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The Irony of the Gringo Who Won’t Buy His Latina Food

Published May 1, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

You have men out there who insist on "not being simps."

They define "being a simp" in many ways.

One of the issues at hand though, when it comes to actually dating women out there, is when men insist also that they "won't buy a woman food before sex."

In many cases, they define the issue as one where they insist that they "don't need to pay for sex" or "spend money to impress a woman" before sex.

To imply that they are some alpha god where women just naturally drop to their knees BEGGING to suck his cock without any financial investment needed.

That it's not the wallet that got the sword wet but the masculinity being shot cum shot by cum shot all over HER NASTY SLUT FACE.

On top of that, they just don't want to spend the money.

As a young man myself, I get it.

Though, personally, I see other genuine reasons for why a "dinner date" isn't necessary.

Let's cover that before I get to the irony at hand.

For one, choosing to never do a dinner date before sex usually is a good way to weed out the women who just want a man for money.

Not all women who want a dinner date are gold diggers or single mothers looking for a man of comfortable means but those who do just want a man with money and are smart about it will usually insist that the man spend something before anything happens.

So it's just a good way to shuffle those women out of your life quick and to make it easier to focus on the ones who are more fun without the necessity of a credit card.

Second, it's not necessary. The fact is you got so many easy women out there on Tinder or whatever that will show up directly to your house to fuck with no need to spend any money on dinner. With those around, why care for the ones who demand more if you can get what you want otherwise for free or something cheaper (like offering her just a beer or bottle of water back home)?

Third, dinner dates don't work well for building physical intimacy. She sits across from you. Nothing sexy about eating in general. And things move faster when she can sit next to you at a bar, park or back home where you can more easily make out and build up physical intimacy to fucking.

Fourth, some women are greedy as fuck and want not just a dinner date but one at a fancy place for you to spend lots of money.

As you can see here in China (and likely other countries of the world), some of them will insist on you spending money at a specific place like a  bar or restaurant because they are part of a scam.

Though it's not really a scam just in China as I have seen this in other countries around the world.

I met one chick in Argentina (never met her in real life but talked with her online) who was trying to scam me also along a dinner date as I wrote about here.

And there are likely other issues with the dinner date in question but it doesn't matter.

While I get why dudes don't prefer dinner dates for other reasons, some of their reasons I feel can be bullshit at least when it comes to life in Latin America.

Let me explain with an example before wrapping this up quickly.

Steven's Not Opening Up His Wallet 

Like I said, some of the reasons for why some men won't do dinner dates is because they want to feel like the chick will fuck them purely because of them (ego driven) and not just because of his wallet.

And also because some truly don't like spending money.

Now, some odd years ago, I lived in Bolivia.

There was another young American named Steven who was working for the same NGO that I was working for.

To keep it short, Steven was all about hooking up with as many chicks as possible.

It was someone I wrote more about here.

And, while you don't see as many sexpats in Bolivia given everyone thinks their women are ugly as fuck, Steven liked the women of Bolivia.

He liked more of that "indigenous girl" look.

To the surprise of nobody, he also likes places such as Peru, India, Nepal, Guatemala etc.

One day in particular, we see each other at this NGO that we both worked at and he was making small talk about dating in Bolivia.

And giving me the speech about how "he don't spend money on women."

"There's no need bro. Women fuck for free. Going out is expensive."

Now, to be fair, that's paraphrasing what he said (it's been some years since he gave me the speech about how he doesn't spend money).

And while I agree with his first sentence that "there's no need" as you do have plenty of easy women who fuck for free, I did remember finding the other sentiment he expressed about how "going out is expensive" to be odd.

Particularly because it's not expensive at all!

From what I remember, Bolivia was one of the cheapest countries I had ever encountered in Latin America over all these years.

I'm sure you could find a normal restaurant for 2 or 3 bucks.

Here in Mexico City, you could find plenty of places that offer normal meals (not overly nice places) that offer food for basically nothing.

Which brings us to the point that I want to bring up.

Expensive How?

Look, if you are a backpacker in his 20s with only 200 bucks in the bank account while living homeless in the streets like you can see here, I get it.

Those extra 2 bucks on a random chick on a date is quite a bit.

And, for some men, maybe they are just chads running through 50 days a month!

If you can somehow manage 50 dates a month and each meal costs you 2 bucks, that's 100 bucks you got to spend.


But most dudes are not homeless and most are not going on 50 dates a month.

Granted, you do have literal backpackers who are broke as fuck working for nearly free in hostels so I get why some would be "on edge" regarding spending the extra 2 bucks for a meal.

Let's put those men aside for the moment anyhow.

Look, it's only 2 bucks.

Or 3 bucks.

Taking a chick to some street food spot or a mom and pop restaurant isn't going to break the bank if your only concern is money.

Which, if it is, maybe the bank would be broken as I assume you don't have anything.

But sometimes money isn't the real reason and some dudes just shit out that excuse because their real reason for not buying her a taco before fucking is because of insecurity about manhood.

Don't want to feel like you had to spend shit to fuck and/or you don't want to feel like you got taken advantage of if no fucking happened but you did buy her a taco.

Which, to be fair, I get the last point.

In the same way a woman won't fuck on the first date or at all until she gets something out of the man.

Nobody -- man or woman -- wants to feel like they somehow got played.

So I'll let that point slide. It makes sense. Don't do shit for someone if you aren't comfortable doing it without getting anything more for doing it (like a chick fucking a dude and not getting a relationship or a dude buying her food and not fucking her).

Regardless, for the guys who talk a lot about the money aspect like Steven, it is a bit stupid.

Like I said, it's only 2 bucks for a cheap ass meal.

Second, some dudes are full of shit in that they advertise the women they do fuck down here but they were paid for (with meals included). Prostitutes, sugar babies or whatever else. No judgment on my end but they aren't being real with you.

Third, some guys will have a hangup about the food but have no problem buying her beer, coffee, liquor, etc.

And that I get to in that -- as long as she isn't an alcoholic -- she doesn't need the beer or coffee but does need food each day. One is more important than the other.

So I get that.

But, when it comes back to concerns by Steven that are strictly about price, it doesn't make sense.

Look, I can have a date with a chick tomorrow and decide where to take her.

In scenario 1, I'm taking her to a mom and pop restaurant or street food and buying her a 2 or 3 dollar meal.

In scenario 2, I'm buying her beer but she probably isn't just having one beer. Maybe 2 to 5. Each beer being just a buck each assuming it's not in a touristy area.

So likely more than the meal!

But, even if she only has one beer, who gives a fuck?

Wow --  you saved one dollar! WhooHoo!!!!

And, to be fair, I've had moments being conscious as fuck about the dollars.

As I wrote here, I risked going to Dominican Jail because I was too cheap to spend 10 to 20 bucks taking a chick to a motel and decided to fuck her in a bathroom instead.

I wasn't above it in the past!

....And I was also like 22 or something.

But, to be fair, even if money isn't an issue for me, I will admit that I definitely can be "money conscious" anyway because that's just how I am.

I do have a mindset of "not trying to be fucked over or save the most" even if my behavior doesn't make the most sense.

I try to move past that behavior and I'm getting better at it (at least not to be too cheap) but I haven't been above it in the past if I'm being honest (especially when younger and poorer).

Regardless, let's call it how it is: your one dollar in savings by buying her one beer versus a 2 dollar cheap meal at a mom and pop place or a street food spot isn't going to be invested in Bitcoin tomorrow to make you a millionaire.

You'll be financially OK if you spend that extra dollar.

Even if I skip the bar and take the chick home "for drinks," what is the cost?

That is what I do more often because I tend to just like to get to the point and find a lot of chicks are down for it.

But let's calculate that cost too because it's likely one of the cheapest ways of having a date.

So we'll likely start our date at the park where there is no cost to sitting on the bench and making out.

Then back to my place!

Back at my place, I'll pour her 1 or 2 shouts of vodka (50 mL to 100 mL) into her drink depending on what she prefers.

Even if she wants 100 mL, that is a tenth of a bottle.

A bottle that costs me 6 bucks (used to cost me 5 bucks but inflation has RUINED my budget. THANKS BIDEN!!!11!!1!1!!).

So a tenth of 6 bucks is 60 cents.

Then we need to mix it with something.

Given I don't have any ice at home, we'll be using more juice that is more expensive usually.

Orange juice? Grape juice? Whatever. Cost is usually the same.

But it'll be about 400 mL of it (assuming the drink is 500 mL).

So almost half of it anyhow.

Given this stuff can cost like 1.5 USD to 2 USD, let's say we spend another 75 cents (or round up to 80 cents).

In short, if that is her only drink (and most likely it is), we lost about a dollar and 40 cents.

In contrast, I could've bought her 5 small tacos de pastor and that would've been 25 to 35 pesos (1.25 to 1.75 USD).

So, in best case scenario, I saved 15 cents if I took her to the cheapest taco street food spot I could find in the roughest of neighborhoods (Tepito or Pedregal de Santo Domingo) and, in worst case scenario, I LOST 35 cents.

Let me repeat that again for you.






But, in all likelihood, I'll probably be OK.

In short, I get why dudes don't want to buy a chick food on a date before sex for the reasons I already said that I agreed with.

But, especially down here in Latin America, I think the financial reasons they give is complete bullshit (unless they are a backpacker on the literal verge of becoming homeless and, if that is their situation, they should probably focus more on money than pussy because rent is due in 12 days).

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Go ahead and spend that 1.5 USD buying her tacos de pastor or don't spend that money.

Whatever your call.

Just know that, if money is your claimed reason for not doing so but you buy her beer or whatever, you aren't really the "Dave Ramsey" of savings that you think you are.

Got anything to add? Drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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