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The Cucks & Incels of Latin America

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About a few weeks ago…

I was talking with a chick I hooked up with before.

Named Bianca.

A Mexican chick who I met on a website for those who love BDSM and hooking up.

And as you can read about here

We had a good time.

Regardless, I was missing her one day..

Just one of those usual days where you want to tie a girl up and creampie her and make her lick the piss stains off your toilet while you spank her ass red....

Among other normal vanilla sex acts…

But I was missing her one day nonetheless..

And had a chick cancel a date on me a few days later into the week.

So now I’m looking for a replacement.

Bianca – maybe?

So I message her and we got talking…

And she told me in the middle of the conversation that she had a boyfriend when we fucked the first time.

Here's a bit of that conversation down below.

Now I didn't know she had a boyfriend named Oscar when we fucked....

But, like I said elsewhere on this website....

If you hookup a lot, you will end up fucking another dude's chick without knowing it.

I almost never knew in the moment that they were taken and only learned after the moment when looking them up…

So as you can see in our conversation below…

Now I have Bianca in my phone as "FET -- Luannebi 24" because putting women into my phone like that makes it easier for find who I am looking for since I'm pretty good at collecting tons of numbers very quickly.

FET tells me where I met her -- Fetlife (a BDSM website that I wrote about here).

Luannebi happened to be her username on that site that I never got around to changing to Bianca and 24 is her age.

Well, translating the conversation here and what else she said in other text messages....

She tells me that she has a boyfriend named Oscar who suspects that she had sex with someone else when we fucked.

And she cheats on him because their sex life is boring basically and has fallen into a routine for her.

Anyway, I got to be honest....

I'm not perfect.

After we had this conversation, we met up again anyway and we fucked again.

You can't say I'm innocent the second time around since I knew that she had a boyfriend the second time around.

But, being honest, I find a certain thrill in fucking a chick who has a boyfriend.

The Forbidden Fruit.

Well, again, I know it's not moral or anything. I'm not painting it as such.

So she wants new dick basically on the side.

Now, to be open, I know there isn't anything moral or right about doing something like that.

Not encouraging anyone to fuck someone else's girl....

Well, anyway....

Is she really his girl or the girl of the whole barrio?

Who knows….

Just like this chick here that I was with in Bolivia that I learned after the fact had a soon to be husband.

But, regardless…

She came clean on having a boyfriend as said before.

Not surprising after enough time here…

Some foreigners think all Latinas are these little Catholic nuns who don’t do nothing wrong…

But in reality they fuck, cheat, drink and do drugs like anyone else 6 days a week and ask Jesus for forgiveness on the 7th day…

Before doing it all over again.

As you can read about below – just how religious are Latinos?


Anyway, I guess I got lucky that he never followed her and had a gun on hand outside my apartment building waiting to kill me for when we would walk out together later…


Either way…

As said before, most of the Tinder chicks you fuck who have a boyfriend or husband almost never tell you that they have a boyfriend or husband.

In fact, in my experience, I would say that if you are a man who is active on Tinder and has had casual sex with enough women...

I would guarantee it that you fucked a girl who had a boyfriend or husband at least once.

Even in Latin America -- la Tierra de Catolicismo o de Chicas en Mini Falda?

But it is what it is.



But definitely satisfying as I said before.

It's hard to describe why it is satisfying but even more so when you are a foreigner down here doing it.

And leave the cucks of the barrio to take care of your seed as I continue off now with the gold of Montezuma in possession!

Well, one can dream, can’t he?

Bad jokes aside now (or are they jokes?)......

Lover by De La Ghetto

And on that topic…

It is a question.

Are There Cucks and Incels in Latin America?

I remember some odd months ago where I got talking with another American who has spent some time in Latin America.

Colombia specifically.

And he got going about how “incels don’t exist in Latin America!”

Why not?

Well, by his logic, since prostitution is legal here, there can’t possibly be any incels!

Since being incel would be a choice then and incels are supposed to be involuntarily celibate.

Where, if they wanted to, they could spend the 5 to 30 bucks for a hoe to fuck them and not be an incel.

Therefore, not involuntarily celibate.

And not an incel.

But I disagree.

I get the logic behind it but the guy in question likes to have prostitutes in his life to fuck but quite a few men would rather fuck normal chicks.

So if you are a dude down here who wants to fuck normal chicks but can’t seem to find nobody to fuck you for free…

Then, yes, I’d say you are an incel.

On top of that, there are supposedly groups for incels and also cucks in Latin America.

And both do exist down here.

Latin America – despite its cultural differences (which varies significantly by the country in contrast to the US) – is not that significantly more different from the US.

In that many of the things that happen in the US – such as cuckoldry or incels – also happens down here.

As people are people and people either end up in bad situations as well down here or do unmoral things.

Unmoral things like infidelity or fucking the chick of another dude…

To being in a bad situation where you lack the intimacy and/or connection with another woman.

Latinos are no different.

Yes, some do go for the prostitutes but many would prefer a normal chick to partner up with.

So let’s get into that briefly – do incels and cucks exist down here?

Here’s some brief examples that show that both do exist down here – examples that I could find online.

Do Incels Exist?

So let’s start with incels first.

Personally, I don’t know any incels in Latin America.

Or in the US or anywhere.

But after the disagreement mentioned above.

I did reach out to a few Latino friends and Latina chicks I know down here about it – “do you know any incels?”

And some of them claimed to know some.

One dude from Bolivia that I was friends with years ago claimed he knew someone like that.

A Mexican chick claimed her last boyfriend has become an incel – though, who knows – maybe she is just talking shit about him because he's an ex.

Anyway, I tried to do some research to see if there is any evidence online of incels existing down here.

Supposedly, there is some petition on by some apparent group of incels in Argentina against feminists as you can read here.

Anyway, doing an article on incels in Latin America has seemed a tiny bit challenging in part because it seems most of the local news agencies down here are not writing about it to be fair.

Though it seems, for whatever reason, that the topic is more popular in Chile.

Such as this one here.

Though there is supposedly a Reddit group for Latino incels from Latin America and elsewhere.

A guy I know about told me that the group is called HispaChan that you can see here.

And supposedly they will direct you to the group that is relevant to where you live. 

So if you live in Argentina, then you get the group for Argentina and so on and so on...

Either way, as I said before, I did ask a random Latina chick before if incels exist down here.

And I asked a few random chicks that I know from Tinder if incels are a thing down in Mexico at the very least.

And they all said yes.

In short, it’s not a surprise incels exist down here also.

Not really that newsworthy.

Obviously there are going to be dudes down here who get rejected by normal chicks and just can’t get anyone to fuck them.

But now let’s move onto the cucks and break them down into two groups.

The Involuntary Cucks

These are the dudes who get cheated on by their girl and not realize it.

Basically asking – does infidelity exist down here?

Again, it seems like a dumb thing to ask because obviously it should…

But there are foreigners I have met who think Latin America is different…

In that maybe the women are too conservative and religious to cheat…

To the men are too macho and wouldn’t stand for it.

Anyway, regardless of your preconceived notions about Latin America…

I actually wrote a much larger article before on infidelity in Latin America.

Breaking down any statistic I could find on infidelity in any Latin American country.

As you can read about here.

I have also seen – outside of the Mexican chick named Bianca from above – infidelity among chicks I hooked up who happened to have boyfriends.

Such as these chicks in this article here.

Or this chick here….

So, suffice to say, there are dudes who get cucked down here quite often and the statistics show it isn’t really that much different from the US.

Anyway, since it is relevant, here is a video of this Mexican chick asking random couples in the street to check their phones for signs of infidelity.

There’s a bunch of similar videos that are just as entertaining to watch – in Mexico by this same channel and in other countries by other channels.

All around entertaining to watch if you have a bottle of vodka around to keep you company…

And also informative to the fact that – yes – cuckoldry and infidelity happen here also.

The Voluntary Cucks

I was actually talking with a friend of mine recently – a guy named Mike from California – about the Bianca chick from above.

He disagreed with me about if I made her dude – Oscar – a cuck by fucking his girl.

“Cucks are only dudes who agree to get cheated on.”

Well, whatever the definitions are – I don’t know for sure.

But let’s just those specific types of dudes – “voluntary cucks.”

The stereotypical idea of what a cuck is – a dude who jerks off to his girl getting fucked by other dudes.

Who knows – maybe Oscar is one of those dudes and he wanted Bianca to keep it a secret!


Do they exist down here?

Well, in Spanish, the word for cuck is cornudo.

To cuck someone or to cheat on them is poner los cuernos.

Or engañar a alguien.

And yes, there are dudes down here who are into that.

Though I don’t know any personally – never had a dude down here or in the US or anywhere ask me to fuck his girl.

Actually, scratch that as I edit this -- I do remember funny enough a while ago that I got some message from some Mexican dude on Fetlife asking if I'd be down to fuck his girl.

Since it's a BDSM website, you got people who are into all kinda of fetishes on there and that's the first time someone ever asked me to fuck his girl. I forgot to respond though but here's the message I got.

I also think I might have seen a few chicks on Tinder looking for something like this but it's so rare to see something like that on Tinder.

Because, as I said, typically if I am fucking someone else’s girl, I don’t usually know I am unless I find out later she has a man.

Anyway, I did some research online to find out if there are any other examples of this happening down here.

Looking up the phrase “comnidad de cornudos latinos” into Google…

I first find this Twitter account called “Comunidad Cuckold” that you can see here.

Which appears to have about 56,700 followers at the time of this writing.

There’s also some site called “Morbo Cornudos” and other porn results for cuckolding in Spanish that makes up most of the search results.

Which, unless it is gringos looking up “cornudos en America Latina,” in Spanish, I assume all that pornographic content is for Latinos who speak Spanish.

There also seems to be various “swinger” groups or events that I can find in cities like Buenos Aires, Santiago, etc.

Though I’m not sure if “swinger” is different from cuckoldry – I mean, someone is still fucking your girl but I guess you get to fuck other girls also?

I’ll leave the nuances of it all to the side but the point still stands – someone is fucking your girl and there are events online for “swingers” also in Latin America.

There is also something called “Chat Cornudo” that I found online – I guess something to chat with other latino corndos online.

There’s another online chat for latinos cornudos that I found on a site called “Gente Chat.”

Among all of that, supposedly there are some Whatsapp groups on the internet for this shit also that I see.

None of which I am going to link here out of fear that linking to porn stuff will hurt my website’s rankings in Google – I’m not sure if it would or not so I will keep it safe.

Anyway, that seems to be the basics of it – if I spoke Portuguese better, I’d look this shit up in Portuguese also to see what online community exists in Brazil.

Because I imagine that this is probably a more active thing for Brazilians also for the following reason below…

Final Points

Outside of talking about infidelity rates down here…

Or the amount of online groups that exist for voluntary cucks or incels in Latin America…

I’d like to take a second to talk about a few things before ending this article in order to get to the more important points.

Because, in all honesty, who really gives a fuck if incels and cucks exist down here?

Probably nobody doing google searches will find this article – only those actually running through my website.

But there are a few broader points that need to be mentioned because they have more importance.

First, as said before…

There are folks in countries like the US who think incels and cucks don’t exist down here.

For reasons such as the culture is too conservative to allow for dudes who want to be cucked or for chicks to be unfaithful…

Or for whatever reason really.

Truth is that while things, in large part, can be relatively more conservative here sexually and culturally…

In the largest cities like Buenos Aires or Mexico City, that isn’t true.

And in the more rural areas, while people are more publicly conservative in a sexual sense, it doesn’t mean so privately…

As I have had chicks from nearby towns in Estado, Hidalgo or wherever else to come visit me to fuck.

It might mean they are more conservative sexually in public but not in private when back at my place alone.

And some of those chicks, as I wrote here, had boyfriends!

Cuck. Cuck. Cuck a doooooooooooo!

So what fucking difference does it make?

Good Latina girl in public but still cucking your ass

Does it matter?

So that is one point – that the public image of being sexually conservative might still stand strong in public spaces but doesn’t mean much behind closed doors when infidelity takes place.

And why does it take place?

To the second point…

That people are people!

You know, she cucks your ass because she wants to fuck new cock.

Just like Bianca....

Or you want to fuck new pussy.

Whoever cheats first!

That’s a personal belief I have anyway – that, for most folks, it’s hard to stay faithful and in a relationship/marriage most of your life without breaking it off or cheating.

Because people are people – we eventually want to fuck someone new or get tired of the person we are with.

Being Latino doesn’t make much of a fucking difference there.

The third point?

Which is more of a theory than anything else…

But this is what I have observed…

In areas of Latin America that are richer, more developed, urbanized, etc…

Topics like infidelity, cuckoldry, incels, etc…

Are more publicly discussed with ease and less hidden away so to speak (despite it still happening).

Whereas in areas that are less developed, poorer, more rural…

Those things are not so publicly in the open but they still happen…

Just with more silence.

A more public attitude of keeping things quiet and not addressing it.

Perhaps because the culture is, to be sure, more conservative.

But people are people.

And shit still happens.

Infidelity, cuckoldry and dudes who can’t get no pussy.

But I don’t think it’s just the culture that makes it that way – urbanized areas being more liberal.

I also think there are other things happening…

Just to name a few that come to mind…

In urban areas, it’s easier to cheat without the other person knowing as there are so many people to cheat with and easier to be anonymous.

To more developed and richer areas possibly having fatter people that consume more and so more incels because who wants to fuck a fat person?

But if you are fat yourself, then how many non-fat people want to fuck you?

Then you get a lower self-esteem and hate yourself and start to hate the opposite gender as no chick wants to fuck you or no dude wants to wife you up...

Boom. Incel.

In liberal urban areas, probably easier to find folks who are into cuckoldry and swing events. Just more people in general in your area who could be down for it.

Among other things that might influence trends that are relevant to this article and also how open people are to being involved in all of this.

That, again, yes – infidelity, cuckoldry, incels – they all do exist down here.

I’d say at relatively similar rates to countries like the US but you’d need an actual study to confirm that.

Which, through looking around on the internet, I guess nobody has done such a study.

But by looking around on the internet, it sure seems popular enough down here.

Regardless, that is the topic for the day – one that apparently no other blogger in Latin America has written about.

Well, not as much as this article, I suppose.

And to end it on a positive note, here’s a random video of some Latina chick bringing down hell on her unfaithful boyfriend.

Kinda relevant, I guess.

And for those who prefer music....

Here's a funny reggaeton song to listen to that is relevant when talking about dudes getting cucked in Latin America.

Dile a Tu Novio by La Factoria (Mc Joe) 

Anyway, follow my Twitter here.

Got any relevant questions or comments?

Drop them below in the comment section.


Best regards,


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