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A Latin American Father Takes His Son to the Strip Club

What do you think is an appropriate gift to give your 18 year old son? 

He is now legally an adult.

Going to move out into the real world.

Get a job.

Pay his own rent.

Someday start a family.

Become President of the country.

....Or something like that.

For some parents, they might buy their kid a used car when they hit 18 even.

Perhaps they have money saved for their college.

But, for some parents, they might have a different idea of what to reward their son with after surviving 18 years on this planet.

My parents?

I don't remember actually what they gave me. I think maybe they gave me some money but I have no idea if they gave me anything at 18 (if they did, it would've been money but I went to college afterwards and they helped with that to be fair).

And while college help is cool and all....

Is it as cool as fucking a whore?

That does sound like an interesting experiment, does it?

For every dad out there (the moms would have to be excluded from the conversation likely), what would their sons say if asked this question once they hit 18: We can fund your time to college or take you to a strip club.

It's an odd topic for me because I could never imagine my parents taking me to a strip club when I was 18.

My mom would've had a few words of discouragement" if my dad tried bringing me to a strip club.

And, perhaps equally so, one has to wonder if the Latin American moms of the world would also have "words of discouragement" if their husbands tried bringing the 18 year old son to a strip club?

It's a question to ponder because, as you can guess by now, such a "father-son bonding moment" would have been completely foreign to me growing up in small town Iowa.

However, over the last 7 years living in Latin America, it really isn't an "oddity" from what I have gotten used to.

After all, you live in another country with its own culture and way of doing things and some of it all surprises you when contrasted with what you grew up with.

Let me give you a quick example.

Taking the Son to a Strip Club in Mexico City

Some time ago, I ended up meeting up with a friend named Blayde in Mexico City.

We decided to meet up around Insurgentes Sur Avenue (which isn't too far from where I live).

I wrote more about this avenue here.

Ultimately, we headed to some rock bar.

I got there a little bit early and had to wait like 10 minutes more or less for him to show up.

We were actually going to check out something else (some restaurant type spot) before going to the bar.

While waiting, I got an interesting sight very close to me.

There was an older man who looked to be in his 50s walking alongside a young teenager type character who couldn't have been older than 20.

It was night time anyhow and they both stopped in front of some building called "Queens" or something like that.

Which, as a side point, is a bit funny that the name of the place was in English.

I guess they don't want to call it "Reinas" or something?

Anyway, the two dudes were close enough to me that I could hear them talking and it seemed to be a father-son type situation.

Funny enough, they were both wearing masks.

I guess so the strippers wouldn't give them COVID? 

Mask people -- weird ass characters, let me tell you.

Not sure if such a place required masks or not (who the fuck would wear a mask going into a strip club) but it's how they walked into the spot.

Now, to be fair, that's all the story is.

I obviously don't know for sure if it was a father-son type situation.

Or if the dude was 18 or not and being granted a "special moment at the strip club" for finally becoming an adult.

But, like I said, based on what I overheard from them and how they looked, it seemed like one of those moments.

And, while I don't go to strip clubs ever (except once in my life in Poland), I have heard of other incidents similar to this.

Sergio's First Night With Bolivian Whores

Ultimately, this whole detail to life in Latin America (and does it happen elsewhere?) has only ever come to my attention when local dudes tell me stories about being brought to the strip club.

To my surprise over the years, it doesn't seem THAT uncommon.

It really doesn't.

The first time I was ever told about this happening was when making friends with a white Bolivian dude (one of a few) named Sergio in Cochabamba.

We sometimes found each other when going to "Parlana" events.

As I wrote here, they are basically just language exchange events where you have some beers, "practice foreign languages" but really just there to drink, make friends and maybe find a chick to fuck.

Sergio was anyway a Brazilian-Bolivian type dude (explains how white he was then) and I remember meeting up with him one night when we both went to the same Parlana event.

While showing up early, I took a risk and ordered some gin drink.

And I say "took a risk" because gin tastes like shit but a Bolivian chick I hooked up with often named Mariana that you can read about here often made me some gin drink that tasted quite nice.

While she showed up later that night, I didn't wait for her to ask what the drink was before ordering. What I had tasted like shit. 

Anyway, with the "gin shit drink" that tasted like it leaked out of Satan's ass crack in hand, I made small talk with Sergio for a tiny bit.

He was curious and all about my life from the US and how I found my way to Bolivia.

At some point, he ultimately tried convincing me to go to a strip club with me.

It's a topic I wrote about here where Latin Americans seemingly are quite more open to strip clubs and whore houses than Americans back home.

In my opinion, I think they find the topic less taboo. 

Anyway, during his casual mention of strip clubs, we got onto the topic and he mentioned casually how his first trip to a strip club was at 18.

His own father brought him to one in Santa Cruz area of Bolivia.

Which was not a surprise to me given he was white looking and the whitest Bolivians you can find are from Santa Cruz.

And, on that note, sometimes it is funny to listen to Latin Americans discuss "those sexy whores" from some specific part of the country.

Meaning how, in some Latin American countries, the women of certain parts of the country gain a bigger reputation for being sexy as fuck and/or very slutty and very easy to fuck.

In comparison, women from Medellin of Colombia (paisas) have the same reputation of being very sexy.

Those in nearby Pereira have a reputation of being whores from what I remember in Colombia.

In Mexico, women from Sinaloa have a reputation also of being sexy.

So on and so on.

So it is funny, as a foreigner, to hear a local discuss this particular nuance about life down here regarding where the best whores are from.

Not even being Latino myself, it's a curious detail that a few like to share with you.

Anyway, from what I learned that night, Sergio's first encounter with whores himself was when he was 18.

Paid for by his dad.

....what a nice dad!

Does YOUR Dad Buy You Whores?

Over the years here, I can recall a few other moments where I have been told about a man's first time with the whores.

In Colombia, I became friends with a man named Andres who loved whores.

Especially those PAISA whores.

As I wrote here, he even tried convincing me to come to a strip club and cheat on a girlfriend of mine with him.

While I declined (what is it with Latino men wanting me to fuck their whores?), it was the same situation at hand.

Discussion of whores.

He told me the same about his first time doing so with the help of dad a decade ago (he was a tiny bit older than me but not by much).

Similarly, in that same article last cited, I got told the same thing by another man in Mexico I met at a bar in Pachuca de Soto.

The first encounter with the whores.

Paid for by dad.

And that's really where it all ends at.

The story doesn't get much interesting than this odd detail you learn about down here regarding Latin American men being brought to the strip club at age 18 to fuck or at least watch a whore paid for by his dad.

Obviously, my dad never took me to a strip club (that would be weird as fuck) and so I can't really tell you how these father-son bonding moments go.

Does the stripper take her bra off and the father points at her double D tits, nudges his son and say "WOW SON! YOU SEE THOSE TITS?! YOU WOULD LIKE TO GRAB THEM, WOULDN'T YOU?!?"

You know, I have little idea how the interaction goes.

Based on my life experience, I can't judge it but I can't relate to it because I couldn't even imagine my parents taking me to the strip club when I turned 18 nor do I think that I'd want to go to a strip club with my dad (just sounds weird).

Seems very odd to me.

Similar to a redneck father in the south of the US who looks at his daughter's boyfriend and asks him with a smile "you fuck my daughter, don't you?"

To be fair, we got shit like that in the US also.

I'm just imagining that the type of fathers here are likely redneck types, working class or lower income types, etc when they bring the son to the strip club down here.

And that's a point to bring up by the way: I doubt most Latin American fathers bring the son to the strip club at 18.

Obviously, religion matters too.

While most folks tend to imagine Latin Americans as being very religious as I wrote here, quite a few are increasingly not and many who are still engage in degenerate behavior.

Hey, we're all human. Sins we enjoy with Christ or not.

Still, I'm going to make a wild assumption here (and it's only an assumption), that the fathers who aren't taking their sons to strip clubs likely fit on of three profiles if I had to guess:

  1. Furniture dads with moms who dominate the house and are very feminist.
  2. Very religious families who take the religion so seriously that the father wouldn't even dream of going to a strip club (and definitely not with the son).
  3. Fathers who are part of families that are at least middle class socioeconomically (I'm imagining poorer or working class families more likely to do this but I could be wrong because I'm just guessing).

Anyway, that's just a guess of mine as to which types of Latin American dads would be most likely to bring the son to a strip club.

And perhaps nationality has something to do with it also?

Maybe one from the DR or Colombia would be more down to do that than say a dad from Uruguay or Chile.

Anyway, that's all speculation.

The only thing I can say definitely is that the whole "bring your son to strip club day" seems to happen down here and it definitely is different from how I grew up in small town Iowa.

Just one of those differences you get when you travel to other communities beyond your small town.

Can't even say it's just a Latin American thing.

Maybe it happens elsewhere!

I'm sure there are dads who do the same in the US but, with everything I have said so far, you can guess why it would be a surprise to me that any dad would do this.

Not that I judge it either.

Just different is all.

Anyway, if you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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