. Nguyen, 27, reportedly met the woman in the affluent El Poblado neighborhood of the city, known for its hip cafes, gourmet restaurants and nightlife."

Also, not every thief is smart. You'd be giving all thieves too much credit by assuming they wouldn't have any identifying information on social media or whatever when interacting with you. 

In the third world especially, it's also just the case that the thief casually assumes your gringo ass isn't going to go after them anyhow in a country where police don't do shit.

So I'm not really eye to eye with the idea that criminals won't give you real social media info that can be traced to them.

Having said that, you can still use her social media to kinda get a feel for her.

How ghetto does she seem? Any normal pics of her with family that look innocent?

Granted, even a real poor ass chick can post normal pics of her with the family at Christmas or shit.

But, like security guards, it's better than nothing, right?

Her social media can be used to kinda get a feel for her and also what socioeconomic class she comes from.

Which is the next point.

Her Socioeconomic Class

A Latina from a background that isn't ghetto as fuck obviously isn't likely to scam or drug your ass.

The higher class she is, the less likely it is.

Despite living here for years now, I'll be honest in saying I'm not the biggest expert on the planet for quickly identifying who is upper class and who is ghetto down here.

Despite having lived in the ghettos.

I do have some articles I wrote on the subject though like this one here on signs of a poor person in Latin America and this article here on signs of a rich person in Latin America.

But obviously any Latin American would be miles ahead of me in identifying more easily and naturally who seems to be ghetto and who isn't.

Or "naco" as they say in Mexico.

And, when it comes to gringos with especially 0 time in Latin America, I imagine for them it'd be near impossible to identify the signs of someone who is naco or not.

Like could a fresh off the boat gringo really make the connection between how they speak and if they are naco?

Highly doubt it.

My best advice here for the new gringo in town is to pay attention to the following:

1. How does she type? Does she spell "que" as "q" or "k" for example? Spell properly when texting you or not?

2. What neighborhood does she live in? Some criminals might lie but I don't think everyone would. Especially if she lived in a big ass area like Iztapalapa where you wouldn't have a real idea of where she lives just based on that information alone given how big Iztapalapa is. When she tells you anyway, just do your research on how nice or poor that area is.

3. What is she doing with her life? Is she sitting on her ass all day in the sweltering heat of Quilla scratching her crotch with no job and no education while texting 10 different dudes? A bit ghetto she is. In contrast, is she studying literature at a upper class place like Universidad del Norte and spends her afternoons in upper class shopping malls? She's probably not ghetto. Her social media will give clues on that. So keep an eye on what areas she hangs out in, what type of job she has, what her family does, what she studies and in what university, etc.

4. Though it might sound non PC to some, her being white or lighter skinned is a good sign that she isn't poor. That is not always the case though in every Latin American country or city. Keep in mind the demographics of the place you are in and what city she is from originally. Also, obviously don't assume that her being white means she isn't ghetto. It's just one clue. 

5. Has she traveled to other countries? If she has, it's a sign that she probably isn't broke as fuck. Unless her "having traveled" means a one way trip from Venezuela to Colombia or Peru on foot.

6. Single mother? She's more likely to be poor and desperate for cash.

7. Over enough time down here, you will though get a much better feel for what is naco and what isn't. It becomes a lot more obvious but, on the flip side, I also caution you to think with your bigger head and not ignore obvious red flags when dealing with a woman who is  naco.

Having said all that, I'll again plead guilty as charged. I don't disregard ghetto women in Latin America and, as I said, even have gone to their homes to spend the night.

Often I find women of naco backgrounds to fuck better and have personalities that I like more. We connect a lot better usually also. 

But the sex? Way better than when you are with some upper class chick.

Every single time.

So this is all just one of those "do as I say, not as I do" things.

I again should probably take my own advice before I get drugged.

She Has a Ghetto Boyfriend 

Should you ever be concerned that the gal has some ghetto boyfriend that'll kick your ass if you are seen with her?

Maybe in Sinaloa?

Truthfully, I've had very few moments where I fucked a gal knowing she had a boyfriend or learning about it afterwards and wondering if some narco ass motherfucker was going to knock on my door.

I think most Latin American dudes aren't a threat though.

At least in Mexico, there's a lot of short and chubby guys out here.

OK, OK, not everyone is but I'm just saying!

Still, being short and chubby doesn't mean he can't carry a gun.

But how do you know if she has a boyfriend?

Honestly, I don't know.

I remember one Venezuelan gal named Rosa that I wrote about here who I was fucking but found out she had a boyfriend.

With her, she simply was strongly against the idea of me ever visiting her house. 

She would always visit me but I couldn't ever visit her.

I guess that'd be a sign that she has a man.

Though it could mean other things like maybe she only likes you for fucking or maybe something else.

Also, getting to see her social media could at least filter out some women who have a boyfriend and post about them on social media obviously.

Finally, if you two are at a bar or somewhere and she gets a text where the phone shows someone texted her with the name "amor" or something romantic, then that's a clear red flag.

That's all I got anyhow for right now.

Wants to Meet in a Dangerous Area

As I go through my old dating experiences with Latinas years ago, there's one experience I remember that I wrote about here.

Basically, some Brazilian chick in Buenos Aires wanted to meet up but only could meet me in a dangerous and faraway area of Buenos Aires.

Long story short, she was lying to me about not having a man in her life and it seemed like she wanted to set me up to get robbed or whatever.

Doesn't need to be said though, does it?

No need to meet her in a shithole neighborhood.

I guarantee you anyway that her shithole neighborhood has very few if any good bars to go to and probably very few good parks.

And she, unless she is looking for you to spend the night, probably doesn't want to hang out with you there either as she knows there's nothing else to do except listen to the screams of competing gang members being hung from the nearby bridge.

For other reasons too, including for obvious safety reasons, don't go to her shithole neighborhood.

Unless again you are in the DR and it's 2 AM and you have a petite morena bitch that wants to fuck like I wrote about here. Then my words of wisdom might not seem so important!

Anyway, when it comes to this, just do your own research as to what neighborhood she lives in if she invites you over.

Does it seem poor?

Go Full Roosh

Next, if you really want to reduce your chances of a Latina drugging you and stealing your organs, go full Roosh!

For any date you go on, you must be very strict on how it's going to play out.

No flirting. No kissing. No sex. No drinking. No touching. NOTHING.

Just you two in a room reading the Bible together.

If she's willing to go through 10 dates of solid Bible Hour (ideally after 6 PM when you get off work), then probably she isn't trying to drug you.

You can then fuck her slutty little holes on the 11th date.

Breed her ass.

And have a happy Catholic family of 20 children out in the countryside of rural Hidalgo.

Anything to Add?

To be honest, I was just shooting from the hip here on all of this.

A lot of what was said here would be true for identifying bad women in other countries too.

With some bits of it more specific to Latin America.

Anyway, I'm sure much more could be said on the topic.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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