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The Regions of Latin America With More Afro-Descendant Heritage

From time to time, you notice that a lot of gringos prefer only hanging out with those who are like them.

Most often, that means not leaving the gringo bubble and hanging out with any gringo of any background.

However, sometimes, as you would guess, you got plenty who prefer hanging out with people of the same skin color too.

Be it black expats only hanging with black expats or white expats only hanging with white expats.

Not to forget that also sometimes an expat might prefer living in a part of Latin America that has more locals who look like them also physically speaking.

When I lived in Argentina, I knew a black American gal who got sick of Argentina because that country doesn't have that many black people and she felt she was a target of racism quite often as you can read about here.

Similarly, I don't like living in a place where there isn't a single white local.

Not to say that I expect to be part of the racial majority but sometimes being the literal only white guy in town can have its benefits and also its negatives.

So, for this article I figured I'd take a stab at this topic by pointing out where to find people who look like you in Latin America.

I already touched upon that subject a tiny bit in this article here.

For white folks, you got northern Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Bogota of Colombia, Venezuela and many other countries with lots of white folks.

For Asians, you could try São Paulo of Brazil that has the largest amount of Japanese descended people outside of Japan.

But what about black folks?

If you're black and prefer being around other black folks in Latin America, here's the places you can expect to find more black folks in Latin America.


From what I've heard, you'll find more Afro-descended folks in the Azapa Valley and Arica in the northernmost region.

Here's a video for you to enjoy.

Comparsa Arica Negro Carnaval con la Fuerza del Sol 2020

You might not find that many in this region but, compared to any other part of Chile, this might be your best bet.

Chile also had a lot of Haitians move to places like Santiago like you can see here but I'm not sure how many have stayed as I know plenty of moved north to Mexico.

Dominican Republic

You'll see plenty of black people all around the country.

But, from what I've heard, the south of the country has more black folks than the north of the country.

Also try looking at Eastern Cibao with Samana.


Ecuador tends to have more black folks on coastal cities.

You'll also notice specifically a lot more black folks in Esmeraldas.

For an area away from the coast and more in the highlands, check out Valle del Chota also.

You also got the provinces of Carchi and Imbabura.

Here's a video for you to enjoy. 


For Brazil, check out the following areas:

1. Rio de Janeiro 

2. Northeastern coast (you'll have more luck in Salvador)

3. Interior of Minas Gerais

4. Northern coast around Amapa and Para

5. Municipalities with Quilombos

6. Maranhao

7. Perambuco

Here's a video of one place cited in the list above.

Salvador da Bahia is Brazil’s most African city and their culture is thriving


Most black folks in Colombia tend to be on the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts, in the Department of Valle del Cauca, a small town known as San Basilio del Palenque in the Bolivar Department and the San Andres Islands.

Here's a video of one place mentioned above.

SER NEGRO EN SAN ANDRÉS ISLAS| Mirando más que TURISMO|Población, Raizales, Pañas

Costa Rica

You'll notice more black folks in the province of Limon due to the Jamaican influence in the area.

Here's a video of the area.


Panama has a lot of black folks around the country. Some areas to mention are:

1. Bocas del Toro

2. Colon

3. Panama City

4. Arraijan

5. Chorrera


One spot to find more Afro-descended folks in Guatemala is Livingston of Izabal Department.

A lot of them are mixed with indigenous heritage and get called Garifunas.


A lot more afro-descended folks supposedly on the coast.

Try looking at the northern valleys and the regions of Lima and Ica.

Or the El Carmen District perhaps.


You'll find more afro-descended population in Los Yungas area (east of La Paz). Here's a video on afro-bolivian music.


Plenty of black people all around Cuba but you'll notice that the skin color is darker in the eastern region of the country.


You'll notice more black folks in the Costa Chica region of Guerrero and Oaxaca and also the state of Veracruz.

Also, in the north of Mexico, you'll find more black folks in a place called El Nacimiento of Coahuila.

Finally, in Mexico City, you'll notice, as of 2022 anyway, plenty of Haitians around in select neighborhoods like I wrote about here.

And, as you can see in this video here, Haitians are making their own community in other cities like Tijuana.

On top of that, you got afro-descended people in places like Yucatan and Campeche but not as many people think of those places as having many afro-descended people due to mixing with indigenous folks from what I've heard (calling them jarochos).

Finally, you got Acapulco that has some black folks also.

Puerto Rico

Plenty of afro-descended people in this country but you'll notice plenty in the capital and also on the East Coast.

Also, you got the northside of the island in areas like Loiza and Santurce.

You also got Ponce.


You'll notice more in the capital of Montevideo.

I actually wrote an article visiting some Afro-cultural center way back that you can check out here.


You'll find more afro-descended folks in the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean Coast (called the RAAS) and the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast (RAAN).


From my basic understanding of Venezuela, you'll notice more afro-descended folks along the coastal areas of the country.


You really are not going to notice that many afro-descended or black folks in Argentina but Buenos Aires will be your best bet.

Anything to Add?

There are a few other countries I didn't cover but I didn't find any quick information on them and I think we covered a good deal of it anyhow.

If you have anything to add, drop a comment below.

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