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Do Latin American Women Have Better Personalities than Western Women?

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There was once another American guy that I knew about who had a strong preference for foreign women.

Be it Mexican, Colombian, Ukrainian, etc.

Now, if you actually took a look at the women he was getting, they were not super models.

Granted, how many dudes do you know fuck super models?

Many were fat as hell and some were skinny and single mothers.

In effect, what he was bringing to the table didn't really seem that much better than what he could get back home.

I remember commenting about this to another American dude and he said something to the effect of "well, the women here in Mexico have nicer personalities than those back home."

And, truth be told, I've heard other gringos say the same thing about Latinas when explaining why they prefer them.

For example, one other dude that I know about claimed that "Latinas give you less shit tests than women back home."

That there are less games you play with them too.

Easier to get along with.

Now is that true? 

Do they have better personalities than those back home?

Let's go through everything that comes to mind.

Social Media & Dating Apps

The first thing that I've heard some guys say is that the women down here have better attitudes because they are not as addicted to social media.

A lot of guys will say that women have gotten worse because of things like social media and dating apps.

Now, as we all know, you have social media and dating apps in Latin America.

Are women of Latin America less addicted to social media and dating apps than those back home?

Well, given I meet plenty of chicks on Tinder down here, I'm not really the one to tell you how little women here use Tinder.

When it comes to social media, I have met some women who straight up don't have Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I'm sure you could find those in the US also though.

Still, if you look at this source here, you got plenty of Latin American countries that are in the top of the list for the amount of instagram users in the millions: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, etc.

Though that source only looks at the total amount of users (doesn't clarify how many were women) and it doesn't look at which countries are on top by percentage of population that uses Instagram.

Which obviously would keep most Latin American countries out of the top 10 list because most don't have even 50 million people (some like Mexico do but most Latin American countries don't hit 50 million in population).

But we do have other sources.

For example, as you can see in this source here, 34% of the US population has Instagram, 27% for Brazil and 15% for Mexico.

Any other Latin American country is below Mexico at varying percentages so every Latin American country has at least half of the percentage that the US has (and likely much more).

We could also look at other sources like Facebook but I think most dudes who bitch about social media and its effect on women are bitching about Instagram.

And obviously there's plenty of women who use Tinder.

I couldn't find any information though about which countries have more Tinder users as a percentage of population.

I did find this source though saying that Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile are in the Top 20 List for countries with most users in total. 

Of course, it should be said also that, according to this source, Badoo is actually more popular than Tinder in most of Latin America.

Just keep that in mind.

Finally, one thing I will say is that, over the years of traveling, I have noticed that cities or even countries that are lesser developed, more rural and less urban also tend to be more conservative and with less women using Instagram and Tinder.

Even in Mexico, I found Tinder (or other dating apps) to not be very good in less populated cities like Pachuca for example.

I'd imagine that, if you are looking for a chick with the better personality and are concerned about social media and dating apps fucking things up, then you're probably better off sticking to areas that don't necessarily have to be poor as fuck but not as urban, liberal or developed like a place such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Medellin Rio de Janeiro, etc.

Perhaps a smaller city in the countries where those cities listed above are located?

Or try your luck in Paraguay, Nicaragua or Guatemala?

While obviously you have plenty of women who use Instagram and Tinder in those countries, we have already seen that, at least for Instagram, the percentage of people who use Tinder in almost every Latin country is at least half of that in the US with the countries closer to the US percentage being richer.

So I'd imagine that, if that correlation continues through the rest of the world, that probably a place like Guatemala or Nicaragua is going to have less women addicted to social media or Tinder.

Let's move on.

Easier to Relate To

Next, when it comes to personality, it also depends on who you relate to more.

To keep it simple, I find it easier to relate to American women a little bit more than Latin American women.

This is largely because we share the same culture, speak the same native language and perhaps are more likely to even be of the same skin color.

In practice though, it doesn't matter THAT much if the chick speaks Spanish, isn't white and comes from a different culture.

I am used to culture in Latin America, speak Spanish and have been with plenty of women of almost every race (minus Asians -- getting there someday!).

So it doesn't matter that much.

But, when talking about personality, I guess it is a minor plus still for the chick to be of the same culture and have the same native language.

Geography: Jaded Personalities & Gifts

The cities that I notice guys to bitch the most about American women are usually places like Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.

Being from a small town that isn't crazy far from Chicago, I can understand that one.

No offense to the people of Chicago but they have been some of the rudest people (man or woman) that I have met in my life.

With Miami, I've heard golddigging, sugar baby shit and whatever else is much more common.

So on and so on.

The fact is that Latin America is similar in that you'll notice more women of worse personalities in bigger cities like Mexico City, Buenos Aires, etc.

That isn't to say that most women in Mexico City or Buenos Aires have shit personalities.

Only that, in such a huge city with so many people, you are bound to meet more people like that.

But, on top of that, I just think that areas that are more rural, more conservative, not as wealthy and so on tend to have more humble people with sweeter personalities.

Being from the Midwest, I remember plenty of normal girls without bitchy attitudes in plenty of small towns.

Granted, those small towns are boring as fuck to live in and you wouldn't want to live there.

But sweet personalities nonetheless!

And I'm sure you'd find women of sweeter personalities in cities less urban than Mexico City or Buenos Aires when we discuss Latin America also.

Above all though, I will agree that, as a broad generalization, women down here do tend to have sweeter personalities and seem less jaded with men than women back home.

That is true.

For example, as I wrote here, I've had women give me random gifts before (sometimes even when it wasn't my birthday or any special occasion).

And, as I wrote here, women cooking for you (even when not dating formally and if you two just met) is more common (even on the first date) than back home.

Above all, Latina women do seem to, in my experience, "go the extra mile" for you and act sweeter than women back home.

Which isn't to say I found most women back home to always be bitchy or always jaded with men.

Only that these two things I've noticed tend to be true:

1. Women tend to seem less jaded with men on average.

2. Women go that extra mile to please you a little more commonly down here than up there.

And you see that even in large cities like Mexico City that are urban, developed, liberal, etc.

So, while geography matters as to what parts of the US or Latin America we discuss, I agree that generally women down here come across as more pleasant.


In the US, it's not as uncommon to see women on Tinder say things like "if you voted for Trump, swipe left" or maybe those few who would do the same to a Biden voter.

In Latin America, that never happens.

And I'm glad for it.

I never understood how you could hate someone or not want to be friends with someone just because they voted for a different politician.

And anyone who is like that is probably going to be someone who is way too condescending to deal with on a regular basis.

Anyway, like I said, this issue doesn't exist in Latin America.

You would think though that Latinas -- especially Mexicans -- would bring up Trump and ask me if I like him given I am American and Trump sometimes said things that Mexicans took offensively.

Similar to people who think that "everyone hates Americans" and that's why they are too scared to fly abroad because they think the locals in the other countries will kick their ass due to the actions of our government.

Truth be told, I've never had that experience.

Sure, if I fly into ISIS territory with an American flag or North Korea to piss on a picture of Kim Jong Un, I might have a bad day.

But that's not part of my travel itinerary yet.

Truth be told, nobody is really going to give you shit for it in my experience.

It could happen but don't be paranoid. It hasn't happened to me.

When it comes to Mexican women bringing up Trump, I only had two chicks that I can remember doing that.

One Mexican chick that I wrote about here who told me that "she loves Trump."

Personally, I think she was just trying to kiss my ass and thought that telling me that she likes Trump would make me like her more.

Then you have an old Mexican girlfriend of mine who didn't like Trump's words on Salvadorians but she never brought him up again really and never blamed me for him nor did she expect me to say anything.

So, in comparison to American women who might not date you for politics, Latin American women aren't going to do that usually.

Now, to be fair, there are a few reasons for this.

For one, I think Latin American women are just less autistic about the issue to where they're not going to dump your ass because of who you voted for.

Second, they don't have any expectation that you would know anything about the politics of her country.

For example, she might love or hate the Mexican President AMLO but, even if you have spent a decade here, she doesn't expect you to have an opinion on him.

Maybe someone has asked me about AMLO before but, as I type this, I can't remember the last woman who asked my opinion on him.

And, even if someone did, I HIGHLY doubt any chick would dump me if we had different opinions.

Now, to be fair, I think there is ONE issue in particular that A FEW women down here MIGHT hold against you if you think wrongly: feminism.

No Feminists?

A lot of the men who claim that women abroad have nicer personalities will sometimes explain it by claiming that the women down here are not feminist. 

While I do think that there are genuine reasons for why women join feminist protests down here (like when innocent women such as the one below gets killed which grabbed the attention of all of Mexico), I also believe that some feminists just use their ideology as a justification for why they suck with men.

So I can get why some men would focus on the amount of feminism as a justification for why women abroad have nicer personalities.

Having said that, you still have no shortage of feminists down here. 

After having spent enough time in Latin America, I can tell you confidently that feminism does exist down here. 

Just go to El Centro Historico of Mexico City or by the Angel of Independence Statue and you'll plenty of feminist protests over enough time.

Not to mention all the incidents of feminists destroying property in said areas like you can see here.

In some cases, you might even get attacked by said protesters just for casually stumbling upon the area and doing nothing wrong except having a dick and being seen in the area.

Or, if you are like me with a clear IQ over 200, you might be dumb enough to try to take pictures and then end up having to shove a bitch that tries unsuccessfully to steal your phone as I wrote here

And, to be fair, it's not just Mexico City that gets these protesters destroying shit.

When I lived in a more conservative city known as Pachuca de Soto, I had a feminist protest damage shit literally right outside my apartment building.

Among all the other feminist protests you can find in other areas of Latin America beyond Mexico.

When it comes to actual statistics though, how do Latin American women compare when it comes to feminism? 

According to this source here, 38% of Brazilian women identify as feminist.

According to this source here, 32% of Argentine women are feminist.

According to this source here, 36% of Chilean women are "very identified" with feminism and  the remaining 64% does include some feminists who are not strongly identified with feminism. 

While I couldn't find any numbers on how many women in Mexico identify as feminists, I did find this source here showing that 57% of women planned on taking part of some feminist protest.

In contrast, we have this source here showing that 61% of women in the US are feminist, 67% of British women are feminist as you can see here, 57% of Canadian women are feminist as you can see here and 28% of all women and 48% of young women in Australia identify as feminist as you can see here

So, as you can see, I will be fair in at least saying that clearly there's less feminism in Latin America than "the West."

Especially when you consider the fact that the only Latin American countries I could find that have studies on the percentages of feminist women were some of the more progressive countries (like Chile or Argentina).

Obviously, I'd imagine these numbers would be even lower in a more conservative and religious place like Nicaragua, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, etc.

But, on the flip side, as you can see by those same statistics, while you do have less feminism down here, it still shows a third of women in some of the bigger countries as being identified with feminism. 

So, as you can clearly see, you do probably have more man-hating feminists in "the West" than Latin America but there's no shortage of them down here also (and which country you live in matters and, if we're being honest, the amount of feminists you get will probably be increasing with every generation like anywhere else).

Now, putting all of that to the side, what are my personal experiences dating women down here as it relates to feminism?

As we know, you have women back home who take politics more seriously and will actually refuse to date men of different political beliefs.

Here in Latin America, you just don't see women saying "swipe left if you voted for x candidate" or even bringing up politics into the relationship from my experience.

I even had an ex-girlfriend from Colombia named Marcela who once told me that "women don't discuss politics." If I had to take a wild guess here, she probably was not a feminist either (though I never asked nor did she ever tell me because, as I said before, you have A LOT less women bringing up politics into the relationship like those back home do).

But out of all the issues that I think a Latin American  woman would be most likely to dump your ass for, I think it's feminism (though I don't think it's likely she would but this would be the issue if there was one).

If you say anything in particular that is against the narratives pushed by feminism, you just might piss a Latin American woman off (though I don't think it's likely for the reasons said already and because I doubt they'd expect a foreigner to have an opinion on a societal issue in their country). 

On top of that, you do have women who are critical of the narrative regarding feminism in this country and you have those who are not feminists at all.

I would describe most of Latin American women as being similar to most women anywhere when it comes to feminism:

You got those few who are hardcore feminists who hate men, are jaded against men, use feminism as a tool to bludgeon men with, are pissed that no dude finds them good enough for marriage and just use them as a cum dumpster and so they use feminism to explain away their shit luck with men, etc.

Some who are feminists for genuine concerns (like their daughter was murdered) but they only use feminism to address societal issues like rape or murder of women while not doing so in a way to just excuse away any hatred of men that others have.

There are those who don't call themselves feminists, are more conservative and likely religious and don't like feminism (more common in Latin America as we saw with the numbers above).

And you got no shortage of women who will say "yes" if you ask if they are a feminist but they don't take feminism seriously. It's not part of their identity. They don't use the ideology as a justification for their hatred of men. Nothing like that. They just identify as feminist because, on paper, it sounds like a normal thing to be but it's nothing important to who they are as a person.

Plenty of Latin American women -- in my experience -- are under the last group (with again the numbers varying by what country and city you are in down here just like it would vary in the US).

And so, above all, I don't find feminism to be an issue in the dating scene from my personal experience. 

Finally, there's a few last points to bring up.

1. Within Mexico City specifically, I do think you can say that the male-female relations have worsened since 2017 with more man-hating going on by some women.

2. Having said that, it doesn't really matter. It's easy to avoid the protests like anywhere else and most women you meet (even if they were man-hating feminists) don't seem to have a problem getting on their knees and sucking my dick.

...Even a feminist needs a good dick in her mouth once in a while!

Maybe all the time (according to "the experts")!

She can't help herself!

But, even if her man-hating attitude shows itself, it probably will early on through texting her and you'll know that it isn't a person worth seeing.

Even in more liberal and urban areas where you do have that type of woman,  you also have millions of more women who are more down to fuck than you would in a more conservative environment (though conservative areas do have some hoes and some man-hating women too even if it is less). 

That's all anyhow on feminism.

You Hate Your Own Local Men

There's a certain thing I have noticed over the years of traveling from one country to the next.

I don't perhaps have the strongest answer for why I have seen this in the moment (I could perhaps give it more thought) but it's just something I have noticed.

That something being how every country (and every race of woman or man) has members of its group by nationality or race that HATE the members of their group who are of the opposite sex.

Meaning the black woman or black man who hates the black person of the opposite sex.

Or white men or white women who say the same shit about white people of the opposite sex.

The gringo man who hates American women and thinks all foreign women are better.

Or the Mexican woman who has a strong preference for gringo men as I wrote about them here.

Of course, there are likely various reasons why someone individually hates the opposite sex of their own race or country.

Even with the Mexican woman who hates the Mexican man, you might think she just wants a green card.

Could be!

Though most women I have met don't want one and like living in Mexico.

Regardless, even if she does, it doesn't explain the odd bitterness and shit she throws towards the Mexican man.

If you want reasons for why she has a preference for the foreign man, you can read this article I wrote here.

But, without going into all the reasons, some of these women though just give so much shit to their local men.

Perhaps they treated her wrong in the past (had no dad, had a bad boyfriend, had a Mexican man break her heart, is a single mother left by a Mexican dude, maybe was raped by a Mexican dude, etc).

And, even if nothing made her bitter or jaded against Mexican dudes, it's ironic nonetheless.

The point I'm getting at here is that I have seen some Mexican women be REAL nasty cunts to local Mexican men but seemingly nice to foreign dudes.

In the US, I would wonder how many women you could find who also shit on American men and give that nasty attitude, shit tests and whatever else men bitch about but not give as much of that to a foreign man.

So when foreign dudes say that Latin American women have better personalities, they don't always and sometimes can be nasty as fuck but, because you are a foreigner, you might think so.

That's all.

Perhaps not important to you because you can say "well, as long as they don't give me shit, who cares?"

I would only ask, just out of curiosity, how likely is it that a woman who gives shit and shit personality to local men will someday get tired of you, find you less interesting over the years and treat you the same?

I have no idea honestly but it's a thought to ponder.

The Foreign Man Who Gets No Respect

Next, it should be said that not every foreign dude is going to get some "red carpet treatment" by women down here.

In fact, some might get shit treatment right away because the woman in question has NO respect for you whatsoever.

She doesn't want to fuck you.

She doesn't like you.

But what she does like is MAYBE a green card but most likely money if I had to guess.

And you -- as an old man or someone who is very fat -- happens to have quite a bit of it.

In the last section, one would think that the woman gives the foreign dude more respect than the local because of money.

She might suck his dick more but I'm not always convinced of how well that translates to REAL respect.

Where she actually loves you and doesn't find you repulsive and is just sucking your dick because of other motivations.

For some interesting examples of such, check out these videos here.

In the end, the dude might say shit like "oh these women have better personalities" but he's only saying that because he got his dick sucked by a chick much hotter than what he'd get at home and he either doesn't care or doesn't know that she is fucking other dudes behind his back, taking money out of his wallet when he's in the shower, etc.

So, to a degree, I think SOME of the men who say the women have better personalities are full of shit.

That isn't to say I disagree with their behavior necessarily.

After all, I can see anyway WHY he thinks the women have better personalities because he gets better and hotter ass down here.

He's just happy to finally get that ass and is throwing all the compliments he can think of regarding why the women here are better (even if the chick paid for doesn't respect or love him).

Less Exotic?

One reason why I think some men get better treatment and personalities is because they are more exotic and interesting to the local women.

I think that naturally makes some women treat you better.

You might be the only white gringo in town in a place where any white gringo would find a lot more positive reception among the local women than elsewhere.

"The White God Treatment."

With the full red carpet rolled out for you.

The one thing to say though is that ever increasingly this "exotic effect" is decreasing in many parts of Latin America as more and more gringos flood in.

I'd still bet there are areas where you can be very exotic.

Even in the small neighborhood where I live in Mexico City of all places, there's a tiny bit more of that effect than if I lived in an area full of gringos like Roma Norte (there are no gringos where I live).

Most gringos anyway tend to be packed in select few areas of Latin America.

Some -- such as myself -- leak out into other areas.

And so the exotic effect does go down in various points.

But life goes on.

You get the point.

No Spanish?

Some men will complain about shit tests among women back home.

For those who don't know, here's the Urban Dictionary definition of a shit test.

"A test that a girl performs on a male by saying or doing something to judge the reaction or response from him."

"A manufactured grievance a woman uses to test the mettle, competence and confidence of her mate. It is an intentional provocation accompanied by an implicit and subconscious desire that the man put his foot down, set reasonable boundaries and demonstrate that he will not be bullied, nagged, shamed or guilted into submission. Its purpose is to confirm for her that he is capable of doing what needs to be done to provide for and protect her and her children. The subconscious thought process is, "If he can't stand up to me, how will he be able to deal with the cavemen down the valley who keep us up all night revving their motorcycles, let alone help bring down a mastodon or fend off the sabre toothed tigers?"

Regardless of what you think about "shit tests" and everything else with it, I feel like the language barrier helps some gringo men with this when dealing with Latinas.

She doesn't speak much English. You don't speak much Spanish.

While she could try to test you in other ways as some men would say, I think the linguistic barrier where communication is very limited alleviates some things.

Either she doesn't test you as much verbally or the dude doesn't realize she is giving him shit somehow with comments she makes here and there because he doesn't understand her perfectly.

So he might conclude that "oh this chick is better than woman back home" even if she specifically isn't necessarily.

Assumed to Have Shit Together

Some women will give more shit to men that they doubt have their shit together financially and all.

Being a gringo (especially a white one) means that a lot of women will assume you have your shit together.

That you got money.

That alone, in my opinion, some women will treat you better than they would have otherwise.

Of course, the great irony comes when said gringo brings her and their kid back to the US and they go looking for a dump to live in and she contemplates moving back to Brazil like you can see here.

The Final Verdict: Do Latinas of Latin America Have Better Personalities than Gringas?

Let's summarize what I think is most important from what has been written.

Speaking in terms of broad generalities, I would say yes.

Ignoring all the nuances about geography, ugly dudes getting taken for a ride, linguistic nuances, etc.

Generally speaking, I would say they have sweeter personalities.

For one, even if you do speak Spanish well, I notice that a lot of men (including myself) find that less women will play mental games with you and such.

Though, being from Iowa and Ohio, I never saw too much of that back home in a small town setting but I get most people don't live in small town Iowa and Ohio and are thinking about areas like Miami.

Still, even in big Latin cities like Mexico City, you find sweeter personalities and less mental games.

You also notice sweeter gestures like buying you gifts you didn't ask for, more women who will cook for you on the first date, etc.

Maybe even the smaller amount of women using Instagram down here helps also!

Also, given that Latin America as a whole is broadly less economically developed, more rural and more conservative and religious, I think that adds to the element of why more women down here come across sweeter and more pleasant.

In the same way you might notice a gal from Peru to be sweeter on average than one from Argentina.

Though, as I said, there is some bullshit behind all of this that some men don't realize (that she isn't actually respectful and just wants money, you think she is nice because she sucked your dick but she does disrespect you, etc).

Either way, my last words on this are also that, in the end, I don't think it's much of a big topic anyhow.

Back home in the Midwest, you got no shortage of nice women.

But, as we know, the Midwest is boring as fuck so you got me there.

Above all, while I do notice Latinas to have sweeter personalities on average, I don't put much emphasis on the difference between what I experienced back home and what I see here.

Plenty of cool women anyhow in both regions.

But that's all I got to say.

Drop any comments below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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