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Do You Want to Live with Your Bolivian Mother-in-Law?

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Back when I was living in Cochabamba, Bolivia, I stayed at two homestays.

In which you can read more about my experience in Latin homestays here.

Anyway, the second homestay was a little more interesting in some respect.

It was a huge house that was owned by this older couple who also ran a little store out in front of the building.

One of those basic corner shop stores you see selling basic goods like candy, chips, soda, etc.

Anyway, this older couple also had their grown ass 30 something son living in the house!

Now was he a complete loser like this guy here who can’t find a way to make it on his own?

Well, he at least had a woman!

In fact, he was married.

With children.

And his wife and around 3 or so children more or less also lived in the house as well.

Now, if I remember right, the dude himself actually didn’t spend that much time in the house.

I think he was some truck driver or had some job where he basically had to periodically drive down to Chile for work.

Which is a bit of a ride from Cochabamba!

Anyway, if I remember right, I think they also had his sister living in the house also but I don’t remember her being married or having children.

Suffice to say, a lot of people were living in the house!

And it was the first time I ever realized that there are people in Latin America who choose to live with their parents for so long.

Not only that!

But actually choose to live with them while married and bringing in the wife and children to live with them!

What the fuck?

Some strange ass shit.

Soon enough, I’ve started to realize that this might not be too uncommon in Bolivia and more broadly Latin America.

In my same time living in Bolivia, I met a few women I hooked up with.

One of them was a chick around my age named Mariana who you can read about here who left the house at quite an early age to support herself.

But she also lived in a very shitty household and that’s a large part of the reason for why she left.

There was another chick named Lizeth that you can read about here who lived in some small apartment high up in some big building with a lot of family members.

Plenty of cousins all living under the same roof!

Any children or spouses who moved in also?

None that I saw but I didn’t hang around there for longer than one night.

Anyway, as I said, Bolivia really introduced to me for the first time this reality that some people live in.

One in which you, as a man or woman, live with your parents until you are basically married.

Which could be, for some folks, into their later 20s or older!

And, even if you do get married, there’s no guarantee you are leaving.

You might move them back in because of financial reasons most likely.

You know – easier to support your kids when your broke ass self only making 250 bucks a month and you can merge costs together with your parents.

Makes sense, right?

Sounds like hell.

Anyway, I remember other cases like this as I travelled around Latin America.

In Argentina

In Argentina, I met various folks as well.

Plenty of richer Latinos who were Colombian, Brazilian or Chilean living in Buenos Aires.

Young people like me.

But living far away from their parents at such a younger age while studying in a nice university in the city.

And part of me suspects that is one nuance to keep in mind here.

Which is that, from my limited perspective, it seems like a Latino is more likely to move out if their parents have money.

Simply put, the kid grew up in a nicer background and has more support to make it in the world on his own eventually.

At the same time, I remember meeting an Argentine guy named Juan who had some random job that I don’t remember right now.

But he seemed normal.

Not rich but not poor.

He was single without kids and moved out of the house at around the age of 29.

And then we have Colombia….

In Colombia

In Colombia, there were a few notable examples that came to mind.

First, my ex-girlfriend from Barranquilla named Marcela had a sister named Karla.

They were both living at home with their parents in their 20s.

So was their younger brother who was an adult and wasn’t doing anything with his life outside of playing FIFA on his computer and riding his motorcycle around with his friends.

What was Marcela and Karla doing?

Honestly, neither one of them had a job.

If I remember right, I think Marcela had some academic interest in Psychology while her sister was part of some local acting group that she volunteered for.

After I broke up with Marcela, I do know that, unlike most other Latinos, she actually left her country and got some job on a cruise ship before ultimately marrying some Mexican dude where they live in Mexico together.

Given we don’t talk as much aside from whenever she messages me out of the blue every 6 months, I have no idea if she lives with his parents or not.

I could see it happening but who knows.

But what is her sister up to?

Funny enough, her sister messaged me like a year ago more or less and we ended up flirting a little bit.

I always thought her sister was hotter being honest.

And, from what she told me, she still lives with their parents.

No job.

Is, if I had to guess, maybe late 20s or early 30s now?

So what does she do with her life outside of scratching her crotch in the blazing heat of Quilla out on their house patio while listening to vallenato, drinking aguardiente and texting random dudes to see who’ll buy her free food?

I have no idea.

And, back when I was living in Colombia, I remember meeting a few other chicks before I began dating Marcela.

One of them was a Venezuelan chick named Rosa who left Colombia with her husband that she never told me about.

And assumingly they live together.

With or without parents, I don’t know.

There was also some chick named Hielen who introduced me to her family one time out in some rough neighborhood when I successfully got her to take the day after pill after not pulling out quickly enough.

When I got there to give her the pill, she took it but then dragged me along to meet her family.

Upon arriving, I saw her family was like the Bolivian dude I mentioned before.

But with a much smaller house.

Though a few cousins, someone’s wife and children living in the house all together.

And it goes on…

In the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the first Dominican woman I ever fucked was a chick who called herself Morena.

That probably wasn’t her real name but I could see it – sometimes Latinos do name their children weird sounding names to me like Jesus.

So I have no idea if Morena was her real name.

Anyway, she was some medium brown skin chick who had a weird family story.

Basically, she and her mom lived in the house of some aunt and uncle.

And the aunt and uncle had citizenship in the US also and were relatively comfortable financially.

Anyway, Morena was always living with her mom (dad died way before) and the mom fell on hard times.

So the aunt and uncle brought them into the house.

But they have some weird arrangement with the mom and Morena.

In which, from what she told me, they are not permitted to work any job outside of the house while living there.

And they had some weird structure where the mom and Morena are always somehow in debt to the aunt and uncle.

Like literal debt.

They owe money somehow.

And can never get out of it.

It sounded like some weird ass arrangement that is very toxic.

Regardless, when I got to Santo Domingo of the DR, I met her there at the airport.

That’s one thing I like to do – before arriving to a new city, I’ll try to meet chicks online and work on them to see who I can most likely get to wait for me at the airport on my first day somewhere.

That way I have a chance of having a nice gal to fuck me on the first day of arriving.

Who wouldn’t want that?

And, to my surprise, the aunt and uncle were there waiting for her!

They drove us to the hotel I was staying and left us as they returned to some place called Boca Chica.

Before long, I took Morena to a motel because the hotel I was staying at lied to me over the phone when they told me I could have guests.

Plus, though I never saw Morena again after that day together, I remember she was insistent that I send her parents like 40 bucks for the trip driving me from the airport to my hotel.

And, I guess you can say, they delivered me pussy on my first day to the DR since I doubt Morena, with no job of her own, would have the money to get to the airport.

Given her weird ass arrangement that she had that sounded like debt servitude.

Then we have Mexico!

In Mexico

Now, being honest, I don’t know as many Mexicans who have a weird ass arrangement living with their parents still until later 20s or early 30s.

Given Mexico City is wealthier, it is a little more common to find Mexicans of more comfortable (not necessarily rich) backgrounds that can afford to get out of the house earlier.

If I had to think it through…

Well, there was one white Mexican chick who lived in the apartment building that I last stayed at in Roma Norte area.

She and her mom lived in the same room for some reason (and, keep in mind, the room they were renting out was very small so they shared the same bed I imagine).

I guess mom was on hard times and they found a place together.

Otherwise, I genuinely can’t think of too many circumstances that were odd.

But, then again, I don’t ask most women I hookup with about who they live with.

And, on top of that, I don’t stay in homestays and most of the chicks I hookup with are in their early to mid 20s.

So it’s not as likely for me to notice something like another Bolivian dude in his 30s moving his family in with mom and dad.

Though, having said all of that, what prompted me to write this article were these screenshots here of a conversation I had with a Mexican woman I met on Mexican Cupid.

What she is basically saying is this…

First, she responded to some meme I posted on Whatsapp joking about Latinos not having 3 kids by the age of 25.

To summarize the screenshots, she starts by going on about how plenty of people in Latin America live with their parents, give some of their salary to their mom, help take care of the nephew as the sister already has 2 kids with different dads and the brother has to help take care of them.

And how the family won’t let you be independent because they are happy with the money you bring into the household with only people in the higher middle class who can afford to be independent.

Then she goes on about how that is why she doesn’t have a husband because she can’t find any guy who is independent.

How all the guys live with their moms, take care of the nieces and nephews and how it’s difficult for any guy to get a girlfriend because of conflict between the girlfriend and the mom over car issues.

And how she is different from her friends because all of her friends are married living with their in-laws or with their own parents.

Anyway, she finishes saying how her sister lives with the in-laws and how the husband doesn’t earn enough to buy a house or other basic necessities.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it!

Plenty of examples regarding people still living with their parents until older age.

To examples of people moving the whole family in with the in-laws.

As you have already noted, obviously finances play a huge role in this.

I’d also bet geography does as well as some parts of Latin America are richer than others.

Furthermore, how much does culture play into encouraging people to stay at home until later age?

Who knows.

I genuinely don’t know because I never married anyone down here and haven’t come to witness being pressured to move my theoretical Gringo-Latina family in with the in-laws.

If that were to happen, I’d definitely put my fucking foot down.

Ain’t no way I’m moving in with her parents.

Just imagine trying to fuck under those circumstances…


Yells the mother-in-law…

Anyway, one other thing to mention is how, as you can read in this article here, millennials in the US are also staying home until much later than generations previously!

Makes you wonder about that argument some have about “the US turning into Latin America.”


Eh, you be the judge.

It’s definitely not Guatemala at the very least.

More like Guatebueno?

Bad joke, bad joke…

Anyway, leave any comments below in the comment section.

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And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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