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When I lived in the US before traveling, I never gave thought to as to which areas of the country have hotter women.

I was always cool with what small town Midwestern areas have (be it in Iowa or Ohio).

Looking back at it all, I'm sure any place like NYC or Miami would've been better for any young man to grow up with.

Simply more diversity in women, more women in general than what a small town has, maybe more of a hookup culture in general, etc.

Still, I never thought about which areas of the country had better women.

Granted, I started traveling outside of the country pretty soon afterwards at the age of 18 and began living permanently only some few years after that.

In those years traveling outside of the country and living abroad on a 24/7 basis, I began to notice a particular detail that I found kinda odd but a bit comical also.

That detail regarding how locals seem quite nice in telling you where "the whores" are at.

A detail that isn't foreign to me anymore as, being older now and not so limited to exposure to the real world versus if I stayed in small town Iowa, I have seen it plenty of times in my travels.

This being a detail I only noticed recently.

Meeting Blayde's Friend

As I wrote here, it wasn't too long ago where I met up with a friend named Blayde in Mexico City for a few beers by Insurgentes Sur of Mexico City.

We went to get a quick bite to eat and then off to a bar for some drinks.

Meeting us for a few drinks was another guy that Blayde knew who decided to come along for some drinks with us.

A local Mexican dude whose name was "Jareth."

Despite all my years in Mexico and Latin America, I never met a "Jareth" before but I'm not Mexican and so we learn something new everyday.

It's similar to this Mexican chick I fucked around with a bit named "Jovi" that you can read about here.

Sometimes you just meet locals with strange names and, being a foreigner, you don't always know if they are common among Latin Americans or not.

Anyway, we went to get some beers at this bar that I noticed playing quite a bit of good rock music.

Mostly American rock thankfully and not Latin American rock.

So we sat down, had some beers, listened to music and had a casual chat.

During the interaction, the dude asked me the usual questions like "what parts of Mexico do I know and like the best?"

And I explained that I'm really only familiar with a few select parts: CDMX, Hidalgo, State of Mexico, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tabasco, etc.

That's it really.

And the dude was one of those types who wanted to begin telling me how "man, you're missing out!!"

....How so?

And he begins explaining how "you haven't been to the north yet despite all your time here" and how "I need to go to the north."

Specifically the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

Now, before he even began explaining why, I knew where he was going with this.

There's some saying I heard about Mexican women from Sinaloa that, if I remember right, goes something like this here:

"Mucha nalga y poca chichi"

Meaning "a lot of butt and not much boob."

In my time in Mexico anyway, I have noticed this anyhow.

As I wrote here, I fucked a Mexican gal named Alma who wasn't from Sinaloa but was from a northern Mexican state known as Tamaulipas.

To this day, she still has one of the best asses (the best ass actually) that I had ever seen or fucked in Mexico.

Now, to be fair, her ass would be "more normal" in a place like Colombia and definitely not very impressive in a place like Brazil.

When I was in Brazil many years ago, it was like ass heaven. Anywhere you looked, women with the best of asses all over the place. God. Fucking. Damn.

Still, when you are a man starved of a great ass, a woman from Sinaloa or Tamaulipas will be memorable.

From Sinaloa anyway, I remember an old chick I used to hookup with named Angie and with whom I still talk to once in a blue moon that had a roommate years ago from Sinaloa.

If I remember right, her name was Paola and she was pretty damn good looking too.

One of those cases where you walk into Angie's apartment ready to fuck Angie but then you see her roommate Paola and think "fuck, can I just fuck both of you at the same time? Or maybe trade Angie for Paola? I don't care. Whatever really."

Paola was hot as FUCK.

And so what Jareth was going to say to me was no surprise whatsoever.

He said what I just explained: "those girls in Sinaloa was hot as FUCK."

I nodded.

He began explaining it to me like I was new to Mexico and was giving me this DEEP inside information about where to get....

*checks notes*





At any rate, the moment reminded me of how, while I find it normal now, sometimes Latin Americans will come to the point of bragging almost of how hot their women of specific parts of the country are.

Now, if you were to brag about fucking "their women" yourself, would said Latin American man find that offensive? Hmmm....

Anyway, I think they do this because of two reasons at least:

For one, some are just being real bros and want to tell you where to fuck hot chicks.

Which sounds ironic to say because you do have more xenophobic types that can't handle the idea of a foreigner fucking "THEIR WOMEN!!!"

But not every Mexican or Latin American dude is that insecure.

Second, sometimes it's just straight up bragging.

Every guy likes to think that "HIS WOMEN" are hot as fuck, highly desirable, that the women of his race/nationality/ethnicity are THE SHIT.

It's like what I wrote about here regarding how some Latin American men (and men of other backgrounds) like to think of their women as NOT WHORES while, objectively speaking, "their women" have plenty of whores just like in any culture or race.

Anyway, I think Jareth was more of the second category: just feeling the need to brag about how hot "HIS WOMEN" are.

It's in direct contrast to another example that you can read about here.

I'm not going to write out that other example again as you can read it in the article cited above but I'll summarize.

Basically, I was friends with a Colombian dude named Andres who, at one point in time, was giving me the lecture about how HOT AS FUCK those "Paisa" women are.

For those who don't know, Paisa means women from the Colombian city of Medellin and surrounding area.

Anyway, Andres wanted me to tag along with him to a whore house or strip club to see PAISA WHORES.

While I didn't go along with him, I don't think the dude was trying to brag about how hot his women are.

I think it was just more of a bro moment where he wanted me to enjoy some "PAISA WHORES" despite the fact I had a girlfriend at the moment.

Which is a side point -- Latin American men do seem more open to infidelity than American dudes and Latin American women (depends on area though) seem a LITTLE more tolerant of it than women back home.

But obviously it depends on the man and woman in question (not all are like that).

Anyway, Andres also was telling me how a specific part of Colombia -- Medellin in this case -- has REALLY hot women.

Similarly, as I wrote here, I knew a Bolivian man named Sergio who was giving me the same talk.

While absolutely nobody thinks Bolivian women are hot and absolutely everybody thinks Colombian women are hot, Sergio was still convinced that you could find HOT BITCHES in Bolivia too.

For those curious, the area of Santa Cruz is supposedly THE AREA to fuck HOT BOLIVIAN BITCHES.


With Sergio, given we were more like friends who knew each other, I think the dude was just giving advice as to where I could find "the hottest women" in his country (while giving me a story of how he saw a stripper for the first time when he was 18 as you can read in that last article cited about it).

And that's where it ends.

The Latin Americans Telling You Where to Find the Hot Bitches

Like I said, it's a small cultural difference for me.

Growing up in the US, I never once had a dude tell me where to find "THE HOT BITCHES" of America.

No Iowan bros helping me and telling me "just brooo, go to Miami or NYC brooooo, HOT BITCHES THERE NOW READY TO FUCK!!!"

And, if I had to take a wild guess here, probably no dude was saying that to other dudes in small town Iowa.

Granted, you could argue this is due to several reasons.

For one, like I said, some men just want to brag about how hot "THEIR WOMEN" are to foreign dudes.

Second, some dudes are just friendly with you and want to help you out.

Given I am Iowan and American, obviously no other American dude is going to think that I am a foreigner who doesn't know where to find HOT BITCHES.

But, as a foreigner to another country, I think some of it comes down to just dudes being dudes and helping out a foreigner by giving advice on where to find hot chicks in a country that the foreigner doesn't know as well.

Third, sometimes the local telling you where to find hot chicks can actually just be a taxi driver trying to make money from you by taking you to a place that he gets money from (to a strip club) as I wrote here.

Fourth, one could argue that, despite Latin Americans being so Catholic, that this is an example of how more open some of them can be to the topic of sex.

Even if I was a foreigner to the US from China or Russia or wherever, I have my doubts that any American dude would come at me like "BROOOO, GO TO MIAMI BROOO, HOT BITCHES!!!"

But, being I have never been a foreigner to the US, maybe I'm wrong!

Still, being from the US, I never knew anyone like that.

Can't imagine meeting some random Russian dude and saying to him the following:

"Welcome to AMERICA! Would you like some SLUTS, BITCHES, WHORES?!?! Go to Miami! Try NYC! All of our AMERICAN WHORES are ready for you, good sir! Want me to buy you some condoms too? Need a motel reservation? LET ME HELP YOU!"

Fifth, the comical thing here though is maybe just something I find funny.

Odd sense of humor?

I don't know.

It's just weird to me how dudes will be telling you where to find THE HOT BITCHES of their country and how women of certain areas are MUCH HOTTER or MUCH EASIER.

But I can't complain!

If they want to help out, that's cool.

Sixth, I'd wonder if you'd want to be careful on how to respond when a dude is telling you where the HOT BITCHES are at?

Like I said, some dudes just want to brag thinking how much better THEIR WOMEN are but hate the idea of the foreigner fucking THEIR WOMEN.

So, unless you are on friendly terms with the dude as actual friends, I'd maybe watch what you say to him in response.

Perhaps not necessarily "oh thanks bro, I'll going to Sinaloa or Medellin now to fuck YOUR WOMEN."

Depending on the dude in question, that might rub him the wrong way or it might be OK depending on if you two are friends and how degenerate versus "TRAD PROTECT MY WOMEN" the guy is.

Seventh, I guess it's a travel tip too, huh?

Though I never considered this to be a travel tip for the single man, I guess it could be!

While I never took on a strong desire to go to Santa Cruz after the words of advice of Sergio, I guess I could have (I did visit it once to catch a flight to the US from Argentina but thought the city was a shit hole).

On top of that, I wonder how useful this tip would be in the age of the internet where you got plenty of dudes who travel and can tell you where hot women are in various countries?

Regardless, it's a useful tip anyhow in regards to knowing where the hot women are and also for other things.

The tip being to make friends with the locals and gain knowledge from them.

The locals will always know more than you about their country and have plenty of advice to give.

So, for the dude new to a country, you could get that advice by making friends with the locals.

Said advice to tell you more updated information on things like where to find hotter chicks or other things.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Drop any comments below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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