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Is Courtship More Traditional When Dating Latinas in Latin America?

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Are Latin American parents more serious than gringo parents?

Is dating and courtship different in Latin America where things are more traditional than back home in the US, Canada or other "Western" countries?

Where, in order to go on a date with a woman, expect to be introduced to her family more quickly than back home, to have that stern talk with the dad about how to treat his daughter right, etc.

This is a narrative that you might hear some gringos say about life in Latin America.

Granted, there are certain types of men that I notice who are more likely to say these things:

For one, you have bullshiters. These same dudes might also tell you how "traditional" the women are and how they "aren't slutty" like women back home. Basically, that are just idolizing a different culture because they hate the dating culture they came from that didn't give them much pussy.

Second, you have some men who aren't idolizing so much the dating culture down here. They might have picked up on some examples of how things can sometimes be "more traditional" down here but they seem to be exaggerating it for whatever reason.

Third, you have men who are dating in much more conservative areas of Latin America like meeting women from small towns in Guatemala or something.

The equivalent would be like trying to date a nice gal from some small town in middle of nowhere Georgia (the South) or in Iowa (the Midwest).

Obviously, the dating culture in a small town is going to be different than in nearby cities like Guatemala City or Chicago.

Anyway, what's the deal with it all?

Are Latin American parents more serious and is courtship more traditional in Latin America then how it is back home in the US or wherever you are from?

Let me bring you some personal experiences that I know of in both the US and Latin America very briefly before covering some topics that come to mind.

Courtship in the US

In the US, I rarely ever met the parents of any woman I ever met up with.

In Middle School and High School, I knew of two chicks that I dated very briefly named Christina and Jennifer.

I think I met the parents of Christina once but I have no recollection of them. I definitely don't remember meeting Jennifer's parents.

In my last year of high school, I took a different chick named Christina to prom. I did meet her parents. Her dad was Mexican by birth.

I remember him actually looking my sternly in the eye, the firm handshake and thanking me for taking his daughter out.

Outside of high school, I knew various American women in my years in Ohio when in college.

Almost all of them were just hookup chicks so obviously I wasn't going to see the parents and they obviously didn't live with their parents for me to be introduced to when meeting up with them.

There was only one chick in college though when I was physically in the US that I dated more formally but she was a foreigner to the US and so her parents were not around for me to meet (and our relationship didn't even last a year).

Outside of that, I remember two other chicks that I "tested the waters" with for maybe a relationship but things never went that far. Never met their parents.

Among all of the women mentioned, the only one whose parents I met was a Latina chick whose dad happened to be Mexican.

The rest? Could be white, black, Indian, etc.

Didn't matter.

Never met the parents (because, to be honest, I don't even know if I met the first Christina's parents. I think I did but I don't remember it).

Outside of my experiences though, I asked my sister out of curiosity if her dating experience in the US was ever "more traditional" or whatever.

And it's what you'd expect.

When she was in high school -- like with her friends -- obviously you might meet the parents very early on given she lives with the parents and aren't adults.

Our dad did have more of that "stereotypical protective dad" approach to a former boyfriend she had named Alex.

But, after she became an adult and moved out of the house, she didn't introduce any of her next 3 boyfriends (including her husband) to the family until after quite a bit of time dating.

If I'm not mistaken, I think she waited many months before introducing anyone and obviously she never had any boyfriend "ask for permission" if they can date her or not.

Did my dad ever give any of them "the stern talk" about how to treat her right?

Not that I'm aware of.

And, according to my sister, her friends that she knows about were kinda the same way but with some differences.

Like she has a friend -- I think called Megan -- who is quicker on introducing the new guy to the family only a week in or so after dating.

Finally, with my sister anyway, her husband did ask for permission from the dad to marry her.

And that's it as far as experiences go.

Personally, I don't remember how any of my old friends back home treated courtship.

Obviously, I wouldn't know if they met the parents before taking the girl out.

I imagine it'd be more typical when in high school but I highly doubt that ever happened usually in college.

So, having said all that, how does that compare to my dating experience in Latin America?

Is courtship really more traditional?

Courtship in Latin America

In my first year in Mexico City, I vaguely remember taking a Mexican girl out on a date to a Mezcal bar.

Her name was Ana.

Truth be told, I don't remember at all what she looked at given the length of time since the date happened and given I probably had too much mezcal.

But we arrived back to my apartment after only an hour or less?

And immediately within a minute, we begin making out and getting naked.

And she's on her knees, tits out, against my wall while I'm standing up and using her throat like a cum dumpster.

After I finish, that was it for the night.

I don't remember if she stayed the night or went back to her apartment.

Given how late it was, probably the former.

And, after all that, I happened to never met her parents.

Truth be told, that's not an unusual story.

A vast majority of the women that I have met in Latin America did not involve meeting the parents.

In fact, I have a list of all the Latin American women I ever fucked so I'll look at it now for you to count how many Latin American parents I did meet (and I'm counting not just the parents but if I met their cousins, uncles or someone else instead).

So, from what I counted, I met the family members of Lizeth, Cindy, Hielen, Marcela, Morena, Angie, Daniela, Brenda and Jovi.

Now, to be fair, these women represent a very small minority of all of the women that I have been with.

I'm bad at math but maybe they represent like 5% or whatever of all the women I've been with?

On top of that, I actually did NOT meet the parents physically of a lot of these women.

But some of them are included because I was somehow mentioned to the parents or they somehow knew about me.

Let's go down one by one.

Lizeth: Lizeth was just a white looking Bolivian chick (one of a few) that I hooked up with. I accidentally met her cousins on the first date (no parents) because she lived with them and she took my home one night. They made me some juice and also saw me naked moments before fucking Lizeth. To this date, they are THE ONLY family members of any girl I have been with (Latina or not) who have seen me naked and all its glorious 19 inches (23 inches when I'm pimping). You can read more about that moment here.

Cindy: This was a black Colombian chick I met in Buenos Aires of Argentina. While we hooked up a few times, there was a sense that we were getting serious until we had problems. Before we did have problems though, she wanted me to say hi to her parents back home in Colombia on Whatsapp video call. I did. The call likely happened maybe a few weeks to a month after we first met.  

Hielen: This was a brown chick of Venezuelan-Colombian origin that I met in Colombia. After going to her neighborhood in Barranquilla to force a "day after pill" down her throat, she had me walk to her house to meet her family. Lots of cousins. Parents. They were having a party that leaked into the street with plenty of people dancing salsa, drinking, etc. I met them maybe a month or less after first knowing her.

Marcela: Marcela was a white Colombian girlfriend of mine. Actual relationship. Met her parents probably on the fifth date more or less (so about a month more or less into knowing her). 

Morena (not her real name but that's what she called herself on Dominican Cupid where I met her): Morena was a black Dominican chick where I met her aunt and uncle not only on the first date but within the first 5 minutes of being in the Dominican Republic because they showed up to give me a ride to my hotel. Very crazy family. More on that here

Angie: Angie is a brown Mexican chick that I hooked up with a lot and who, in our first year knowing each other, REALLY wanted a relationship with me. We never did. But she did have hopes for it and mentioned me to her dad. I never met nor did I ever speak to the dad (or anyone in her family). 

Daniela: Daniela was a white Mexican chick who I went on a few dates with but never had a real relationship (I think we did "formally date" for like a month but I don't count is as a real relationship given how short it was). Never met nor spoke with her parents but I did know she told her parents about me when they asked where she is headed out to. She lived with her parents and they were VERY restrictive on not letting her out of the house past 8 PM usually. She was also in her early 20s. 

Brenda: Brenda was a brown Mexican chick. I met her parents very late. Though she had another boyfriend before me, I was the very first one she ever introduced to her parents. For various reasons, including how nervous she was to introduce a boyfriend for the first time to the family, I didn't meet the parents until about 5 months into the relationship.

Jovi: Jovi was a brown Mexican chick I had often for several months. No relationship. Only hooking up. Purely just sex between us with no hope on her end either for a relationship. Never met nor said talked to anyone in her family. But the family did know about me when she posted a picture of us on her Whatsapp and she got messages asking about me (es tu novio?!?).

So, out of all of these women, I only ever had any contact with about 6 out of the 9 families.

Some of them wanted to see me on the very first date and others took their time.

And, if you were to take out the ones whose families I did not meet, maybe it would be like 2% or 4% of all the chicks I have been with?

Whatever the exact percentage is. Doesn't matter. You get the idea. I don't care to do the math.

Granted, to be fair, I don't look for anything beyond casual sex with most women I meet so obviously they wouldn't care to introduce me to the family either.

Even if the chick wants a serious relationship but has sex with me, most women are smart enough to realize that "hey wait a second, this dude just wants sex. This isn't anything more than that."

And, even with the chicks who I did formally date, I never asked their parents if I could have their permission to be with her.

Though, in the case of Brenda, we did have a tense issue with her brother where her parents had to literally "talk to Jesus" to know if I'm a good guy or not. More on that story in this article here.

But, if it was not for the brother, there wouldn't have been any questions about the parents letting me date her or not.

Outside of all of that, what about a stern talking to by the father?

Any stereotypical "you treat my daughter right" talks by the father of the girl?

Well, with Mercela, the dad in question wasn't like that whatsoever.

Her mom, like I wrote about here, was stunned that Marcela got herself a gringo boyfriend and wouldn't stop staring at me like I was an alien.

But no stern talking to by the father.

With Brenda's dad, he was never stern either. Very religious but not a character to be hard on you or overly protective.

However, on the night I met her parents, I did try my best to make them think I was a good dude BEFORE her brother would "expose me" like he would try to do the following morning.

So I did offer to shake his hand firmly instead, look him straight in the eyes and say clearly that "I'll treat your daughter right."

He nodded away and took that in.

So, on the only occasion where any "traditional courtship was done," it was me who brought it up and not the dad.

Outside of all that, what about other folks who date down here?

Well, as we know, lots of gringos come down here to just fuck the holes of the local women and leave.

Not all of them!

But many such cases do exist.

So, in those cases, I can't imagine "traditional courtship" is happening.

In some cases though, "introducing the boyfriend" to the parents does seem to go by quicker when both parties are more serious in their intentions.

For example, I knew an American dude named Alex who went out on a date with a Mexican gal in Mexico City over a year ago.

After the first date, Alex was turned off by how quickly she wanted to take things by wanting to introduce him to her parents on the second date.

Unfortunately, there was no second date as Alex felt like she was getting too attached too quickly.

With Marcela, she had a sister named Karla who, in the words of Marcela to me, "is a whore" because Karla always had a new boy to introduce to the family every week.

Karla can't get enough of more cock.

And, among other gringos I have known down here who dated Latinas more seriously, it just depends like it depended in my life experience.

Some Latinas will accidentally show you their family on the first date (like Lizeth of Bolivia),others will INSIST on showing you their family in the first date (but that's not usual in my experience), others will take several months and many will try to get it done in under a month.

And, from my experience, I think the time frame of "within a month" is more common if you fucked her quickly enough, if she isn't looking for just sex, is more attached to you, is not too old and if you have seen her enough times in the first month to get there.

Let's get to some observations I've had anyway on all of this very quickly.


A Latina (or any woman) who is more desperate for a marriage and is in her late 20s or early 30s will try to take things faster.

However, I have never taken things far with this type of woman beyond sex nor have I ever wanted to given their desperation is a turn off usually (and most of the time I just want sex).

Having said that, I'm inclined to believe that women who are older at say 30 perhaps are going to take it slower when it comes to introducing you to the family even if she wants marriage.

I say that because I feel women who are older tend to be more mature and less likely to get overly attached and emotional about you "knee deep in love" after a few dates and having sex together.

Unless that chemistry is strong as fuck, I'm going to say an older Latina is going to "cool it" with showing you the family too soon.

And, for obvious reasons, the relationship with her parents or dad is going to be different.

I imagine the dad would be even less likely to "give you the stern talk" and be overly protective if she is 30 versus being 20.

She's already an adult and can handle herself.


As I hinted at before, not all of Latin America and not all of the US is the same.

A lot of the men who bitch about American women sometimes come across like they are talking about chicks from NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, etc.

Some urban, coastal area or whatever.

Many don't talk about women from the Midwest small towns or areas with more "Southern" culture so to speak in Alabama or whatever.

Granted, they might not want to live in those areas but that's not the point.

We're talking about if Latin American families are more traditional than ones back home.

I guarantee you that a lot of families in large, urban cities like Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or whatever else are less traditional than those in small towns in Iowa, Ohio, Alabama, etc.

Not to say that there aren't whores and fatherless homes in those areas either though.

Still, for some men anyway who talk about how more traditional the courtship is in Latin America, sometimes also it feels like these types are talking about small town Guatemala like what you see in this podcast here.

So I'll leave it at that: geography matters.

Tinder Knows No Borders

Obviously, dating apps like Tinder have changed the dating scene quite a bit.

The same can be said in Latin America also.

Because of apps like Tinder, it's even easier to find random chicks to fuck without having to meet their parents.

Therefore, no stern talk by the dad to "treat his daughter well" right before you throat fuck her.

Like Ana from Mexico City, we can SKIP the stern talk and get straight to the throat fucking!

So, in terms of how likely you are to get the stern talk by the dad when you date Latinas, it's not really much of anything when you are dating in a big city and use dating apps.

Having said that, there is something to mention here.

Latinas Living at Home

As I wrote here, it's quite common for foreign men AND foreign women to notice how a lot of Latin Americans tend to live with the parents until they either 1) get married or 2) hit 30.

That's no joke!

I've met plenty of dudes and women who live with their parents until they are 30.

In fact, as I wrote in that last cited article, it's not even too rare for a woman to marry a man down here and then move into the home of her husband's parents.

I've lived in a house like that in Bolivia!

Not to mention all the stories I've heard.

So, if you plan on dating down here, it's no surprise why it could be easier to be introduced to the family more quickly.

Let's think about the Latinas I mentioned before.

You had Daniela who was in her early 20s and was not allowed to leave the house after 8 PM usually.

You had Lizeth -- who was just a fuck buddy and not someone for a serious relationship -- that introduced me to her cousins and had even one of them see me naked with my hard dick in my hand.


You had Morena who didn't have a car and had to have her aunt and uncle drive her to the airport to meet me and then drive us to my hotel when I arrived to the Dominican Republic.

Above all, when a Latina is living with her parents until she is 30, you got ways for the parents to know what is up a little bit easier.

They know when she is leaving the house versus if she was leaving an apartment she lived alone in. They can ask questions.

You obviously can't be taken to her house to fuck (unless you want to risk having her cousin to see you naked).

If she insists on you meeting her in her neighborhood, obviously that can raise the chances of a family member seeing you all in the street or at her place if she wants you to know at her house.

So on and so on.

This is one of the main reasons why I think gringos get the impression that Latinas are so quick to introducing us to their families.

Even though more and more Americans are living at home until older age (especially millennials), it still pales in comparison to Latin Americans.

But there's another thing that crosses my mind also.

Quicker to Marriage

While less and less people are getting married each year around the world (including Latin America), the average age people get married down here is usually in most countries (but not all) lower than in the US.

I feel that this can "speed things up" in terms of when to introduce the guy to the family down here.

If you are down or want to get married at the age of 22 or 23 or 24 (especially in countries that are poorer and more conservative like Nicaragua versus living in Buenos Aires or Mexico City), then sure you will probably be more down to introduce the guy to the family quicker.

Especially if you are a younger woman in her early 20s who is also, simply for being young, more likely to fall in love harder and be attached quicker.

Given how more Latinas in certain Latin American countries are getting married, on average, in their early 20s (like Guatemala or Nicaragua) versus chicks back home, that will obviously affect how this all plays out.

Versus a woman back home who is more interested in going to college, getting a career and then getting married.

On top of that, places where women tend to get married younger (be it in the US or Latin America) tend to be poorer, more rural or less urbanized anyway, more conservative, more religious, etc.

Of course, not all Latin American women are getting married at 20 and not all American women are waiting until they are 30 to marry.

I knew chicks from high school who got married in their very early 20s.

But I'm also from a small town in Iowa.

So, just like in Latin America, the US also has areas that are poorer, more conservative, more rural, etc where courtship might be a little more traditional also.

Again, as I said before, geography matters.

Big Numbers

As we know, a lot of dudes just come down here to fuck lots of women.

If you are a guy who is doing that and you maybe met 200 women down here on dates or whatever crazy number, I think that changes things.

Just by the law of big numbers, you are more likely to get "a little of everything" when it comes to dating.

If you weren't playing the field in other countries like the US or whatever your home country is, then I feel this gives you a bad perception of things.

You are comparing more limited dating experience back home to what is basically a "mini career life" of dating down here.

Therefore, out of the 100 or 200 women you meet down here, some WILL introduce you to the family and you will be like "wow bro, this NEVER happened so quickly back home."

Yeah but you didn't meet 100 women back home either.

And that goes onto another point.

The Bro That Just Wants to Fuck

If you are a dude and you just want to fuck lots of women and never date seriously, then I feel any introduction to a random chick's family is going to be impressionable on you.


Perhaps memorable in the sense of "this is awkward. I just want to fuck your daughter. Can we leave this place?" while sitting at her family apartment with the cousins making you juice (or looking at your dick).

Because of that, I wonder if these moments of awkwardness make the dude think that this experience of meeting the family is SO COMMON down here beyond what it really is because certain moments became very memorable to him?

The awkwardness of just wanting to fuck the chick in her country but you got stuck in a situation where you got to say hi to her family awkwardly.

Though, on the flip side, a man who only wants to fuck will attract plenty of chicks down to just fuck also and those aren't as likely to introduce him to the family in most cases (which could influence how he sees things too).

Just a theory of mine. Not sure how true this is but something that crossed my mind just now. 

Final Verdict: Is Courtship More Traditional in Latin America?

Like I said, it depends on what part of the world you are comparing Latin America to and what part of Latin America you are talking about.

But, as we get into generalizations, I would say that courtship -- due to the Tinder factor -- is less traditional regardless of where you live in the Americas.

Be it the US or Mexico.

Having said that, due to a few reasons -- especially the one about her living at home and how more women in some parts of Latin America want to get married earlier -- I think you can say courtship is "a little more traditional" than parts of the US.

And, regardless of how "traditional" it is, I think you are generally more likely to meet random chick's families down here without even expecting to just because of the factor regarding how they stay at home longer.

Finally, keep in mind that, while I have been across Latin America, most of my experience (and the last 5 years anyway) has been in one of the biggest and more liberal cities of Latin America: Mexico City.

That obviously shapes how I see things versus if I did move to a small city of 100,000 people in Nicaragua.

I still remember my days dating in more "conservative" areas but how I feel about things obviously is more heavily influenced by what is most recent to me.

That's all anyhow.

Drop any comments below. After all, this is just my experience on the matter and your experience in Latin America might be different. 

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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