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Honest Mexican Cupid Review Without Affiliate Links

Here’s the truth of the matter about a typical “Mexican Cupid Review” article you find on the internet…

It’s usually full of bullshit.

With folks selling you a false dream about how “it’s the best Latina dating site” out there.

While often saying good shit about Mexican women that is exaggerated.

All because they just want you to click on their affiliate links to spend money.

Which fills up their bank accounts with a nice commission of 75% per sale.

Nothing against those folks because I like to throw out affiliate links on the internet also in other blogs.

But I’m going to keep it real here for this article.

So here I’m going to simply lay out my own experience with Mexican Cupid.

No bullshit.

No affiliate links meant to make me money.

Just my experience using it so you can get an honest assessment of if it is worth your money or not.

This review will cover the following in the Table of Contents:

So let’s break it down with everything that I consider important for you to know.

How Does Mexican Cupid Work?

Once you visit the website, you can click on the “View Singles Now” button.

You then have a choice to fill out the information needed for an account or make an account by signing in through Facebook.

They don’t ask for your last name.

And you don’t even necessarily have to give an honest first name.

Also, in case you are interested, you can download the app for the dating website onto your phone.

Once you are signed it, it is obviously recommended to fill out as much information as you want on your profile for better results.

Finally, you will obviously see hundreds of profiles of women that you can chat with.

You have the ability to filter them out by factors like location.

For example, you can filter out any women who don’t live in specifically a place like Mexico City.

Or filter by age.

Among other factors obviously that you can filter by.

The one thing you will notice quickly enough is that you will end up getting interest quick from random chicks.

Where the website notifies you that someone either viewed or liked your profile…

Or they sent you a message.

You can obviously see who viewed or liked your profile.

But you cannot see what messages you get if you are not a paying member to the website and if she is not a paying member neither.

And a vast majority of women (almost all of them in my experience) are not paying members.

So while your experience up to this point has been free…

For you to have any real success using the website, you have to be a paying member.

How much does that cost?

The Cost

The cost varies depending on the length of your membership and also if you purchase a Gold or a Platinum membership.

Let’s break that down and the benefits with each type of membership.

Gold Membership

The cost of a 1 month Gold Membership is $29.99 USD.

For 3 months, the cost is $59.99 USD in which you save 33%.

For 12 months, the cost is $119.99 USD in which you save 67%.

What do you get for spending this amount of money?

Well, you can send messages to any number of women you want and also you will be ranked above other male members on the website.

But what if you want more?

Platinum Membership

The cost of a 1 month Platinum Membership is $34.99 USD.

For 3 months, the cost is $69.99 USD in which you save 33%.

For 12 months, the cost is $149.99 USD in which you save 64%.

What do you get for spending this amount of money?

Well, you obviously have the same benefits of the Gold Membership.

Beyond that, you also have your profile being highlighted as VIP.

Plus, you can get messages instantly translated and can be free from seeing advertisements on the website.

So that’s the cost!

Keep in mind also that sometimes Cupid offers discounts apparently randomly to people who have been on their website for a tiny bit.

I know of one guy who reported to me getting an occasional offer once in a blue moon.

No guarantees though.

Either way, you know what the cost is now.

But is it worth it?

Let’s go into my own experience using Mexican Cupid by breaking it down by each factor that I consider important.


First, let’s begin by addressing the demographics of the women you are going to be dealing with on Mexican Cupid.

I don’t have statistics for every single account that has ever been registered on the website.

I can only bring up my own observations and also some brief analysis from the desktop that I’ll do right now.

So let’s begin with age.

For guys who want to fuck young chicks, Mexican Cupid isn’t going to be your best tool in Mexico.

A vast majority of the women, from my observations, have their ages listed in their 40s or older.

Women in their 20s are not unusual but they are a significant minority from what I have seen.

To be more scientific than just “my observations,” I decided to change my filter settings for any woman from 18 to 99 years old.

Next, I simply added up the ages of the first 100 women I saw and divided it to get an average age of the first 100 women.

So let’s see…

The total number was 4,301.

If we divide that by 100, the average age of the first 100 women was 43.01.

Now it should be reminded that it’s always possible the first 100 women don’t represent all women on the website.

Maybe I just happened to be unlucky in getting a bunch of older ones to pop up first.

But that age of 43.01 feels right compared to my experience as I have noticed most women on here tend to be on the older side.

Of course, like I said, you can always filter the age range down to whatever you care for…

But, as I said, even when I do that normally, I will find that the amount of options available isn’t as much when compared to other dating tools like Tinder or Bumble.

To keep it simple, if you are a guy who wants to date older women, then Mexican Cupid actually would be a decent tool.

If you want to date younger women, you can use Mexican Cupid for that but have realistic expectations regarding how many you will find here compared to other dating tools.

Now when it comes to location….

Out of those 100 women I saw, 13 of them were in Mexico City.

With a handful being located in the city of Naucalpan and other areas relatively close to Mexico City to which it wouldn’t be impossible for you to meet them if you lived in Mexico City.

From what I saw, the rest of the women were scattered across the country in different areas like Monterrey, Tijuana, Oaxaca, etc.

And that also feels more in aligned with my experience using Mexican Cupid.

If you aren’t using it in Mexico City, I believe your experience will be more limited as Mexico City is simply the most populous city in the country.

So obviously more of the women will be based there.

Having said that, also keep in mind that sometimes the locations that women put in their profiles can be misleading in which sometimes women claim they are from “Mexico City” but actually live in a area close by like Toluca.

Doesn’t always happen but something to keep in mind.

Finally, most of the women are either brown or white in skin color from what I have seened.

Typical for what you will see in Mexico anyway.

Though, as I said, I obviously don’t know the actual statistics that the website itself would have regarding location, age and skin color….

But this is all, as I said, just what I saw in the first 100 women and also how that has been aligned with my own experience using Mexican Cupid over the last 6 months.

Now having covered briefly the demographics…

Let's cover what the women were like in looks and easiness.

Sexiness & Easiness of the Women

Well, as I said, the average chick was a bit on the older age.

Ain't lyin...

Some of the chicks I've seen on there were old as fuck..

Grandma age.

However, when it comes to the chicks by my age that I was down to fuck...

I'd say they are not honestly much better than what I'd get on Tinder.

You're not really getting a much better deal on Mexican Cupid versus Tinder when it comes to the looks of the younger women.

But how down to fuck are they?

Well, it depends.

Given you got an older demographic overall, you are going to find more commonly that type of chick who isn't looking to fuck anything but just desperately wants someone to settle down with her.

Granted, you got that shit on every dating tool.

Either way, I didn't find the women hard to fuck overall.

They were down to fuck like anywhere else.

Not difficult usually.

And while they were not super models, the chicks I fucked weren't bad looking either.

Now having covered that....

Let’s ask if it is safe to use the website.

Safety & Scams

First, I’ve never had credit card issues from using the website.

It’s safe to give your credit card info to.

Second, I’ve never had anyone try to hurt me in any physical way on the website.

You will read more about my personal experiences going on dates later in this article below.

Now having said all of that…

There can be issues with scams on this website.

Though, to be fair, Mexican Cupid does have warnings on its website to help its users not fall for typical scam practices.

But there are problematic issues regarding scams from users on this website.

For one, I remember using a similar website over a year ago…

I don’t remember perfectly but I think it was Colombian Cupid.

It was one of the Latin American Cupid websites that is owned by the same company that owns Mexican Cupid.

Where everything about the website outside of the nationality of the Latina is the same basically.

Anyway, I noticed a profile messaging me that was very obviously fake.

I reported the profile to Cupid Media (the company that runs these websites).

They banned me and my IP address for some odd months right after.

Even though I noticed a very obviously fake profile.

That initial experience didn’t leave me feeling very confident about fake profiles on the website.

Anyway, roll the clock about half a year to a year later more or less…

And I started using Mexican Cupid for the first time.

And noticed that there are a lot of scammers on this website.

I wrote an entire article about the typical scam you will find on this website in this article here.

Check it out!

But to summarize it…

It basically involves people pretending to be women from countries that are not Mexico…

Usually Cuba but not always…

Sometimes Colombia or Venezuela…

Sometimes random countries in Africa.

But Cuban women are the most common profiles for scammers.

To which they will say “hi baby” and want to exchange numbers to talk off the website.

From there, they will flirt with you for about 5 minutes…

Then they will typically say “I’m running out of minutes to keep talking with you. Please send me money to keep talking with you.”

If they are Cuban, they’ll have a website to direct you to for sending money that is more specific for Cuban folks.

But folks from other countries that are not Cuba will have their own ways to get you to send money obviously.

Anyway, that’s the scam in nutshell.

Flirt with you for 5 minutes and ask for money so they can buy more minutes to keep talking with you.

And, from what I found out, many of them are not even women obviously!

Anyway, if you are curious to read more about my experience investigating this scam on Mexican Cupid, check out this article I wrote here.

Having said all of that, most women on this website are not scammers.

But Mexican Cupid does have its fair share of them in my experience.

If I had to guess, maybe 25% to 50% of the women who message me first are scammers or fake profiles.

Somewhere around there.

I could do the math on that but Mexican Cupid seems to delete my messages after some few weeks or a month from when the conversation dies.

Because I can’t find most of them anyway except the most recent ones.

But that’s been my experience anyway.

Again, check this article I wrote investigating the scam on Mexican Cupid for more information.

And, as I said, most female accounts on Mexican Cupid are not scammers but they have a fair share of them.

But let’s move on now to my personal experience engaging the real women on this website.

My Experience Messaging Women

So let’s get to addressing the obvious factor that is on everyone’s mind.

Has it been a good tool for dating Mexican women?

Well, you obviously begin any interaction by sending messages to chicks on the website.

On that topic, I’ve found chicks to be overall receptive to my messages and they tend to respond back just fine.

Women on the website almost never had any bitchy attitudes in my experience.

There was one chick though that seemed batshit crazy but we will get to that experience in a moment.

Anyway, when it comes to messaging women, they were usually receptive to the message assuming they saw it.

The main issue you will have with women responding to messages in my experience is that it felt like a lot of the women didn’t take the website seriously.

Meaning that you will see a chick who might’ve been “online recently” but she logged off before you sent the message.

And she simply responds days later when she gets back on the website.

You might find that women don’t check their accounts as much on Mexican Cupid when compared to Tinder or Bumble for example.

But, as I said, they usually are receptive when they see your message and respond promptly enough.

Because of the fact though that it wasn’t uncommon to find chicks not checking their messages often…

I would recommend you get straight to the point with asking for her number.

Otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation where you send the first message and she responds back a day or two later…

Then the flow of the conversation basically goes at that pace from then on.

A day or two between each message.

While some chicks do check the profile more consistently like Tinder, many don’t.

So just get to the point and ask for her number in the first message.

In my experience, most women were comfortable giving it to me right away.

Simply write to her what I wrote in the following Spanish words: “Que onda (name of the chick). Quiero conocerte pero no checo ese sitio mucho. Pasame tu Whatsapp para conocernos mejor.”

It’s that simple.

Literally all that says is “What’s up (her name). I want to know you but I don’t check this site much. Pass me your Whatsapp to know each other better.”

That’s it.

I keep things simple.

And, like I said, plenty of women on Mexican Cupid (and other dating shit like Tinder) work with that well.

Also, for those who don’t know, Whatsapp is just a messaging app that most Latinos use down here.

You’ll need it if you want to do well with women from Mexican Cupid or with women in general.

Download it.

It’s free to use as long as you got Wifi.

Free international calls and messaging.

And, like I said, almost everyone uses it down here and you’ll need it to carry the conversation with her off the website.

Like I explained, you’ll absolutely want to get these chicks off the damn website as very few check it often enough.

So that’s that with the messaging!

But what about my experience beyond that?

My Dating Experience with Mexican Cupid

So, as I said, you’ll want to use the filter option to only see women from the specific part of Mexico you are going to visit.

No point in messaging girls from Oaxaca when you traveling to Tijuana.

In my experience, I found chicks on Mexican Cupid to be a little more down to meeting up than chicks from Tinder.

It’s not that much of a difference but I did find less flakiness compared to typical dating apps.

Anyway, I had used Mexican Cupid sporadically over the last 6 months more or less.

To be honest, sometimes I simply didn’t have the time to go on dates with chicks from Mexican Cupid for a month.

While, in other months, I spent more time using it.

When I used it more frequently during this time period, I had sex with 14 women.

And obviously had dates with more women than just that with those that didn’t close.

To be fair, I found Tinder to be a better tool for finding women to date for various reasons that I’ll get to later.

Either way, I’ll simply lay out my experiences with just a few of the examples to illustrate what it was like using Mexican Cupid to meet chicks.

Alma: La Mexicana con el Culo Grande

If I remember right, Alma was the very first Mexican chick I ever met from Mexican Cupid.

She was a younger woman who might’ve been around 22 or 23.

Originally from Tamaulipas but lives in Mexico City.

From what I remember, she worked remotely due to the Covid restrictions with a business where she was in charge of handling emails or something.

When I first met her, she happened to literally live just 3 minutes away from me in Roma Norte of CDMX.

When I saw her, this was my impression of her appearance...

She couldn’t have been taller than 5’5 in height.

Fairly petite.

Had one of the best asses I had ever seen in Mexico in all my years here.

And that’s not an exaggeration.

I remember the first 5 minutes I was with her…

We were walking away from Metro Insurgentes towards Reforma Avenue and she took a step in front of me…

That’s when I saw her ass for the first time and I was stunned.

It felt like I was in Colombia or Brazil again.

Anyway, our first night together mostly involved walking together down Reforma Avenue and getting to know each other at around 9 PM more or less.

Before ultimately making out in a small isolated park near Metro Chapultepec.

From there, I offered to take her back to my place for drinks but we skipped the drinks and got right to fucking around.

Anyway, she was a very serious woman in personality but very fun sexually.

In contrast with the next chick I met on Mexican Cupid…

La Loca

Next up is another Mexican chick I met whose name I forgot.

But we’ll call her the “La Loca” woman as you’ll find out why soon enough.

With this one, she happened to live in the far south side of Mexico City.

Maybe near Tlalpan area?

Anyway, my first impression of her was that she seemed kinda bitchy.

She’s actually the only chick from Mexican Cupid that I found to be bitchy.

In the beginning, I quickly picked up her attitude on Whatsapp and decided it wasn’t worth it to keep talking with her as I figured we weren’t going to get anywhere.

Regardless, she ended up doing a full 180 the second I stopped responding to her messages.

And became someone who actually seemed kinda cool.

So maybe she was on her period for the first 30 minutes of the conversation?

Anyway, we kept talking and ultimately had a phone call over Whatsapp.

In which the call ended in us agreeing to meet up to fuck.

As direct as that sentence makes it.

So a few days later…

She is set to travel north to meet me at Roma Norte area.

Now, as I said, she is traveling a long ass way to see me.

From the very far south side of town up to my neighborhood.

It took her 2 hours to get to me (in part because the metro was fucking up apparently).

In the moment, she wasn’t able to show up on time at around 6 PM because her boss wanted her to stay over time.

If I remember right, she worked at some office job.

Regardless, it didn’t bother me that she was going to show up late as I had nothing going on that day.

I was simply watching Bad Santa as you can see here and drinking some vodka with black tea.

To which I was thinking “ah fuck, I better stop drinking so much if we going to fuck.”

But then she said she is going to be late so it wasn’t an issue.

Anyway, I was sober when she showed up at around 9 PM.

Before she left to arrive up here, she asked if she could stay the night since she lived so far away.

I said sure.

Well, she shows up by Metro Insurgentes.

Once she told me that she arrived, I walked out of my apartment and walked 5 minutes over to find her.

There she was.

Uglier than the photos.

Granted, to be fair, she wasn’t ugly or fat.

But the photos made it seem like I was going to fuck some chick who was nice as shit.

Like another Alma or something.

But she was average.

“Whatever, she’ll make for a good blowjob”  I thought.

Anyway, we get talking and walk over to the nearest 7-11 to buy some liquor.

She wasn’t a Vodka fan as I had a ton of Oso Negro at home.

As, like most Mexicans, they always shit all over my fuckin’ beloved Oso Negro.

So I told her we can buy some rum if we split it if she doesn't want vodka.

She was down.

So we go into the 7-11 and they happen to have a deal for Captain Morgan and Coca Cola for 170 pesos.

She gives me like 80 pesos and that’s it.

Back to my place.

Once we entered my apartment, the date went to hell fast.

The second we stepped inside, she got complaining about how hot the room was.

Which, to be fair, every single woman I brought to that place complained about the heat.

Even I complained about it to folks.

Which was one reason I moved out as the heat got worse.

It was fucking hot as hell where you’d be sweating your ass off in 3 minutes if you didn’t have the fan on blasting at you.

But some chicks tolerated it more than others.

Second, she started bitching about every minor detail in the place.

She noticed the rug and was complaining about how the rug doesn’t look like “high quality.”

The fan also – “doesn’t look like a very good fan.”

Even the fucking curtains by the window – “where did you buy this? Doesn’t look very nice.”

Basically, the second she stepped inside, she started to downgrade the whole room about how nothing looks like high quality.

And so we bantered back and forth about it.

But we kept it cool.

Anyway, I poured us some drinks…

And I asked her to try the first one to make sure it isn’t too strong.

I tend to pour drinks that can be a bit heavy since I drink a bit but sometimes I don’t know if the drink is too heavy for her or not.

She’s cool with it. No problem.

Anyway, things roll from there.

Drink a tiny bit with some conversation and all…

We get a little bit more physical but she turns her attention again to the shit in my room.

And asks “what type of watch is this?”

She didn’t seem impressed by it.

And ultimately she said that she isn't down to fuck actually.

Even though she said on the phone that she is down to fuck and also asked to stay the night at my place.

Either way, it became clear to me that she wasn’t down to fuck.

Which is cool – I told her that if she isn’t down to fuck then she better get back to the metro before it closes.

Which pissed her off extremely.

“La Loca.”

The second I said that, it was like flipping a switch in her head.

But since we ain't fucking, it made sense to send her home since that's the reason we met and I could be doing other things.

And I don’t care which but I got shit to do.

If she ain’t sucking dick, then I’m going go back to working on my websites and making money.

And that’s what I said.

That she can go down for it or leave but it don’t be nothing to me.

Whatever she wants.

But, like I said, she lost her shit when I said that we better take her ass back to the metro.

It was almost like she started foaming at the mouth like a retard reiterating herself....

"Enserio?!?! k me vaya?! k me vaya?!?" she went on.

"uh.....yeah" I thought.

She lost her shit.

She literally exploded in raging anger.

Where she started yelling shit in Spanish like “fuck you, we ain’t doing shit, you said I can stay the night, fuck you, you said I can stay.”

And honestly I didn’t feel like arguing because I could’ve said that she said that she was down to fuck.

She can change her mind on that but I change my mind then on her staying.

I ain’t a hotel.

Unless she wants to offer me 200 bucks for a night stay at the “Matt Suites” which involves a nice comfy spot on the floor to sleep.

Which is a good deal to be honest because I lived in Roma Norte and hotel prices up in that hood are expensive as fuck.

So whatever she wants, you know?

Anyway, she starts yelling all the shit I said she was yelling about before with probably the whole building being able to hear her.

And I’m just standing there calmly like “uhhh….so you going to leave or what?”

Then she says “Yeah I’ll leave motherfucker!” in Spanish.

And asks if the door to the building is unlocked.

I said yeah and that was that.

To which she left the building and sent me some angry texts about how my apartment looks like shit anyway and how I’m a dick for not letting her stay the night.

Anyway, I got talking with a friend of mine named Gino about this incident because I thought it was just so weird and funny.

Everything about her behavior and attitude.

He thought that, based on the details, she was looking for Mr. Money and found out this gringo don’t got the shit she was thinking I had.

When she started bitching about my rug, the fan, the curtains, etc.

Surprised she even paid half for the rum.

Which I got to keep the whole bottle of – she only had a sip of it actually.

So jokes on her….

I'd just like to send my gratitude to her here for traveling 4 hours round trip in a combi & the metro to give me a $4 dollar subsidy in Rum that night.

Anyway, like I said, that was the only woman I met on Mexican Cupid who came across like batshit insane.

Thankfully, most of the chicks I met on Mexican Cupid were not batshit insane.

And there was another one like Alma who was legit.

Ari La Güera

Next up, I got talking with a chick named Ari.

Who was a white Mexican chick that was as cute in the photos as in person.

So no surprise there when we met up by Metro Insurgentes.

She was cool.

With her, she simply showed up to Metro Insurgentes near me in CDMX.

When she texted me that she arrived, I got out of the building.

After a 5 minute walk to Metro Insurgentes, I’m now walking around the metro trying to find her ass.

Which can be an issue because I can be terrible at recognizing people if I had never met them before in person and I only got photos to work with.

In Metro Insurgentes, you always have a shit ton of people sitting down on concrete all around the main building to the metro.

So I’m walking around like usual looking at each person sitting down trying to figure out which one of them is this fucking chick.

It’s even worse when they got masks on because that makes it harder to figure out which one is her.

Anyway, I walk around maybe twice before I finally spot a chick that looks like her.

It wasn’t her.

God damn it.

So I stop walking around and contemplate walking 5 minutes back to get to my phone to ask her where exactly she is at in this area.

I never carry my phone with me outside of my apartment for various reasons as you can read here.

But before I head back, I catch eye with this chick looking at me closer to where the metrobus is.

It was her.

We go from there then talking along the way to a nearby park.

Sit down and just chill getting to know each other.

We get making out soon enough and back to my place “for drinks.”

Funny enough, I still had some of the rum bottle that the “La Loca” chick gave me money for as this date happened soon enough after her.

Which is helpful because, as I said, some chicks in Mexico have a strong hesitancy to drink Oso Negro Vodka.

Alma was like that funny enough – she didn’t like Oso Negro.

Anyway, we’re back at my place with Ari.

And we get to fucking quick enough.

And that was it.

Similar to Alma, she wasn’t batshit crazy but she was more playful and less serious in personality than Alma.

So those are just a few of the experiences I had fucking around with chicks in person from Mexican Cupid.

But having covered all of that…

Let’s get to the final few questions worth answering.

Mexican Cupid Vs Tinder

This needs to be brought up first and foremost.

Is it worth it using Mexican Cupid when you have Tinder?

Again, this article isn’t meant to sell you bullshit.

In my experience, Tinder is much better than Mexican Cupid.

If you are looking for older Mexican women, I can see why you would prefer Mexican Cupid perhaps.

But it comes down to a few different factors…

First, I rarely get anyone trying to scam me on Tinder but that’s a common enough experience on Mexican Cupid.

Second, I’ve always been able to find a lot more young women in my area through Tinder than Mexican Cupid.

Third, women on Tinder simply check their Tinder profile more than their profiles on Mexican Cupid in my experience. Therefore, it’s easier to get responses in that regard.

Though, to be fair, you do have more flakiness from Tinder chicks.

Fourth, I found more chicks to be more openly down to fuck on Tinder than Mexican Cupid but you can find that in either dating tool to be fair.

Fifth, the price is cheaper. You don’t have to pay to message chicks on Tinder.

Also, even if you do pay for Tinder Plus, it’s cheaper in Mexico for me than Mexican Cupid.

For Mexican Cupid, you have to spend $119.99 USD for a whole year.

However, I only spent about $30 USD for a whole year of Tinder Plus around last July or August of 2020 in Mexico City that I’m still benefiting from.

Sixth, I’ve found it a shit ton more effective to get numbers from Tinder than Mexican Cupid if I’m using Tinder Plus.

Though, to be fair, Mexican Cupid would probably be better for number collecting if it simply had a lot more younger chicks using it who checked their profiles more often.

But because younger women down here tend to take Tinder more seriously…

Well, with Tinder Plus, it’s been no contest for me.

I simply get so much ass from Tinder than Mexican Cupid.

It’s a lot easier to work with for all of the reasons above at a much better price.

But is Mexican Cupid worth it then?

Final Verdict: Is Mexican Cupid Worth it?

If you only wanted to use one dating tool to get some ass in Mexico…

Tinder is going to be much better for you.

Much better price for a lot more available young ass.

Especially if you use Tinder Plus as I’ve found Tinder works so much better with that.

And, like I said, Tinder Plus was literally 90 bucks cheaper for the whole year.

90 bucks cheaper for a lot more chicks down to fuck – what more could you want?

Having said all of that…

Like I said, if you prefer older Mexican women, I can see the appeal of Mexican Cupid.

Also, if you happen to just have some extra money to kick around…

Then I’d recommend Mexican Cupid if you don’t mind the price.

I don’t think the price is that bad personally.

It’s definitely not anywhere near of a good deal compared to what Tinder offers.

Simply because Tinder has a lot more active young chicks who you can message without even paying a dime yet…

And when you do pay for Tinder Plus, it’s very much worth the price in my experience.

But, like I said, Mexican Cupid is an alright side tool.

I wouldn’t be against using it again since I had some cool moments....

But I’m not overly excited to buy another membership since Tinder gives enough chicas anyway.

If you want a little more pussy thrown your way, then give it a try.

Just don’t prioritize it over other dating tools like Tinder.

And if your budget is tight, don’t worry about messing with it.

Well, here's a song to end this article on.

For those who want to get some ass on Tinder or Mexican Cupid...

Hopefully this song motivates you some.

It's good shit.

NB Ridaz -- So Fly

Anyway, that’s all I got to say on the matter.

What do you think?

Got any experiences with Mexican Cupid?

Drop them below.

Or if you have any cool comments, drop them below in the comment section also.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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I’ve had similar experience in Mexican Cupid. its alright. worth the high dollar they charge? not really but theres some good gals on there

    Matt - April 12, 2021 Reply

    Thanks for your perspective.

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