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How to Get Laid with Sexy Latinas in Latin America

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So how do you “get laid with sexy Latinas?”

This article is Part 2 of another article that breaks down the different online dating tools that exist for Latin America.

Here is Part 1.

In Part 1, I basically break down obvious steps needed for getting laid with Latinas in Latin America

This article you are reading now, Part 2, is basically a expansion of Step 6 in Part 1.

Where I break down in much more detail exactly what I do and why I do it.

Furthermore, check out this article here about which countries in Latin America I recommend for being the best for getting laid.

You can check out the details in the article if you want but I'll summarize the main countries here:

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Argentina

Also, keep in mind, I mostly just use online tools to get laid down here.

Online apps give me more than enough chicks to work with also.

So we'll be breaking down what I do with the online tools I use with an emphasis on Tinder.

Why Tinder?

As I wrote here, Tinder works the best for me down here but there are other tools I use on the side to get numbers online.

Enjoy also the reggaeton music I put under each subtitle as I figured it would be appropriate since we are talking about getting laid with Latinas. 

Maybe it will motivate you a bit?

Plus, it's what I'm listening to now as I drink some vodka while writing this.

Also, I'd just like to say that I don't claim to be a "dating expert" or a "PUA" or a "Game Expert" or any shit like that.

I'm just some random dude from the internet writing what he does to get laid casually from time to time while I happen to live in Latin America.

And also almost all of the chicks that I ever fuck around with are usually met online.

Much of the stuff I write about here could also most likely be done in any other part of the world to get laid also.

Not just Latin America.

Also, if you aren't interested in reading the whole article (it's massive), then check out the Table of Contents too.

I recommend you do set aside time to read the whole thing but I'm including this Table of Contents to help people navigate what I wrote here.

So let's get to it.

Online Tools in Latin America

Don Omar -- Hasta Abajo

When it comes to what I use, I use basically the following online resources to get numbers:

  1. Tinder
  2. Latin Cupid sites
  3. Bumble
  4. FetLife

With, as I said, Tinder being the most useful to me.

I assume most people know what Bumble is given it's popularity now.

But, for those who don't know, it's like Tinder but where the chick has to message you first after a match before you two can talk.

When I talk about Latin Cupid sites, I mean specifically Mexican Cupid, Brazilian Cupid, Colombian Cupid and Latin American Cupid.

Here's a review I did here of Mexican Cupid for more information.

How do I use these Cupid sites?

Basically, I'll make a profile and pay for the membership to use the site.

Then I'll simply send a copy and paste message to each chick saying the following...

"Que Onda (her name)? Quiero conocerte pero no checo ese sitio mucho. Tienes Whatsapp?"

Basically saying to her "what's up? I'd like to know you but I don't check this website much. You got Whatsapp?"

Then I take the numbers that come in.

For those who don't know, Whatsapp is a free messaging app all Latinos use down here. It's needed to date down here.

And that message is basically what I send to chicks on Bumble and Tinder also.

And what is FetLife?

It's basically a website you use to meet chicks who are down to fuck where a lot of them happen to be into BDSM also.

Here is a review I wrote of it here that goes into how I use it.

But how do I use Fetlife?

Well, FetLife is a little bit different.

First,make sure obviously to fill out your profile if you want any attention.

Next, you are able to look up chicks in your area by going through different profiles that pop up in a search for profiles in your area.

You are more than free to message them. Try sending a friend request first though.

And simply aim to get her number when you can.

However, not every profile is active on there and many are basically dead.

So how do I use it actually?

Basically, I'll just find the local forums on that website and post a comment advertising that I'm down to meet up with anyone.

Given the slow rate at which other people post comments, I can expect mine to be on the first page of the local forums for a while.

So I'll just post a comment and forget about it until I get a notification in my email that someone replied or sent me a private message.

I could take a more active role on that website but I choose not to as Tinder has better ROI with more active women.

Either way, it's a side tool that brings in an occasional woman from time to time.

And so that's how I use every tool that isn't Tinder!

But let's get now to using Tinder specifically since that brings in easily 90% of the women I fuck down here.

Many of the tips I use for Tinder are recommended to apply to the other online dating tools I mentioned above.

Using Tinder in Latin America

Alexis & Fido -- 5 Letras

So, as you can already tell, I find Tinder to be worth it in Latin America…

And also a better tool for me personally when compared to most online dating tools I’ve used in Latin America.

Well, I’ll simply tell you what I do and that’s it.

First, I pay for Tinder Plus.

You don’t need to but I find it gives me so many more matches in such a quick time that it makes it worth it.

I last paid for a year membership to Tinder Plus in Mexico City at around last July or August of 2020.

What did it cost?

About 30 bucks for the whole year.

I feel they probably gave a good price due to the pandemic impact on the economy….

Because I remember it being maybe twice the price before I got into my last relationship in Mexico City…

Anyway, that’s the last price I paid for it anyway and still benefiting from it.

Once you do have Tinder Plus in your phone…

Obviously, build up your profile.

So for me, I keep it simple on my Tinder profile.

Almost all of my photos are travel pics of me in different countries.

I'd recommend you do the same -- don't include just selfies of you smiling into the camera. 

So many guys do that and it doesn't say shit about you.

The photos should make you seem interesting and also reflect the fact that you have a life with specific shit you like to do.

For me, my most interesting photos are basically just me in different areas of the world.

Standing in front of a mountain in Argentina to standing in front of some iconic church area in Barcelona with some friends...

Sitting on top of an ice glacier in Argentina also.

Or standing by some really cool waterfall in Colombia....

So on and so on.

If you don't have as many cool as fuck travel photos, then include some photos of doing other shit you like to do.

How about a photo of you playing an instrument if you happen to do that?

Or maybe one of you at some typical beach?

Whatever really -- you get the idea.

And my Tinder bio is some shit like “I’m from the US. I like to travel. I’ve been in Mexico for 4 years. My height is 5’9.”

That’s it.

I've experimented having a short Tinder bio and a very long one.

When it was long, it was basically a more fleshed out description of who I am.

When I did that, I had some chicks really complementing the bio.

However, sometimes I feel having a very long bio can be too much.

At the very least, don't write entire paragraphs.

Just simple one sentence lines with spaces in between if you want to flesh it out with more detail.

Kinda like what you are seeing in this article here.

Or keep it simple.

I've done well keeping it simple also like with the Tinder bio description I provided above.

 Anyway, once you got Tinder Plus, click the purple button on the bottom of the app when you are ready.

What does it do?

When you do click it, it puts your profile to the top of the male profiles for active women in your area to see.

Also, before you do click it, adjust your location settings to be very close to you (like 20 miles).

Then when the purple button is clicked, I’ll just swipe yes to everyone but occasionally say no to someone.

Because I heard that Tinder supposedly punishes you for swiping yes on literally everyone…

So whenever I see a random person who either looks like a….

  • An Instragram hoe promoting her social media..
  • A trans chick.
  • A Venezuelan sex worker (often goes with trans chicks but not always).
  • Someone just way too butt fucking ugly.
  • A random dude (even though my settings are set to female only).
  • If she lives way too far away from me (like 6 hours away or something crazy like that).

And whatever else…

Once I see one of those, I’ll just simply swipe no on them.

Hopefully also Tinder punishes my account less then also despite all of the yes swipes on basically everyone else.

Anyway, while I am swiping on everyone as fast as I can…

I’ll have some hour long music playing like this one below here….

Mojito Lounge Beats

With one hand swiping for 30 minutes as that is how long the purple button lasts for…

And the other hand used for scrolling through the internet casually.

Also, when is the right time to use Tinder Plus?

Supposedly there is a right time to click it but I don’t really give a fuck.

I just click it whenever I feel like it.

However, for the purpose of trying to be at least a little bit helpful here...

I included this paragraph below from this article here that lays out the perfect time to use the "Tinder Plus Boost" or the purple button as I call it:

"When Is the Best Time to Use Tinder Boost? Short answer: Sunday or Monday at 9pm. According to a study of mobile app behavior by Nielson, Sunday at 9pm is Tinder’s most popular hour. They found the highest activity overall between 5pm and 10pm."

You can only click it once a month.

However, you are obviously free to buy another boost for that same month if you want.

I'd recommend to not do that as, in my experience anyway, I can usually pull in enough matches when the first 24 hours after clicking it are over.

If you want to use another boost in the same month, I'd only recommend you use it maybe two weeks after you used it the first time.

Also, don't buy any "Tinder Plus Boost" if you don't have Tinder Plus. From what I've seen, Tinder limits how many people you can swipe without Tinder Plus.

So the boost is basically worthless if you don't have Tinder Plus already.

Anyway, you'll get the boost again the following month assuming you still have a membership.

Also, what about Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum?

Honestly, you don't need either. Tinder Plus has given me more than enough women to go with.

It's the cheapest option also and not necessary to upgrade in my experience.


Once the 30 minutes of the "Tinder Plus Boost" is done...

I simply put the phone down.

I’m not looking at it.

Because usually I’ll get a shit ton of matches….

Around 40 to 100 within the next 24 hours after I’m done swiping.

Messaging the Matches

Ella es la Sensacion del Bloque -- De la Ghetto

So usually I just put the phone down and go get dinner or hang out with a friend or whatever.

Once 24 hours is up, I’ll look at my options.

Right away, I'm going to start un-matching people that I matched with.

Basically anyone of the following like the list above:

  • An Instragram hoe promoting her social media..
  • A trans chick.
  • A Venezuelan sex worker (often goes with trans chicks but not always).
  • Someone just way too butt fucking ugly.
  • A random dude (even though my settings are set to female only).
  • If she lives way too far away from me (like 6 hours away or something crazy like that).


I'll send a copy and paste message to every chick that says something like…

“Que onda (her name)? Quiero conocerte pero no checo Tinder mucho. Pasame tu Whatsapp para conocernos mejor.”

Literally the same shit that I would send to chicks on Bumble or Cupid sites for example.

That message just says “what’s up (her name)? I’d like to meet you but I don’t use Tinder much. Pass me your Whatsapp to know each other better.”

Then I'll send some gif afterwards for comedic effect that works well with the message.

The gif works well supposedly as I get a lot of chicks commenting about it.

Also, as I said before, Whatsapp is just a messaging app that most Latinos use in Latin America.

Needed for dating down here.

Putting Numbers Into Your Phone

Arcangel -- Tengo Tantas Ganas de Ti

Anyway, I’ll usually get around half of the chicks to send me their number.

So on a bad month, I might only get 20 numbers out of 40 matches…

Or 50 numbers out of a 100 on some crazy good night.

With those numbers, I’ll usually put the chicks into my phone as follows….

“X# – Name Age Location”

X is how I met her.

So, when it comes to Tinder, it would simply be T.

For other online tools…

It could be FET (Fetlife).

Or B (for Bumble).

Or MC (Mexican Cupid).

So on and so on….

And the # is simply a number.

Why do I include the number?

Well, if you already have, let’s say, 100 chicks from T (Tinder) into your phone…

Adding more chicks under T scrambles it where the new chicks get mixed into the list with the old ones you don’t talk with much.

So when it’s time to send a copy and paste message to all of the new T chicks (or B), then it becomes a pain in the ass if you happen to have a shit ton of new chicks you got to message on Whatsapp.

By putting in a number like 5 or 9 for “the new batch” of numbers…

Well, my phone organizes it as such where all T9 chicks are put together and not mixed in with everyone else.

It helps me anyway organize all the chicks into my phone

Which, given the amount of chicks I have, makes it easier to send a copy and paste message to all of them.

So as the numbers come in, I just add the numbers as they go in the way described above.

Once a chick has sent me her number, I'll usually respond with something like "OK, te escribo pronto mas tarde cuando salgo de trabajo."

That just means "OK, I'll write you soon later when I leave work."

The reason why I send that message is for a few reasons.

The first being so that I know in the future that I added this chick to my phone already.

I don't always remember who I added into my phone or not unless the later Whatsapp conversation between us is memorable or unless we actually met up.

So sometimes, while I'm scrolling back through Tinder, it has happened where I didn't send a message like that and I would wonder if I should add her number when I might've already.

Also, I might not necessarily even be at work in the moment.

But it doesn't hurt to make them think I'm a super busy man at work right now.

Haha haha haha haha....

Though, the truth is, the real most important reason why I don't write to them right away is because I just want to wait it out until all the numbers come in.

Some chicks take their time in which they'll send me their number maybe 5 hours after I sent the message.

So I'll just wait it out until I feel I got most of the people that I'm going to send the next copy and paste message to.

Also, telling them I'll "write to them later" makes me feel better about sometimes getting back to them 24 hours later.

Especially on a particularly nice month where you maybe get 40 to 50 numbers...

Sending messages to everyone can be time exhausting so sometimes I'll postpone doing it until maybe a day later.

Don't wait too long or else they'll forget you!

But let's get to the next thing to do on Whatsapp.

To Whatsapp

El que te puso a bellaquear -- Wisin y Yandel

After I got numbers from whoever responded, I’ll send a mass text on Whatsapp to everyone at the same hour.

“Que onda. Es Matt de Tinder” is the usual response.

As you can tell, I’m a bit dry.

Sometimes I'll try to add some minor humor to it like "Es Matt el Gringo Malo."

Meaning the "bad gringo."

Half the chicks usually laugh at it and ask "why bad?"

Which can make for some playful banter or whatever at the start.

I don’t usually stress about having some “crazy opener” or some shit like that though normally.

Just do what I feel.

Anyway, I’ll usually start eliminating women from my attention the second the Whatsapp message has been sent to everyone.

You have to.

Because almost always you’ll have some “left over” women in your phone still from “the last batch” of those from Tinder, some Cupid site, Bumble or Fetlife.

A very few of whom you might still be getting around to fucking.

Some random chick from before that you see potential in but simply haven’t asked her out yet.

It becomes a pain in an ass to have a lot of chicks in your phone anyway.

Once you have over 50 chicks in your phone that you are messaging right now, it starts to become annoying.

Over 60?

That starts to piss me off as you try to manage conversations with all of them.

It’s a bit draining in terms of the energy you have to put in to quickly message all of them.

Also, the more chicks you have, obviously the worse your texting skills might seem at first with each chick as you get so focused on responding quickly to the shit ton of incoming messages.

Which is part of the reason why I immediately start looking into zeroing in on specific women and cutting out the "dead weight" that don't seem interested in me.

So we'll  get to that next.

Bonus Tip: When using Whatsapp to talk with all of them, make sure to download Whatsapp into your laptop or computer. For me, it’s so much fucking quicker to respond to each message when typing than texting.

Cut Dead Weight

Nicky Jam ft Daddy Yankee -- Vamos a Perrear

Anyway, like I said, you need to start eliminating women quickly.

Cut out the dead weight.

Women who you feel are not interested in fucking you.

If she ain’t going to fuck, why talk?

Especially as the more time you invest in a chick who doesn't seem likely to fuck is less time you could've invested into a chick who is down to fuck.

From the very second I interact with any woman I want to fuck, my mindset is entirely focused on the likelihood she seems down to fuck.

The second I feel that it is unlikely with any specific chick, I toss her to the side and focus on someone else.

Same thing with texting chicks over Whatsapp.

So let's start cutting out the dead weight.

Right off the bat, it’ll be easy at first as you can expect maybe 1 to 3 women might’ve given you a fake number out of 40 numbers on average.

More or less.

Who knows if they gave a fake number?

But you’ll usually start off with 1 to 3 chicks who simply don’t respond to the first text.

So right away delete your conversation (not the number) from your Whatsapp.

That’s what you need to start doing.

Is, as I said, start chopping out the dead weight who don’t seem interested.

I get some guys would think “well, you need to do some elaborate game to get the chicks who ignored your first message to respond….”


It becomes a pain in the ass to message this many chicks at once.

It doesn’t fucking matter.

One ignores, the rest respond.

Focus on those seems down to talk and fuck later.

Trust me – you want to start eliminating options when you have enough numbers in your phone.

It really does get fucking annoying trying to manage so many different conversations.

By the way...

Some of them might respond a day or two later after seeing your first message.

They are still usually dead weight that simply are very low interest in you.

It’s not unusual for a chick to come back around after ignoring the first message but don’t get your hopes up.

She’s low interest and I find it rarely leads to sex.

Especially if she saw your message and never responded until a day later.

But now let's eliminate chicks by location.

By Location

Daddy Yankee -- Yo Se Que a Ti Te Gusta

Outside of moving beyond the chicks who don’t respond..

Start eliminating chicks now by location.

Send a copy and paste message regarding location

Something to the effect of “Bien. En que ciudad vives? Vivo en (random Latin city)?”

Asking her basically in what city does she live in.

Trust me – Tinder is pretty fucking annoying when it comes to this…

I’ve gotten chicks from Veracruz and Texas while swiping in Mexico City without realizing they lived so far away.

Now, to be fair, not every chick who lives outside of your city is done.

However, most chicks will not travel to see you from one city to the next.

But some will.

Just base it on her investment into the conversation with you.

If she seems into you, I can see her traveling to see you.

No guarantees obviously.

In my experience anyway, they don’t usually travel more than 2 hours one way to see you.

In Mexico City, the most a chick has ever traveled to see me was about 4 hours one trip.

Or 8 hours roundtrip.

But that is extremely rare.

You can expect 2 hours to be the usual limit more or less for chicks who do show more interest in you in the conversation.

Having said that, a few other things…

For one, you don’t need to offer to pay her bus ticket.

The only time I ever did that was when I was in La Paz, Bolivia years ago and I offered to pay the bus ticket of a chick I already hooked up with often to see me from the Bolivian city of Cochabamba.

You can read more about that here.

For her, paying for her 10 dollar bus ticket was worth it because she was one of the best chicks I ever fucked.

But for most women, I wouldn’t fuck with it.

Also because, in my experience, a woman who will travel those 2 hours or whatever length of time (La Paz to Cocha is much longer than 2 hours) will usually pay it herself.

They almost never ask if I’ll cover it.

And I wouldn’t.

So let her do it.

Second, know her.

Does she have her own job?

Live with her parents still?

It’s not uncommon for folks down here to live with their parents without a stable career for longer than how Americans up home do it.

We Americans tend to leave the house earlier.

However, it depends on what part of Latin America you are in.

In Mexico City?

Well, that’s less true as you have more independent people at a younger age.

Regardless, if you are trying to get if she is able to travel to see you, keep in mind her ability to do so.

Like if she even has her own job to pay for that bus ticket to get to you.

And, above all, if she even has an interest in you.

If she doesn’t seem into you by text, forget about it.

And forget about her.

Focus on the other chicks you got numbers from.

But now let's focus on one other obvious factor you can use to eliminate chicks from your interest...

By Interest

Tego Calderon -- Pa' Que Retozen

Another obvious factor is by how interested she is into you.

As I said before, the mindset is to zero in on chicks who are into you and don't waste time on the ones who are time wasters.

That'll only save you time that you can focus on the chicks who are actually down to fuck.

If she is engaging in the conversation, I’d focus more on her than any typical chick.

And it's usually pretty obvious if she is into you or not by text.

Granted, some chicks to be fair are fairly busy in the moment.

Maybe she has to put the phone down and take a test.

Or get back to work that she is very busy at.

Perhaps she got onto the metro and can't respond for the next hour or two.

Don't take it too personally when you occasionally got a gap in whenever she responds.

I know some guys think that way and count every hour since she last responded.

That's kinda retarded.

Granted, if it is a consistent thing where she always responds hours later after your last text...

Obviously, she doesn't care that much about talking with you.

And that's even more obvious when her responses are only one sentence answers or just a few word answers...

Without ever contributing much to the conversation.

Never asking you questions.


So I don't need to explain that I think -- it should be obvious if she is interested in you or not.

Anyway, there's one other thing that I think some guys might wonder about as a factor to eliminate chicks or not.

Too Conservative?

Cojela que va sin jockey

This is another thing to maybe consider.

Some guys might think that some women are "simply too conservative" to fuck so soon...

And maybe that is a factor to watch out for when it comes to who to prioritize?

I'd say this is half bullshit and half truth.

Let me explain.

As I wrote here, Latinas down here are not necessarily the most faithful women on the planet.

As you can also see in these examples here.

I personally feel a vast majority of people on the planet is down to do promiscuous things.

Like hookup on the first date or cheat on their partner.

It simply requires the right conditions and the right person to work with to make it happen.

Like the right person that she is attracted who knows what he is doing at the right time.

Just for a personal story or two...

When I was in Barranquilla, Colombia, I had a date with a Peruvian chick named Katherine.

In the back of a bar named Bar del Moe, we were alone out of sight from the bartender and nobody else was in the bar...

To this day, she was arguably the most conservative woman I ever went on a date with.

Though we didn't fuck (because she wanted to save herself until marriage)...

We still ended up alone on a sofa out of sight from anyone with her hand down my pants jerking me off while I had my hand around the back fingering her.

Oh mami, que tradicional eres....

And I can think of similar examples to that...

Another Peruvian chick funny enough who was quite conservative that I met years ago in Mexico City...

Who I ultimately had sex with...

But on the first date, her and I were alone in a secluded part of Bosque de Chapultepec when the park was about to close...

With her against a tree where we were touching each other.



Similarly, as you can read about here, I once met an Argentine chick named Tami in Buenos Aires years ago.

Who asked what I was looking for on Tinder and I said "whatever really."

Then she went on a 5 minute monologue about how...

"Good. I ain't one of those gals who fucks on the first date. I'm conservative!"

What happened before the second date?

She sent me a nude pic of her naked ass with her pink panties around her knees without me even asking for it...

And ultimately we got a hotel for ourselves a few days later.

I remember still her mostly undressed in some nice red lingerie and coming towards me ready to be fucked.

"I ain't like the other hoes!"

None of this is to brag by the way...

I've been rejected by plenty of women obviously.

Which is a side point -- you have to have a thick skin and handle any rejection well if you want to fuck lots of chicks.

You don't get to fuck every woman on the planet.

Even the dude with the best of everything is going to get shit thrown his way.

Just the way it is.

But the point I'm making is to not pay too much mind to how conservative or religious she portrays herself.

In fact, the more obsessed she seems in portraying herself that way, the more likely she is a bit easy I'd argue.

Like a woman who is coping with her insecurity for how slutty she knows she is and now has to announce to the whole world about how she is "not like the other hoes."

Over-compensation really.

You ain't fooling anyone, Tami.

And as I said, really most women are willing to bend or break their rules for the right man if he knows what he is doing at the right time.

Having said all of that, I do pay attention to if she is giving signs that she is easy.

Mostly shit she posts on social media.

Like if she posts sexually suggestive memes or whatever on her Whatsapp history, Instagram, etc.

Or if she has photos of her at the club showing a lot of skin.

So when it comes to this topic of screening for how conservative she is...

Don't give any fucks about how "conservative" she wants people to think she is...

Only if she is really over the top with proving to others that she is different and not easy.

Which, like Tami, might be a sign that she is easy.


Only really care about the opposite -- if she is portraying herself to be sexually open to the public online.

That's an obvious sign of a woman you'd want to prioritize over other women.

Assuming of course that she seems into you and is close enough to you obviously.

So having covered the four main things I use to eliminate or prioritize chicks:

  • If she even responds to the first text
  • Her location
  • Her interest in me through the conversation….
  • How easy she portrays herself

I take it from there.

And will prioritize quickly which chicks I want to meet up with.

But let's quickly address one important thing.

Text Game

Lo que pasó pasó!

Any guy reading this has probably heard the terms "text game" or "day game" or "night game" or....


"Online Game."

Whats's that?!

Jokes aside, I'll be honest in saying that I don't feel I am a "game expert."

I have come across random Youtube videos a few times in my life that touch the subject of "game."

But I honestly never gave much of a fuck about it.

I only mention this because I don't want people thinking I'm claiming to be a "PUA" or a "game expert" or some shit like that.

As I said, I'm literally just some random ass dude who does what works for him to get some ass whenever it happens.

Having said that again, I'm also bringing up this topic because it would be dumb not to otherwise.

Since so much of the beginning is focused on getting matches and texting chicks.

So obviously the topic of "Text Game" or "what the fuck do you say?" over text should be brought up.

Just warning you though ahead of time that I never really studied "text game" so I'm not claiming to be shit.

I literally just do what works for me.

But this is what I do and some of it has already been said.

First, as I said, I will send that first text on Whatsapp....

"Que Onda. Es Matt de Tinder."

With sometimes something like "el Malo Gringo" or "bad gringo" for a tiny bit of slight humor to it.

What do I say when the chicks laugh and respond "why bad?"

I honestly don't fucking know.

I don't have a canned line.

Sometimes it'll be in relation to her Tinder profile.

Maybe she has some shit in her Tinder bio like "fan of x sports team" or whatever.

And I'll just fuck with her and say "well I'm a fan of the other team"

Dumb shit mostly.

It's not sophisticated.

All light hearted.

Whatever I say will mostly just be dependent on the context between us and what little I know about her based on her profile.

Or whatever comes to mind in the moment.

After that, we'll usually carry the conversation forward and talk about whatever.

Usually though I'll try not to have the conversation too focused on the basic ass questions of "what do you do for work?" and other shit like that.

Questions like that will likely be brought up by her and so probably mixed in the conversation somehow.

But they won't get you anywhere.

It's fine to bring them up but don't lean on them.

The conversation should be one in which you make her think you are interesting and also in which she is laughing or getting good vibes from you.

That's it.

The last part is more important though in my opinion -- creating good vibes and having her laugh a little bit.

But mostly all in the purpose of simply trying to rope her into engaging more into the conversation.

The more engaging she is, obviously the more down she'll be for meeting you and maybe fucking.

So that's really all I do here.

Nothing I say is canned or same shit I say to other chicks except for 3 copy and paste messages that I have.

The first one being the "que onda" text at the beginning.

At some point in our conversation, I told you already that I'll ask her for her location in terms of city.

From there, I'll probably ask also by which metro station she lives at so I can get an idea of how close or far away she is.

Finally, I'll ask her what is she looking for by Tinder (in the beginning or whenever really).

Usually when I do that, I'll give her some options to respond to like if she is looking for a relationship, some drinks with somebody or whatever really.

The third option is usually some dumb shit that gets chicks laughing but it varies as I usually just write some shit down at the end for the third option.

But it's basically to get her laughing a little more and also to get a sense of what she is looking for.

Maybe a relationship? Cool.

Is she down for drinks?

Even if she doesn't mention it in her response, I'll usually ask if she drinks or not ever.

Mostly because that's the answer I'm hoping she responds to.

Many do but sometimes a few won't mention if they drink or not right away.

So we go from there and I'll get talking with her about what does she like to drink so on and so forth.

Depending on how the conversation is going and how engaging she is...

I'll usually try to make plans with her at some point to meet up by my area.

Mentioning how I got some drinks at home and there's plenty of bars nearby.

And how it'd be cool to just hang out with her for a tiny bit first.

Most of them are usually down and will make plans there.

That doesn't mean any don't flake though.

To be honest, some might but it's usually easy to spot if she isn't engaging in the conversation with you afterwards.

If she is, I wouldn't worry if she flakes or not.

And I wouldn't either way if you have other chicks available and if she is coming to meet you.

Plus, as I said, I usually keep engaging with them casually for a tiny bit afterwards whenever I got time leading up to the day we meet up.

On the day we do, I'll send her a location of the area where we are meeting as a indirect way to confirm she still down.

Anyway, that's how I do it.

As I said, I'm not some "text game" expert or "game expert" at all really.

Literally I'm just some random dude who does what works for me.

If you have some way you like to text chicks, leave a comment below and I'd be always glad to hear how you do shit.

But let's move on now to some other aspects of Whatsapp that you'll notice before you ever meet up with anyone.

Reviving Chicas

Yaga & Mackie -- Acechandote

As I said, some chicks will, for whatever reason, seem not down to fuck.

While you should forget about them and focus on the chicks who are down....

Don't delete their numbers from the phone itself.

When you are “eliminating chicks,” I just mean delete the conversations you had on Whatsapp.

That makes it a lot easier to find chicks you are serious with meeting up with.

But also keeping chicks you didn’t do shit with can be helpful in the long run.

It doesn’t hurt.

Just delete the conversation from Whatsapp but not the number from the phone.

The reason is because it can be easy to “draw women back in” so to speak.

With Whatsapp, you post random photos into your History that all your contacts can see.

I usually aim for travel photos or photos of shit I cook for example.

Funny memes in Spanish also.

With that, you’ll easily enough get chicks who were low interest to send you messages when they see those photos.

Helping re initiate the conversation without you starting the new conversation….

And getting her – whoever she is – to be more interested in you.

Subsequently, some of these “revived” chicks can be easy to do shit with.

Maybe she didn’t give a fuck about you before and was low energy as you just another dude from Tinder…

One out of a thousand.

But now you posted some shit on Whatsapp that she liked.

Easy to go from there in a conversation.

And set shit up to meet her in your area.

Maybe fuck?

Either way, I don’t delete numbers for that reason mostly.

Also because sometimes you get chicks “reviving” themselves without you doing shit.

Where they just bored as fuck and messaging whoever they got in the phone.

Granted, over half of those chicks won’t do shit.

They just fishing for attention.

It'll usually happen with someone you gave your number to maybe around 6 months to a year prior.

Someone you likely never met in person.

Sometimes it could be much longer than that!

Two years ago or so, I had one chick message me saying that we matched on Tinder two years prior to her messaging me that day.

I was in a relationship then so I couldn't do shit.

But sometimes it can be longer than a year even!

However, once in a very rare blue moon, some of them will be down to meet up with you.

I've had it happen before.

Just don't count on it.

But now that we have covered everything I do personally over online tools and Whatsapp...

Once you start organizing dates, here's something I do to help me organize them and not forget anyone I made plans with.

The Doc

Yandel -- Dembow

To keep it simple, I have a document in my laptop titled "Citas."

Where I will write down the basic details of chicks I got dates with coming up in the week.

Bonus Tip: Don't set up dates more than a week in advance. When making plans, some chicks will try to set something up more than a week later. In my experience, most Latinas will completely forget any plan was made for "Friday of next week." Instead, if she throws that idea out there, tell her something like "maybe but I'll get back to you on that." Then get back to her later if you have any free days next week and if she seemed into you.

Anyway, I've had cases years ago where I simply forgot dates were coming up.

Or mixed dates up.

If you end up really piling dates up a lot...

Which, to be honest, can be fucking annoying.

I know some guys will try to set up multiple dates in the same day...

One after another...

I've done that before and it's fucking annoying.

There's logistical issues.

Some dudes will bullshit you and say "I set up dates at the same time! Two Dates for 3 PM on Thursday and I CANCEL one of them!"


It might be true.

But why the fuck would you do that?

I get some guys are sensitive to flaky chicks.

I don't give a fuck.

I'm not traveling to see her.

If she doesn't make it...

Well, I'll keep doing the shit I was already putting my attention towards.

However, I think it's retarded to set up two dates on the same hour.

What if you want to fuck both of them?

If you cancel on the literal last second on one of them after she already traveled to see you, then she will probably forget your ass.

Sure, you minimize your risk of not having a date for that specific hour...

But who gives a fuck?

If I really wanted a date that day that fucking badly, I'd just have the second chick stop by a few odd hours after the first date.

But, being honest, that also can be fucking tiresome.

If the first date flakes, not so much.

But if the first one doesn't and we had sex...

I don't want to meet the second one being honest.

And even if we didn't have sex in the first one...

I don't want to dedicate the whole fucking day to dates.

I want to do other shit.

Anyway, that's a side ramble.

I never could get how dudes set up multiple dates in the same day.

If I already came once that day, I'm good!

Anyway, like I said, I have an online document called "Citas" where I simply write down the details of the date.

The chick's name from how it is in my phone, where we meeting, the hour and what we agreed to do initially.

Just to help me not forget.

From there, I'll simply casually remind the chicks that the date is coming up if it is more than a few days into the week.

By keeping a simple convo with her....

And then telling her on the day of the date the exact location of where we meeting.

Which helps as a indirect way to confirm that we still meeting and to remind her also.

Who Should Travel?

Yomo Ft. Hector El Father -- Dejale Caer to El Peso

I’m pretty quick with setting up dates with chicks.

Very quick after getting the number.

We carry on the conversation from before as I’m getting a feel for each chick quickly…

Then, after I’ve eliminated a handful of chicks, I’m focusing more on the ones that seem like the best and most likely options.

Now, as I wrote elsewhere, I don’t usually anymore travel to see a chick.

I always aim to have her travel to my location near my apartment.

There’s different reasons for this.

First, as I wrote here, you might be new to her particular city and don’t know the different neighborhoods…

So if you travel to her area, you might literally be going to a shit neighborhood.

Which might seem like a normal hood to her but a bad one to you.

And even though you will fuck some of those chicks…

Not all of them come with best intentions.

As I wrote here, there was one Brazilian chick who tried setting me up to get robbed or some shit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Travel to my hood” she said.

Then all my friends in the city be like “No, fuck that hoe, her hood is the hood. She wants to fuck you up.”

I looked her up on Facebook.

Did some research.

Found out she was full of shit.

Was setting me up.

I never went there.

You can read more about that chick here.

Next, it doesn’t make sense.

If you want to fuck her on that date, you need a place to fuck.

Some chicks will be like “let’s meet at a middle ground between our areas.”

So then where we going to fuck?

In a park?

Her apartment ain’t nearby and neither is mine.

Because it’s in the middle between where we both live.

So it doesn’t make sense.

And even if we met in her neighborhood, there’s no guarantee we fuck.

Less guarantee actually.

As some chicks tend to be super autistic about how other people judge them sexually.

So if she lives with family, you obviously ain’t fucking at her place.

If she has roommates, it’s quite possible she won’t feel comfortable fucking there because she may not want her roommates to think she is a hoe.

Also, it's not uncommon for chicks from sites like Tinder to have boyfriends or husbands you don't know about.

In cases like that, it's easy to convince her to stop by your area and they are usually down to fuck.

But obviously you won't be doing it at her place since it's too risky for her.

She will almost always, in my experience, feel more comfortable fucking at your place where nobody knows her regardless of which of those issues above are relevant. 

Unless she has to get up really early in the morning for work and happens to be down ahead of time for spending the night together.

On that note, meeting in her hood also sucks because you don’t got logistics well known.

You don’t know which parks or bars to take her to…

In your hood, you do.

In hers?

No you don’t.

And on the topic of logistics, you simply have it all more set down to your benefit and knowledge.

You know where to take her before going to your place.

And your place is close by.

Which brings me to the next point…

“Close by”

When she has to travel to see you, it’s nice obviously.

You don’t have to leave your place.

You can do whatever the fuck you want until she shows up.

You are not interrupting your schedule.

Doing shit you don’t want to do.

Like traveling an hour in some city most would call “third world” to find her ass.

Which is another point – no likelihood of getting lost now in a place you don’t know.

Either way, she shows up when she does.

Which, in Latina time, means being 10 to 15 minutes late usually….

That’s another benefit – you aren’t wasting 10 to 15 minutes with your dick in your hand in some random part of the city waiting for her to show up like a responsible adult on time.

When she shows up, she tells you by text.

Then you walk out of your place to see her.

It handles so many of the other issues mentioned above…

Where you don’t drop your schedule for her…

Do whatever you want until she shows up.

Don’t get lost in some random city.

Not having to wait 10 to 15 minutes while she shows up late anyway in her hood…

And you commit even less to her.

In this case, you committed less time.

No commute time to her area.

All around, you ain’t doing shit you don’t want to.

Like traveling to her area.

And you can just focus on whatever you are doing.

When she shows up, you walk outside to get her near your area.

With all the logistics benefiting you to fuck her soon.

Anyway, there’s more reasons for why you shouldn’t travel to her area but I’ll leave it at that.

Side Point: I'd consider it fine to travel to see her if she traveled from her city to yours to meet you. If that is the case, ask her for a selfie to know where she is exactly and what she looks like. I'd usually not pick her up at the bus station if I don't get a selfie.

The only other thing I'd like to mention is that there is one benefit to fucking at her place....

But this point is also tied to another point about picking the right place to have for fucking.

The Right Apartment

En la Disco Bailoteo - Wisin & Yandel

Which is that there is always the possibility that you bringing lots of chicks to your place over a short time period will piss someone off in your apartment building.

Be it the landlord or the person at the door.

With the landlord, they might simply not appreciate you treating their place like a motel.

The person at the door could be a local incel dude who is a guard and who is jealous at you "the gringo" is getting pussy and he ain't.

Or could just be a chick who hates seeing men do well.

So fucking some of these chicks at their place can be a little beneficial here.

But if you have issue with the landlord or the person at the door, it might be best to find a better place.

I know of one guy when I lived in Pachuca who tried bringing lots of chicks back to his place in the same building I lived in.

Where the building had a little family store in front of it that you would have to bring chicks past to get to the apartment.

Anyway, he only got a few chicks past before the family started protesting.

But here's some tips for how to deal with this:

First, don't get a place that happens to be part of a family's house.

So like some family renting out a room in their house or a homestay.

Second, it is preferable that the landlord doesn't live in the same building but it could be OK.

Third, if the landlord comes across as very religious, that could be an issue.

One time, I visited some apartment in Mexico City and the landlord said that one of his rules is that nobody is allowed to view porn online while living there.

For religious reasons, I assumed.

Which is obviously an issue since I imagine he probably wouldn't be down for you fucking chicks back at his place then if he is somehow monitoring if anyone is viewing porn in his building.

Even worse for me since I make affiliate money recommending porn sites -- but he didn't know that.

For obvious reasons, I didn't stay at his apartment.

Fourth, try picking a place that doesn't have a guard at the door or any person who can see you bringing in lots of chicks.

I  get some guys are too chicken shit to live in Latin America without a guard because of security concerns....

But I've never had any issue of someone trying to break into my place.

Granted, it could happen.

But without the guard or someone at some front desk, there is nobody extra who can judge you and make a complaint to the landlord about how you like to fuck strangers.

Though, to be honest, I do have a security guard now at my current place where I am staying.

So far he hasn't had any issue with me bringing in chicks.

But you never know.

He is a younger guy though that seems pretty chill.

Like I said, maybe an older religious guy would have issues.

Anyway, if you do have a guard or whatever....

Fifth, be very nice with them. If you have pizza coming in, maybe offer them a slice. Just be nice and they'll less likely fuck with you.

Sixth, be very clear with the landlord ahead of time about what are the rules regarding guests visiting you.

Specifically the following questions....

Are guests permitted?

Can guests stay the night?

Are there any additional fees to having guests simply visit me and/or stay the night?

If the rules regarding these questions are not favorable, I don't stay there.

And it's ideal too if they have some contract you sign that has those rules laid out regarding guests so you can always point back to it if needed.

Having said all that....

Since we are on the topic of picking the right place to fuck, I'd like to add a few more points.

First, it's obviously ideal to have a nicer place that is more spacious.

But not necessary.

During my first year in Mexico City, I had a one bedroom place in a shared apartment building where the room itself was literally the size of a closet basically with a shared bathroom.

I had no problem bringing chicks back to fuck.

Maybe a few didn't like the place and decided against it?

But it was fine for a lot of women and I have no issue fucking them there.

Next, how important is location of your apartment?

As long as the apartment is near easily accessible public transportation that is only 10 minutes of walking distance away at most...

With enough parks and bars nearby....

It should be good.

And as long as it doesn't have a terrible reputation for being dangerous.

So with that said, you don't have to live in the most touristy part of town.

I prefer to not live in touristy areas and have never had much of an issue bringing chicks back.

Let’s leave it at that though and move on.

How Many Dates to Fuck?

Aparentemente - Yaga & Mackie x Arcangel x De La Ghetto

This is the next thing you need to ask yourself -- do you want to aim for sex on the first date?

Obviously, there are some chicks, like Tami, who in theory never fuck on the first date supposedly.

Though she probably has at one point.

But you get the idea -- some chicks emphasize it to themselves to not do that so they can feel not too slutty.

Either way, a vast majority of women I have noticed will fuck on the first date with the right guy.

But I get why some guys would argue that maybe they shouldn't push for sex on the first date.

Here's my thoughts on the matter.

First, as I said, most chicks will fuck on the first date if it's with the right guy who knows what he is doing.

Second, you always need to get a feel for the chick you are with.

Read her body language.

How comfortable does she seem with you?

That will help you decide how quick to push things.

If you push things too fast with any woman, it's easy that she could feel intimidated and leave the date.

Even though you could've fucked her in an hour later.

In that sense, some chicks need the extra hour to fuck.

In other cases, some chicks will literally suck your dick in the first 5 minutes of meeting you.

I've had both happen!

And I've also had some chicks leave because I likely pushed too quickly.

Regardless, you'll never be perfect at guestimating the pace you need to go.

With Tami, I thought I'd never fuck her.

I was wrong.

With that Peruvian chick who gave me a handjob in the back of a Colombian bar that I mentioned already?

I thought for sure I was going to fuck her.

I literally had her pussy in the palm of my hand.

No fucking for me -- only a handjob.

God damn it.

So you'll never be perfect at guestimating it.

So, having said all of this now, some chicks will require even the second date to fuck.

That's the pace they go at for you specifically.

Maybe not for everyone -- but for you specifically in this case.

That Peruvian chick I was fucking around with at Bosque de Chapultepec that I mentioned before?

We fucked on the third date.

You have to be able to guestimate how much you can "test the waters" with any specific chick.

For this reason, I can see the logic behind going for sex on a later date with someone specific.

That's really the main reason I find behind why you'd wait ever beyond the first date.

Having said that, I don't really have that much patience anymore to wait until the second date unless the chick in question is someone I really like on a personal level.

In which I want to lower the risk of "scaring the cat" so to speak with someone that I have great vibes with.

Which in ironic since someone I have great vibes with is likely someone I could fuck on the first date.

But, as I said, I'll lower the risk of scaring her off if I actually like her as a person on a personal level.

Either way, how should you go about it then if you want to pursue sex instead beyond the first date?

First, have a standard and progress towards it.

Don't wait around forever to fuck.

The longest I have ever waited was 4 dates with a chick named Daniela about 3 years ago in Mexico City.

And that was because back then I had more patience beyond the first date and also I liked her a lot on a personal level.

But have a standard anyway.

Maybe 3 dates?

Aim for that.

I find if you are doing things right and you two still haven't fucked by the 3rd date....

Honestly, she probably isn't that in to you or you are moving too slowly for whatever reason.

As I said way back in this article, have the mindset to know when to cut ties with any chick.

When you realize that any continued interaction with her from the second you first start talking with her isn't going to lead to anything.

And each date should be you two getting more intimate each time so that you can fuck then on the second or third date if you want to wait it out a tiny bit.

Second, I'd caution against traveling to see her on the first date even if you want to wait until the second or third date to fuck.

There's a few reasons for that...

For one, it makes it impossible for you to travel to the first date and find out she flaked on you.

While chicks can flake on you even after you met them in person....

I can't remember that happening for a very long time and almost no chicks in my experience flake on the second date if the first one went well.

So while you are at risk of a flake on the first date...

I'd simply then have her travel to see you on the first date.

If she flakes, then you didn't waste time on someone who flakes.

If she shows up, then you can still take your shot at fucking her that date since you are near your place...

But even if you don't take your shot, you can feel comfortable in knowing that she probably won't flake on the second date.

Finally, some chicks will try to negotiate with you on location of dates.

Especially if she lives not too close by.

For that reason, you can negotiate with her however you want to lead things towards sex however you want.

Maybe you do travel to see her on the first date?

Not recommended but I have done that before.

Then you two can fuck on the second date when she is by your place.

Or maybe you travel to see her on the second date but then she travels to see you on the third....

So, being that third date is the limit, you have it at your place then on the final day to take your shot.

Whatever the fuck you want to do.

As I said, I use to fuck around with trying to travel to see her on the second date or wait until a later date beyond the first to fuck her...

I don't do that anymore and I want to caution some guys against it since I've found so many women are open to fucking on the first date if you have the balls to lead it towards that.

So I don't have the patience anymore to wait two or three dates for most chicks unless there was a personal connection between us.

But let's get to how I do things anyway on the date when I'm trying to fuck her.

Where to Set Up the Date?

Dale Calor -- Hector el Father

I keep it simple.

I don’t spend shit usually.

With me, everything is transactional.

Like I don’t know who you are so you ain’t getting shit from me until I get some shit.

So I keep it simple.

Once she tells me she has shown up, I walk out to find her.

There she is.

Take her by the hand…

Maybe do the kiss on the cheek thing that Latinas do…

Sometimes right for the lips if we've had a lot of chemistry over text.

Then take her hand and lead her to wherever.

For me, I always take chicks to a park first.

In the past, I used to sometimes take chicks to a cafe or a bar.

However, I don't do cafes anymore because I don't like the experience.

I don't like drinking coffee.

So it's either a bottle of water or a cup of black tea.

Which black tea would be great actually.

But the problem is that the places where I'd get black tea from are usually the closest Starbucks as most cafes in Mexico and Latin America don't serve cold black tea.

And I don't want to take her to the Starbucks because I go there often and the baristas know me on a good level.

So I don't want them to think I'm some dude who is trying to fuck every woman he can if I were to constantly bring new chicks there.

Plus, Starbucks is special to me.

It's where I go to relax.

If you want me to take you there, you better be a chick I'm getting serious with beyond sex.

We have to be on solid ice for you to be invited to the Holy Land of Black Tea.

I remember when I brought that Mexican chick named Daniela that I mentioned before to Starbucks....

It was like introducing her to my family.

Or a drug dealer.

A drug dealer who supplies me with black tea.


I also don't do cafes because the vibe isn't right for fucking on the first date.

They're usually playing jazz music or some shit when I'd rather have the sexually suggestive reggaeton shit I've been filling up this article with.

Also, I always feel like the crowd that goes to a cafe is more judgemental of two young people making out than the crowd at a bar.

What about the bar?

As I said, everything is transactional.

I might take a chick to a bar first if we have already made out.

If we haven’t had the slightest bit of intimacy, then no drinks.

Same would be true if I still took chicks to cafes.

Having said that, I don’t usually take chicks to the bar even if we were making out at the park.

It’s almost always a chick that I have made out with and it being someone I like on a personal level.

For example, some months ago, I went on a date with a chick named Karla.

Some white Mexican chick who was some literal scientist working on COVID related shit in a lab.

It was funny with her actually…

When we finished fucking, she had concerns “ah fuck, if you had COVID, well I got it now….”

Well, thankfully, I didn’t infect her.

Regardless, before we did fuck on that date, I remember sitting down with her on some stone bench on Reforma Avenue…

And I liked her personality so much that I thought “fuck, want a drink?”

I was cool with taking her to a bar nearby.

I guess that’s where it is with me.

We have had to have some minor intimacy beforehand and also I have to like your personality beyond just wanting to fuck you.

If that’s the case, then I’ll buy you a beer if you want.

So if I don't usually take chicks to a bar or a cafe on the first date....

Where we going?

Other Options for the First Date

Baila Morena -- Hector y Tito Ft. Don Omar / Glory

Slightly depends.

For some chicks, we could take a walk.

It's very rare for a chick to want to walk a few hours though for obvious reasons.

People get tired.

So if it's the walking date, then we obviously need a long ass avenue to walk down that has benches.

In Mexico City, Reforma Avenue is perfect for this.

Near where I live now, I actually discovered some avenue I never been to before that I found would work equally well.

I think it's called Insurgentes Sur Avenue but I'm not sure.

Near Copilco Metro area.

Anyway, you also have some chicks who literally show up just to fuck right away.

Like Elsa who wanted to skip the bullshit and go back to my place like I said.

Or this chick I met here in Pedregal de Santo Domingo in Mexico City.

Actually, the very first Mexican chick I ever fucked was a chick named Stephanie who literally showed up right outside my apartment building in the second week of my time in Mexico City.

So it does happen!

Most chicks won't be that easy though but it's not uncommon.

If you are looking for that, I'd also strongly using FetLife because chicks on that website are down to fuck right away more than anywhere else I've seen.

Granted, that website is a sausage fest of mostly dudes so you don't have too many options to be fair.

But some good chicks pass by from it occasionally like the one I wrote about here.

Anyway, if it isn't one of the two possibilities above...

I'm taking her ass either straight to my apartment.

Where she might've not necessarily agreed to fucking right away but we just going there "for drinks."

With the hopes we fuck right away.

Or, in many cases, I'm taking her to a park.

So let's get to what happens at the park....

And then we'll cover what I do at my place because it always ends up "going to my place for drinks."

The Date

Nicky Jam -- Me Voy Pal Party

At the park, we will get talking at some park bench.

When I’m very active, I prefer either having a bunch of parks near me or some big park.

In Mexico City, that would’ve been usually Bosque de Chapultepec for the big park.

But I don’t live near that area anymore.

The problem with the small parks is that sometimes someone can notice your ass if you there with new people often.

Usually some street hustler who stops by the area often selling shit always.

Almost always that.

It’s never a real problem though.

They will almost always keep their mouth shut and not say shit.

But who knows.

Either way, what I do at the park is pretty simple.

I'll usually prefer a park bench that doesn't have anyone else sitting there obviously so she feels more comfortable to make out.

Even better if it's a park bench more out of sight from other park benches.

But that's not necessary.

Either way, we sit down at the park bench and just shoot the shit.

Talk about whatever.

Similar to when I was texting her, it'll be more centered around trying to get her to carry the conversation more.

Be engaging.

And to get her in general to feel comfortable with me, have good vibes with her and hopefully get her to laugh a bit.

That's all it is.

Meanwhile, I'm slowly trying to get more physical with her.

Which is why I usually aim to take their hand on the spot when I see them at the metro.

Just a way to break the ice early with getting her comfortable with getting more physical.

It never really happens for a chick to say that she doesn't feel comfortable holding hands as you lead her to the park.

At the park, you then slowly get more physical.

Ultimately, you're just trying to have good vibes and get her more comfortable with you.

That's it.

At some point, you'll go for the first kiss.

If she gives you the cheek, don't say shit or take it personal.

It's really rare for a chick to do that if you have done everything right up to this point.

But it could happen -- like always, never take anything personal or get emotional or angry with her if she happens to want to slow down your progression.

That'll just make her think you a fag and she'll run off.

If you go back to trying to progress things physically with her at an appropriate pace, then she'll likely be cool.

And maybe you two will fuck.

Anyway, that's all it is.

Make her feel comfortable.

Get her to laugh.

Have good vibes.

Get her to engage more in the conversation and carry more of it.

Which you'll only get when she likes you more during the conversation.

And just try to get more physical with her little by little.

Until the point where you two are making out at the park.

For me, it'll usually take about 15 to 45 minutes before we start making out.

But, like I said, some chicks move much faster than that!

Years ago, I had some white Mexican chick whose name was Elsa I think or some shit like that...

Where I took her to a park in Roma Norte area.

And after a few minutes sitting down, she said "why don't we just go back to your place?"

So we did and we got right to fucking.

Then other chicks, like I said, need more time.

As I said, every chick is different and goes at a different pace.

You have to be able to guestimate the pace you should go at by reading her the best you can.

Anyway, after we are done making out, I'll usually take her back to my place right away.

The Last Hour

Zion & Lennox -- Hay Algo en Ti

“The Last Hour”

Sounds like some dramatic shit in some Box Office movie, doesn’t it?

I’m too drunk right now to come up with a better subtitle.

Anyway, it’s the last hour.

Back at my place.

“Want some drinks?”

Usually I’ll ask “what liquor you prefer?”

Once in a very rare blue moon, it’ll be a chick who says that she wants beer.

So we might get a beer can along the way back to my place…

But it never happens usually as most chicks tend to go with the flow with whatever the fuck you say.

So “rum, vodka, tequila, brandy, what?”

Never brandy.

Seems like nobody my fucking age ever drinks it.

It’s good shit though!

Anyway, she’ll specify whatever with whatever juice to mix it with…

I’ll make it and ask her to try it out if I happen to want the same thing…

Just to make sure it’s not too strong for her since I tend to make my drinks very strong for myself.

Usually it’s fine though.

If not, I’ll take the drink and have it myself.

Then make her something weaker.

However, it’s usually pointless to make the drinks.

It’s like an exercise that is needed because you can’t just “get to fucking” usually the second you step inside your place.

Sometimes you can!

If she is a chick who was open to fucking before you even met online.

Then you’d have skipped the park/bar thing and she’d have shown up directly to your place to fuck.

To be honest, I sometimes feel like I waste the liquor I pour these fucking chicks when it’s not like that.

When you need “the routine.”

Where we both pretend that we aren’t about to fuck in the next 5 minutes…

And I have to pour drinks for both of us and ask “is it good?” to her….

Even though she is literally only going to sip maybe a 20th of the drink during our brief conversation about whatever before we get to making out…

In which the routine is the same as before....

Make her feel comfortable.

Keep her engaged in the conversation.

Get her to laugh a bit.

Maybe ask her what music she likes and have it playing from your laptop.

Whatever really, same shit as before.

While you two are making out...

To which we get more physical quickly enough.

And we ended up fucking.

Then we finish.

Let's wrap this up now.

Final Thoughts

Khriz y Angel -- Ven Bailalo

It’s really not that fucking complicated.

As you can see, I keep things extremely simple.

For me, it’s very much a “my way or the highway.”

If a chick ever plays hard at any point from the second we match online....

Like her having trouble giving me her number from Tinder from that copy and paste message…

To her not wanting to travel to my neighborhood on the first date…

And whatever else.

Well, then we ain’t doing shit.

Like I said, my mindset is very much cut out the ones who want you to sing and dance.

The ones who also don't seem interested in you.

And those who, for whatever other reason, simply don't seem likely that you'll be able to fuck.

Once you learn how to collect a lot of numbers in a very time efficient manner...

Then all my patience goes out the door for the chicks who want to play difficult.

And even if you don't get too many numbers too quickly...

You simply always have to be realistic with yourself in terms of "if this specific chick could really be down to fuck?"

If you ever think it's not likely, then drop her right away.

Go for the next one.

Because, as I said, the time spent pursuing a dead end is time taken away from going after chicks who are very much down to fuck.

Either way, that’s one thing that is true….

A chick who “plays difficult” any step of the way will always be difficult.

There ain’t no convincing a chick to go from “playing difficult” to “playing easy.”

Well, sure – some of them will suck your dick.

But, to me, it’s not worth the effort.

Also, it's not just about sex either.

The time going after a chick who simply isn't into you is also time taken away from doing other shit you enjoy doing.

Like working to expand your income...

And also hanging out with friends….

Doing hobbies…

And whatever else....

Where I got personal shit I deal with sometimes as some regular readers know.

So she don’t play?

Well, ok….

If you don’t want to play, it’s cool.

Like in this article here where this Mexican chick was playing easy until she showed up and wanted to play hard.


Play hard.

Go home then.

I got other shit to do.

If she play hard, the next one play easy.

Which is actually true that I found.

One plays hard, the next one will probably be easy.

There's always another one that is easy to find when you get good at collecting numbers.

But once we are at my apartment....

Does sex happen?

Not always.

To be honest, sex happens about 50% to 60% of the time.

Half of the chicks leave.

The other half fuck.

And so when you have 2 dates a week at the very least…

Which is easy to do when you get good at collecting numbers online…

Then you can guestimate that you’ll probably have fun with about 4 to 5 new chicks a month to fuck.

Either way, that’s how I do it.

Again, I'm not a "game expert" or a "PUA."

Just an average dude who does what works for him.

Honestly, I’m just pretty fucking lazy when it comes to getting laid.

I do what is easiest for me and the least effort.

I’m sure some guys might disagree with the fact that I never travel to see the chick on the first date or how I initiate conversation on apps like Tinder…

You very well might be a shit ton better at dealing with chicks.

Good for you.

Now let's summarize what I do basically in simple terms since this article is pretty fucking big.

The quick summary of everything in this article is basically:

  1. Find an time efficient way to collect as many numbers as possible online over one or two days a month.
  2. Start filtering women out right away.
  3. Focus only on the chicks that are good looking enough, that are close enough to you and who show the most interest in you.
  4. Aim for 2 dates a week at least.
  5. Have them show up to the closest metro station near you.
  6. Take them to a park for a conversation.
  7. Make them more comfortable and progressively get more intimate little by little.
  8. After making out, offer them a drink back at your place.
  9. Take your shot. Half the time you fuck, the other half you don't.
  10. Repeat

If you have any relevant comments by the way…

Maybe some questions?

Or just insight in general in terms of how you use shit to get laid down here in Latin America…

Let me know in the comments below!

Feel free to discuss!

Like I said, my way isn’t perfect.

It’s simply what works best for me as I’m happy with my results and don’t care enough to change how I do things.

But I’m sure however you do things is cool also.

As I said, drop any comments or questions below in the comment section.

Also, read this article here about which countries I recommend for finding hotter women in Latin America.

While my website isn't largely a dating website, also check out any of my other dating in Latin America articles I wrote here.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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