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Dating Cute Latina Gals By the Latin America University System

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When most guys think of ways on how date cute Latinas gal, they usually don't talk about doing so through a local university.

Instead, they might discuss any of the following:

1. Tinder & other dating apps or websites.

2. Some foreign bride website.

3. Perhaps doing "daygame" or "nightgame" and meeting women in public or at the bar.

Or whatever else!

.....But at the university?


But I'm here to say that it's not the worst idea in the world.

In fact, for those who don't know any Spanish and even for those who want a gal from a more upper class background, this is a solid way to go about it.

Let me take you to my time when I did study locally in Latin America.

The Urban Campus of Buenos Aires

To be fair, I've only studied at 2 Latin American universities.

One of them was technically at a graduate school in Argentina and the other was just a normal university known as Universidad del Norte in the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

Given that my brief program in Argentina ONLY had other foreign students like myself, I didn't meet any cute women through that experience.

Though, looking back at it, I probably could have because, if I'm not mistaken looking back at it after the years, I THINK the nearby UBA campus of Buenos Aires is more of an urban campus.

I did have access to those campus buildings for a certain Spanish class I took called something like "Spanish Terminology for Social Science Research."

And there were numerous posters for student clubs and activities.

In hindsight, I could've done something with that to make friends and meet some cute chicks but I never did.

So, perhaps for an urban campus, it would be even easier to meet cute gals and make local friends (obviously only if you are in your 20s as I can't imagine a 50 year old doing that).

But what about Universidad del Norte?

Dating Cute Latina Gals at Universidad del Norte

In contrast to la UBA of Buenos Aires, Universidad del Norte is a very different type of campus.

It's not spread across a certain section of the city.

It is very well-defined and there's a security point that you have to get past.

Now, to be fair, you might not even have to be a student to get access to the campus.

I remember forgetting to bring my student ID a few times and still being let in by security guards who likely didn't remember me.

Perhaps due to being a white foreigner.

You know, how many white Americans are coming to this university to fuck shit up?

That probably helped me on a few occasions on being let in.

Now, when it comes to the campus itself, it's actually quite nice.

Has a lot of entertainment options, plenty of decent food spots, etc.

Even has an official taxi stand on the outside without having to find one yourself.

When it comes to the women?

Well, I did meet various women on the campus.

For example, there was one cute gal that I never spent any personal time with but was often "in our group" meaning that she hung out with the other Americans I knew studying at this university.

Her name was Andrea if I remember right and quite liked a few other dudes that I knew well.

For myself, the first gal I remember meeting was a chick whose name I forgot. 

Anyway, I met this gal in a Spanish class of mine focused on Hispanic Literature.

I remember being "distracted" thinking about whatever when the professor called me out of the blue to ask me a question.

It took me by surprise.

I didn't make any noise but it obviously had me sit up straight and pay attention and, if I had to guess, my face must've gave it away that I was taken aback for a second at the prospect of being asked a question in a foreign language. 

Which doesn't sound weird but, as a foreigner where everyone knows that Spanish isn't your native language, it can be a funny sight to some.

And this gal was sitting next to me and she must've noticed it.

Thankfully, my Spanish didn't let me down that day and I understood what his question was.

This gal thought it was funny anyway. 

She said something to me after the class was over. We exchanged numbers and met up later for a date.

Though nothing happened between us, she was by far one of the cutest women I have ever gone on a date with.

Very petite, young gal that is kinda "white passing," very cute smile and looked god damn good in a dress.

This chick was cute as fuck.

Outside of her, I remember meeting other chicks along the way at this same university.

There was another one named "Mile" that I can't remember if I met her by Tinder or not as of this writing but I did find out she went to the same university as me.

We met up at a mall called Buenaviata for a date later on.

Which is a funny example of Latina names.

"Mile" is only one letter from "Miles" and Miles is more of a dude's name.

Outside of her, there was one chick I hooked up with named Victoria.

In short, there was no shortage of nice gals to meet up with and studying at a university gave me access to more women in more natural situations that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Final Thoughts

There's a few last minute thoughts to add here.

For one, this obviously only works really in my opinion if you are under a certain age.

I can't imagine many 50 year old meeting cute gals this way unless he is going to graduate schools.

Second, I'm not encouraging any dudes to do "daygame" at universities where you just approach random women for their numbers.

Maybe that'd work in a urban campus that is more spaced out but you'd be run out of town if you tried doing that in a more private, closed campus type setting if I had to guess (especially if doing it repeatedly on multiple days).

Third, if you are new to a country and you don't know anyone, this really can be a great way to meet cute chicks and make genuine friends. Think campus events, clubs, etc. Whatever really.

Fourth, for those who don't speak Spanish well, obviously this is a double win. While taking a Spanish class at a university might be more expensive, it's not as expensive as taking classes back home.

So you can do both at the same time: take a Spanish class and meet cute gals.

Fifth, as you can maybe guess, Universidad del Norte was more for a upper class or upper middle class demographic.

If you are the type of man who doesn't want to date "barrio girls" or even middle class gals, this isn't the worst way to meet women from more comfortable backgrounds.

Perhaps you prefer a more upper class or upper middle class gal who is whiter looking, has a very Spanish or even non-Spanish but European sounding last name, etc?

A university like this is going to work well for you in terms of meeting cute gals.

Obviously consider ahead of time the type of people going to said university.

My best guess as to finding out the socioeconomic demographics of the place before attending is to just check the price of the classes and if it is a closed campus or not.

Sixth, do you even need to show up to the classes?

Honestly, I don't know.

I had some weird experiences actually taking the classes that made me think the university didn't give a shit if you attended the classes or not.

Compared to the US, it was VERY informal despite being known as a better university for the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

It's just a small tip for how to really do two things at once: improve your Spanish and meet cute gals to date as a foreigner down here (especially ones of higher socioeconomic status).

But that's all.

Check out this article here anyway where I review the classes and education I had at Universidad del Norte.

Got anything to add?

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Thanks for reading.

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