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When Latinas You Are Dating Buy You Gifts in Latin America

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A few days ago, I met up with some Mexican chick who calls herself “Barbie” on Tinder but her real name is Barbara.

Anyway, we don’t have anything serious and, being honest with you, I’m not really into having anything serious in my life right now for various reasons.

Still, we met up last week and met up again a few days ago.

When she showed up to my area, she texted me and I walked out of my apartment after having cleaned my room a bit.

While I don’t always have an eye on the serious relationships, I do try to be a gentleman with the room.

Got to get that broom out and sweep those floors.

Take the trash out.

Perhaps a tiny bit degenerate sexually but a gentleman in that I respect the woman’s wishes to be fucked in a luxury suite and not a dumpster.

Have standards, why don’t you?!

Though I’m not afraid to say that no fucking did happen that afternoon unfortunately.

Didn’t get her into the room as she only had an hour to my surprise and we spent the initial time at some nearby park.

Better luck next time.

Regardless, there was another little surprise to the evening (beyond her one hour time limit) that actually shouldn’t be so much of a surprise by now, should it?

And that was that, upon meeting her at the metro station CU nearby, she greeted me with a little gift.

While I would’ve appreciated a full bitcoin or a blowjob as a gift, I take any gift I can with humbleness!

Unfortunately for me though, it was neither of the above but it was a small bag of MnMs.

With a comment from her along the lines of “you Americans like MnMs, right?”

I’m paraphrasing.

It was a gift anyway that I appreciated in the moment and said my thanks.

And, as I said, it did surprise me a tiny bit because, to be fair, not every woman down here comes prepared with gifts.

Especially if you two aren’t even formally dating yet.

But, in contrast to women of other nationalities, it definitely seems to be more common down here in Latin America than back home for example.

Perhaps the most memorable of this happening to me was one moment years ago with a Peruvian chick in Mexico City.

A Bag of Candies with a Cactus

It’s a story that I know I’ve told before on my blog so I won’t go into too much detail again.

But the basics was this:

In my first year in Mexico City, I was briefly seeing a Peruvian chick who had a funny name known as “Marianne.”

Not the most Hispanic name, is it?

Still, you got those few Hispanics down here without very Hispanic names even if it is a tiny bit weird.

She was a cute gal anyhow.

Very humble, nice and sweet in many ways.

And, despite never having been in a formal relationship with her, she did put in the effort to try to win me over with gifts.

the first time it happened was when I was at a Starbucks in Rosa neighborhood in front of the Angel of Independence statue.

She texted me something like “where you at?”

She happened to stop by my place with a gift to give me.

I told her I was at Starbucks.

Soon after, I walked back to my place because it was only maybe a 5 to 10 minute walk away.

Had she waited for me, I would’ve met her there.

But she had to be somewhere I suppose and left the bag there.

When I got back, I found a text sent to the group of residents living in the building that “there was a bag left outside” and the apartment owner wasn’t sure for who it was for.

Or something like that. It’s been years so my memory is fuzzy.

At any rate, I remembered then that she had left me a gift from what she told me and I think she asked me “did you get it yet?”

So I looked for the bag and found it in the building easily enough.

And it was a brown bag full of candies.

A bunch of chocolates and such.

The other time she gave me a gift was for my birthday.

My birthday gift from her involved a small cactus (or a cactus looking like plant) in some small jar like thing that could fit in one hand.

It also involved a letter of “happy birthday” and I think more candies.

Plus a blowjob for my birthday.

Out of every woman who has ever given me random gifts, I have to say that she has topped the list and remains near the top.

Of course, I could mention actual girlfriends I’ve had where their gifts were even better but that’d be an unfair comparison because of course the girlfriends will offer better gifts.

Or else they wouldn’t have elevated to girlfriend status.

So let’s just stick to non-girlfriends, huh?

More Birthday Gifts

There’s a few times I have been given random “birthday” gifts by chicks I’ve gotten to know as well who weren’t my girlfriends.

Here’s two examples that I remember.

Back when I lived in Buenos Aires of Argentina, I was seeing informally this Colombian chick who also had a non-Hispanic name: Cindy.

I’ve written about her elsewhere on my blog also and how she was crazy as fuck.

But on my birthday?

Less crazy.

Anyway, she was very much into music. Was a student who played the violin or whatever that instrument is that you place on your shoulder.

And she gave me a gift – despite not knowing me very well – that involved one of those disks you put on a record player.

The music is supposedly “Russian classical music” if I remember right.

To this day, I never got to hear the music play from it because I don’t have a record player.

Still don’t.

I know for a fact that it’s in my own bedroom in the house of my dad.

Assuming the record hasn’t broken or something, I’d like to put it on a record player in honor of Cindy.

La Colombiana Loca.

Outside of her, there’s also a Mexican chick named Angie that I hooked up with a lot and still talk to occasionally to this day.

Though the moments at which we talk depend on if she’s single, in a relationship or planning to cheat on her current boyfriend. When it’s the second in that list, we don’t talk oddly enough.

Anyway, for my birthday in my first year in Mexico City, she ended up buying me a book in Spanish about some important event in Mexican history.

Outside of my birthday, I remember her also buying me a lot of black tea from Starbucks, making me black tea at her apartment and buying me “Halls” cough drops (the red version) because I liked the taste.

In fact, a lot of our dates involved her showing up with some Halls she bought minutes ago to give me some.

When it comes to her book on my birthday, I know I still have it somewhere (probably in my suitcase).

Feeling like an ass now, I must admit I never read it.

I promise that I’ll read it someday, Angie. I promise!

I promise.

The Point

It’s pretty simple really.

Back in the US, no woman ever bought me gifts randomly (unless we had something serious together in which then sure gifts happened).

But just some random ass chick who you’ve seen once or twice?

Never happened up there.

Down here in Latin America?

Look, most chicks I meet don’t buy you gifts.

A vast majority don’t.

But also a vast majority don’t have any illusions and know what we have is just fucking.

And obviously some parts of Latin America probably have less women who would buy you a gift – maybe less so among those in Uruguay or something.

Probably because they are gay.

Hehe hehe – get it? They are gay because “ur a gay Uruguay” hehe hehe

….OK, I’ll take my jokes elsewhere. You aren’t laughing.

Jokes aside, it is true anyhow that chicks down here – especially if they are serious and don’t just want to fuck – are more likely to buy you gifts down here just because.

Most won’t do it for any random dude they aren’t formal with but it’s more common to find chicks who will do that for a random dude (when they are looking for a serious relationship) than chicks back home.

That’s all I got to say.

Thanks for reading.

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Best regards,


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