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Do Latinas Cook for You More in Latin America?

Published March 30, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

On a night before having to return to the US to visit family, I moved into a chick’s place that I knew named Angie.

We were both living in Mexico City and I felt like moving my stuff into her apartment to leave most of it there because I didn’t feel like paying a month’s rent at the place I was at when I wasn’t going to be there for the month anyway and I wanted to move out anyway.

So I decided to spend the night at Angie’s place the night before going back home, leave my stuff there and then come back a month later with a new apartment to move my stuff from her apartment to the new place.

Upon arrival, I could tell that Angie planned to welcome me nicely.

Right away, she was busy making some boneless wings and, to my greatest pleasure, I realized she had prepared a bunch of ice black tea in the fridge.

Nice Latina women, boneless & black tea: What more could a man need?

 And, to be honest, it’s not unusual, is it?

It’s a small detail about dating in Latin America that sometimes gringos bring up.

That detail being how, from our perspective, women down here seem more eager to cook for you.

That isn’t to say that they are all doormats who bend over backwards to clean you underwear and come prepared every date with a nicely made sandwich.

…….Though a nice sandwich every so often would be nice (don’t forget the extra lettuce)!

Still, I guess it should be asked: is it true?

Do women in Latin America cook for you more than women back in the US or whatever “western” country you are from?

Well, there’s a few things to consider so let’s get to it.

Thoughts on the Topic of Latinas Cooking

First, I wonder to what degree is there a generational difference?

For example, not every expat thinks women in Brazil are so traditional in that they comment on how younger women are not as traditional are women over 40.

Truthfully, I’m sure you could probably see a similar difference in generations in most countries but perhaps the difference is more pronounced in Latin America?

I wouldn’t know because I’m 27 as of this writing and am not currently fucking any 40 year old women.

But this is a common trend I have noticed where some dudes remark on how younger women aren’t really the “traditionals” that Latinas are framed as.

Anyway, compared to women back home within my age range, I will just say that I’ve never had a chick I wasn’t dating back home (just some random chick I was casually seeing) cook me anything but I have had that happen on multiple occasions with multiple women down here in Latin America.

I’ll leave it at that.

Second, is there a difference by region?

After all, not all of Latin America is the same.

This is probably true.

Most dudes remark how chicks in places like Argentina are less traditional supposedly than what you find in areas like Peru or maybe Mexico.

Though, even in Mexico, you have differences.

Having dated chicks in places like Mexico City versus Hidalgo versus meeting women from areas like Oaxaca, there is a noticeable difference in attitude from women in different areas.

While women in any of those areas are not always more difficult to fuck necessarily in my experience, I agree that attitudes on gender roles, insistence on cooking for you and such are better in some areas of Mexico than others.

I’m sure the difference can be seen probably between areas of other Latin countries.

In the same way you’d probably notice a general difference in attitude and behavior among women from small town Iowa to Miami or NYC.

Third, is the cooking any better?

This should matter, shouldn’t it?

Someone can cook you something but if the food is dogshit, would you want to eat it anyhow?

Well, it’s the thought that counts, doesn’t it?

Still, I obviously wouldn’t want dogshit food even if it was made from the corazoncito.

For that reason, if the chick in question isn’t Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian or Argentine, I’d be hesitant to wanting the Latina girlfriend to cook for me.

….unless she has some rare Latin food of her country be it Bolivia or Nicaragua or wherever that I’ve never heard before that tastes good.

……..or a sandwich? I like those too (don’t forget the extra lettuce!).

Anyway, in all seriousness, obviously the food cooked is important and some nationalities do genuinely bring better food to the table.

Fourth, I’m sure women in the US would cook for you. Some of them.

But I feel like it’s kinda like this topic I wrote before about how women in Latin America are more likely to bring you random gifts just because they like you.

Most chicks in the US wouldn’t do that either (none have in my experience).

But down here?

Yeah, that shit happens once in a blue moon too down here.

So, among chicks you aren’t dating formally just yet, I’ve found it more common for chicks to cook for you just because before anything serious has happened.

Shit, I’ve had it happen on the first date sometimes.

Just tell her “I’ll buy the chicken, you cook it” and I’ve had a handful agree to that down here.

So, even among younger chicks in their 20s who might be less traditional, they don’t seem so opposed to it either.

Therefore, what is the final verdict on this?

Do Latinas cook for you more in Latin America than gringas back in the US?

Well, there isn’t much more to say on the matter beside how I could bring up more random stories of it happening.

But the general verdict is that – putting aside individual differences between women down here and in the US – women do cook for you more often down here than back home outside of formal relationships but American women do cook more when things get serious. 

Not much more to say.

It’s not a big topic to go on about forever.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

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