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Are Latinas Whores?

A few years ago, I met a Costa Rican dude named Andres spending time in Mexico City. 

He happened to be a neighbor of mine for a very brief period since he wasn't going to be in the city for  very long.

We only knew each other a tiny bit given his short stay where I was living by Metro Juanacatlan area.

At any rate, we went out for some drinks one time at some mezcal bar that I used to go to when I lived closer to Metro Insurgentes area.

Roughly 20 to 25 minutes walking distance away from the building we lived in.

Once we got there, we began talking about different topics as it relates to Mexico City.

He didn't know the city well and was just asking questions about it to get some tips on his stay.

And, though I don't remember how, the topic turned to dating Latinas.

If I had to guess, he probably asked me if "I like Latina women" since some young men in Latin America will ask you that as they get to know you.

It's similar to the "do you like my country?" question in that they're just curious if you like shit in their country.

The country itself, the food, the women, etc.

And, as the conversation turned to that subject, Andres began giving his take also.

While he prefers to date white women, he also finds them to be "too slutty."

His literal words being "our women aren't whores."

Unable to resist being a smartass, I actually laughed when he said that.

Though not excessively. I didn't look like Henry from Goodfellas here.

But, after enough time in Latin America, I knew that was bullshit.

Though, to be fair, he was Costa Rican and I have never been to Costa Rica as of this writing.

For all I know, those Costa Rican gals would never do anything slutty, right?

After all, it's not like Costa Rica is known for being a land of literal whores for foreigners and local men looking to pay for sex.

"Costa Rica is fast becoming a top sex-tourism destination where prostitution is not only legal, it’s embraced"

"Yet the whoremongers came in droves anyway. And by the early 1990s, they’d branded Costa Rica with a reputation as a sex haven—a reputation that stuck and then exploded near the end of the century. Why that happened isn’t complicated. For one thing, prostitution is legal, or at least isn’t illegal: The business isn’t tad or regulated like, say, casinos or bars, but there is no law against an adult selling his or her body for cash. So you’re not going to come down to San José and get busted by an undercover cop. Prostitution is also indigenously rampant and culturally, if quietly, acceptable—70 percent of those who pay for sex are locals—so you don’t feel all that awkward with your arm around a whore.

"OuR wOmEn ArEnT wHoReS!!!!"

And, to be honest, Andres obviously found it offensive when I didn't believe what he was saying.

But why would I?

Are Latinas Whores?

No, I wouldn't say every Latina is a whore.

But I do disagree with the idea that Latinas are somehow different from women of any other ethnicity.

First, to address the elephant in the room, let's just be clear that Andres is simply standing up for "his people."

Outside of those who hate their own roots or those who are not self-hating but humble, you got people like this in every race or ethnicity.

Those who simply think that their own race or ethnicity is better.

Of course, you do have differences between people of different races.

But when it comes to sex?

Look, we're all people.

Horny ass motherfuckers who want to fuck holes or have their holes fucked.

We humans love holes!

Who doesn't?

I've always wanted to stumble into a random public bathroom where there was conveniently a hole cut into the wall. Thus, I wonder "hmmm, what if I put my dick through that?" Only to be left with a nice surprise.

Or perhaps walk into said bathroom and see a nasty slut chained to a desk with her legs spread open and into the air, exposed for any man to use like a cum dumpster.

Unfortunately, neither fantasy has been realized....

We're getting there though!

Anyway, in all seriousness, I don't believe men or women of any culture is different on this matter.

We all like sex and act on it.

As we have already seen, some countries in Latin America have a much stronger reputation for sex tourism for foreigners and locals like Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, etc.

I'd say Venezuela too but that's different. Nobody goes to Venezuela for sex tourism but you can find Venezuelan sex workers all over Latin America.

Even in certain countries that I would consider more sexually conservative (Bolivia or Guatemala), you still do have some sex tourism obviously.

Outside of sex tourism though, you have other behaviors among Latinas that some might call "slutty."

For example, we have infidelity!

As I wrote here, rates of infidelity in Latin America are similar to the US among both men and women.

Need some personal examples I have seen of Latina infidelity? Check out these articles I wrote here, here and here.

Not to mention all of the dozens of easy women I have met down here who spread their legs so easily (regardless of if they had a boyfriend/husband or not).

At the end of the day, Latinas engage in plenty of infidelity, have plenty of casual sex and you have plenty of actual whores offering sex for cash down here.

That isn't to say that the reverse is true however -- that "white women" or women who aren't Latina in general are superior or more civilized than Latina women.

You got plenty of infidelity, casual sex and prostitutes in North America & Europe too.

Though there is one difference between Latinas in Latin America and women in North America & Europe.

And that difference is in how the women in each area display their interest in sex or how they dress.

I would agree that, generally speaking, women in the US and Canada at least are "more open" about liking sex than women in Latin America.

Dress a little more liberally for example.

However, that depends on which part of the US (Iowan chicks outside of what you see at University of Iowa are not so much like that compared to say chicks from NYC perhaps).

At least in my experience.

Though, to be fair, you do have plenty of women like that in Latin America also and I'd say certain nationalities can be more likely to be like that also down here.

For example, a Mexican chick I have been hooking up with named Jovi very much likes to go outside showing a lot more skin.

Though I would say most Mexicans, outside of certain pockets of Mexico like Mexico City, aren't like that.

When it comes to nationalities, I'd say Colombians and Dominicans can be a little more "liberal" in how they dress on average.

But, stepping back from those extra details, I'd say that it's generally true that North American & European women can sometimes give the impression of "being easier" by how some of them more commonly dress more liberally.

Or are less shy about talking about sex perhaps.

Having said that, I don't think that makes the claim that "Latinas are not whores" to be true or not.

Only that, while all of the groups mentioned engage in sexually liberal behavior or infidelity, women in North America & Western Europe are, if I had to paint them all with a broad brush, generally more open about it.

Of course, the final point to bring up that Andres even mentioned and other Latinos casually say also is how they see these "foreign women" dress more liberally in their communities.

When this is mentioned, it's always in reference to the foreign tourist at Cancun in Mexico, Jaco in Costa Rica or wherever else.

Which I think is a little bit unfair to bring up given that it's a beach and people will dress showing more skin at a beach obviously.

Reminds me of this meme here.

And speaking of memes, there's one other one to bring up that reminded me of this topic today.

Which will help us expand this topic into something more significant to discuss since the statement of "our women aren't whores" is really derived from a larger belief about the moral influence of Catholicism on preventing degeneracy in Latin America.

"Latin America is Catholic with Values"

The meme in question that inspired this article was this bit here.

And clearly it goes beyond the topic of just casual sex, prostitution, infidelity or other "degenerate" sexual activity. 

Where the image has the first dude with, funny enough, one of those Imperialist Spanish flags on his shirt, saying how "Europe is degenerate" and "Latin America is Catholic with values."

Then, behind him, if I understand it right, the dude is offering to buy the other person's daughter and gets told "500 pesos."

Which, as a side point, shit like that does happen as you can read here where some poor people literally sell their kids.

Not very Catholic or moral is it?

Among all of the other degenerate or ill moral behavior that happens in Latin America.

And, as it should be clarified, Latin America is actually increasingly not as Catholic these days when compared to the past.

It's a topic I've written about several times.

Of course, it varies heavily by who you hang out with and in what part of Latin America you are in.

A place like Argentina being noticeably less religious than Guatemala.

Or go to a place like Mexico City.

Despite how Catholic everyone is supposed to be, most Latinos I've met were not at all religious in anyway.

Granted, less religiosity is expected in bigger cities and among younger people that I would more naturally hang out with.

A topic I wrote more  on here.

Or check out this article regarding the religious shift that is happening in Latin America.

A religious shift where, despite Evangelicalism being more popular in places like Brazil, you have ever increasingly more people identifying as not religious.

A trend you see in most of the world, including the US, Canada & Europe.

And, as I should point out, I don't think being Catholic or religious means you are not degenerate or do bad things.

While most Latinas are Catholic, as you can see in the infidelity articles mentioned, quite a few like casual sex or infidelity.

Sure seems like the Catholic faith isn't working to stop them from acting on their impulses!

Not to mention all of the historical examples of Catholics fucking shit up in ways that don't necessarily seem very moral.

Among all the other ill moral shit that religious folks have done.

Which, as a side point, isn't me saying that no religious person has ever done anything good (most are good people).

Only that simply being Catholic doesn't mean you are going to be a good person or not be degenerate at least.

Going beyond that...

As I said before, this topic could really be expended into moral behavior in general between Latin America and "the West."

It's a weird pissing match that only some Latinos will begin by wanting to feel superior or more civilized than "the gringos" or Europe.

Perhaps derived from their own inferiority complex and so the effort is to combat that by claiming superiority along moral values and religion.

Not just on casual sex but on anything to do with morality.

Andres isn't the only Latino who thinks that way.

And, to be fair, there is plenty of degenerate behavior in "the West" also.

This isn't me trying to claim any moral superiority over Latin America.

Nor do I believe that Latinas are whores.

Only to bring to light this narrative that some Latinos in Latin America hold onto it and how it really is nothing more than a way to feel better against any internal inferiority complex such Latino might hold.

Or to simply take their pride in "la Raza" and use that as a way to feel more moral or civilized.

But there's nothing else that I got to say on the matter for now.

If you have any comments, drop them below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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Dazza - November 19, 2021 Reply

Andres was being an arse, that question gets asked in China all the time from Chinese men and the vast majority don’t like it whatsoever – I wasn’t there but he was probably trying to get a rise out of you – by saying ‘white women’ are too slutty and that the women in his country ‘aren’t whores’ – laughing at him was the best response to him and his ongoing issues.

In China, if you answer ‘yes, and I am ploughing through loads every week’ they will take offence badly, if you say ‘oooh, they’re so beautiful but I am not dating’ this makes them happier – mind you, the insecurity factor is off the scale – to date the nice ones here, you need a nice car, house, money, family background and a lot of other things… if you’re local of course but if you are a foreigner – none of that matters.

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